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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 99)

vanivartika Goldie

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Posted: 12 July 2015 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
God too much complicated
love in pain now
pls bring d realization

-indulekha- Senior Member

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Posted: 12 July 2015 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
you have preserved the manan spirit of KY2 in the story so beautifully.. i can easily imagine them in your story... beautifully penned Big smile
cutypie04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 July 2015 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Lovely update dea. ...
Continue soonnn
musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 13 July 2015 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shivani_telang

OMG what an emotional part..
which has there own blissful moments..
but some of hidden by the Pain of there family how difficult it is..
but they had to accept it...
i hope before marriage u understand ur feelings for nandu and get successful to stop her...

hey musicaltie u didn't pm me this tym thankgod i get to knw about ur update

plz don't forget to pm me Wink
tc stay blessed keep smiling
update soon waiting for next Smile Sleepy

heyyy dear firstly thanks for appreciations. . and secondly this time I have not pm to anyone. actually I forgot to.    sorry but next time I will for sure. keep liking.
kukkuresh Newbie

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Posted: 13 July 2015 at 8:58am | IP Logged
plz end fa complications...  Cry
khadupam IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 July 2015 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Awesome chapter
Do something unique
Soo much complication Cry

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aparnainbox Senior Member

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Posted: 14 July 2015 at 10:57pm | IP Logged
What an ff Ayeshu!! You have portrayed all the feelings one goes through before realising its love!! I'm speechless!! Reading a ff after so many days.. And this story is just worth it!! Hope you don't let Nandini marry harshad!! Smile
musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2015 at 5:41am | IP Logged


" Not here... fit it there. .. that side. "
"Ohhh avi tak samiyana nehi bana??? so much of irresponsibilities. "
" what's this?  I gave you clear instructions that I want orchids and lilis every where not these  marigolds.   Go and fetch it now. "

The Malhotra mansion was in hurry Burry state. Each and every one was running from this corner to that corner.  It's became a fish market . The eleventh hour preparations were going like a bullet speed.  The Malhotra couple were busy in giving and overlooking all the last minute arrangements to make sure everything would be perfect. After all it was their princess's wedding.  It should be grand and flawless. 

Though they were not that much happy with that alliance for obvious reasons as they failed to keep their promise to their beloved late best friends but being Her present parents they didn't want to show their sadness.


It was the late morning. 

Nandini was seating at her Queen sized bed and board the train of trances.  

She was recalling the moments when her parents passed away leaving her behind to be an orphan.  Then with the almighty God's magic wand she got back her parents in Maan and Niyonika.  They gave her a family house name identity moreover pft all love . The love  which removed the orphan tag from her head.  She became the apple of their eyes. 

Nandini looked around her room and thought that house had given her everything.  It pampered her. It full filled all her wishes. 

It gave her unconditional love care.  It gave her world's best parents like Maan and Niyonika.  And it blessed her with Manik. 
Manik, her childhood friend.  the support system of her stealthy crying days.  The backbone of her life.  The reason of her smile.  Manik, her best friend and the most and inseparable part of her life. 

But today she would had to leave all these behind to a new house new identity.  She cried.  The tears rolling down from her eyes were giving her ached heart a sympathy.  


Soon the time flew away like a blink and guests started arriving to witness the big fat wedding.  And the media started peeping out to get bites but with Malhotra's clear and strict instructions the guards banned their aims. 

Maan was receiving the guests along with Dhruv and Cabir was assisting Niyonika with other stuff.  

But the one person who needed by them the most was missing.  He had jailed himself in his big room which was full dark with no lights on.  He was called several times but he didn't bother to response. He was in the verge of this turmoil thoughts.  
It was right he himself had rejected the proposal to marry Nandini.  But when she was getting married to someone it was thrusting him inside with thousands of sharp needles. He just couldn't stand anyone close to her but him. Only him. 

But it didn't like he love her . But she was his habit. His best and unforgettable and indeed unchangeable blissful habit.  

He so wanted to stop her going from his life but he couldn't as last night there were not only pain and sadness in her voice but something else which had shaken his inner soul very badly.  

But what was that ? He was unaware of the fact and wanted to find out , searched to decode her words badly but in vain.  His stars were ditching him . And according to him She was his lucky charm. And when she was leaving him that means luck was also bidding him good bye. From last night he was feeling so restless that's why he had banned himself from the toughest ceremony of his life. 
But as they said When you himself could not help yourself then no one can help you. Thats the exact state of Manik.

Other Side late afternoon

Nandini was getting ready at her room.   The girls were helping  her out. 

" Nadsss I must say you just looking steamy hot haan.. Harshad toh gaya aaj. .. " Mukti said complimenting her beauty.

On a reply she just gave a fake smile.

" Mata rani tumhe har buri najar se bachaye " Navya put a kohl dot ' kajal ka tika ' behind her ears as it would help her to protect from all evil eyes.  

"Ohh my God... " 
Suddenly one voice came from the entrance door.  They turned around and found Niyonika and  Cabir . Cabir holding a covered plate.

