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Originally posted by musicialtie

             ~' IT'S COMPLICATED '~


Maan saw them talking laughing with each other.  He was happy to see Nandini smiling but upset thinking her with another guy without Manik. His promise to his late best friend  and himself  to make Nandini one day their wouldn't be seem to happen any more.  He sighed then thought after all she is happy.
And that's enough for them. 


Malhotra mansion

Manik got up and find himself in different bed.  He then realized it was Nandini's.  He recalled last night.  And  sneaked out of the bed thinking where was she. He then looked at the wall clock.  It was 11 am.  " she must be in office. " he thought and came out of her room entered into his room   to get freshen up.

After getting fresh he came to downstairs and hugged Niyonika back wise who was doing some work seating in the couch.

" good morning mom.  " he wished her. 

" hmm " she lazily replies and kept doing her paper works.

" Are you still mad at me? " he asked her childishly nuzzling his face on her hairs.

" what do you want me to do then ? " she replied.

" Mummaa... sorry na. If you would have asked me to do something else then I would definitely do that.  But the thing you have asked for was totally impossible for me. " he replied keeping his head on her shoulder.

" but why?  What's bothering you ? You can share Manik.  I am your mom after all.  I won't judge you but would show you the right path.  "  Niyonika kept an assurance motherly hand on his head.

He then came and seated in front of her    keeping his head on her lap and said " I don't know what actually I want.  But one thing which I clearly not want to hurt Nandini at all.  You know how precious she's for me.  For us.  So I can't take the risk to hurt her anyway that too because of me.  "

"But why do you think of hurting her?  " Niyonika asked ruffling his hairs.

" I don't know Mumma.. I told you na about my dilemma.  And apart from this I don't know if she likes me or not in that manner.  If she doesn't like me then? And even I don't like her wase.  And as if main usse khus nehi rakh paya Toh aap hi batao what to do?  I don't afford loosing her friendship mom.  So its better to gert buried the topic then and  there itself. "  he said holding her one hand on her.

" mera bachcha..." she planted a kiss on his head.  She thought about his true concerned for her Nandini. 


More 5 days past.

Harshad jellied with Nandini very well.  They started sharing a good friendly bond.  Though it was different from his side but Nandini still considering him as a good business partner and friend. 

Even the Saxenas' started visiting Malhotras' very often. And finally one fine day their engagement was declared.

Though Nandini wasn't happy with the engagement but she didn't want to make them upset all over again.  So she agreed.  And next day was her engagement day. 

There was an another one who was totally against of the alliance between Nandini and Harshad. 

"Manik tomorrow no party no studio no work okay. You have to be home." 
"  There are lots of work yet pending beta.  And most of all she needs you by her side tomorrow"
Maan and Niyonika were instructing him who wasn't at all liking the Topic.

" mom dad is it needed to hook up Nandu with that jerk ? " he frustratingly said.

" Maanik " Maan shouted   " behave.  Take his name  with respect.  After all he is Nandu's would be husband. " he rebuked him.

" Respect my foot " he said feasting his teeth in anger.

" Maaanik " this time it was Niyonika.

" What the hell wrong with you guys ?? " he chewed his words and left being super irritated.

Nandini  watched the whole scenario standing on the stairs hiding herself behind the fountain.  She sighed and shook her head.


Recording Studio.

The Fab 5 were preparing for the  next concert of their which gonna be held on  just three days  later.

" guys jo v practice karna hai let's do it now today only as tomorrow it won't be possible as it is Nandu's engagement.  " Cabir informed them all.

" haan yaar you're right.  " dhruv said.

" ohhh god.  I just can't believe that Nandsss is gonna engage that too tomorrow.  I am so excited. " Mukti said jumping on her feet in happiness.

" yeah me too happy for her.  " Aliya said.  But she was happy not because of Nandini but herself as it would clear her way to enter The Malhotra mansion.

" guys I ve a superb idea to surprise Nandu. " Cabir  exclaimed. 
" aree toh bata na..kab batayega after engagement? " Mukti patted his shoulder.

" very funny. " Cabir mocked and then said " let's do one surprise performance  tomorrow only as a surprise gift for her. What's say?"

" wow Cabir... tu kabse itna intelligent Ho gaya ? " Mukti happily hugged him.

" jabse tu itni idiot ho gayi.  " he made fun of her.  She playfully hit his back while hugging.

" haan Cabir the idea is gonna rock. Kyun buddy?   " dhruv asked Manik who was silence till the whole conversation.

" Mmmaanik " Cabir called him.

" hmm what ? " Manik who was busy tuning his guitar replied lazily.

