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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 14)

Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 6:39am | IP Logged
I liked how everyone was so excited after meeting nandini :)

urvisaini IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
Nice story 
Continue soon 
Manan_Ananya Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 12:59am | IP Logged
I liked this batameez..
loved the friendship of them...
The first scene was awww!!
love dthe bonding..waitiing for the next..
Is any1 already in a relation?
Harleenkaur19 Newbie

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R manan  brother and sister 

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BrishtiDREAMER Groupbie

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 5:33am | IP Logged
awsm update...just loved the bonding between fab5 and nandu...still confused about nandinis relationship status...um...its complecated..eh???:D
cool song selected...
and very very sorry for sooo late reply...
waiting for more dear...update asap...thanks for pms..do more...:):)

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musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Harleenkaur19

R manan  brother and sister 


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musicialtie Goldie

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"Good morning mom." Nandini came out of her room to dining hall where Maan and Niyonika were already present at breakfast table.

"Are you going somewhere? " Niyonika pointed out her well formal dressed gesture.

"Yaahh. .Office" she replied seating next to her at the breakfast table.

"But why? " Niyonika surprised.

"Dad will say.  Tell na " she said biting the sandwich.

 Niyonika turned to Maan for a suitable explanation. 
"Actually Nandu took a promise that if I will allow her to join office then only she would return to India back." Maan said . 

He was very sure now his this beautiful wife would not spare him for hiding this from her.
And as expected she gave him a death glare. Nandini was aware of this scenes so took a step to control the damage.

"Mom. . I will be bored siting at home idle.  And as I am in this working world since 2 years it's became a habit. And why are you worrying. . I am going to join our company not anywhere else.  And seeing my qualifications and experience the MD will bound to hire me in good post.  So chill. " she smirk.

"But I thought you to take for shopping. " Niyonika was upset. 
"So what  we will go.  I will return by 4 then we will go na. " she assured her.

"But. . Just now you came and I have not talked with you properly and you want to go office. "  Niyonika was sad with her decision of joining office so early.

" Niyonika she is going office only. Not her in laws house.  So stop worrying and being sad " Maan chuckled and winked her And Nandini giggled.

"Okkk now stop you too.  I am getting late.  So bye. " she  stood up and took her bag.
"Come let's go together. " Maan said. And she nod.

"Bye mom. Please don't be upset. I will be back soon. " saying she kissed her cheek.

Niyonika was about to say But Nandini stopped her saying " don't worry I will have my lunch on time. "

Niyonika smiled seeing her this jovial but responsible child. " take care of her Maan "

"I will as I don't want to get hurt by my wife." and he kissed her forehead.

"Ahem ahem... now Chale dad . You can continue later " Nandini winked at them and quickly hugged Niyonika.

They left for office. 
"God please always be my family like this. . Full of happiness. " Niyonika silently prayed. 

Malhotra Heights. 

The biggest company of town and one of the most leading over the country.
Maan Malhotra was the MD of the company. And the CEO once in a blue moon visited the office.

They reached to office and greeted by everyone.

"People meet Ms Nandini Moorthy, your  new executive marketing head. You have to work and report under her from now. And one more thing don't judge her with her  delicate serene face. . She is a tough nut to crack.  Remind it." Saying Maan took her to her cabin.

She was awastuck with the interior of her cabin.  It was exactly what she wanted to.
Though she never said Maan about her wish but without knowing Maan did what actually she wished to have. 

Her eyes were exploring the interior and glued with one designed photo frame.  It was her parents photo. She smoothly lift the frame from the desk and admired them with teary eyes.

" hi Raman. . Hi Ishu bhabi... hope you  guys are doing well... and see your daughter... nope. .. Our daughter made us proud and going to start a new journey with responsibilities.  Bless her. " Maan talked with the photo.

" papa.. I love you" she hugged him tightly and cried. And Maan caressed her back showering fatherly love.

After releasing the burden of her chest she loosen the hug .
"Thanks papa. "

"For what. ? For making my darling daughter cry ?" Maan started to light up the atmosphere.

"For everything ." She said.

" stop this nonsense.  I ve done this all for my best friend's daughter who is now an important part my life. So please it's a request don't utter these thankful  silly words again" Maan 's voice became hard. 

" by the way it's your first day and you want to be late for board meeting.  Huh?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Sorry dad.  I didn't want to hurt you.  I promise I won't say these again"  Nandini cried
Maan hugged her to console .

"it's okk. . Now chuck them all.  And do concentrate on work. " he wiped out her tears and pain of loosing parents as well.

10 am.

"Hey mom good morning. " 
Manik walked to the lawn rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"Good morning.  So rockstar finally showed up haan " Niyonika teased her ever late  riser son.

"Hmm" ed he and sat beside her.

"Dad left for office?" he asked and lift the juice glass.

"Hmm 1 hour back. " Niyonika replied busy with her article. 
She runs two NGO's.

"Achacha. .. where is Nandu? " he asked as he was not getting any
 trace of her in the whole mansion.

"She also left." Niyonika absentmindedly replied.

