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When the heart comes alive... 4.5.2015 (Page 3)

micshy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by minnie2308

lovely post Ani! Awesome gifs as usual.

But I am wary of the CVs. I have a feeling the hits and misses will continue beyond Dharamsala.
I am worried about Shad pawing Sanam a little more. It is a very unseemly sight.
I am waiting for Sanam to flinch and feel repulsed by his touch suddenly. I might start watching then.
I was so looking fw to have a clean gentlemanly honest guy supporting a memory lost Sanam (the one who silently loves her).
But this guy disappointed me with his terrible lies, deception and excessive touching.
in this episode there was no touching, so I think I can watch.
I hope Sanam removes her burkha. Very few Indian muslims don a hijab... certainly no one in Dilshaad/Aahil's families. So please take it off...
I want Aahil to see herOuch desperately.

That hijaab was to protect her eyes from "Roshni" Shaad explained it in the previous episode, rather clarified that she doesnot normally wear hijaab LOL so the hijaab is for the purpose of hit n miss between Aahil.  N Sanam EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Minnie u can certainly watch , cz There was our Sanam back in Jannat today too, same calmness  Embarrassed

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micshy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 5:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrDarcyfan

Now waiting to see what next! BTW I started to watch Reporters! I know Simran watches it and Naj, but not sure who else does? Only saw two episodes and it is really good. After Melodramas, it's really good to see something logical! Logic Zindabaad!

Junoon welcome back! Wink

Mandy i watch Reporters too it is JUST AMAZING EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed i would suggest all of u to watch it , so fast paced Embarrassed

Sorry sagey fr going off the tangent Tongue

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micshy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sageflower7

Originally posted by micshy

Sage those awesome gifs LOLLOLLOL
Yeah i LOLed at the over confident claims by both the army personell n how she skimmed past them, No matter what but Gul's vamps are always the one who win everytime, wese yeah "some andar ka banda" helped her out n she escaped easily, Sad part is its always the ander the bnda that helps the terrorists n Intelligenge agencies just keep on claiming .Confused 

Sanam 2 was utterly crazy today , her excitement was barely contained, Her "Coolie Coolie" n how the guy pulled out the trolley n handed it off to her LOLLOL n how she got back to The manager LOLLOL

Three ladies in the room. Ok was done well, but my attention has been diverted till that time, i mean if there was no SaHil i would hv enjoyed that scene, but now all i want is to watch SaHil only Day Dreaming

Today's Junoon was just a glimpse, they felt each other, n their hearts are synchronized, we finally got now what we could not get before, m loving it, n im loving the surprose factor too, im so happy that they arent posting spoiler pics. These daily doses of surprises are much more enjoyable, 

Cant wait to have them some more hits n misses, EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

LOL Sanam2 acting all pricey. .. God knows what she packed in her luggage .. 

Asking random strangers where to shop in Paris... 

But what I liked most was the pleasant exchange between Aahil and Shaad. Brought a smile to my face, especially with the fractious feelings the actual situation  brings to the audience. 

Both actors speak so beautifully. For that few moments I was awestruck with the gorgeousness.

That bathroom scene was naiL biting! Innocent Jannat/Sanam stands beside both her enemies. And she doesn't know it.

Also I'm wondering why Shaad and Jannat are going to Dharamsala?  Aahil just wants to escape Sanam2 .

Wonder what's going to happen!?

Liked Aahil Shad convo only cz of the reference to Sanam, i dont like this guy so i dont know how would i watch next interactions, how i wish it would hv been carried out like i had wanted it, i would hv loved to watch a triangle then , the writers took the fun part away Confused

They are all going to Dharamshala "paapon ka praischit" k liye Big smileLOL whole QH team as a whole Tongue starting frm twin swap track TongueLOL

