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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 131)

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As I was reading I was saying "Go Nandini!! Girl you rock!!! Give them a part of your brain!!" Awesome update!! I loved it!!

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plzzz update fast...waiting for sooo longgg...

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Originally posted by Addrita.Jesin

my true savior Smile
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waiting for next part pls

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plz post the nxt chapter
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will update soon dears. just keep patience.
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' Kab kya ho kisko pata !!! ' it's a perfect hindi phrase to describe the unpredictable life.  Life is such a great thing with lots of unexpected twists.  It is a dangerous roller coaster ride.  In our life we are thinking and hoping for something and what we got made us surprised.  In our life what we wanted we wouldn't get it and what we got we would never wanted it.  It's life... Such a shameless innovation of the universe. 

The cruel life was too playing with the Malhtora family  with lots of uncatchable strokes.

Nandini Moorthy !!!!

ohhh sorry then it was Nandini Malhotra... Nandini Manik Malhotra. 
She had never thought of it and suddenly without having a mere second to think She became Moorthy to Malhotra rather than Saxena which she was supposed to be.  But wouldn't as the destiny had some amazing hidden plans for her?  And unexpectedly she became the Daughter to daughter in law of Malhotra's. 

Maan and Niyonika Malhotra!!!

The proud parents of Manik  and Nandini too . They had only one dream of fulfilling their late friend's last wish. But fate shade a cruel smile on them and their all wishes went in gutter.  
But it was life where you could have never bet for any constant thing. So life again played and court the ball by fulfilling their wish of making Nandini as their daughter in law.  
And the most funniest thing was then they didn't want It . obviously not like that. Manik's sudden act made them stunned.  Made them left baffled. They were confused as they need to be tensed for Their son's impulsive act or be happy that after all the turmoil states Nandini was at last finally them only their.  

Then coming to Fab 4!!!  They were equally shocked. It was the most unexpected thing happened in their lives.  

Dhruv  and Mukti were confused where Cabir was in mixed feelings.  He was not happy with Manik's act but some where deep in his heart he was little happy as Manik had saved Nandini to be humiliated more.  But he was not satisfied with the impulsive move of Manik.  

Then next came  Aliya.. what to say about her condition.  Before some good hour ago she was actually the happiest with that alliance as it was the clean way for her to enter the Malhotra Mansion.  But when she was in her day dream of being future Malhotra Queen destiny that time was busy in writing the future of her with an evil smirk .  
And there it was the ultimate results.  And  The Malhotra queen was none other than the ever and always was  Nandini.
So Aliya's mental situation was not the rocket science to guess.  

Some of them were shattered , some of them were shocked , some were confused ,  some were upset but she was fuming in anger... fuming with dejection ...fuming with her scattered dream to be with Manik. 

And then the next was the soul reason of everyone's turmoil mental state. 

The Manik Malhotra !!! 

Whose one impulsive step had changed all the equations. His one abrupt decision made all them froze in their places.
His one prompt act devastated someone's life.  His one immature move moved his life full 360 degrees.  
His one sudden act broke that person whom he had loved the most.  His best buddy .. his star ... his shining armor .. his lucky charm Nandini.  And unfortunately now his better half.  

And the most cruelty of fate was when his parents were forcing him to marry her,  he rejected as he was afraid of loosing her due to might be his immature acts after marriage.  As wedding was the big decision for the impulsive human like him.  And he couldn't afford to hurt her .  And as usual when he was showering himself with these silliest void reasons that time the ever brilliant and naughty destiny had written his fate too with the most mischievous smirk. 

He didn't expect her to slap him but when he had gone through her mind words , her  pains were delivered the brain to him and he understood what blunder he had done with her. with himself . But the all he did for her. To save her from those creeps.  That time he Could only think of Nandini's vulnerability and dark colorless face and it was piercing his soul . So without thinking twice and the further consequences he  just did what his heart said him to do. And he apply the kumkum powder on her.
 And made her his life partner  forever as Nandini Malhotra without thinking about the childhood partner of his life Nandini Moorthy. 



 " mahurat ka samai bita ja raha hai please call the couple to fulfill the rituals.   " the pundit asked them . They all came back from their trances . It was like some one had pause them there and the pundit pushed the play button.

" hmm ??? " Niyonika turned and confusingly asked .

