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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 139)

shwetparth143 Groupbie

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Pls yaar ab to post kar do...ek to vaise hi KY2 end ho raha hai ya nahi ye tension hai aur upar se tum hamare patience test kar rahi ho...pls pls pls update fast yaar,,,,,

kishubedi IF-Dazzler

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Omg omg m so in love with your story I read everything all the chapter until chapter 25 in one go!!! U re doing a great great job keep it up!! You are just an amazing writer. Simply in love with this story. Can't get enough of it! '
But I do have one question lol why did Nandini say it's complicated when mania asked her bout her relationship status when she returned from us?
himateja249 Senior Member

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Nice updateSmile

Continue soon
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Time can heal anything.  Time can sooth any wound.  Time can swipe away all disasters. Time actually teach the people to survive and live their life accepting good and fighting with odds. 

Same was happening with Manik and Nandini .  Their sudden marriage devastated two souls, destroyed two friends,  shattered relationships. But challenging all odds yet they were living with little compromising and natural valid reasons. 

But as they said time was  the medication of all toxins.  That lost happiness was started blooming in their lives slowly.  Unknowingly those hazards of abrupt impulse alliance started fading away from their fragile hearts.  They started talking.  They started smiling. The distance between them started decrease.   They started being with each other like those happy previous days.  Though they were still stuck on the abrupt fiasco but yet their hearts were healing  without their good knowledge.  

Usually After that wedding fiasco the life of Malhotra mansion had changed.  It forgot to smile. It forgot to take happy breath.  The mornings started with Nandini's another attempts to show fake 'I-am-strong' sporting smile to Manik's guilty soul to face another try of her  and Maan Niyonika's earnest request to the almighty for their happy future.

But as time passes it became kind of soothing. With passing  days they were again started taking little bit relaxation breaths. 

Already two long months had flew away. But it  seemed like a decade for Manik and Nandini. Though they were yet still sleeping in their respective rooms. But  by the grace of God the wall between that two king and queen rooms started loosing it's strength to keep them apart.  The breadth of the wall started compressing with their decreasing differences.  Even their lifestyles were  changing bit by bit without knocking their hearts. They were still on the that trying mode. And  the almighty was moving his  magic wand  with a smirk signalling " aage aage dekho hota hai kya ".


Morning at Malhotra Mansion after two months 10 days of the wedding. 

" hey mom papa good morning. " Nandini greeted them with her forced yet not so fake smile.

" morning dear.  " they welcomed her with their warmth.

" papa I am leaving first as I have a meeting with Mr. Raizada about that new project.  So you carry on . Am leaving. " Nandini said while taking her breakfast.

That father- daughter duo then started discussing over the project  when Niyonika soft  yet sternly shouted at them  

"it's not your Malhotra Heights but my Malhotra mansion.  So you two better behave and stop discussing official matters at least at the breakfast table.  " 

Both of them chuckled with her order.  Even Niyonika was a business woman handling all her society events and NGO works but yet 'office in home' something she just didn't like.  That was one of the reason of Manik and Nandini's good upbringing by them. 

" okay mom" they both mimicked her in unison like usually do.

After breakfast Nandini was about to step out the house when she slammed with a half sleepy  bewitching creature who was going to the bunch table rubbing his eyes like a man child.

They collided and again that unknown shiver ran down through their spines  which was actually giving them tough time from last few days and they tried to figure out about that feelings. 

Their eyes met and talked their own silent talks.

" Morning " they wished each other like two strangers started knowing each other forgetting their past 12years deepest bond. 

"  Itni jaldi office?  " Manik asked her.

" haan woh actually I have a meeting with Mr Raizada at the coffee shop so thats why leaving fast.  " she replied.

" Coffee Shop?  " he frowned.

" haan woh actually he is going out of town  today noon so he requested to meet and discuss the deal at that coffee shop only for time consuming you know.  " she replied casually.

Unknowingly a tint stroke him.  His half sleepy eyes were then full awake with tension frowns on his forehead.

" kya hua?  " Nandini waved a click to bring him back.

" which coffee shop?  " he asked pretending 'not so interested but yet  doing formality' attitude hiding his abrupt feelings.  He himself didn't know why he became so desperate.

"  Hard Rock Cafe " she replied and waved him bye.

He stared at the door till she disappeared.


" ohhoohhh look who's here... so early morning haan !!! "  Maan teased Manik as he came to them .

He didn't reply he had still that frown on his forehead. They found it weird and asked  "  is there all okay?  "

" Hmm ??? " He  realised and replied " yaap.  Fine.  "

" Wase dad yeh kounsi meeting hai which is not in office but a cafe?  " he asked after gathering tons of courage not to look like desperate .

