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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 34)

Harleenkaur19 Newbie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 12:44pm | IP Logged
I think it's been more that 5-6 days so pls update na

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millie17 Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Hey.. in lv wth ur story...
Waitng eagerly fr d nxt prt...
Plzzz upload soonn...n plz pm me if u cn... Embarrassed Smile
musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2015 at 3:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nikki.smiley95

Hey...u remember I told u about fb posts of ur story...sorry I wont be able to give u the link of that, but I can tell u the page on which it is being posted...its on page- manik_nandini_kyy...i thought to inform u if u have no idea about it...
And regarding ur story...u know i am already in luvvv with it...everyday my first task is to check for any new updates from you...plzzz update fast...eagerly waiting for nxt chapter...:);)

Thanks dear fr informing me.  I am badly stuck with hospital bed now.  Once I will get discharged. . I will start updating. Till you have to wait.  Sorry fr that.  I am glad you liked my stories. 

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Sangavi Groupbie

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Posted: 30 May 2015 at 7:23am | IP Logged
Update part 9 soon and add me to ur pm listSmile
vanivartika Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2015 at 8:15am | IP Logged
hey hope u came back..
musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 1:01am | IP Logged
 Holla people... M back... Quite well now.. Thanks to you guys for your love and well wishes... Love you for that unconditional love...
So thts the next Part. was written in hospital. so may b the output would b lil cranky.. like me as  well  Wink... so enjoy reading.                                              

                 ~~ ITS COMPLICATED ~~


" What?  No.  We can't.  " they shouted in unison.

" but why " Maan was surprised.

" What's the Problem ? Kyun nehi kar sakte ? " Niyonika was also surprised and shocked.

She thought for a little then asked again " Don't you guys love each other ? "

" No mom.. " Manik shouted.

Nandini didn't find any word what to say.  She is in shocked state. She didn't expect these kind of scene in her life even in her dreams.

" Nandu Nandu you say na. .." Manik shook her arms.

" hmm " ed she.  " I...me... I mean we... marriage. ... suddenly. ..why. .. I mean how. .. " she was puzzled.  She was short of words.  She didn't get proper words.  

" Nandu kuch toh bolo.  " manik again shook her.

Both Niyonika and Maan looked at her for some positive response.

" Nandini beta. .. tell na...say something please  " Maan placed his one hand on her shoulder.

She gazed at him blankly.   " papa... " she murmured.

Then she moved her gaze to Niyonika whose eyes were filled with tears and hope.

Then she looked at Manik. He was hell irritated with these unexpected drama. 
Her eyes got shifted on his deep dark brown eyes as they were finding answers of dilemma on his eyes. 
And his eyes were saying that he was pissed off.

Then she took a deep breath and said  calmly "  papa. .. mom. .. sorry but I am not ready for marriage now.  And if I would so but it will definitely not him. ... surely not Manik. "

" but beta. ... since your birth we have one dream... dream of   making you as our daughter in law.  And  Raman bhaishav and Ishita...It was their last wish Nandu. " Niyonika sobbed hard.

" mom mom " Nandini hugged her.  " I can understand your feelings but why don't you understand our words. ? " 
Then she softly broke the hug and wiped her tears " mom... its not possible as we never thought like this. . "

"Exactly " Manik was that time little calm seeing his mother sobbing. 

" but I don't get it why the hell you guys don't want to get married. ? " Maan shouted.  " If you both want time then take it but why this rejection?  "

" dad it's not about taking time and all.  It's just that I never thought of her in that manner.  She is my best friend and... "  Manik was cut by Maan.  " don't you love her ? "

"Yes I do . Off course I do. But as a friend. Wase nehi jaise you want me to do.  " Manik replied to his dad.

" but Manik " Niyonika uttered sobbing " Nandini is perfect for you and our family. "

" off course she is mom. " Manik came and took her hands on him.  " she's perfect mom.  But it doesn't mean that main shaadi kar lu.  And she's also doesn't want to naa. .. then.  Please samjho aap.  " he wiped off her tears with his thumb.

" yes mom... Yes dad...  We love each other but as best friend nothing else.  And if this wedding happen na then none gonna be happy.  Koi khush nehi rahega.  " Nandini said coming near to Maan. She then softly look at  Niyonika and Manik and again stated " and jahan tak baat rahi maa and papa ka toh they didn't want us to be unhappy.  They loved us very much so if today they would alive and with us na then they also would make out this. Papa mom please stop thinking about this.  It's impossible. "

"But Nandu. ... " Niyonika took a pleading step.

