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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 70)

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Manik was silent for a while as like he was in deep thought and then he replied " then I will not let you get married with anyone.  "

" Really? ? Like really Manik? ? " Nandini narrowed her gaze trying to read his complicated mind.

" reeeaaalllyyy " Manik mocked.

Nandini chuckled and pushed him to get ready and his words started haunting her.

Meanwhile her cell again buzzed and she went outside to receive it.


The back stage Before Performance time of Fab 5

" areee Yeh Nandini kahan chali gayi again " Manik was pacing to and fro impatiently.

" call her na " Mukti said

" I am trying to call her only.  " Manik replied dialing her number for the 6th times but 'not reachable'

" what the hell man " a frustrated Manik tapped her foot in irritation. 

" guys you will be at stage in 5 mnts. So get ready.  " the crew member informed them.

Manik was not in mood to listen anyone but her.  He was continuously tried to reach her but could not.

" hey baby chill na.  " Aliya held his hand and said. But he was busy checking his phone.

" yes buddy calm down.  She will be around. " Dhrub understood his mental state.

" toh fir..." Manik was about say something but cut off in middle with a voice behind them.

" whats up guys ? " 
They all turned around to see Nandini was coming with Harshad.

" hey Harshad ..You here.?  how are you ?" Cabir shook his hand with him.

Manik  was surprised as  didn't expect him there.

" fine Bro.  " Harshad replied " Nandini has invited me to watch the fab 5 to perform.  " he added and greet others.

" Nandu ?? " he murmured " ohh toh that jerk was calling her that time. But what was the need  to call him here??? " he thought and became irritated .

Manik was least interested in their 'bharat milap' ( hi hello session ) and grabbed Nandini arm and started shouting " Where the hell were you? And where is your god damm cell?  Agar phone receive hi nehi karna toh what's the need of keeping a Mobile with you haan?  "

Nandini shivered in fear with his sudden attacks and shouts.  Though she was aware of his short temper especially when it came to her but like that in front of Harshad made her little angry. 
So before she could protest or gave him a piece of her mind Harshad said  " hey Manik.  Please stop yaar.  Stop shouting at her.  " 

Manik was still holding her arms and looked at Harshad and said " you better stay away from OUR matters. " 

" hey calm down bro. "  Harshad pulled Nandini to him freeing her from Manik's hold. 
Manik gave him a 'what the ' angry glare. 

Harshad understood it and said further "  dude it's not your matter but MINE.  let me remind you she is my fiance.  And would be wife. " he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist.  "  So its better you behave well with her.  And I have heard that you were too harsh on her in office too.  I don't like it Bro.  So please.. "

Manik was fuming with anger. Harshad 's words were thrusting his heart.  An unknown pain was dominating his straight thoughts. 
Harshad's 'Mine' indication towards Nandini was killing him inside.  All he just wanted to pull her from his hold and took her in his embrace like usual. 

Nandini clearly Could read the turmoil state raising between them. So before it would turn worse she signaled Cabir to  help her  in controlling the damage and she herself took the first step.

" Harshad it's okay.  Calm down.  It's nothing like that . Actually galti meri hai I wasn't answering his calls na so woh thora tensed Ho gaya.  I am at fault not him.  "

" But Nandini... Manik was shouting at you. " Harshad cupped her face and continued " And I don't like anyone misbehaving with My Love.  "  and kissed her forehead. He intentionally did that to show them how much he cared for her. 

Nandini felt awkward with his touch and stood straight immediately freeing herself from him.

Now it was totally unacceptable for Manik. 
" how dare he kissed My Nandu ?? That bloody Jerk. ..." he thought as it was his conception that only he had that right to kiss Nandini on her forehead or temple.  He was assuming himself the Only owner of these sweet gestures  towards Nandini as he used to do these till then. 

But Harshad touching her in that manner just instigated him to pace the line of control  and punished him hard for claiming HIS rights.

So couldn't suppressed more his anger Manik said in a rough tone 
" ohh hello... Apna yeh drama kisi aur jagha dikhana.  Not here ok.   " he pulled her from Harshad and made her stand next to him.

It was like two Children were fighting for one toy snatching it from each other and that  poor toy had no choice but  let them tear it apart in two pieces. 

"And one more thing I would have  not thought to hurt her in my scary dreams too but protect her from scary spoilt things. " Manik said indicating Harshad. 

" Maaanik " Nandini showed him her anger filled eyes to stop insulting Harshad.

The fab4 had nothing to do but witness the word fight sequence.  They were in full confusion whom to stop as they both were correct at their own places. 


"Woohooo... shant my hulk and Harshad chill man.  " Cabir stepped in to stop the next round of these hard discussions . " And stop this kidding talks and let's move to the stage.  It's already has  announced.  Let's go guys.  "  he signaled fab3.

Nandini sighed a relief as both Manik and Harshad were backed off as Harshad got a call and he moved aside to take it. 

Meanwhile the crew came to take fab5 to the stage. 

Nandini hugged Cabir and whispered  in his ear. " thanks Cabir. "  
As a reply he smiled and said " any time "

Then she hugged one by one to others and wished them good luck.

Then it was the turn of Manik.  She came to him . And he moved his gaze away in anger.

" gussa ? " she cutely asked. As she knew how to control her monster. 
Manik didn't replied .

" so much of anger haan.  look like someone don't want to talk.  " she crossed her arms against her chest.  

" It's okay if no one needs a hug or wishes.   fine " saying she was about to turn when Manik held her arm to stop.  She smiled and turned around to face him faking a plastered surprise to tease him.

" what ? " she asked.

" ohhh I ... I need it. " he cutely said. 

