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Originally posted by filter.coffee

Originally posted by musicialtie

thanks adi... but index k kivabe add korbo????Ouch

tumi bangali?


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Big smileBig smile yaaapppeee it worked... er por theke tumi hyperlink kore pathiyo each update and i will add  index...  please adiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed   thankss sweetheart

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Originally posted by musicialtie

Big smileBig smile yaaapppeee it worked... er por theke tumi hyperlink kore pathiyo each update and i will add index... please adiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed   thankss sweetheart

Ok apu.Big smile
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A week just passed in a blink.  Malhotra mansion was in a hustle bustle condition for the wedding arrangements.  Both the Malhotra mom and dad were just like flying from this place to that to make the wedding grand and memorable. And why didn't they do it after all it was their princess's wedding. Though they were very upset but yet they didn't allow that sadness to come up and ruin everything.  They had accepted the destiny and busy doing what destiny wanted to.

But there were two persons who were fully made them not involved with the preparations and all drama.  Among of them one kept herself busy in office works and other deep in his music. 

Both Maan and Niyonika didn't force them for anything as they themselves understood their situation and decided to wait until they came across themselves.


Just one more day to go for that big fat wedding.  It was Nandini's Mehendi night.

It was a ladies program so only ladies from Saxena side and Malhotra side were attending the ceremony. 

Mukti was helping Nandini with her attire  when Navya who was Nandini's personal assistance Cum very good friend helping her with hairs.  
After done with all her make up they mesmerized her beauty.  

But Nandini she was least interested in all these.  All she could think those days was Manik's  words.  His that words started haunting her everywhere. 

" Even I want you deadly to feel and heal me but eventually it won't be possible as It's too complicated  Nandini. "
It's just didn't stop echoing.

" Please stop " she shouted.

" what Nandss? Are you ok ? " Mukti asked being worried.

" Nothing.  Kuch nehi " she jerked her thoughts away and stood up to go downstairs where everyone was waiting for her.


Aliya was helping Niyonika receiving the guests.  Though they didn't share a good bond but yet Aliya was doing all these hospitality going against her wishes just to come in Niyonika 's good books. As she really wanted to became a part of this lavish house.

And about Niyonika.. well she had her own reasons not to like Aliya on that manner which she wanted her to like.  As Aliya wanted Manik.  But for Niyonika,, Manik was always for Nandini.  But yet she didn't misbehave with Aliya as she was also the group member of Manik's and he really loved his friends and Niyonika respected this. 

Aliya was hosting the guest when Nandini came down wearing a dark green red simple yet stunning lahenga.

All the Saxena ladies became awestruck seeing her beauty and started praising her and Harshad's mom to have such a beautiful daughter in law.

Their each praise though was so convincing but yet Niyonika was crying.  Tears escaped from her eyes.  These were not only the tears of happiness as her princess was admired by the world but also  sorrow as the praises  for which she was desperately awaiting for these long 22 years were apparently written on some other's destiny.


Soon the ceremony started and the mehendi designer stared applying mehendi on her hand along with all the ladies. 

Some of the ladies started singing...

Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Yeh To Mehndy Hai
Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain...
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain
Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy...

Log Baago Se Ise Tod Ke Le Aate Hain
Aur Patthar Pe Ise Shauk Se Pisvaate Hain
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy
Phir Bhi Hothon Se Iski Uff Talak Na Aati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain
Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain

It's the crucial game of destiny.  Like mehendi grew up in someone's garden with lots of care  and love but the mehendi leaves were brutally plucked and they used for coloring other's hands.. Just like they were growing to glow others life sacrificing themselves.

Like daughters... They brought up with lots of care and pamper of mom dad and other family members and suddenly one day they bound to leave their belongings.. their birth place..their family.. their actual identity even their twenty years surname for another unknown person.

What an amazing and crucial tradition of fate... !!!!!!

Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy...


The mehendi function was going quite very well in the supervision of none other than the Malhotra's. 
The  guests of saxena side and others had taken for the lunch hosted by Niyonika herself as she want everything regarding the wedding flawless.

On the other side

The girls were busy with their mehendi designs.  Mutki and Aliya choose light simple design where as Navya had chosen little heavy design. 

" What's your would be husband's name ? " The mehendi designer asked.