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AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by innocent.aman

ashaas is to  haunt sahil fans  gul knows to trap  back sahil fans Confused
nothing is gonna change so fast u think gul will   allow this   after kvb return  story  has  darstically changed  they ended  pak track LOL  but  gul is gonna  make  janant dumb   again  she will drag this  tarck  more hit and missis  and  shayer continues to advance on her  she will remain dumb Confused

gul killed sahil   foolish she was  she should have united sahil    anyways   now  let me see how gul will hook me again  for sahil  again  knowing survir chemistry  with good story  it will take only 2-3 good episodes  i know  but  problem is  will gul revive  sahil teh dead jodi  again fast the answer is no Sleepy

shayer  will interfare  sanam 2    and  billi 2  the terrorist   gul  should stop vapmfest for  atleast  1 month  and  show  sahil interaction let shayer go after  billi 2   

but  i dont want aaahil to run after janant  and she snubbs him its borigAngry  this time  junoon should be from sanam side  as qh 2 it was ahil  now   instead  aahil  jannat should be more attracted  towards ahil   a darctic change in her  for which  she hates herself for  loving nawab LOL and aahil keeps distance  becoz for  aher  horror   he thinks   she bad state of mind  and she has moved on 

i want  a good tight story  as qh 2  4 months for sahil  they can create magic again if gul wants  it to happen  keep shayer away  till jannat falls for aahil

Of course, they will create new obstacles in SaHil's way. As long as they are together, it is at least bearable !

There's still Sanam2's pregnancy to deal with, now that she's actually pregnant, Aahil will have a rough time trying to convince Sanam/Jannat that he hadn't moved on from her with Sanam2!! 

And with Saif hanging like a dark cloud around his Mohabbat, there's  still drama to be had.

1.  Imagine, if Sanam doesn't get her memory back, but finds out that Aahil is her real husband. And she moves back into IM, to find the reigning Begum Sahiba, bringing out her whole arsenal to be rid of her. *facepalm* 
   If the Begum decides to tell Sanam/Jannat that all Aahil feels about her is guilt and responsibility. And the real wife whom he wants is the second one ! 


2.  Sanam gets her memory back after Aahil leaves Dharamsala rejected. She goes to find Aahil has seemingly moved on with Sanam2, pregnant and all, what with wedding coming up. So she goes away... dandandaaannn...

3. Aahil finds Jannat, brings her back home, to try and help regain her memories. Sanam2 seemingly lost the battle, and position. Then she finds Shashi Kapoor... the long lost daughter of Tanveer. Uses her to create problems for Aahil, by instigating SK into revenge...
AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 9:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by JShukla

Sagey, I had a riot with your gifs.

Sanam 2 did not allow me to miss khala Khalu..mean woman.
what a contrast these 2 woman- Sanam and Sanam2 are...both from humble backgrounds, but Sanam (Sanam- not JannatSleepy)had so much poise even with ignorance.
After having  a wife like Sanam and to not have her with you while she lives elsewhere, while he lives with this weird creature Sanam2.. his life sucks,,, truly.
I just hope he gets happiness at the end of it all.. Gul Please...PLEASE..screams some more.
I feel so sad for himCry

Thanks Juhi... 

You know these writers... if they defeat Sanam2, there's always SK to be added to the fire. You know THAT explosion is coming.

But if SaHil are together, they can face anything !

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AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 9:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Junoon-e-SaHil

Saif's gif! LOLLOL
Amazing post girl! Loved the episode after so long in the whole!LOL

Witch was so hilarious man! Right from being hyper to her calling for Coolie and the window seats and her thinking that luggage won't be weighed! So cute! LOL

And ARI's rolling eyes and his expressions "puri duniya khareed lo, par mujhe baksh do" LOL

And ofcourse the presence they both felt! Heart Amazing! The wind blowing. the eyes searching, the heart beats, the Junoon! Everything! Surreal and magic all around! Day Dreaming
And Sanam's monologue about her heart beating for the first time! Embarrassed

Shaad Aahil meet LOL That was quite well done! Chemistry from the first scene itself TongueLOL

Ladies in the washroom was quite well done! Loved that part too!

Can't wait for their first eye to eye talk! Day Dreaming

Thanks Prags !
LOL Exactly !!

I loved that line !!

"Par mujhe baksh do !!"  ROFL

The way he said it, part horrified with her campy behaviour, and partly eager to just disappear into thin air from before her...LOL

A small part of me thought, "What !? You're gonna let her buy anything and everything she wants !!??" 

My kinda shopping (I wish)LOL

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AnnzSageflower7 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 9:33am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrDarcyfan

Today's theme! "Dil Dhadakne Do!"Embarrassed

Hey Ani, I am late to the party! But only logged in a little while ago, was very busy today. Had too much on. But I saw the episode and it was rocking! The Junoon was amazing! Finally hearing that haunting version we Sahilian's fell in love with! It was a nice feeling! I agree with someone in some post who said that they want to hear the fast version of Junoon! I always loved the chords version! It's my favorite. It builds up from a low note to a crescendo! Almost like the love story of Aahil and Sanam! Started on a low, and ended in a high! What a ride it was, for them and for us!

