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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 31)

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" Do you really love Aliya?"

"What do you think ? " Manik  asked back.

" don't know.  May be.  " she replied. 

" you don't know??" He frowned and turned his head to her side " Nandu since childhood I ve never hide  anything from you.  My first crush to first beer can I have shared every single details with you.  And now you're asking me this? You know the answer better more than myself. " Manik said.

Nandini thought for something. Manik's words were playing in her mind.

" Kya hua ??? Still in dilemma?  "  Manik asked. He was sad as Nandu had doubt on him.

" No... Not actually.  Coz I know that you don't love her. " she said tangling theirs fingers.  " but she loves you. " she said again.

" hmm  I know. But I don't think it's her love may be some attractions.  " Manik said running his thumb on her fingers.

" sayed.  But I've seen her with you so relaxed.  May be it's love or not I don't know but she has some soft corner for you. " Nandu stated.

" listen . We're in friends.  We are I same band.. and we all are comfortable with each other.  And if she throw herself on me toh being a gentleman I should  make her  comfortable right ? " he smirked.

" you naughty monster. " she hit him by leg on his leg.

" ohhoo soccer queen.  Stop kicking. " Manik tangled his leg with her to stop her.

" No.. Sach me tell me why are you asking this suddenly?  " Manik asked her.

" bus aasehi "  she said nuzzling herself turning on his side. 
 They talked for some more time and both slept cuddling each other.


It  was evening 7. Manik and Nandini were still sleeping.  All the others were woke up and looking for them.  Aliya became restless so she pushed Fab3 to go and check on them.  Finding Manik no where in his room they knocked Nandini room. As it was unlocked so they simply walked in.  But they find none.  Cabir then casually went to the pool side and found them sleeping each other arm. 
A genuine  smile crept on Cabir face.  The fab 3 also came behind him.  Aliya became furious seeing Nandini was sleeping on Manik's shoulder. With out thinking twice she shouted " Maaanik"

Nandini woke up in jerk and gave a questioning look to all.  Meanwhile Manik also got up. They were still confused seeing their friends.

" what guys?  " Manik asked standing.

" What are you doing here Manik?  I was. ..I mean we were searching you in your room. And found you here "Aliya spoke rudely.

" Aliya?  What's wrong with you?  Why are you taking in this tone ? "  Manik asked her. 
Nandini was silent in these whole conversation and tried to figure something out.

" No..actually we were tensed." Aliya tried to cover up.

" it's okk na Aliya.  He can be where ever he wants.  It's his house after all. " Cabir jumped on to sooth the atmosphere . " tu khamakha worked up Ho rahi hai.  "

"Haan Cabir is right.  Let's come and sit in the lawn.  " dhrub said supporting Cabir.

" okk guys let's go and you both please come fast. " mukti said " come Aliya. " she dragged her with her.

" what's wrong with this girl?  " Manik  frustrated and walked out. 
Nandini just sighed .


Fab 5 were seating at the lawn. Manik and cabir were seated in one couch.  Mukti and Aliya were another one and dhruv was seating on the ground enjoying the softness of  the artificial grass. 

Nandini came with a servant holding a tray full of snacks and coffee. 
They were happy as they were hungry due to the tiredness.

" thanks Nandi. You are a life saviour." Cabir Said promptly picking up some snacks.

" you are most welcome " saying she sat next to dhruv on the grass.

Everyone was talking but Aliya.  She was pissed with the presence of Nandini.  She was thinking that she was loosing Manik.  She loved Manik.  But Manik was a tough nut to crack.  Though Manik hadn't refused her but didn't accept her proposal as though.  But yet she had some hope. But her all attempts would be ruined if Nandini would be with them... With Manik.  
Nandini was Manik's best friend. His life belong to her.  He was very much protective about her.  When she was around then Manik didn't need anyone.  
" But I couldn't let her spoil my dream to be Manik's . No Nandini... not this time.  You better stay away from me. " she thought.

" so guys next week jo concert hai bangalore me toh we should start practicing. " Manik told everyone.

" hmm you're right buddy.  We should start.  " dhruv said.

" okkk then tomorrow morning we willstart practising here only.  I have music room so not to worry.  " Manik said and everyone nodded.

" okkk guys you all carry on your practice but I have to leave tomorrow. " Nandini said.

" ohhh hello. .. what leave haan " Manik questioned.

" what?  I wanna return home. Missing mom and papa  and then office v toh hai. I have already missed one day.  So I have to attain tomorrow. " Nandini replied.

" but Nandss aur ek din me kya farak parta hai yaar.  ?  " mukti said.

" farak parta hai mukti.  I have just joined office.  There are lots of works and responsibilities. I can't run from them.  And moreover this papa will get some relax if I share some. " Nandini said  and all  looked at her with impressive eyes.  They were so impressed with her words.

" woh sab to thik hai but  kal?" Cabir said and stood in front of her "I mean itni jaldi?  kal  we will stay and will leave day after tomorrow morning pakka. Okk " he tried to convince her.

" sorry Cabir.  But it is not possible.  Try to understand na ? " Nandini pleaded.

" but? " Cabir pout. 

" guys if she doesn't feel staying toh we shouldn't force her  naa? " Aliya said as she wanted desperately to let go Nandini.

" listen..." Manik stood and sat next to her. He said wrapping his hand around her shoulder. " Its only tomorrow.  Then we all return ok.  Dad se I will talk. Now please stop this arguments. "

"Manik... Please understand naa... Please. " she gave a plead look to him which melted his heartand couldn't help himself agreeing.