Nandini didn't reply . She was in her deep thoughts. 

" Madam... " the designer shook her little to bring her back from her trances.

" hmmm yess sorry? " she apologised.

"  Tell me your would be husband 's name then I will write his name on your palm.  " the designer said.

" hatoon pe ? What is the need to write his name on my hand palm ? " Nandini asked.

" Aree Nandini don't you know apne fiance ka naam hatoon me likha jata hai ta k he will stay forever in your destiny.  Kahte hai isse woh tumhare hatoon k lakiron me sama jate hai. Fir tum dono ki nasib jur jati hai.  And then no one can separate you.  You will become the one. " Navya said her the meaning of putting mehendi and adding your beloved one name on your palm.

" really ?? " Mukti along with Aliya was surprised indeed of their very little knowledge of rituals. 

" Haan... aur ek baat pata hai mehendi ka rang jitna deep hota hai  kahte hai utna hi dono me payar utna gahera hota hai.  " Navya further said romantically.

" bullshit " Mukti mocked. 

" why ? Why did you think it's bullshit ? " Navya asked bit angrily.

" Aree isn't it ridiculous that your colour of mehendi will define your love and all ?" Mukti was irritated with that logic.

" but I think it's cool.  " Aliya said as she took it as a hope that might be if she would had written Manik's name then destiny might  would  had joined them.  So taking it a challenge she said her mehendi designer to write Manik 's name on her palm.  But alas. .. on her dismay the designer didn't hear her words and applied simple design. 

Nandini was silent throughout the conversation.  She was listening Navya's explanations regarding mehendi very carefully. 

" maam toh boliye kiska naam likhu aapke haat pe ? " the designer again asked.  

And before she could say one voice grabbed their attention.

" Harshad Saxena "

They all turned around and found Manik standing with his full aura digging his hands inside the pockets.

" hello girls " Manik greeted the girls with his signature smirk.   Aliya became happy seeing him.

" Manik "  
Nandini took his name. She was beyond happy seeing him that too after so many days.  It was the long time she had seen him.  After that night close encounter they just avoided each other just to ignore more embarrassment. 

Manik from that day used to return late from jamming and dispersed early.  Some other days  even he didn't come back to home but used to stay at the studio.

" Manik tu yaahan pe kya kar raha hai ? Don't you know it's ladies function?  " Mukti retorted softly.

" Haan toh ?? " Manik came towards them and sat beside Nandini . Aliya fumed again with their closeness.

" this is my house.  So I can come whenever I want.  and apart from this its my angel's mehendi function.  So mujhe toh aana hi tha. Hain naa?  "  he said looking at Nandini whose eyes became moist having him beside her after one long week.

" Manik " all she Could utter and hugged him forgetting her mehendi.  He happily hugged her back.  

" I missed you " she whispered sobbing. 
" I missed you too.  " he whispered back.  And planted a soft kiss on her hairs.

" madam mehendi kharap Ho jayegi . Please sit straight.  "  the designer warned her and they broke the hug. And he made her sit but snuggling close to him like they always used to sit. The designer then started applying mehendi on her other hand and Manik keenly observed the design keeping his chin on her shoulder. 

" Manik how's my mehendi ? " Aliya excitedly asked Manik lazily gave a look to her mehendi and said " nice "
That was enough to raise her hopes high but little she could understand that love was not to be forced.  She loved Manik.  But her love was more than status and Manik's charm oriented not Heart. She just loved but didn't know what actually love was. 


" Please please please keep that space vacant only. " Nandini abruptly stopped that designer to fill the centre of her palm. 

" but mam its the finishing touch. your finance name will be written in this place. Nehi toh bohot Khali khali lagega aapka mehendi.  It will look mismatch mam.  " the designer tried to make her understand.

" Whatever " she took her hand away from her hold.  Being too stubborn she just ordered her to leave the space free.
Navya Mukti also tried to made her mind but in vain.

Manik was just confused amid surprised with her sudden no reason stubborn behavior.  He knew there would be something very special reason that's why she rejected their pleads.

After the mehendi done the designer was ready to leave but before leaving she said something which just popped up everyone's eyes.

The function went well and all dispersed to their houses calling it a day. 


