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MaNan FF *IT'S COMPLICATED* { UPDATED PART 23}pg139 7/8 (Page 110)

musicalstars Senior Member

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Posted: 25 July 2015 at 2:58am | IP Logged
reading the whole part was waiting for manik to say stop...after reading every sentence was thinking abhi bhi nhi roka...n was getting more n more sad...but then as i saw STOP at the end i was on cloud 9...thinking finally...somebody stopped the marriage...
n after reading the promo i was so happy to know that it was manik...now just hope that finally he proposes her n they get married with no more complications...please i know the ff's name is ITS COMPLICATED but that doesn't mean that u have to make it so complicated...please now make this wedding happen without further complications...n just do something of aliya...tired of her...
update soon waiting for ur update...n plz pm me...u said one week but its more than that...so plz update...

Lizbeth Goldie

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Posted: 25 July 2015 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Pls pls pls post the next part soon.. Eagerly waitin for it U r an amazing writer.. Love u Smile

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musicialtie Goldie

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" Stop " 

One abrupt voice stopped them to take the third round. All turned around towards the sound and shockingly found Manik rushing close to them.

" Manik " Nandini whispered his name not getting the situation. 

Manik was walking Actually running ahead toward the gazebo .

" Manik what's wrong ? Kya baat hai bolo ? " Maan asked him but he didn't stop but rushed. 
And the next thing made everyone surprised.

He  rushed to the samiyana and kneel down in front of Nandini. 

" Manik !!! "  she didn't understand what was he up to.  " Utho.  Get up. Kya pagalpan hai Yeh " she asked him to stand up as everyone was watching them.  And apart from this she saw Harshad was clenching his fist in anger. She tried to push him but he held her leg.

" what ?? " she surprisingly asked.

" stand still " Manik said.

" dude Manik get lost.  How dare you touch my wife. ? "    an angry Harshad barked.

To stop the situation for becoming more worse Maan Niyonika along with fab 4 ran to the samiyana and started asking Manik to get down of the mandap and let the phera get completed.

But a desparate Manik neither replied nor moved but kept himself busy with her lahenga .
Manik tore little bit corner of her lahenga.  And all looked at him in confusion. 

" what's wrong with you ? " Nandini softly retorted and Harshad grabbed his collar as soon he stood up. 

" how dare you ? " harshad  shouted.  Cabir and Dhrub jumped on to rescue Manik.

" thank you beta "  the pundit said and all turned towards him with questioning eyes.

" thank you for saving the bride . Actually unke lahenga me thori chingari lag gayi thi. But aapne aag lagne se bacha liya unhe.   You  have rescued  her from that big accident. Wish you to have all happiness.  "

The pandit blessed Manik and all understood their faults and looked at him with proud eyes.  

" but Yeh hua kab ? " Maan asked. And started checking on Nandini if she was fine or not.  Cabir , Niyonika patted Manik's shoulder.

But Harshad couldn't  digest it and to hurt Manik he said " wow Manik !!  Tumhe itne dur se dikhayi De dia?  That means kitne deeply you were watching her . Right Bro ? "

Manik understood the pin in his tone and replied with his famous tone " Right Harshad. but don't you think you should be the one who need to be careful about her ? But don't worry... till I am here no need to worry about her.  I am enough for her . So you chill. " he smirked and left the mandap leaving Harshad full cornered. 

Soon all vacate the mandap leaving Harshad and Nandini to perform the next pheras.  But on their dismay again they were stopped completing the third round.

But this was not Manik but some one else. 

" stop this wedding.  " a man wearing black long dhoti kurta with big rudraksh chain around his neck retorted. His voice was like a storm.  It was so scary that happiness left his vocals from ages.  

" now what ? " Cabir and Mukti murmured  and turned around.

"Yes vivah katai nehi ho sakti "  the priest came ahead and repeated with full anger  making all of them confused baffled.

" per guruji !!! "  Saxena came forward and asked in confusion after taking his bless.  

" sorry but who are you ? " Niyonika asked curtly.

" Mrs Malhotra ... He is our kul-guru.  "  Harshad mom replied. Even her face was pale and dark.

" but what's the matter ? Shaadi kyun nehi ho sakti?  " Maan and Niyonika asked in unison

" As that girl is mangalik.  " the arrogant priest said.

" what mangalik ? " they all were confused.

" jiske v sath ish kanya ki vivah hogi , woh ek mahine k andar parlok chala jayega.  With Whom this girl will marry that guy will die within one month. " that pandit smugly replied. 

Nandini along with all stunned with his statement.  She didn't understand what was going on with her life. She was blank with thoughts.

" Saxena what rubbish he is talking about ? " Maan asked in irritation to harshad dad who himself was in shock.

" I am sorry Mr. Malhotra but guruji's words are last words for us.  We can't deny him.  And apart from that Nandini is mangalik. and who want their only son to die because of a girl ? "  Harshad mom replied. And Harshad dad nodded.

" what nonsense! ! I can't believe that in this 21st century you all are believing in that craps ? Seriously ? It's all bullshit. "  Niyonika angrily stated.

" it's not crap . It's a fact.  This girl is not suitable for harshad. Even for any guy.  Her stars are in very bad position. "  that  priest arrogantly said. 

" stop it.  Stop this nonsense "  Manik who was silent throughout the conversation shouted suddenly.