That thing always made her amaze that how This man who always showed his anger and monstrous side to others became a cute child in front of her.

Nandini chuckled in his cute pout and about to hug her but" Nandini " they turned and find Harshad was calling her
" Nandini come here  . Mom is in line . She wants to talk with you.  Come fast ".

"I am just coming " saying she walked towards Harshad without wishing Manik his luck.

He was literally pissed off and surprised as she had left him for that Harshad.


Meanwhile they were taken to the stage . The audience were hooting with their peak voice to cheer their favorite band fab5. 

Everyone was busy tuning their respective instrument but Manik was lost.  As his luck did not wished him luck. 
But how could he perform without that . So excusing himself for a second he walked in the back stage and took out his phone.


Nandini and Harshad  came and were seating in the reserved seats in the front row of the stage and found Manik missing.  Nandini became worried and asked them in gesture about him. 

In that mean time her cell beeped and she opened her inbox to get an
  " Emergency.  Come over backstage now. "

She became more worried and excused herself from Harshad and rushed towards the backstage .


She was running and continuously calling him. She was passing through a room when one pair of strong arm pulled her inside the room.

She scared and about to cry for a help but she was sushed by a hand palm against her mouth.

"It's me.  Chill.  "  this voice gave her back her sense and she was relieved.

" Manik...you idiot " she retorted as soon as he freed her mouth.

 " Is everything all right? Emergency !! Sab thik  hai na ? Are you okay?  " she started checking him being worried.

" Shhh... " he cupped her face in his arms and said " yes I am perfectly okay.  "

She was looking at his eyes . His eyes were saying that he was okay but yet something was troubling him.  But that time only anger got priority and she hit his stomach
" you fool...You brainless fellow...  You hell the scare out of me.  Do you even realize how much scared I was getting your Emergency msg?  I thought ... I thought you were not fine. kuch ho gaya tumhe.  "  she was shivering in fear. 

" yes  Hua toh hai. I am not fine.  And how Could I be?  You didn't wish me only and left with that jerk.  " Manik childishly complaint. 

Nandini didn't find any word to say.  She was dumbstruck with his words.  All she could did was  " Maaanikkk " with a deep frustrating sigh.

" what Manik ?" He sheepishly said.

" you have a show to conduct. You have to perform.  Your fans and friends are waiting for you.  And here you are doing these cheesy tricks.  "  she was hell irritated.

" Ms.  Nandini Moorthy .. I know I have to perform.  But you tell me how will I perform without my luck wish? If you would have wished me then now I would be at stage . But you would not.  And I can't perform without my lucky charm so I had to trick.  " Manik genuinely replied. 

Nandini smiled and said  " you are impossible Manik Malhotra. "  she hugged him." That I know " he happily hugged her back .

" I am now really worried who's gonna deal with your these tantrums after me? Koun jhelega tumhare Yeh Sab manmani? "

Manik broke the hug and said " I didn't show these tantrums to anyone but you.  As I know only you have that right to see my these tantrums. And I am sure you will always keep on bear my manmani "  saying he he kissed her temple and turned to walk out. 

" Manik " Nandini called him back.

He turned. She came forward and said " All the very best My Rock Star.  "

" The luck is all mine till you are mine.  " Saying he kissed her forehead and left for the stage. 


Performance time

Fab 5 started playing their instruments... Manik strummed his guitar and started singing closing his eyes...


Meri har man maani bas tum tak
Baatein bachkaani bas tum tak

Manik opened his eyes and as per strong wish his eyes scanned Nandini among that huge crowd. 

Meri nazar deewani bas tum tak
Mere sukh-dukh aate jaate saare-
Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, sohne yar!
Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, sohne yar!

Tum tak tum tak arzi meri
Phir aage jo marzi
Tum tak tum tak arzi meri
Phir teri jo marzi meri

Har dushwaari bas tum tak
Meri har hoshiyaari bas tum tak
Meri har taiyari bas tum tak
Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, tum tak
Meri ishq khumaari bas tum tak...

Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, sone yar!
Tum tak, tum tak, tum tak, sone yar!

Manik sang the entire song looking at Her and she felt so happy with that love he had for her. And she knew that it was For only her. 

They loved each other too much. but yet they were not together as their Relationship... " It's Complicated ".


Guys keep Liking ...Commenting. Stay tunedSmile

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Addrita.Jesin IF-Dazzler

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I m in a mood of killing Harshad..
I m too fuming like Manik..How dare this jerkshad..Angry

But last part made me calm down..
Why our angry Manik Malhotra cant understand why he cant stand Harshad..He is complicating the situation more..

But its complicated..as much relations are always complicated..

Nice update..
Song was perfect..
Waiting for more..

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lissy16 Senior Member

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wow manik and nandu is so cute...
continue soon...

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jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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God bless these two complicated souls .
Nice update dear ,
continue soon.

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aarohi_angel98 Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2015 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
Amazing update...
And it is always a treat to watch jealous manik...
And that too harshad kissed his girl.. tgat was more than enough for manik to handle...
Cont soon...

Thanx for pm...

Keep writing.. stay blessed...


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manya_189 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2015 at 12:28pm | IP Logged
Harshad.. harshad.. JERKSHAD! Ecen I didn't like when he kissed on her forehead huh!!
But Manik being Manik has ways of his to have whatever he wants...
Idiots.. Love each other yet not ready to accept it :/ huh

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epicangel Senior Member

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God let Manik soon realize that he loves her!!!

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RanKatDeepRan Goldie

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While i don't like harshad and Nandu "Kiss" he has a gf whom he surely has kissed and Done maybe Worse than harsh and Nandu will ever do

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