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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 21)

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"What was all this? Why did you pull me like this that too in front of everyone.  Kya soch rahe honge woh sab? " Nandini retorted adjusting herself in the passenger seat.

" Kya samajh rahe honge?  They would thought that I am too strong to carry a baby panda.  "  Manik smirked while driving.

"Baby panda? Like really? ?? " she looked at her raising eyebrows.

"Really? ??? " he replied naughtily stretching the word.  She scrunched up her nose .

"When you do this face naa I really feel like kissing your Chotu sa nose. " Manik said swiftly patting her nose by his left hand fingers.

She angrily patted his fingers  " don't talk to me never ever. "

"Achcha... okkk" he smirked.

"And wasevi who wants to talk with baby panda. " Manik mischievously said waiting for her reaction.

"I am not a baby panda okkk. " she almost shouted.

And that was the reaction Manik longing for. 
"I thought you didn't want to talk with me only... toh fir Yeh Kya. ." Manik stated laughing seeing her cute angry pout.

"Manik. .. you monster. .. huh" Nandini was irritated with him and looked outside the window.

Manik just looked at her and smiled. He just loved to irritate her.



"How's your day Maan?where's Nandu ? " Niyonka asked Maan who just returned from the office.

" it was tiring. " Maan replied throwing himself on the couch. " And Nandu toh..."

Niyonka did not let him complete saying " ohhh yes. Manik took her to the farmhouse. Kaise vul  gayi main? " 

"Maan are you ok na ? Sab thik hai? Is there any problem?" Niyonka saw tension lines on  her ever happy husband's forehead.

Maan drank some water and then replied collecting the all words " ohh today Mr.  Saxena... he came with a proposal. "

" Proposal for what?  " Niyonka asked.

"Ammm proposal of marrige for Nandini" Maan sighed.

" WHAT ?? Nandu k lie ? With whom? Suddenly?   " Niyonka became impatience.

"Niyo please calm down.  Actually aaj in the board meeting Saxena came access Nandu and he was impressed with her personality and then he came to me with a proposal of his son for our Nandini. "  Maan said in one breadth.

Now Niyonka shared the tension marks of her husband. They were quite for some time as they were in deep thought. No one was uttering anything.

" What Did you say him then" Niyonka was the first who speaks.

" nothing.  Just said that I wanted to share with my family. And he agreed.  " Maan' s eyes were closed. He was resting keeping his head on the back of the couch.

" but Aapne unhe bataya kyun nehi. ? Why did not tell him?  You should have tell him na. " Niyonka said .

" What to say?" Maan was still lost. 

"The truth Maan. Truth. " Niyonka said shaking him.

"Truth? " he opened his eyes and gave a questioning look.

"That Nandini k liye we have already chosen.. chosen Manik. And she's gonna be our official daughter in law soon. Even it was decided long back. Raman bhai aur Ishu ki v toh yehi wish thi. " Niyonka stated.

"I know that is why I ignored him saying about discussion  " Maan said. " And he is an out sider . So uske samne why should I disclose our private things?"

"And what if he call for an answer toh  tab kya..." Niyonka could not complete as Maan's phone started ringing.

"It's Saxena" Maan showed the caller id to Niyonka.

" Mana kar dijiye.  " Niyonka sternly said. Maan nod a yes and slide the receive button.

Maan - " Hello Mr Saxena. "
Saxena-" so kya socha?  Discussed? "
Maan - " yaah I discussed and I am extremely sorry as Nandini is not ready to get married now. And not even My wife is ready to let her  go away from her at this point.  So the answer is sadly NO. "

Saxena- "I can understand but malhotra I was so confirmed about this proposal to be YES. If you don't mind then can I talk to Mr. Malhotra. "

"Ummm ..Ohhh it's ok" Maan hesitated. And passed the phone to Niyonka.

"Hello " 

Saxena- "Niyonka ji. .. how are you?  How's your charity works going. "

"All good . How's about you and family. "

Saxena- "Ohhh quite going  good.  But it will be better if you will allow Nandini to be my daughter in law. "

"Saxena ji... Nandini is already my daughter. And I don't think that it's a perfect time for her getting married.  So we are sorry. Extremely sorry. " Niyonka replied politely whilst strongly.

Saxena- " Ohhh it'd disappointing but if your plans would get changed then let me know.  actually she's perfect for my son.  But it's ok.  You will  take time.  Bye " saying he hanged up the call.

"How dare he? Usne socha v kaise that he will snatch my daughter.  I would not let it happen. " Niyonka was angry.

Maan chuckled seeing her wife's possessiveness towards her present daughter and would be daughter in law.

"Niyo. ... calm down. Kahin nehi jaa rahi hai woh. . She is and will be with us. For ever. : Maan hugged his wife.