" hey you pandit... "  Manik came and grabbed that priest collar and said " Who the bloody hell are you to decide about anyone's life? Who are you?  You bloody moron " he raised a punch to hit him but some one stopped him. 

He turned and found Harshad was stopping him and shouted  "  how dare you touch guru ji ? "

" your that bloody guruji is saying ill about Nandini.  And you're asking me my dare ? "  Manik said freeing himself from Harshad . Then turning back to pundit he threaten him " One more word against her and I will kill you. You get that?  "

" Maanik " the Saxena 's retorted when he pushed that priest and he fell on the couch.
Cabir , Mukti, Dhruv then and there came forward to calm Manik  down.

" it's enough now .I can't take this any more.  Harshad beta, you start performing the wedding rituals . Go hurry up "  Niyonika asked Harshad . But he didn't move an inch towards the mandap.  That made Malhotra 's more angry .

" Harshad go " Maan slightly retorted .

" He won't . " the Priest said .  And both the Saxena stood with his words.

" what the hell. ??  "  Niyonika said in frustration.  

" I can't believe that it were you who were so desperate to get Nandini as daughter in law. And now you all are backing off just with this silly bullshit craps ?  In this age no one believe in these issues.  But you all are disgusting.
For all the sick peoples like you the daughter are considering as a burden to their family.  You shit heads don't know the value of a girl and to respect.  "  she stopped.   

Then she walked to Nandini who was still standing in the mandap and blankly witnessing the horrible scenario of her life.  

"And one more thing " Niyonika continued  " our  daughter is not a burden for us  and I am so thankful to God that he didn't let that marriage happen.   As because Harshad is not worthy of our Nandini.  So I myself called off the wedding.  "   She announced and Nandini looked at her .  

She blinked her eyes as an assurance and Maan also joined them and side hugged her as a support. Though  Nandini  was shattered but yet she grabbed little hope with their backing.   

"  You have to Mrs Niyonika as after today no one will gonna marry her.  You have to carry that burden from now.  First of all she is mangalik and secondly ,  no one agrees to marry a adhere common girl.  "

All were stunned by that over desperate Priest's words and accuses.  

Manik could not held his cool more  and punched the Priest hard.
" how dare you ? I told you that one more words against her and I will kill you.  But yet you .. !!! " he punched him again .   Harshad ,Cabir  jumped on to control the situation. 

The Priest stood up with Harshad support and said straightening himself  "  I just said the truth .  Jo Sach hai wohi kaha.  This girl is a bad sign. " 

"  Paaannndittt  " Manik  retorted and aimed to hit him again but was forced to stop by Cabir and Dhruv .  

Nandini was in shock.  She was shattered.  Actually shattered was not the appropriate word to describe her situation. Describe her mental conditions and her turmoil state  .   She was puzzled out.   Mangalik ,  bad sign ,  an adhere girl words were haunting her thoughts.  She was out of sense.  She didn't know actually what was going on with her. Till last day Harshad was adamant to marry  her and suddenly he backed of leaving her all alone at the edge of a cliff.  Apart from this Maan and Niyonika their pains their reputation everything were in stake now . And that she couldn't tolerate.  But what Could she do now ? She found herself as a living fossil. 

"  Mark my words young man.. no one will marry her. Her starts are wrong.  Very wrong.  "  the Praist again said with a smirk. 

"  No one will marry her na ? "  Manik forcefully freed himself from their hold and continued  "  Kya kaha tha tune that The guy will die within one month hain na ?  "  Manik was walking towards the mandap  continuing  "   No one will agree to marry a stand by girl ??? Right. ? "  

"  Then... let me prove you how wrong  you are  "    
Saying within no time filled Nandini 's forehead with red kumkum powder... The sindur... The main ornament of a married girl.  

Every one was stunned with his sudden act.  Even Malhotra 's were shocked.  

" So you moron "   he turned back towards the Priest and said " Look she is not an adhere  commoN girl any more.  She is now Mrs Manik Malhotra. My wife. "  he paused  and  said smirking  looking straight in to his eyes " Now tell me you bloody guru ji... when will I die ? " 

But before he could get any answer from that Priest or anyone  He got a Slap on His Face. 


phewww... !!!! at last !!!  I really don't know what CraP i ve written. so please read at your own risk. please don't throw rotten veggies as I know It was the crapest update.. but bear with it.

and sorry  if i hurt anyone emotions. no offence

keep commenting.. suggesting. liking.. Ignore Mistakes. Stay tunedSmile

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musicialtie Goldie

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Originally posted by Addrita.Jesin

Part 21

adiii myyy savior...Smile Embarrassed
Addrita.Jesin IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 July 2015 at 10:11am | IP Logged
yayee..dnt knw why i missed yesterday..i m coming back to read it in half an hourSmile

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Addrita.Jesin IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by musicialtie

Originally posted by Addrita.Jesin

Part 21

adiii myyy savior...Smile Embarrassed

Itna v pamper mat karoWink
Pm others with the link too.

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Clap aashi ur fab just take a bow ur a star Star Star
Everything was damn good Embarrassed
Bloody jerkAngry Angry Angry
N manikmanik Embarrassed
I knew tht slap was coming Cry Cry Cry
But kya update thithi Clap Clap
Thnx a lot for the update baby
Finally manan is going to happen Embarrassed

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