" mom please.  Don't force us na.  Please try to understand. " Manik promptly replied.

" now please enough of this discussion.  Let's stop it here itself. Don't make this more compiated.  " Manik further said and left for his room leaving behind two crying oldies and one upset friend.

Nandini then also walked away from there. 

" Maan what was all these ? Why they are behaving so immature?  I thought one day our dreams will come to be true but ... " niyonika started crying vigorously.  Maan hugged her and said " take them some time Niyo.. They will understand.  Don't cry please.  Sab thik Ho jayega. We will talk to them again okk. Please calm down now.  " 
Maan consoled her and took her to the room.


Meanwhile  Manik bedroom

Manik was hell irritated.  So he thought to take a shower to get rid of these tensions. 
Manik went inside the loo and stood underneath the shower. He was recalling the discussion just happened some time back.  He didn't get any clue from where his parents thought of that.  Marriage! !! That too with Nandini.  He never thought of it . Not even in his dreams.  
He was literally pissed off his parents.  But the thing which was disturbing him more was " what Nandu will think of him. " He quickly sneaked out of the washroom and rush towards Nandini room getting clothed. But for his disappointment she wasn't in her room.  Then he got worried and asked the servants about her. But even they were not aware of her whereabouts.  He called her but it was switched off.  He started panicking about her.  He ran to his parents room to find Niyonika was resting on the  lavish armchair closing her eyes and Maan wasn't there.

" mom " he called her.

She just "Hmmm"ed.

" mom. .. Nan... Nandini... do you know where is she ? "  he was worried.

She neither replied  nor opened her eyes.

" mom " this time his voice was little hard as his worry level is increasing.

Then Niyonika opened her eyes and looked straight into his eyes " why do you need to know about her now ? Kya farak parta hai tumhe ? "

" mom !!!!!" He didn't expect that from her ." why are you talking like this ? "

" talking like what Manik ? " her voice was hard like rock that time.

" aap kahna Kya chahate ho ? What are you talking about?  " Manik asked narrowing his eyes.

" as if you don't know? " she stood up and turned to him " Manik.. I don't know what is your bloody reason not to accept her but I think she is best for you.  And you would definitely understand this one day. "

"Mom...  why  are  you not getting that we are not meant to be.  We can't be together.  I don't love her. Please stop day dreaming.  " saying rudely he walked towards the door. "Maanik... " she called him back. He stopped  and turned around.

" kuch chijon ki ahemiyat uske khone k baad hoti hai.  " she stated and he left the room.

" day dreaming !!!! Huh " a fade sarcastic smile escaped from her heart. 

Malhotra Heights

" May I coming Mam ? " A girl of 22 knocked her cabin.

But there was no reply from the other side.

" mam. ... " she knocked again but little bit louder.

" hmmm " Nandini jerked out of her trances. " yes "

" good afternoon mam.  I am Navya Naveli.  Your new secretary.  " the girl said in a very polite way.

" ohh. Great.  Sit" Nandini told her to sit " ammm. ..Navya right ??? "

Navya shook her head smiling.

" so Navya. . Tell me something about you. " Nandini said.

" mam I ve completed my commerce graduation from Patna Bihar.. my home town as well." She replied.

" Well.  That's nice. I think you know your job. So get me the Singhania  files before the meeting ok.  You may go now. " Nandini said as she wanted to avoid talking. She wasn't in the state to talk with anyone.  She was still in a shocked state because of the  morning drama.  She walked out of the house just to ignore the situation and most importantly update Niyonika and Maan. She never thought of hurting them.  But that morning unwillingly she did.  She did for her.  She did for him.

" okk mam.  I will get it.  Thank you mam. " Navya was about to leave but nandini stopped her saying. " and one more thing don't call me mam.  We are in same age so just  just call me as Nandini.  "

"But mam how could I?  You're my boss " Navya panicked.

" Navya. . Do as  I said.  Nandini is better than mam.  And I like you to call me with my name.  Okey.  " Nandini wiped away her fear with her smile.

Navya smiled " Okey mam. . " she cut her tounge.  " I mean Nandini. "

"Perfect" Nandini said . both smiled.  And Navya left the cabin.