"Okkk" he patted his head with her .

" kya yaar Manik... u agreed. " Mukti pout.

"  but I want to stay.  Main aaj hi toh aayi. " Aliya exclaimed.

" but Aliya. . Nandu don't want to. So we will leave tomorrow. " Manik said.

" Yesss and rahenge toh sath ok . So no more confusion. " Cabir said.

" but i want to..." Aliya shouted.

" Aliya samjho. " dhrub said.

" Common guys. You only stay here enjoy and  I will return tomorrow myself.  So what's the big deal?  " Nandini said as she could make out Aliya anger.

" like seriously ?? U want to go alone?" Manik frowned. 
And she shook her head.

" do  you want me to be homeless ? " he asked raising his eyebrows. 
Every one gave a questioning look to him. 
" look kyun de rahi ho?  If I will let you go alone then mom and dad for sure will kick me out of the house . hain naa?" Manik said.

And all started laughing. 
" so we will return kal and we'll again come on weekend. What's say guys?  "  Manik asked and all nodded.

"Okkk guys bohot batein ho gayi.  Let's have dinner.  I m hungry. " cabir said and walked in with Mukti.  Dhruv and Aliya also followed him.

" you really don't need to do this. U should not ignore your friends coz of me.  I really have no problem to go alone. " Nandini  said.  Manik stood up.

" listen..." he forwarded his hand and pulled her up  "Tum se jyada kuch v important nehi hai mere liye.  You're my best friend Nandu.  " 
He paused.  " and  I know they are also missing you " he said.
" only me haan?  " she smirked.

" that toh definitely I know. " he made face.

" awaaa my cute jealous monster.  " she pulled his cheek. And they joined them.


Malhotra Mansion

"Maan what are you thinking?" Niyonika asked.

" I was thinking of   them. Is it the time?  " Maan said.  He was in deep thought.

" Yes it is.  Time never stops for anyone.  So we shouldn't delay more. " Niyonika said .

" hmmm " he sighed.  
" I guess you are right. Let them come and we'll talk. "   Maan said. 
" by the way when they will return? "

" Kal.  Nandini informed. " Niyonika said with glittering eyes.

" wow.  That's great.  Now let's go sleep.  Tomorrow will be better. " Maan laid down on bed.

" for sure. " Niyonika put off the light and slept.


After having dinner they all moved to their respective rooms decided to start  tomorrow morning 7 am.

Aliya came to him and asked " Manik why are you avoiding me this much?  "

" I am not avoiding you.  Why the hell are you thinking so? " he asked . 
She tried to get cozy with him. Manik held his hand said " Aliya I don't feel like this.  Please tried to understand" he freed himself " I need time. "

" Okkk baby.  Take your time.  I will wait "  saying she kissed on him cheek and left the room. 

Manik tried to sleep but in vain.  So he decided to go and check on Nandini. 
Manik came to Nandini room and saw her reading a book.

" 50 shades of Grey !!!! Ahaahaa
" ahaaahhh " Manik laid down beside her on his stomach like her.

" so... now Mr.  Gray??? Bye bye to that vampire. " he started  irritating her.

" Manik.  What's your problem?  Why are you irritating me ? " she coldly asked.

" M bored. Don't feel sleepy.  " Manik rested his head on her shoulder.

" Toh am I an entertaining box Mr monster ? " she frowned.

He was numb for some tine Then said   " wase did you notice one thing ? " he raised his head and looked at her straight. " your life naa  so interesting.. like seriously... it surrounded with a Vampire and A  sadist.." 

"and a Monster.  " she said.

" exactly.  See.  " he said. 

She shook her head in disbelief and started  attaining  Mr Christian Gray.

Manik then took two three more attempts to disturb her and finally succeeded.

They teased tickled talked for some time and slept being tired together. 

In morning they returned home back. 
Nandini hugged them. Manik also hugged them . They were having the breakfast when Maan said " Manik Nandini we have to say you guys something.  "

They looked at each other and simply said " what ?"

" Ammm.. me and your mom decided to think about your marriage. "  Maan soft but determinedly said.

" marriage ?? Whose ?? " Manik was surprised while Nandini gave a surprising look to them.

" tum dono ki .. Yes marriage of  you Two. " Niyonika said.

Both Manik and Nandini were shocked. They both gave blank look to them. 
" WHAT??  NO .. WE  CAN'T " They both exclaimed in unison.

So guys its a very quick update as a compensate of the given reason... and didn't get time to re check.. so ignore errors,,,, stay tuneSmile 


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superb update

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ArSha_ManNan Goldie

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U r an amazng writer... I just absolutely love ur stories. .
Even dis update was superb ... n thank u 4 the pm's and update whenever u get tym no problem
Dhariya_ IF-Dazzler

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Grr..this Alia
hehe marriage
Lets see what will happen nrxt
Koi ni will wait
Loved it
Cont soon
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Amazing ...come back soon ...will wait for ur updatesTongueWink
N_Niya IF-Rockerz

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naiii!!!... Cry
MaNan ne ek dusre se shaadi karrne se mana karrdia!!! Cry
shit shit!! Dead
music ab tu b jarahi hai, how will I wait?! MaNan ne mana kyo kia!! Dead
waiting.. Ouch
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aashi its just awesome ggrr m not liking aliya but manan r too cute n its ok update whenever u r free thnz for the pm dear cont soon
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it's awesome update
take ur time
we can wait...
& have a safe journey

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