" My god ... my baby is looking exactly like a crown princess.  " she greeted her and kissed her head. 

" Right aunty... your baby and my Nandi.. the bail is really looking beautiful.  Bechara Harshad.. He will be dead today.  " Cabir said keeping the tray aside.

" Cabirrr " Niyonika eyed to stop him as she found sadness in her daughter eyes.

" achcha choro esab now.. and look at this " Niyonika said and uncovered the tray. 

" Wow... " all screamed in unison gazing the tray. There was a beautiful emerald and diamond necklace with two  diamond studs ruby bangles. It was an antique peace And  breathtakingly beautiful. 

"  Its's superb... " Aliya exclaimed and tried to pick it up but stopped by Niyonika.  Aliya frowned and became angry.

" Aunty I toh just checking it out. " Aliya said.  Her eyes glued with the ornaments. 

Niyonika ignored her and picked the neck piece and turned to Nandini.
" Do you know sweetheart it was the only thing I have hidden from you.  Because I wanted to give you a grand surprise with this on that perfect day.   It was Manik's  grand mom's. She had gifted me at my wedding day. Yeh khandani jevar hai beta jo ek piri se dusre ko jata hai. And today I am going to give this to you. "
 how's it ? " she asked. 
Nandini touched the set and replied " beautiful just like you and grandma"   .
Niyonika smiled.  And others too with her pure heart.
" But I couldn't accept it." Nandini said and Niyonika shocked. 

She then held her hands and softly said
" Mom. .. I know its family jewlery and full of memories. And I know the  value of it.  It is priceless.  And I don't want it to leave this house and family like me. So please.  Keep it safe and preserve for Manik's wife.  She deserves it. "

 " But beta. I have preserved this only for you from the day first.  And it's yours.  " Niyonika said.

" But it's a family jewelry right?  Then how could you give it to her? She is not the family . Not even Manik's wife.  " Aliya suddenly blurted out. And all looked at her with surprise and disbelief as she had shouted at Niyonika.

" Aliya... !!!" Mukti and Cabir tried to stop her and control the damage. 

But before them Niyonika said  smirking sternly
" Aliya... I think you have forgotten that you are talking with Niyonika Malhotra. And it's my house.  And moreover that it's Nandini's house.  She is family.  And when the family members are taking na, it's better to keep your mouth shut and don't interfere. I can tolerate everything but not against anything about my family.  You get that??  "

Aliya felt disgusted with Niyonika to insult her and took a mental  vow to take revenge of all these humiliations after her official arrival in this house.

" and I know I shouldn't wait for a sorry from you as you're not that kind of girl my dear. " she again said mocikingly.

" mom please... " Nandini requested her to stop and put the end of this discussion.  Even Niyonika didn't want to mess up her mood as it was Nandini's wedding day. So she sighed a deep breath  and asked Mukti to help her to make Nandini wear it.

" I should go and check on Manik. " Aliya left the room in irritation.

After her departure Mukti and Cabir asked pardon from Niyonika but she said smiling  " It's not your fault . so relax. " 

They smiled  And Niyonika asked them to have a look at the arrangements and she herself went to check on the other things asked Nandini to get ready fast as the mahurat was after two hours and Harshad family would be arriving soon. 

Manik's Room

" Manik baby... " Aliya entered his room and found him no where.  She searched the whole room but he wasn't there . Then she walked in the attached balcony and there he was. Laying on the swing with closed eyes  with a frame possessively wrapped on his chest.  

" hey baby "  Aliya kissed his cheek.  And Manik woke up with a jerk.

" what are you doing here?  " he asked in confusion. 

" I was missing you so came here.  Why aren't you out ? You don't want to attend the function?  I know it will bore you.  So here I  am to give you a great company. " she walked closer to him and whispered " let's ignore the boring ceremony and have some fun.  " she seductively started moving her hands on his face to bare chest .

"Aliya hath hatao apna..  " he said clenching hIs teeth.

" take your bloody hands off me " he retorted at her and jerked her hands away from him .

" but baby... " Aliya tried to take another chance but Manik left the room in anger.

She then saw the photo frame on the swing and picked it up. 
" ohhh that is the reason... "  she irritatingly said looking the photo of Manik and Nandini and threw it on the floor and it's broken pieces scattered around the floor.


Mean while the groom party had arrived.  Malhotra's welcomed them heartily.

Soon the wedding rituals started and Harshad was taken to the samiyana <gazibo> to start the puja.  They all gathered in the huge fully decorated garden of Malhotra mansion where the  samiyana was set up. 

Harshad was performing the puja with pandit's instructions and all seated around the garden.

" wase Saxena ji , where is Harshad's mom ? Isn't she coming ? " Niyonika asked him as she was missing among all Saxena baraties.

" ohh actually our family pandit ji is coming today for the wedding as I have sent him the kundlies of Nandini.  so she just went to receive him . They will directly come here.  "  Harshad's dad said.