"Hello guys" Manik greeted them as they were waiting for them at the entrance of the farmhouse.

" Hiii... but where is she ? " Cabir asked.

Nandini got down of the car and wished them all. Her face was still carrying her anger.

" kya hua? ?? Balloon k jaise kyun fuli hui ho?  " Cabir asked her hugging.

"Why you are asking me. Ask this monster na. .." Nandini replied .

"What you did? Dont tell me tht You guys again had a fight?  " Mukti asked Manik. As a replied Manik just naughtily smiled.

"Nandini you  tell. What happened? " Dhrub asked.

" this bloody monster  dragged me with him literally lifting me in front of the whole office. Pata nehi what they would think?  "  Nandini said popping up her eyes.

"Yehi sochenge k kitna pyar hai dono k bich... " Manik naughtily winked.

And they all started laughing loudly .

"Disgusting. " she sighed and walked in the house and requested the caretakers to take the luggage to her room.

She entered into her room where there was lots of memories of her childhood.  After four long years she visited here.  At the very first time Manik and she were used to involve in a hard fight for this room . As it was the best room of this entire farmhouse.  It was a sea facing room.  Their farmhouse was actually situated  near on the sea side. As Manik and Nandini loved beach that's why Maan bought this giant farmhouse. 
The room had its different attractions as there were an attached swimming pool, a sundeck king sized bed ..sea facing glass door. 

She was gazing around the room collecting her memories. But her sweet memories were swiped away with a hard sour voice

" What the hell man. What are you doing here? "  Manik shouted. 
Fab 3 entered into to the room listening his loud voice.

"What happen buddy?  " dhrub asked worryingly. 

"Tum yaahan kya kar ho? " Manik asked.

"Party kar ne aayi hai aur kya? Tuhi toh leke aaya hai. vul gaya?? Short term memory loss. " Cabir sarcastically said.

"Cabirrr" Manik gave a disgusted look to him.

" what are you doing in my room? " Manik moved his concentration towards Nandini.

"Your room? ?? " Nandini smirked.

"Yesss Nandini.  It's his room only.  Jab v hum aate hei to chill out toh he used to stay in this room only. " Mukti said casually.

" Suna? "  Manik told Nandini " now out and go to the next room. "

" Mr. Manik Malhotra. " Nandini smiled and came near to him "  If you have forgotten toh lemme remind that it's Your room. " she paused and he gave a satisfactory smile as winning the game. 
But his victory smile got soon vanished receiving " It's your room but only when I am not around. When I am present from that time your every thing is mine.  So its My room. "

Soon he remembered the pact they had done that whenever Nandini wouldn't be around only for that particular time this room would be his and otherwise it was Nandini's.

He sighed a deep breath and accepted his defeat.  " Okkk fine.  Your room. "

"Wohhooo Nandi... you're a gem. You have made Manik Malhotra to accept his defeat. For the first time. Well done. " saying Cabir came forward to hug her.  She hugged him back.

"Haaan yaar Manik kaise?  I mean last time you didn't allow Aliya only when she was crying to have this room but today you have simply allow Nandini. Congrats Nandsss" Mukti said in disbelief.

"Guyss Guyss. . Ayesa kuch nehi hai.  It's just that we promised ourselves that jab hum dono me se koi ek present nehi  rahega only that time the room is for the other but when I will be present that time by default the room would alloted to me. So its my room now." She gave a victory smile and looked at Manik's pout face.

"Now chal go to the next room you looser. " Nandini pulled his cheek. 

"You ..." Manik took an attempt to take revenge.  But Cabir stopped him   "Okkk.. guys Yeh room mahabharat khatam ho gayi toh let us do for what we are here. "

"Yehhh let's party guys. " Mukti exclaimed.

"Guys u party I just wanna take rest . M tired. " Nandini said them.

"Ms Nandini Moorthy" it's time for Manik to smirk " lemme remind you hum yaahan party karne ayye hai sone nehi.  "

"Yaah.. buddy is right.  Aur doing fun you will feel better ." Dhrub said.

"So. ..  bhai log no more discussions let's party fab5 style" cabir said.

" And as it's  too late evening toh we will hang around the poolside Okkk. So guys just go and change and we will meet just in 10 mnts at the pool side. " Manik announced. And fab3 left to their respective rooms to change.

Nandini opened her bag and was surprised seeing her clothes. " who packed my bag?" She exclaimed.

" Main Aur koun. " Manik replied casually taking out his clothes.

"Is this a way to pack? So messy.  So disordered. " she stated angrily. 

" hold on...you've packed my bag? ? That means you ve packed my other stuffs too??? " she gazed at him in disbelief who was just  busy in  unbuttoning his shirt.

"Aub kya stamp paper me likh k du? ?" He casually answered back.

"How an earth you can be so stupid Malhotra.? Don't you know that you shouldn't touch a girls wardrobe ? " she rebuked him.