At late  night Nandini was seating on the open balcony swing and staring her mehendi blankly. 

Navya words were echoing in he ear. 

" apne fiance ka naam hatoon me likha jata hai ta k he will stay forever in your destiny.  Kahte hai isse woh tumhare hatoon k lakiron me sama jate hai. Fir tum dono ki nasib jur jati hai.  And then no one can separate you.  You will become the one. " 
She sighed a deep breath. She did not love harshad . That marriage would be just a compromised one. She was doing that for sorting out the complications between her and Manik.  But unknowingly it was just getting more complicated day by day.

Suddenly her eyes fell on a particular place on her palm.  She started scrutiny that point keenly.  No it was not her illusion.  It was actually what she was watching.  It actually was written on her palm. The alphabet " M "  was written on her palm hiding with an interesting design.

She was shocked . She didn't understand how it happened ? It was too  unexpected whilst  embarrassing mistake .

----flash back----

" maam toh boliye kiska naam likhu aapke haat pe ? " the designer again asked. 

" Manik " Nandini took his name happily seeing him after so many days.

Seeing her glowing face the designer thought Manik as her would be husband.  


She was continuously gazing her mehendi where M was written rather than H.  


" Whatss up ?? " Manik came and sat behind her.

Nandini promptly hide her hand not to let him knew that blunder mistake.

"  Kya hua ?? "  Manik asked as he saw her  hiding her hand in a jerk. 

" Nothing ... you say? " She re asked him trying to avoid the topic.

" Me ? Kya kahun ? " he said and pulled her more to him until her back got collided with his chest. He rested his chin on her shoulder and closed his eyes . 

For some couple of moment they just inhaled each other presence without saying a word letting their silence talk.

" Nandu... " he suddenly asked breaking the silence " do you remember what that mehendi girl was saying that time ? Isn't she mad?  "

She was actually ready for that but kept numb without any reply . 

--- flash back---

" bhagwan aap dono ki jodi salamat rakhkhe . You guys are just made for each other. You guys looks so perfect.  " the designer greeted and left  the mansion leaving behind many shocked heads.


Nandini didn't want to turned the things more embarrassing so she just avoided the topic saying she didn't remember.

Manik felt her hesitation. He himself didn't want to spoil the moment.  so to  turn off the awkward discussion he asked childishly 

" wase Nanduu. ..  why did  you ask her to keep that place void ? I mean it doesn't make any sense.  " he took her left hand on him and said rubbing his thumb on her mehendi. 

" Sense hai idiot.  " She happily said.

" Achcha ?? And what kind of sense is hidden in this nonsense  ? " he asked mocking.

" Aare budhdhu  ... " Nandini slightly patted his forehead  for which he cutely pout .

" In this place I am gonna take autograph of my favourite Rock star.  " she excitedly said.   

" So.. give me my autograph " she forwarded her palm in front of him. Her eyes were glowing.

Manik just couldn't believe what he had heard just then.  He was lovestruck. A lone happy tear formed in his eyes.

And the next he grabbed her  hand  and kissed gently on that vacant place. And a pearl Drop fell on the void place of her plam .

" Maaanik "  she cupped his face and saw his moist eyes.

" kya hua ? " she became worried .

Manik tilted his eyes and they share an eye lock.  That eye lock was like  sharing your pains. And the very next thing just made them go all surprised.

Manik pulled her in a rib breaking tight hug and said 

" Nandu please don't leave .  Please don't go.  Please mujhe aakela karke maat jao na ? What am gonna do without you ? Please don't leave me " 


I don't know guys you can  connect with this story or not but sorry again to disappoint you saying this story would b little complicated. even me myself taking too much efforts to making it bit complicated. Wink So please read at your own risk..And pardon for waisting your times and expectations.

Do commenting... liking...critisizing. Stay tunedSmile

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Manik plzz yaar uthake le ja..ussey
Mom dad bhi saath...jaan
Awesome as always

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Manik... rok lo usey

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It is complicated :))) but like a true reader I am so looking fwd for a magic wand and whhooossshhh Nandani gets married to Manik Malhotra ... Sochne main Kya jata hai
Wink LOL

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its awesome
what will happen at wedding day?????????????
dulha change or manik dhulaniya le jayeega
super excited for wedding day
continue soon 

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