" What what?  Cabir ne avi shared a plan to surprise Nandini.  So raha tha kya ?" Mukti questioned him.

" plan?  what plan ? " he raised his eyebrows.

" ohh buddy kal Nandini ka engagement hai toh we are just thinking to give her a surprise performance. " dhruv said.

" Engagement !!! " he fisted his teeth and murmured. " Bloody hell.  " he looked away.

Cabir looked at him narrowing his gaze as he was trying to read between the lines.

There was another pair of eyes which were observing his facial expressions keenly. It was Aliya. Then she asked " why baby ? Aren't you happy with this engagement ? "

Her words brought back him to reality and he replied composing himself  " Ermm.. off course I am happy.  Why don't I ? " But he asked himself  " do I really happy ?Arggghh. "

" again you are lost... you Lost Soul. "  Cabir taunted him. 

" listen guys do whatever you want but don't drug me on it. " Manik said with attitude and disgusted mood.

" But why baby?  Just now toh you said that you are happy for her then mana Kyun kar rahe ho ? " Aliya became suspicious.

The rest of Fab 4 waited for a suitable reason from him.    He looked around his friends then said  " It is just that I can't stand that Harshad jerk. "

" but buddy I know he's little bit weird but he's not bad either. " Dhruv tried to Pacify him.

" I don't know but I am not getting any positive vibe whenever I came across him. " he said holding his head.

" give some time to yourself Manik.  Then every thing will  fall into place  . Okey?? It's just a matter of time.  " Cabir said keeping one  friendly hand on his shoulder to calm his disturbed friend.

" I don't know man. .. bus keep me away from these drama." Saying he picked his guitar up and walked out of the studio leaving them confused.

" don't worry about him.  He will come across.  The plan is on. " Cabir cheered the group. 

" Why I am not getting any positive vibes ?? They  are right as though about  Harshad.  But then why the hell I can't stand him ? " he  frustratingly hit the car bonnet. 

Malhotra Mansion,, night


"Hey beautiful? "  Harshad called Nandini.

" hi Harshad.  How are you?  " she asked.

" Am fine.  How's you ? Excited for tomorrow. ? " he re asked.

' Excited ' this word put her in some dilemma.  "  Is she? " She did not know. 
So she smartly switched the topic.  " you say sab thiik ?"

 " when you are in my life then sab thik toh hoga hi na.  " he  Sounded romantic.

Nandini ignored his romantic tone and said " ohhh  so much of compliment haan.  Thanks.  Achcha listen mom is calling me.  I will talk to you later. " saying without giving him time to fetch the conversation little more she hanged up. 

She sighed and turned back towards the door hearing someone was chuckling behind her. 


Sorry for chotu update as I have to give kind of times to my two other ffs too. and as i have to visit hospitals randomly due to my bad health so bear with short updates... keep loving,,, commenting... Stay tunedSmile
aaawwweessuummm...plz pm me nxt tym

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Plzz don let nandu engaged with Harshad...loved Manik in this update..
Don't soon..
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Waiting for the next chapter... 
This is one of d beautiful ffs I love... Ur amazingly taking the story.. 
Love their friendship n inexpressive unaware feelings for each other.. 
Post next one soon...
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I can't believe nandu is getting engaged with that harshad Ouch pls don't let it happen ,i know it is not going to happen Wink can't see nandu and manik in these delema
Pls bring them together soon
The way story is going i am so excited to know more Smile dieing with curiosity that what manik will do
I wish cabir is same like kyy and help them to understand their feelings for each other Wink
Can't guess anything more
Update soon
Pm me

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update soon...Smile
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                                 ~~   IT'S COMPLICATED  ~~


She sighed and looked at the door hearing someone was chuckling behind her.     

"mom "  she turned back.

Niyonika entered and Nandini became embarrassed as she lied to Harshad and Niyonika heard it.

" all ok ? Sab thik ? " Niyonika came and sat beside her on the bed.

" ohh mom ohh " Nandini was embarrassed.

" Harshad called  right.  ?" Niyonika asked. She nodded her head.

" ohh mom are you angry at me for. ... "

" for telling him that mom is calling me ? Huh? " Niyonika completed her.

Nandini felt more embarrassed.

" ohh... " she was finding words to give justification. 

Niyonika understood her mental situation and took her hand on her.  " baby If I ask you something then will you give me the answer? "

"Off course mom.  Aap ayese kyun kah rahi ho? Just ask na." Nandini then and there said.

" are you  happy ? Happy with this wedding?  "  Niyonika asked.

"  are you happy? " Nandini re asked.

Niyonika nodded .

"Then I am also happy. If papa and you are happy na then I am happy.  " she replied lovingly and placed her head on Niyonika's lap.