Manik was driving his car and continuously calling her but her number was off.  He drove to the office and recalling Niyonika words.

" kuch chijon ki ahemiyat uske khone k baad hoti hai. "

Niyonika 's words were echoing in his mind like a new tune.  But these tune weren't giving him happiness but pain.  These words were piercing his heart. 
So he was driving like mad to get his solace.  Solace from his childhood best friend..His princess...His peace. Only she could help him to sort out these mess.

Malhotra Heights. Conference hall.

" Mr. Malhotra so what's your opinion on this? " Mr  Singhania asked.

Though he was physically there But he wasn't present mentally. Without getting any response he again asked " Mr. Malhotra are you agree with it ?" 
But the super active business tycoon  Maan Malhotra was lost that day because of the storm he faced in his house that morning.

Nandini noticed it and felt bad for him.  She felt guilty  as because of her Maan was upset. Her heart wrenched seeing him so lost and vulnerable. 

The all present board members started giving him a weird look.  So to make the mess up she jumped on and said " Mr.  Singhania .  We are not ready to accept the terms you are keeping.  As it is loss for us. You better change your terms as per our company modules and then we'll think about it. " she said smartly.

" but Mr Maan is not saying anything then what's your problem?  " Mr Singhania was pissed of her as she was spoiling his plan to get better profit.

" If you have forgotten then let me remind you that I am also a board member and an executive head. So I ve that right to state my opinion.. Am I right or I am right ?"
She looked around the hall to receive pairs of appreciated  eyes.
" And  as per your concern then let me clear one thing either you will agree to give us 51% share or else forget about the deal. We are not yet interested then." She threw the files to him. 
Maan along with other members were superbly impressed with her confidence and business skills.

" Right . You are right Nandini. " Maan then spoke.

"Mr Singhania we are giving you security and all the games so we deserve more right?  So  either 51 % or else we not in the game. So choice is yours. " Maan said in a typical business way and made Mr Singhania speechless and loose. 

The meeting was over and all were congratulating them. 

" you're terrific Nandini. " Mr saxena shook his hand with her. 

" thank you sir " Nandini  replied back.

" she is a gem Malhotra.  Preserve her. " one of the member appreciated.   Maan gave a proud smile.

Once they all left Nandini came to him.  " dad are you upset on me ? "

"Nandini.. "  he sat on his chair. 
Nandini knelled down in front of him and keep her head on his lap.  It was the way they communicate their problems.

"  I am not upset beta " he kept his hand on her head and smoothly caressing her hairs further said " I am not upset on you but on my fate.  As I have failed to fulfill my late friend's last wish.  I really dream off you becoming my  daughter in law one day and Will never let you go from our lives.  But sayed bhagwan ko humari khusi manjoor nehi or else there would be any loops and fault in our prayers. " a lone tears came out of his eyes.

" papa " she said softly without raising her head up. " papa... sayed kuch sapno ka pura hona nehi hota hai.  Maybe there is something different waiting for us.  And if dreams are giving you sorrow then it's better to swipe away those dreams.  And jahan tak baat rahi my staying with you then who said you that I am gonna leave you and mom?  Never. Kavi nehi. "
And she kissed on his hand.

" yes.  My princess.  Kavi nehi. " saying he pulled her into a fatherly  hug.


Nandini was doing some work in her cabin when Maan called her through the extension number.  She steeped out of her cabin and bumped with some thing hard and loose her control . She was about to fall but one pair of strong masculine hands saved her from  meeting with the floor.  

Ignore errors... do commenting suggesting... Stay tune.

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MuratHayat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 1:23am | IP Logged
hey dis is interesting.Embarrassed so the guy who held her at the end was harshad? so for sumtime u'l b showing nandu-harshad nd at the same time may b u r planning for manik-alya. Bt i suggest a new girl for manik other than alya till da time manan realizes their love. Intial few days both manik nd nandini will b trying to like the new persons in their life so i felt bringing a new girl for manik was more interesting.
Jealous manik nd jealous nandu r always a treat to watch nd readLOL
And itz just a suggestion nd which ever way u plan im sure itz gonna b rocking!!

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SannaPareta25 Groupbie

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Posted: 31 May 2015 at 1:25am | IP Logged
It's awesome:)
Please upload next part ASAP

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