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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 25)

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Awsme promo waiting Clap

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lov d fab 5 n Nandu realtion!!
Yeh dosti milti nasseb si!!
just lov it!!!
As usual no surprise in sayin u r awssum!!
I lov it!!!
just lov all ur 3 ffs
do u have more pls tell me!!!
U r d best

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sweet promo
waiting for the update
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Nice promo 
Update soon
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      PART 6

In the next morning Nandini woke up early as per her habit.  And after freshen up she changed herself in her jogging track suits and left her room.  She peeped into Manik's room which is next to her.  She saw a cute scenario in front of her which Just made her day.
The Orange colored sun beams were disturbing his sleep. And he cutely tried hard to buried his face in the pillow just to avoid the eye contacts with the beams.  Nandini cutely chuckled and left the room  adjusted the curtains and covering his bare torso with duvet.


"Good morning guys... where's Nandi...? " Cabir came to the lawn where Fab 4 was seating and enjoying the morning.

"Good morning... wohhh Nandini went for jogging I guess. " Manik replied.

"  you guess means what?  " Cabir asked.

"Arre she has a habit of jogging daily  early morning. " Manik answered closing his eyes resting his head on the back of the cradle chair.

" guys she is different. Look at us our day start when her day already reached its middle.  though we're now famous but yet not settled. And she is like sorted soul.  " Mukti said.    And everyone nodded in a yes. 

" yaaah she's different. " Manik said.

" good morning guys." Nandini came with  servants with breakfast.

" good morning sunshine.  Tum kab aayi jogg se? And this?  " Cabir asked pointing the breakfast which was then placed on the table.

" just before few minutes.  And I thought why don't we enjoy the cool breeze of the sea while having breakfast?  So I have arranged it." Nandini said.
She was shining like the day.  So refreshing so innocent.

" that's what I like about you. " Manik said coming closer to her.  " let's have breakfast I am hungry. "

While having breakfast they were discussing about fab 5 next album and the concert show next week.  Nandini was listening them when Her phone buzzed. 
Nandini received the call with a wide smile on her face and it was Niyonika. 

"Hello mom.  Good morning. " 

Niyonika- " good morning. What are you all doing haan?  Had your breakfast?  " 

Mom... We are just having .  What's about you and dad?  Dad left for office? 

Niyonika- " yaah he had left and I have a charity function toh I am just going to get ready. And missing you to choose my dress. "

"Ohhh that's nice.  Wear something in purple mom.  It suits you the best.  "

Niyonika-  " okkk... and by the way where is our Rockstar Mr. Late riser?  Is he still sleeping? "

Manik who was became restless and jealous of thinking that his own mom had no concern about him but Nandini. And his friends were just pouring oil in his jealous mind just to have fun.  They loved to tease him.
And also happy seeing the love his friends and family had for his angel.

" Manik...!!!! " she laughed.  " yes mom uth gaya woh. "

Niyonika- "Okk baby take care yourself and that monster too. Love you ."

" I will mom.   But not sure about that monster.  And I love you too.  Miss you . "

Niyonika- " achcha pass the cell to him. " 
Nandini forwarded her cell to Manik and eyeing him to take it.

" hello mom. " 

Niyonika- " hello baby.  Having fun? "

"Yes we are. "

Niyonika- "That's good.  Have fun and take care of her.  Bye. Love and return soon."

"Bye love you too." he hanged up the call and kept the cell on table.

"Yaaar Manik... I ve a doubt. Aunty actually kiski mom hai? " Cabir sarcastically asked and received Manik's death glare.

"Nehi ohhh actually Nandi k sath she talked about for 15 mnts and with you 15 seconds only. " and Cabir along with fab5 started making fun of him. And Manik angrily pout..

" ohhh jelo Manik is on haan.  Wase Manik do you like it or not but the fact is mom loves me more than you.  " and she stood up and winked and playfully hit his head to irritate him more. And no one knew better than her how to irritate him.

" you stupid no one gonna save you today from me " He said and stood up and chased behind her.

Everyone started enjoying them chasing like tom and Jerry.  
And after chasing for some time he finally managed to catch her and he started tickling her as a gesture of revenge.  And they fell on the ground.  Nandini was enjoying this cute but struggling with laughter riot revenge and asked him to stop.  But he started tickling her more with her every plead.

Fab 3 now could not resist himself and jumped on them and  participated in tickling game. 
They were enjoying tickling fights very much.  Some time Cabir was tickling Mukti and Dhruv.  And sometimes Dhruv was tickling them.  And Manik was fully busy tickling teasing his own jerry. They cried they laughed. Their laughter spread all over the whole house. 
It was became a happy worthy morning.
Finally they stopped due to short of air. They all gasping very hard. 
The Final position of them was Mukti was laying on top of Cabir and dhruv's legs and Nandini on the top of Manik where she resting her head on his chest and he wrapping his hand protectively around her back.

They were all taking test closing their eyes peacefully in  each others arms.They were laying in that position when then all heard

" Manik..."