" it's needed to perform the rounds of wedding around the fire. Only sindur doesn't complete the wedding rituals. As Manik had applied it.  So please call the bride and groom before the scheduled mahurat.  " the pandit replied and they all turned around Manik.

Niyonika sighed a deep breath as the pandit was right in his place. Though it was unfortunate but it was a wedding.  So it needed to be fulfilled by custom.  
She eyed Maan to handle Manik where she herself left to get Nandini. 


Nandini 's room

" Aiyaappaaa.. what's this " Nandini silently asked to her almighty god . She was seating at  one the corner of her room and blankly staring at the sindur filled palm of her. 

She was still in shock.  Firstly Harshad's family and the pandit's curse then Manik then her marriage.  She was feeling dizzy with lots of unsolvable problems. 

" Nandu... " Niyonika  had slightly  taken her name pushing the room door.  She was searching for her but due to darkness she couldn't find her. Then her eyes fell on the corner and there are was seating crawling her legs and gazing her right palm  expressionless.

Her heart ached witnessing her baby like this broken.  Tears rolled down from her cheek.  But she knew it was not the time to be weak but strong to support her family in that crucial time. 

So  taking a deep breath she moved towards her .


Hall,  same time

Manik was crying and thinking of his deeds kneeling down on the floor loosing all his strength.  He was not hurt to marry her but hurt to see her hurt .

Maan came and placed the supportive hands on his shoulder with a soft push. 

" Dad " he suddenly hugged him tightly as a child hugged his parent's after seeing a scary nightmare.

" dad .. Yeh main ne kya kar dia. What have I done see?  I have ruined everything.  I have hurt her.  I am her culprit.   Main ne usse  kho dia humesa k liye.  I have lost her dad.  I have lost the most precious thing of  my life.  " Manik was crying his heart out badly hugging Maan.

The fab 4 and Navya were watching their Favorite star was crying like a child.  They themselves were feeling so helpless.

Maan was continuously rubbing his back to sooth his pain.

" Calm Down son.  Get a grip on yourself.  Every thing will be alright.  " Maan patted his back. 

" but how dad ? How ?  Kaise thik hoga?  I have messed up every thing.  " a sobbing guilty Manik stated.

" beta everything in this world happen for some reasons. It all bear some solid sort of reasons for every single incident.  I am sure that the universe has something good for both of you.  So calm down and hope for the best.  " Maan replied.

" but dad... " Manik was still not convinced with his dad as Nandini's shattered words were haunting him badly. 

" I know tumne jo v kia it was for Nandini's well being.  But the way , the tarika was wrong son.  Yaah she is hurt.  And it's quite natural. But she is more mature than her age.  So give her and yourself some Time.   "  Maan assured him. 

The pandit then asked for some things to Maan. So To give Manik some time he asked Fab 4 to take him to get freshen up.


Guest room

As soon as they entered into a room Aliya jumped on him like a fuming volcano. 
" What the hell is this Manik ? how dare you Manik?  How dare you to marry her ? Tumne shadi kyun kia usse?  "

" Aliya please calm down . Yeh tum kya kah rahi Ho? Its not the correct time to discuss all this " Dhruv tried to stop her but she was in no mood to stop.

So she again started " how could you baby?   Tumne itna bara faisla Kaise kia?  "

" Aliya chup ho jao yaar.  Why are you blaming him?  He is not at fault . You saw na everything.  Sab kuch tumhare samne hi hua.  So  Why are you behaving like mad ? Issne jo v kia Nandu k liye kia.  " Cabir defended Manik.

" yes that's my point. Kya jarurat thi usske liye Yeh Sab karne ki?  Let her be rotten like that na?  "  Aliya unknowingly spoke what she shouldn't and the results she received then and there.

" Aliyaaa " Manik shouted at his  peak on her. And fab 3 stared at her in disbelief.

" Don't you dare to talk about her like this.  "  Manik said  pointing index finger towards her. 

Fab 4 jumped in the situation and Cabir  asked Mukti to take Aliya from there.

" Calm down buddy.  " Dhruv took  the initiative to cool his anger down. 

Manik then hugged him and asked " yaar why you all are blaming me ? I know I have done something very immature.  But I did it for her.  "  he cried and said  .

Cabir patted his back and Manik broke the hug and continued " Guys trust me I didn't mean to hurt her. That time the situation was so messy k mujhe kuch samajhme nehi aa raha tha without her tears.  So mujhe jo v sahi laga that time I did.  And see what have I done. ? I have lost her.  "  

Manik cried hugging both of them and Cabir and Dhruv were assuring him for the best. 