"WHAT ??? "  he spat the juice and exclaimed " SHE LEFT? ? WHY? ? WHEN? ?"

"Manik..." she chuckled as he splashed on her papers. " kya kia tumne ?? Ruined all my papers.  "

"But mom why she left?  And why don't you guys informed me? ? " Manik was still in shock.

"Areee what are you talking about. ? She went office.  Office gayi gai wohh.  With dad. " this time Niyonika shouted .

"office? ?? But why?" He could not resit it.

" as because she is a responsible mature and independent girl. Unlike others late riser fools. " Niyonika sternly replied and left with her papers.

"This girl na... she will never change. " Manik sighed and jumped on the swimming pool.



The board meeting was on. Nandini's business skills and smartness impressed all the other members.  When they were appreciating her Maan's eyes were full of pride.

After the meeting Maan was in his cabin when Mr.Saxena entered.  After sharing formal greetings Mr. Saxena  said "Mr. Malhotra .. That girl Is your late friend Raman's daughter ??"

Maan nod hearing tht "late " word.

Mr.  Saxena - " if you don't mind then I have a proposal for her. "

Maan's eyes became narrow .    "What kind of  ? ?"

Mr. Saxena- "Actually I have a proposal  of marriage of my son Harshad with Nandini. "

Maan was hell shocked.
After composing himself he replied " it's very nice of you but she is not ready for getting married now.  So.. it is not possible  possible.

Mr. Saxena- "Malhotra.. I am not saying that she will loose her freedom after marriage.  She can do what she will want to. It's just that we were searching for a perfect bride for my son and seeing her I find her perfect. "

Maan sighed.  He was not getting any word. It was so unexpected.  He should discuss with Niyonika about it first.  And over all it was hell impossible.

" umm.. thanks Saxena.  But I think I should discuss with my family first.  Then only I can give you any reply.  Please try to make it. "

Mr. Saxena- "Okk it's great.  Then I will wait for your call." Saying he left his cabin leaving behind a tensed confused Maan.

Nandini was busy with some quotations when her cell buzzed. It was Mukti.

Mukti "Hey beautiful.  What's going on?  "

Nandini "hey hi mukti. Nothing just busy with work.  In office now. "

Mukti "shitt man. . You just returned and back to work . My goodness Nandss u remain the same workaholic. Okk leave it all.  Listen we are planning to hang out so you have to join  "

Nandini " Mukti yaar I am extremely sorry as I have already promised mom to accompany her for shopping. "

Mukti " aree shopping baad me chali jana.  But today you are joining us for sure.  Let me call Manik to handle aunty. "

Nandini was about to deny her but she was stopped as she heard a bang on the cabin door.

"Maanik. . " she surprised.

"Ohh Manik is there with you ? Okk pass the phone to him.  Let me talk to him. " Mukti who was still on line heard Manik's entry .

"Manik what are
Before Nandini Could say

"Maanik what are you doing here?  " Nandini asked.

"Nandini. . Manik" Mukti exclaimed over phone.

"ohhh Mukti ..." Nandini was lost in Manik.

"Mukti I will call you later.  And listen the party is on. 5 pm my farmhouse." Manik snatched the phone from her and disconnected the call.

"What is this??" Nandini retorted  snatching her ph from his hold.

"You tell me. Why didn't you inform me about your joining office ? " Manik asked her.

"Maanik so what's the big deal? I don't like seating idle that's why I joined office " she replied casually.

"But you should have told me before naa. .. I specially arranged this hang out for you idiot. "  Manik said holding her soft shoulder with his both strong hands.

" really. .??? So sweet of you  but sorry I can't as I have promised mom about something. "  she was pleased with him.

"Shopping naa I know.  But don't worry I had already sorted that out.  So chill.  " Manik proudly stated as he hit the right chord.

"Smart haan... "   Nandini smiled on him as his proud left eyebrow raised a little as self appreciation.

"I know I am.  But now let's go.  It's already 3:30. " he said stuffing her belongings like phone I pad  into her bag.

"But Manik I have some pending work. I can't go now. " she replied and started arranging the opened files.

"Ohh shut up.  " saying he pressed one button of the interconnected cordless.  " Dad we the fab 5 are going to  our farmhouse. I am taking Nandini with me.  And before you start let me clear that I will take care of your angel.  U can trust me on  that. " 
And Made his grip tight on her arm .

"But Maanik. ...Suddenly??? wasevi I need to change my cloths... "
Nandini tried to free herself from his hold. 

"All done. Everything is set  So any more excuses. ? " saying he  grabbed her hand bag  from the desk and stared her " No right. ? Then let's go. " he literally dragged her with him wrapping his hand over her shoulder.

The other employees saw that tall  handsome famous Rock star Cum rare seen  CEO of Malhotra heights literally lifted this delicate doll type petite woman , the new executive marketing head  left the office. 

Maan saw them leaving. And a smile of satisfaction crept on his face. 


ignore typos and mistakes...  do commenting suggesting... stay tuneSmile

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res...main yeh bhi unres nahin karungi..

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