Then Manik understood why she was shouting like manic Then he said " ohhh hello..   jhasni ki rani mom helped me to pack your other stuffs. So chill haan.  And wasevi I don't have any interest in it"

"You better not" she retorted again.

"As because I have seen more than this of others. "He mischievously winked

"You...  gutter monster. .." she threw a pillow to hit him.

And he smartly caught it " that I toh definitely I am. "

" Aaiyyaappa Yeh larka kab sudhre ga !!!" She sighed took her clothes and  sneaked into the washroom to change.

"When cars start flying tab" she heard him saying against the door.

"Stupid monster" she smiled  and  started changing.


Fab 4 were enjoying the party. The boys were in shorts and vest where as Mukti was in her bikini top.  And Nandini dressed in a short crop top and shorts. 
Fab 4 were inside the pool standing around her with beer cans whereas Nandini was seating at the  edge of the pool digging her bare legs in the water  holding a mock tail glass and they were chit chatting.

"Nandss come inside the water.  " Mukti asked her.

"No Mukti.  I am fine here.  You know na I can't swim." Nandini refused her.

"Areee meri Nandi bail... kuch nehi hoga just come inside you will have fun " Cabir jumped and sat beside her and said wrapping his hand around her shoulder.

Among fab 4 Cabir was Nandini's fav. He was like her big Bro. And cabir also claimed her as his little sister.

"Yaaar Manik you are such a good swimmer. Tune nehi sikhaya Nandini ko swimming? ?? " Mukti said taking a sip of  beer. 

Manik who was then standing near Nandini placing his left hand on her thigh as a support and holding beer on the other hand took a sip from his can and replied rubbing his lips " I tired . But stopped getting a punch. "

" WHAT? " they exclaimed in unison.

"Buddy seriously you got a punch. ? But from whom? " Dhruv asked.

"Wohhh I tried to teach her swimming but she hit her famous punch on my face. " Manik smiled.

"What?  " Cabir started laughing.

" Ayesa kuch nehi guys he was continuously rebuking me that's why I punched him being angry. " Nandini cutely replied playfully slapped his head from behind.

"Wohhh toh 'the Nandini famous punch ' ka silsila yehi se start hua tha..." Cabir said and all started laughing their heart out.

Suddenly  Dhruv started play his guitar started singing

Yaaro dosti badi hi hasin hai
 Ye na ho to kya phir bolo ye zindagi hai
Manik sang holding Nandini

 Koi to ho razdar
 Begaraj tera ho yaar
 Koi to ho razdar

 Cabir sang holding Mukti and they all came inside the pool. 

 Yaaro mohabbat hi to bandagi hai
 Ye na ho to kya phir bolo ye zindagi hai
Cabir and Manik took Nandini inside the pool.  She was afraid first but then Manik held her nest to him.

 Koi to dilbar ho yaar
 Jisko tujhse ho pyar
 Koi to dilbar ho yaar

Cabir signaled Manik  and he naughtily removed his hold off her and Nandini was about to fall  but again he pulled her to him . She hit him playfully and frowned at Cabir. 
Teri har ke burai pe dante woh dost
Cabir side hugged Nandini

Gam ki ho dhoop to saya bane tera woh dost
Dhruv and Mukti joined them... 

 Nache bhi woh teri khushi mai
 Ari yaaro dosti badi hi haseen hai

 they all started playing with water . And Nandini stood there supporting Manik.
Ye na ho to kya phir bolo ye zindagi hai
 Koi to ho razdar
 Begaraj tera ho yaar
 Koi to ho razdar

 Manik sang smoothly hitting his head with Nandini 

Tan mann kar tujhpe fida mehbub woh
 Palko pe jo rakhe tujhe mehbub woh
 Jiski vafa tere liye ho

 Fab4 and Nandini together sang hugging each other...
Are yaaro mohabbat hi to bandagi hai
 Ye na ho to kya phir bolo ye zindgi hai
 Koi to dilbar ho yaar
 Jisko tujhse ho pyaar
 Koi to dilbar ho yaar...

After sharing that beautiful  evening and they finally called it a day and crushed on their respective beds...

Ignore typos and grammatical errors. Do commenting. Stay tuneSmile

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loved it
Aww manna ki cute fights
Nandu bail hahah cabir will never change
I love cabini bond
Gutter minded manik hehhe
Loved the song choice and scenes
Cont soon

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Amazing one..loved manan fight and niyo-maan talk about nandu being chosen as their dil...
Cont soon..jzt loving it..
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An amazng chapter and I love the way u described the pool scene along with the song ... next part soon plz
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lovely update
loved it
cont soon
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dono ki love story track pe laa yr
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Lovely lovely update..update soon
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I love the relationship between manan
Its very refreshing 

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