I love the chord version of Junoon, it has a very atmospheric aura with it. 

I feel Phase 2 of this ride just started! I hope it's not all hit's and misses in a locale like Dharamshala. Just the whole thing wasted on fake romance with master of deception! I am in agreement with Minnie and Juhi, don't want to see this person taking more and more liberties and getting "handsy!" That is not what I want to tune in to see! Like Juhi said, it's feels like such a violation, when this pretender comes close to this girl. I cringe each time. It's gives you this really icky feeling you get when you are watching someone being taken advantage of.  

I really hope they don't use the fabulous outdoor setting to just drag the story further. You must agree the secrecy and tight lip about the plot in Dharamsala is very intriguing.

Can't wait !

(hope it's worth it Confused)

A good example of what we all feel I will try to make. It's related to another show. I have been watching the show Veera on and off for a long time. In that the title character's husband, and her are having a rough patch, in which they have declared themselves "strangers" to each other. But of course they still live have to live in the same house! :) After a particular showdown, hubby takes his duvet and pillow and decides to leave the room. She stops him and says "Where do you think your going?

His response. "I am going to sleep in another room! See we are 'strangers' to each other! I dont know about you, but I refuse to share a room with a strange women. (He said Paraya Aurat), so I am going to sleep in another room. Since you are not my wife, I dont see why I should sleep here!"

That conversation reminded me of the current conundrum! THAT is the whole point. He is no one to her, but has NO issues in sharing a room with a total stranger, and also happy to "act" as if he is her real spouse! I have always seen something seriously off in this, and I wonder if they plan to address this person's state of mind later, or just act like this behavior is "Normal?" Because "Normal" is what that guy Baldev did, even with his real wife! This behavior most certainly is not! Very few regular men would pretend a total stranger was their wife and continue to do so without any justification, other than their need to make a lie "Real!". That is the elephant in the room that the makers appear to be intent on ignoring, and continue to pretend this behavior is normal! Pretty insulting to the intelligence of the audience!

Normal would be for Shaad to just tell Jannat/ Sanam the truth, and to let her stay with him anyway until they get news of her real family. She could have bonded with the family there, and the father eventually really wanting Jannat/ Sanam as his Bahu. 
    Shaad, having to rescue her several times from SK's plots against him, could eventually fall for her. 

This omnipresent lie is so unnecessary.

So I hope this Daramshala track will do more than just show nice places and show Aahil and Sanam play "Luka-Chupi" with each other in a nice locale, while the abomination continues! Because I don't see the point of going ALL that way, just to do that! They could easily have done that in Delhi or Bhopal! This better lead to something big, like you said! 

Fingers crossed Mandy.. let's hope for the best !

Other than Junoon reloaded, the highlight of the episode was Sanam2's antics. (Man she was funny), and acting like a fish out of water! Wants to be Nawab Begum, but has NO idea how to conduct herself! Aahil looked suitably harassed and I laughed at his expressions! Ground staff think he is "suspicious". No my dear lady, ALL this man is trying to do is "escape a clingy women!". Nothing that effects national security! LOL.

Shout out to the two AG's. They rocked. Additi has shown her range. She looked hilarious in her comic avatar and had great comic timing! Amara is really growing on me as SK! She is starting to look more and more in her element now! Sanam stuck between her arch enemies in a bathroom! What a scene! Aahil and Shaad convo. It was good. Had it's desired impact. Both were good. But today I missed Rehan again! I loved their Bromance. We will never see that again! Cry Miss SS. He had these really good nuances he used to do with his facial expressions! Even the earliest scenes with KV were superb! It was not SAHIL, it was AHAAN that I first fell in love with in Season 2! Smile

Now waiting to see what next! BTW I started to watch Reporters! I know Simran watches it and Naj, but not sure who else does? Only saw two episodes and it is really good. After Melodramas, it's really good to see something logical! Logic Zindabaad!

I've been thinking about trying out Yeh Hai Mohabbatein...
I tried reruns of Geet, but couldn't take it...
Reporters sounds interesting !

Junoon welcome back! Wink

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