" my baby " Niyonika caressed her hairs . Then said " it's not about our happiness beta . You have to spend your whole life with him.  And if you are not happy with him then it would be totally difficult. " Niyonika sounded worried.  But she knew very well that she needed to keep calm to make Nandini comfortable.

" I know mom.  But I trust you both too much.  I know you won't take any bad decision for me.  Your all decisions would be on my well for . And I trust you for that. 

" it's ok sweetheart.  But do you like Harshad ? " Niyonika asked. Nandini was shocked as she was not ready for that.

" Harshad " Nandini stopped.  She thought for a while then replied  " yes I do but as a good human being. And don't worry with time may be I will start loving him.  He's a nice guy.  "

" yes he is.  And time will heal everything.  Kash this time could fulfill our dreams.  " Niyonika sighed thinking about the fact of not having Nandini as her daughter in law.

Nandini understood what she was upset for but she didn't want to raise the topic to make themselves uncomfortable and more sad.  So she just said " mom can I sleep in your lap tonight ? "

Niyonika was touched with her maturity and replied " sure sweetheart. "

She then started stroking her hairs and soon Nandini fall asleep. 

After few hours.

Manik returned home full frustrated with himself ...with his thoughts.. with  his guilt ... with his friends specially with the engagement.

He climbed the stairs to his room but as per habit peeped into Nandini's room to find the best two  ladies of his life lying together.  Nandini on his mom's lap and Niyonika resting her head on the back bed header.  
A smile of happiness crept on his disturbed face.

But Niyonika's neck must be hurt with the sleeping posture he thought and then smoothly carried Nandini to the right side of the bed and made Niyonika lay on the bed properly and obviously not disturbing their peaceful slumber. 
He then kissed on Niyonika's forehead first then pecking on  Nandini's temple  left the room.


Next morning

Malhotra mansion became the fish market with the arranging the engagement party.  All servants were in a hurry state as Maan and Niyonika  were instructing them the final arrangements. 
Full House was in hustle and bustle state except the two people . One was sleeping forgetting the world and one was seating on her swing chair at the balcony thinking of her future. 

" Manik Manik... get up " Niyonika started shouting at him.

" what mom ? How are you shouting like maniac ? Let me sleep.  " Manik replied in deep sleep.

" let you sleep ? " Niyonika retorted.  " Do you even remember what is the day today ? "

Seeing no movement of him her anger raised and she shouted  " Manik Malhotra... you lazy fellow.  Today is Nandini's engagement and Saxenas' will be here any time and still you are sleeping like fool.  Get up unless I will use my own trick.  " she pulled the duvet out of him. 

Listening the 'engagement' word Manik got his sense back and unwillingly woke up.

" Now please click on your works Manik.  I want everything perfect today.  Got it.  " saying she left. 

Meanwhile fab 4 also reached to the mansion.

" heyy buddy.  Still you're sleeping " Dhruv said entering his room along with fab3 except Cabir. 

Manik greeted morning to every one then asked " where is Cabir ? " 


Nandini was in deep thought of her future.  Just after three hours her life was gonna change.  After that she would be someone's fiance. Though she had agreed with the alliance but yet something strong in her heart wasn't happy at all with her decision. She had tried a lot to make it cool but in vain as she herself might not be ready for these.  But she had to do it for the sake of her family...For the persons she was very grateful to. 

She was in her trails of thought when someone sat beside her.

" what's up baby doll "

" heyy Cabir.  " Nandini greeted him " kab aye ? "

" just now when you were busy admiring the greenery of the garden . " Cabir answered.  " by the way tum greenery dekh rahi thi yaa counting the leaves of the trees?  " he sarcastically asked.

" Cabirr " Nandini sighed " you and your lame jokes.  "

" Sorry jokes apart.  Now tell me kya soch rahi thi ? " Cabir asked wrapping his hand on her shoulder .

" just thinking about life . Kitni jaldi everything is going to change.  " Nandini replied.

" if you will allow the new then only you can understand the value of old . So let it be.  Don't worry everything will be all right.  " he side hugged her. 

Nandini needed that brotherly assurance that was why Cabir was there to help with that much needed talk. 

Meanwhile Niyonika came and asked her to get ready and asked Cabir to give a final look to the arrangements as Manik was least interested in it.  


Three hours past.

The guest had started arriving. As it was Malhotra height owner celebration and mostly the ceremony in Manik Malhotra the rockstar's house so it was  the media eye candy event.  So media also gathered outside the house to get at least a glimpse of the function for their page3  newspapers.  

The fab 4 along with Maan and Niyonika busy with receiving the guests.  Harshad's family also arrived and warmly welcomed by Malhotras'. 