" Ermm well in that case actually the Raizada's are our very old business partners.  And now he's son Mr.  Aarav  Raizada is taking care of the company and he is leaving Canada for last 5 years and just now joined his dad here  And he has to leave for UK today so in a hurry they arranged for the meeting. It's a good deal. And yeh sab  most obviously the rare seen CEO of Malhotra Heights ko pata nehi hoga.  It's okay.  " Manik digested Maan's tease and Niyonika's giggle showing fake anger.

" Whatever " saying he left the hall leaving his parents laughing.


" hello Ms. Moorthy " Arav Raizada forwarded his hand.

" hello " Nandini shook hand with him in a formal manner then started their meeting.

After an hour good discussion over the deal finally they satisfied and sealed the deal. Their managers were also there with all the papers ready. 

While signing up the deal Nandini signed  ' Nandini Malhotra ' and that made Aarav little confused as per his information Nandini was Moorthy not Malhotra then how and where that ' Malhotra' came from?

After signing Nandini bade him good bye and left. 

After her departure Aarav asked her Manager about her. Then he informed him that he himself was clueless as he knew very less about their personal lives as Malhotra's didn't like to public their family personal affairs.  
Aarav listened him with some stress lines on his forehead as he started falling for her smart and sweetness on their very first meet. 


As soon as Nandini came out of the cafe and hopped in her car , a person sighed a deep relaxation breath seating on his luxurious car impatiently.  He saw her car flew away in a blink and he blinked his eyes to give them little rest as they were doing their jobs from last One long hours without blinking for a second. 

Yes!! It was unbelievable but true was Manik was actually waiting and keeping an eye on them restlessly without their notice. And he was feeling really irritated when they were shaking hands or laughing. 

He was about to ignited his car when his phone rang for the fifth times.  He unwillingly answered the call.

" Manik.  Where are you?  Kahan hai tu?  Yaar kabse call kie ja rahe hai but you're not answering only?  Kar kya raha tha tu? "  Mukti retorted from the other side.

" ohh I was ... "  He left the sentence incomplete as he himself wasn't much sure. He then asked himself what he was doing ?
Then his heart promptly answered " I was keeping an protective eye on my Wi...  "  he stopped . His mind then slightly slapped his heart and completed his left over saying " I Was keeping an protective eye on my best friend.  Haan"  he restlessly mobs his head like they were dancing.

But there was someone who again laughed seeing him baffled and his antique  confused head dancing.  That was none other than the creator of our lives -the almighty God.

" Manik Kahan kho gaya?  Why aren't you replied idiot?  Vul gaya kya we have an important meeting with ' Platinum musics' . We all are waiting here only come fast.  They were already have inquired about you. Come ASAP.  " Mukti said in one go abs Manik got hack his brain

" Ohh shit !! How could I forget about this ? " he cursed himself and drove to the place as fast as he could as that offer was the biggest offer for that year for Fab 5.  

Night Malhotra Mansion

The trio had their dinner slowly with random discussions.  And retired to their rooms. 

Nandini was seating on her bed  doing some work on her laptop when she received a call from an unknown number.

" hello. " she answered with her sweet voice which could kill anyone with her sweetness.

" hey it's Me.  Remember . Aarav Raizada " the person introduced himself.

Nandini - " hii Mr Raizada. You called so late any thing serious?  "

Aarav - " late night?  It's just the afternoon . Oh I forgot it's UK and that's India.  Sorry sorry.  "

Nandini  - " it's okay Mr.  Raizada.  "

Aarav - " hey sorry but I would like if you have called me Aarav rather than Mr. Raizada.  It's seem so old fashioned.  "

Nandini smiled and replied " sure Mr.  Raizada but you are our client so giving respect is mandatory.  "

" ohho... so logical reply !!  impressive. But friends can call each other by their names. Right?  "  Aarav sheepishly said. 

Though his words were sounding like flirting but Nandini knew how to deal with it  . She replied " indeed they can. But not business partners as friendship and business mate ship is deadly combination.  "

Aarav was too much impressed with her as for the first time someone was giving him tough competition in verbal game.

" well said. Ms. Moorthy. I liked your confidence.  But keeping aside our works , we  can be friends right?  Give a thought. " Aarav tried to impress her one more  time. 

On that time  Nandini heard  a knock on her door.  She welcomed that knock and replied to Aarav " Mr.  Raizada.  I don't like to mix my work with personal affairs.  So about that friendship I will think about it.  Now have a good night.  Take care  . It's nice to talk with you.  "

She hanged up the call and turned around to find Manik was standing behind her. 

" hey " she greeted him.

" kisse baat kar rahi thi?  " he asked .

Nandini became little surprised but swiping her thoughts away  replied " ohh.  Aarav Raizada. Our client. "

" ohho... late night communication !!! " he murmured.