" kundli ? Seriously ? " Niyonika was surprised. " In this day still you believe in those things ? "

" Mrs Malhotra , I know it's an orthodox thinking but we really respect our pandit ji a lot.  And his words are like last words for us  . " he replied and Niyonika gave a whatever look and concentrated on the puja.


Nandini room

She was seating alone and watching her reflection on the mirror. 
They said mirror said you the truth of your heart.  You couldn't hide anything from it. 
Though she was looking breathtakingly awesome in her red wedding lahenga and bridal make up but her eyes were pale.  They were  not shining yet with those heavy enhanced eye make up. 

She was just counting times as she knew in no time she would be called for the rituals.  And within a blink she would become some one's property . 
but that time she just needed him beside her who did not show  up till the morning. He was not with her when she had needed him more.  She knew that he was in pain.  He was suffering like her with an unknown reason but yet she wanted him with her as only they could console themselves. 


" Think of the devil and devil is here. " she heard a voice and saw the reflection of a bewitching handsome guy wearing a black and red bordered sherwani on the mirror. 

" Maaanikkk " that time it was not sounded like a name but a prayer.  Prayer of her heart .

The difference of the reflection got decreased and her heartbeat started increasing with his each step.  He walked closer and stopped behind her. They were watching themselves through the mirror without a blink. 

" So... finally haan.. " he was the first to speak.

" Finally " she uttered hardly and gazed at him with watery painful eyes.

They were looking each other intensely.  Sadness.. pain.. failure.. guilt.. love.. tears.. every emotions were  dancing in their eyes at that vulnerable time. Both were helpless . Both were unaware of their love for each other.  Both were fighting with their pains.

Manik could not held more his desperate tears.  He lowered his head to hide them but tears won't support his manly heart and fell down as a proof of his Hurt heart.

---- Manik's pov song---

Sach hai ki dil to dukha hai, humne magar socha hai... 
Dil ko hai gum kyun, Aankh hai num kyun, hona hi tha jo hua hai...
Us baat ko jaane hi do, Jiska nishaan kal ho na ho... 

Nandini got up from her place and turned to him.  " Manik... " she was about to say something but sushed by his long fingers over her lips.

" Shhh... don't say anything. Don't spoil it " he said and placed a kiss on her temple.  
Her tears rolled down  and met his tears. He hugged her and she hugged him back with same force.

The both were crying hughing each other on their helplessness.  One who wanted to make her life beautiful denying his feelings let her go.  And other was sacrificing her feelings to make him feel comfortable and guilt free.  What a terrible game of destiny. It would be so simple but they themselves made it complicated. 


" guyss ... " Mukti came and saw them sobbing hugging each other. 

They broke the hug.

" it's time. Nandini chalo.  " she softly said and held her and rubbed Manik's hand to console him. 

Navya and Mukti held her from her two sides and walked out of the room with Nandini's last look to Manik.

" Stop " Manik said from behind.  They stopped and turned with questioning eyes.

He came forward and said gazing Nandini " No one can snatch that from me.  hain naa ? "  

She remembered their talk and smiled a little and nodded. He wrapped his hands around her. The girls stepped back to give full access to Manik.  Nandini looked at him and he blinked his eyes . She smiled and they started walking towards the samiyana.  


Maan and Niyonika then made her seat beside Harshad and the wedding rituals started.  The priest was blabbering the wedding mantras.

Manik was watching her standing little far . His  life was seating with some one and going to start a new life.  Though he wanted this but he wasn't happy at all. 

During puja Harshad touched her hands intentionally.  She shivered in shock.  She  disliked his touch.  Tears again  started Knocking. She tilted her head to see her peace  and  there he was standing hiding his pain with a fake smile talking with Cabir.  His eyes fell on her suddenly and he  found her looking at him. 

---Nandini pov song----

Tum Ho Gham Ko Chupaye
Main Hoon Sar Ko Jhukaye
Tum Bhi Chup Ho
Main Bho Chup Hoon
Kaun Kise Samjhaye
Ab Dooriyan Itni Hain To 
Milna Yahan Kal Ho Naa Ho
Ab Dooriyan Itni Hain To 
Milna Yahan Kal Ho Naa Ho



" Now the bride and groom please stand to take the pheras.  " the pandit said.

Nandini who was watching Manik didn't pay a heed to his words.  Then again praist repeated and she stood up with the help of Mukti. 

They took the first round . Everyone blessed them with showering flowers on them but there were three persons whose tears were not listening their pleadings and rolled down . Where Maan and Niyonika were supporting each other , Manik was stood like a wax devastated statue .
While taking the second round Nandini saw him with her eyelashes. His lifeless eyes met her blank painful eyes. 

They were  about to take the next  round when one shouting voice stopped them in middle to proceed the next. 

" STOP " 


Sorry for the most crappiest part.. pardon. Read at your own risk.
And won't update next one week due to Eid and all. so plzz bear with this for now.
keep liking.. commenting.  Stay tunedSmile

and EID MUBARAK in advance.

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