Same time Nandini was getting ready in silver pink heavy lahenga with pink heavy weighted dupatta.  She was looking ethereally beautiful. 

She was struggling with her  backless blouse strings in front of the dressing table mirror when someone entered into her room. 

" look like some one to needs help.  "

Nandini knew who it was as she could feel his presence with his fragrance.

" Manik help me na. I am trying to fix it kabse.  But couldn't.  " Nandini asked his help.

" kya hoga tumhara without me !!! " Manik chuckled and came forward to help her.

He held the two strings  of the blouse and pulled  with his manly force.   Nandini collided against his chest due to the strong pull. 
Something strange ignited inside both of them. Their body shivered without knocking. They found it very strange whilst enhancing but they both denied that feeling remembering the consequences.

Manik tied up her blouse dori and noticed it was backless blouse having only one very thin strap as a support on her back which was exposing mostly her white milky smooth skin.

Manik's eye popped up seeing her bare back.   Then he completely saw her beauty through the mirror and a " WOW " escaped from his heart.

" You ere looking so beautiful Nandu. Like a fairy. " he mesmerized her beauty when suddenly a thought came up his mind and he abruptly said

" What the hell are you wearing haan? Its so exposing. Sab dekhenge. And That jershad... He will drink you Nandini.  Go and change . " 


It was the time of the ring exchange ceremony . So Niyonika asked the fab5 girls to take Nandini from her room.  


" What?  " Nandini turned around to face him " What is wrong with you Manik?  What the hell are you talking about? " she confusingly asked. 

In the meantime Mukti and Aliya also reached to her room and they overheard him saying those to Nandini.

" tu pagal ho gaya hai kya Manik?  Why are you asking her to change ? She's looking damm beautiful in this attire.  " Mukti said .

Manik turned and saw them but not yet convinced with her.

" what's wrong with you Mukti?  Look at her dress . It's a backless.  " Manik was totally giving them confused look. 

" so what baby?  It's pretty good and sexy too.  " Aliya said but she was observing his irritation as Nandini was wearing backless blouse where she herself had wore a off  shoulder sexy blouse to attract Manik's attention.  But he was paying no heed to her but getting irritated with Nandini's pretty much sober attire compared to her.

" ohh shut up Aliya.  Can't you see it is exposing her  most of entire back. And that Hershad is there . He gonna ogle her like a jerk.  " he was grinning in anger.

" haan toh ?   tujhe ho kya gaya hai Manik?  Are you out of your mind?  Hershad is her would be fiance.  And wasevi after today toh Harshad will not only ogle but drink every corner of her beauty . Right Nandini?  " Mukti naughtily said winking her. She felt embarrassed with these talks in front of Manik  .

" what ? " Manik shouted at his top and left angrily leaving the girls hell confused.

" yeh Manik ko ho kya gaya  hai? " Aliya said.

Nandini was also so tensed with the sudden changed behaviour of him.  Though she was aware of his protectiveness for her but his protection that too from her fiance shocked her.

" let's go.  " saying Mukti dragged her with them to the downstairs.


Nandini was descending from the stairs and all the guest along with Malhotras and Saxenas were awestruck on her beauty. Harshad was fully dumbstruck seeing her.  They took her next to him.

" you are looking beautiful Nandini.   "  Harshad pressed her hand and whispered. 

" thanks " she gave a pale smile.

" hey are you nervous?  " Harshad was worried.

" no just little bit.  " she took a deep breath. 

"Ohhh dears baki baatein after the ring ceremony okk. " Niyonika teased them and all burst into laughter.  Nandini was too embarrassed so she lowered her head and tried to free her hand off his held but being too desperate Harshad didn't leave her hand. 

Manik was quietly observed  them and getting furious seeing him not leaving her hand though she was not comfortable with it.  He couldn't took it more and moved closer to her.

" hey what's up ? " Manik came and slid his hand around her shoulder.  And Harshad left her hand.

" Manik " Nandini sighed in relaxation.

" Hii dude. How are you  ? " Harshad asked him but he seemed not happy with Manik's interference in their lives. 

" You're taking my happiness away from me  and yet asking me how I am ? " Manik firmly replied. 


Sorry guys I am super late with my update but am little busy with my health and all. but next will update soon as compensate. 
Do commenting.. Suggesting.. Stay tuned  Smile

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Guys can be so clueless, i want to shake him till he realizes that he loves her
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Hw hillarious can manik b...he actually asked her to chnge her engagement dressWink
So possessiveWink
Luvd d entire update...from nyonika nd nandu's lovely bonding to possessive manikEmbarrassedEmbarrassedClap
Always keep writingSmile

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