" sorry? ? Kuch kaha tumne?  " Nandini asked him.

" nope.  Woh... errmmm...  " he was finding words as he didn't want to show her his  desperate query about him.

" Woh actually... Nandu...ahhh I mean Nand..dini , fab 5 has signed a contract with platinum musics "  

" ohh wow... its a great news Manik. " Nandini exclaimed in happiness which contented his heart.

" yaa and they wanna shoot that first song in Macau.  So I was asking ...I mean I was thinking k if you don't mind toh.. you know.. you also can join us.  I mean if you want to tabhi.  " he finally spoke  what he was wanting to say fighting with his heart and mind. 

Nandini was startled.  She didn't understood what was happening.  She was having mixed feelings.  It was like one part of her mind was giving him questioning look whereas the other hidden part wanted to exclaim in unknown happiness.  She couldn't figure out herself.  She was so lost in his words k she ignored  Manik's  further words.

Manik fought a long for saying her those words.  He himself didn't know why suddenly he wanted her to accompany him badly.  It was so new.  The feelings were new. When they said about the shoot in Macau first thing came to his mind was She.

--- flashbacks---

" guys we know that you're the best.  And so the management wanted to work with fab 5 for our next release.   As it's  for our silver jubilee so company wishes to shoot you in Macau.  Your lively rocking songs will definitely compliment Macau's colorful  lovable like.  So the deal in on? " the manager said.

Fab5 smiled their victory smile and signed the album.

" So , congratulations guys.  Tomorrow  is the party for that album launch and then you have to flew to Macau that next week for 10 days. So I wish you all to come and rock the party. "

As soon as Manik heard about Macau, Nandini's face flashed in front of him and his mind unknowingly started poking his heart.  He didn't know why but he then and their decided to ask Nandini to accompany his trip.

---- flashback end----

" So what do you think?  Are you coming ? "  he asked with hope.

Nandini didn't know what to answer.

" Nandu... "  Manik called her name softly and said seeing her stressed pale face " if you don't want then it's okay.  I won't force you . But kal k party me v kya you won't come?  "

He asked. His hopeful eyes were coming moist . He didn't figure out what was happening with his heart but her silence was killing him inside.

Nandini looked at him.  His eyes were having hope. His hope was giving her strength and shelter to her those unknown hidden feelings which now a days started haunting her mind.  She sighed.  Though her mind had a fight with his impulsiveness but her heart still had that soft corner for his heart. 

" okay.  I will come with you tomorrow.  " she replied with a soft smile. And Manik's happiness was in no bound then.

He just moved forward and without thinking twice hugged her tightly and lifted her petite frame little up. 

She was taken aback as after a very long period he came so close to her. But her heart started filled with unknown happiness and shr  gave in happily and hugged him back.

Twirling her  while hugging he exclaimed " thank you thank you... thank you very much  Nandu.  "  and wrapped her more tightly. 

They both were feeling so relaxed in each other's arms.  It was that most indeed hug that they both needed from that fiasco till date.  And finally they were in each others embrace.  Fully protected and contented.

Seeing them the cute yet naughty Almighty smirked and winked thinking about his already decided future of that two lost yet just then found souls..


Thanks for the immense support guys. Its a complicated story so read at your own risk.
My internals are just a day  away. so its " ratta maar" tym.. so next update after 29th. 
If you want then I will continue coz as per d heartbreaking news 27th is last kyy.
so do me inform your wishes.. 

Ignore errors. keep liking . commenting. Stay tuned Smile

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aliyaangel Senior Member

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res :D

thank u f d update di..
awesome job...loved it..
they are slowly progressing in life..
but then everythng cant b back to square in a jiffy na.. .
ahh they r having some feeling fr eachothr bt unknwn.. loving it...
n Mr. raizada is intersted in maniks nandu..
n manik acting like a typical protective hubby..hahah following n all haan.. it cute...
he wants her to accompany him to Macau..n the party as well.. loved the hug.. he becme soo happy...
love how ur showing their relationship moving ahead slowly n gradually... with them accptng each othr somewhre in their hearts... its realistic...
update the next part soon
eager to knw that will she accompany him to Macau or not... :)

Edited by aliyaangel - 22 August 2015 at 3:03am
jesse93 IF-Dazzler

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Lovely update dear,
continue soon.
anchita.m Newbie

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Posted: 25 August 2015 at 1:23pm | IP Logged
cananyone pls send da link of part 24 n 25Confused
musicialtie Goldie

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Posted: 25 August 2015 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anchita.m

cananyone pls send da link of part 24 n 25Confused

dear the next parts are in second thread.   search for #2 *it's complicated* plz.

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