Nandini room , same  time

 " Nandu " Niyonika placed her hands on her shoulder seating beside her.  But she didn't react.

" Nandu niche chalo beta . Pandit ji is calling for completing the rituals.  " she softly said stroking her hairs. But she was still numb.

Niyonika understood her state and  waited for her giving her time. 

After a good few minutes silence Nandini finally spoke.

" Mom.  What's this ? "  she asked blankly  waving her sindur filled palm in front of her .

Niyonika took a deep breath and took her hand on her and replied " it's kunkum beta.  It is the most important and beautiful ornament of a girl.  It's the pride of a woman . It's the most delicate yet strong gift of God. It is the honor and precious gemstone for us the women's.  "

she kissed her palm and said further   " And you are one of the luckiest girl who own this pride.  " 

"  I  am !!! Huhh!!! Seriously ?  Am  I ? " Nandini asked . Her  voice was full of sarcasm whilst heartbroken. 

Niyonika's heart sank witnessing her daughter  so that type of broken.  But she composed herself as a mother could gulp down her pain to support her children's.

She then replied holding her shoulder turning her around to face her  "  Yes you are.  "

She paused and Nandini stared at her in disbelief.  Then again Niyonika continued reading her mind 

"  Yes you are.  Indeed you are. I know jo hua jaise hua woh hona nehi chahiye tha . It was wrong. Woh bohot galat hua. But my love eventually we cannot denied the fact that you two are married now.  And chaha ke v we can't  change it. Life is all about uncertainty.  Hume pata v nehi chalta but humare surroundings suddenly change ho jate hai . And we have to accept that as it all is already written by the almighty God.  And my love insaan galat hote hai but the creator who created them woh galat nehi ho sakte. God must have something hidden  good plans for you.  Yes,  jo hota hai achche k liye hota hai.  So don't doubt on his decision but wait and watch his games patiently.  So move on and make yourself move with the flow as jo hota hai achche k liye hota hai. Have faith and patience.  "  

she replied as like a mother who was always ready to protect and show her child the right path. 

Nandini listened her words silently . Though her heart wanted to believe her words but mind just doing all disagreements.  But that time she also had nothing to do but move with the flow because for her , her family was everything. 



Soon she was brought to the downstairs.  Niyonika made her seat at the mandap with the help of Navya . 
Manik was already seated there. He had no guts to face her . Though he wanted to talk with her.  But couldn't . 

The pandit started with the wedding mantra's.  Though The bride and groom were then asked to perform the rituals but sensing their vulnerable state Cabir and Navya were helping them out to complete the custom.  Soon the all pheras were done with their very lazy steps.  And the pandit asked Manik to make her wear the nuptial chain ...The mangal sutra.  
Though they were  performing all the rituals obeying the pundit instructions but both were in dilemma of their coming lives.  The two well known best friend's were actually behaving like two unknown strangers over  there.

" tie the mangal sutra beta.  They said it has all the strength of protecting your husband from evil eyes.  "  the pandit asked Manik to tie it around her given him the nuptial chain.

It was the first time Manik looked at Nandini while tieing the mangal sutra around her neck.  Her eyes were opened but she wasn't looking at him but little down the mangal sutra.  Manik's heart slapped him million times to see her so hurt.  Finally he tied and about to move aside but that time suddenly a  tear drop  of her fell down on his palm and he fist his palm just to lock that pearl tear drop inside him with a silent  "Sorry ".

" Aub sahi maine me vivah sampanya hua.  Now the wedding is finally done.  From now on you are husband and wife  with a promise to protect  yourselves in sickness and in health.  Now please stand and take the blessings from your elder. "

They had least strength to stand so again Navya Dhrub and Cabir came forward to help them out to stand . They stood lifeless and turned  towards Maan and Niyonika. They welcomed their in a hug with a pale smile.  

Manik came forward to hug Niyonika when Nandini just walked away from there with heavy lifeless aimless steps .

They all  watched her entering into her room and shut the door.


I don't know  what I have written  in a hurry.. I myself  is so confused. so please pardon if it will turn out a crap. Read at your own risk. 

And Guys  I won't be able to update without weekends as I hardly get time to write. so please bear with this.

and Keep liking..supporting..commenting. Stay tuned.Smile

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