They moved their gaze to the sound.    "Manik ... what is all this?  " 

"Aliyaa. " Mukti got up and hugged her.

Nandini turned her gaze to her. "  Hii Aliyaa " she said while trying to get up with the help of Dhruv.

"Hi Nandini. " Aliya was shocked. 

" Is this the surprise you are all talking about? " she asked all them being surprised.

"Yes.  This is the surprise.  Nandini. " Mukti told her. 

In a reply she just gave a fake pale smile. Then she moved to Manik. " hi Manik. " and she hugged her.

" Hii Aliya. " he lightly hugged her back but hesitated.

"  I missed you. " she said nuzzling her face to his chest.

"Hmmm " he swiftly broke the hug and stood straight.

" heyyy Aliya. How are you? " Nandini came forward and hugged her.   Aliya reciprocated but unwillingly.

" So how's the surprise?" Manik asked her .

"Yaah am shocked. " Aliya replied.

" toh Nandini kitne din runke ka irada hai India me?  " Aliya asked her.

" Aree Aalu... she returned for not to returning back to London again.  Humesha k liye aa gayi hai meri Nandu bail. " Cabir said excitedly hugging Nandini.

"What? ????" Aliya literally shouted. 

" What what?  " Manik suspiciously  asked her.  and everyone gave a questioning look to her.

" ermmm nothing . I mean Yaah it's a good news. " she replied but her facial expressions  saying that it was definitely not  a good news for her.

Nandini noticed that she was not happy even she was damm pissed of the news of her  returning back. But she swiped away her weird thoughts.

" so guys now jab we all fab 5 are finally present with my angel toh let's have some real fun.  What's say?  " Manik said side hugging Nandini.

"  Neki aur puch puch... Of course man.  " Cabir was exited.

"Okk guys let's get change first then let's move to the beach. " Dhruv suggested.

"Awesome Bro. " Mukti hugged him.

" so guys get ready fatafat (fast) and then full on masti on the beach. " Mukti exclaimed .
And all headed towards their rooms.


Nandini opened her bag with a hope to get something wearable as she had no faith in her idiot monster. 
She smiled at her monster as he had packed every necessary things of her. She then choose a magenta track pant and white loose long top. 
She took the sun protector and came to the attached pool of her room.

Meanwhile Aliya entered into the room looking for Manik.

" Manik... baby. " she called his name And saw Nandini was applying sun protector on herself.

" Nandini.  What are you doing here.? " Aliya sounded rude.

Nandini who was busy didn't get to know what was she asking.  " sorry? " she turned back to her. 
" Aliya .. what are you doing here?  Kuch chahiye tumhe? " she casually asked .

" wohi toh I am asking.  What are you doing here in Manik's room?" Aliya asked.

" ohhh Aliya.  It's  my room only.  Manik's just the next one.  " she softly replied.

" what?  But this room. ..." Aliya was stopped by Manik's rushed entry.

" you are still not ready? " Manik hurriedly asked Nandini.  Then saw Aliya. 

" Aliya tum kya kar rahi ho yaahan.  go and change first. " he said and then turned to Nandini " Nandu where is your phone?  Dad was calling you for so long. "

" Don't know.  Let me check. Ohhh battery dead. " she checked her phone.

" take it. " he offered his phone "  Call  him now. And come downstairs soon." He was about to go but stopped his gaze on the corner of the bed .

" you're going to wear this ? " he pointed out that magenta coloured tracks she had chosen.

" yaah. ." She shook her head.

" What's wrong with you.  I had given so much effort on your silly packing and you picked this one? listen there is a blue shorts. Wear that only okkk. " saying he left the room asking Aliya to change fast. 

Aliya was stunned seeing these all.  It was hell unexpected for her to think that Manik Malhotra had offered his precious cell to anyone as he was over protective about his cell.  He never ever shared his phone with any one.  And apart from that he had packed Nandini's bag. And Nandini was staying in that room where none was allowed except him. 
She went in trauma for some couple of times then left the room.

She entered Manik's room without knocking. 
Manik was changing . He was in his brown shorts and bare chest.

" hey baby" Aliya came near to him.

" Aliya still you have not changed?  Go and change.  Fast. " he said wearing his blue loose vest.

" I missed you so much so I thought to come to you as I know you too want this.  Right baby " Aliya seductively started moving her fingers over his face and chest.

" Aliya " he softly removed her hand from his  body and took in his hand. " It's nice to see you. But this not now.  we are getting late. "

"So what.  Let it be little more late. " saying she leaned closer to kiss him.



sorry guys for this short one..  next will b longer... do commenting..
stay tuneSmile

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unres...sorry for late..
awesome part hain..I just loved it..
aliya ahahaha..bechari.
aww manik packed clothes n suggesting too...aweee
loved it completely.
loved their teasing n masti...
Aaliya ko hi humesha problem hoti hain..arghhh
U penned it very well...loved it..
n last scenee...uff aloya chipkooo..
ok update soon..
Harika..keep smiling..it looks good on you..Big smile

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Plz update soon really waiting

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Update plzz really waiting for ur update

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