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Originally posted by purplebunny

Only 1 word beautiful! !!!!
Totally loved it nd yeah I m also in love wid alishaan :)
Heart they look soo cute together! !
Plz update soon and I possible plz pm me ty:)

Sorry, I won't be sending any PM's for this storyUnhappy
But, thanks a lot. I am glad that you loved the start of the story!EmbarrassedBig smile

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Chapter 1 - How it all started!

10th of May, 2015

"Dosti aurr pyaar mein se kissi ek ko chunna bohot mushkil hai." Ishaan said to himself as felt an unfamiliar but warm and fluttery thing set inside him. The feeling more unfamiliar because it was directed towards Aaliya.

"Aurr khaskar aapke best friend se pyaar ho jaye toh...aurr mushkil ho jaye. Haan! I love you." He smiled lightly, "I love you Aaliya Akhtar." He confessed to himself and leaned back against his car.

"Shit!" he pushed his hands through his hair and slid down and sat on the road still leaning back against his car. "Kyon samajh nahi paya ki mujhe tumse pyaar hai! Yeh kaise ho gaya! God!"

He rubbed his face with his hands and then sighed, a soft smile on his lips, "Ab ehsaas hua ki tumhaare mujhe avoid karne se mujhe itna fark kyon padta hai. Kyon dard hota hai mujhe jab tume chot lagti hai! God I am sounding so cheesy!" he laughed. 

"Laga thha ki tumhari aadat ho gayio hai mujhe, that's why I was always there to ask you for a solution for my problem. I thought that all the best friends behaved like we did. So dependent on each other." Ishaan closed his eyes and wiped the tears that flowed out of his eyes due to the overwhelming happiness he was experiencing that moment.

"Aaliya...sahi kaha thha tumne, humme apni zindagi uss insaan ke saath bitani chahiye, jiske bina hum jee na saken, aurr uss insaan ke saath nahi, jiske saath hum jeena chahte hain. I so much wanted to spend my whole life with Malvika and Malvika alone, but then you came into my life. Like a stealthy ninja, you tore all the layers that I used as my own protective blanket and crept up all the walls that I had built around my heart after Malvika left me."

"I can spend my life with Malvika, yes but I won't feel like I am living it. Without you Aaliya life isn't worth loving. I love you so damn much that it unhinges my soul. Never had I thought that someone would or could become so much important to me, in what, span of a month? Shit..shit..shit.." he bumped his head with his fist.

Exhaling loudly he stood up, unlocked his car and sat inside. Clutching the steering wheel, he said, "Ab aurr nahi. Main teen zindagiyon ko iss tarah se kharaab hote hue nahi dekh sakta. Tum meri ho Aaliya sirf meri. I love Malvika, care for her but I am so not in love with her. Woh tum nahi ho. I will explain all this to Malvika soon, then I will confess my love to you." He started the car and drove off.

Two Weeks Before
28th of April, 2015
12:00 A.M. (The night after the retro themed party)

Aaliya was still sleeping, with a peaceful expression on her face. Even in her sleep she could feel something brush against her cheek. She ignored that and turned her face away, but then again, something caressed her hair. What the. She frowned but still had her eyes close.

"Aaliya..", she heard someone call her from afar. The voice soft.

"Uuumm..", she mumbled and ignored the voice.

"Aaliya..", the voice grew rough and loud as if it was coming closer.

"Aaliya.." she heard someone yell.

"huh au-h," she shrieked as she saw Mac on top of her. They laid face to face, in front of each other, or you can say Mac was toppling over Aaliya.

"What the hell! Mac!" she yelled as she took a pillow and threw it at Mac.

But Mac caught the pillow and threw it back on Aaliya.

"Arrgg..Mac. Tum yahan kya kar rahe ho?" she asked, then frowned. "Aurr tum kab se mujhe Aaliya bulane lage? I mean I am not complaining but you used to call me Aalo right. So what's up?"

Mac smiled his innocent smile and said, "Up is the sky. And down is me. Aasmaan upar aurr main neechay."

Aaliya rolled her eyes and then glanced around. Her room felt different. Oh that might be because of the numerous gifts on the side of her bed. Aaliya shrugged but then craned her neck towards the gift pile again and her mouth went wide O.

"Yes sab gifts?" she asked Mac.

"Happy birthday Aaliya.." Mac smiled at her shocked face and after he wished her she could hear voices chanting the same thing in a sing song manner.

"Happy birthday Aaliya...!" people wished her collectively.

Her friends surrounded her. She spotted Mums, Mac, his fiance, Sarika, Sahil, Veer, Rahul (guess he's the doctor who had a crush on Aaliya? Don't remember his name!) and OMG!

"OMG!", Aaliya shrieked as she saw the man dressed in his tailored Armani suit. Pressed correctly, the creases felt like he had the suit on, on daily basis. His onyx black eyes that girls used to love to drown in, she bet all those girls still do, and that cocky smirk, damn still not changed. Angular jaw and in total a total piece of handsomeness, sexiness and arrogance tinted with huge splash of attitude, that had the female population of all ages drooling at sight. Damn that man!

"Yun toh zikar hua hamaara har fasaanae mein, toh kya hua jo thodi der hogayi aane mein!" he raised his brows, and then laughed at Aaliya's shocked face, "Ab muh toh band kar le Aalo Gobi!"

"WHAT THE!!!! DAMN YOU BUNNY!!" Aaliya yelled out as she launched herself on the man that was standing in front of her. The others had different expressions on their face, while Sarika ans Sahil were amused, Mac was consoling his fiance who got scared at Aaliya's beavious, Mums shrugged it off as if she saw such things on daily basis and Veer, well as always he sported a deep frown which was now accompanied with a scowl on his face.

Aaliya tickled the man under his ribs and kept on yelling at him, "Ab yaad aayi tujhe meri? Kaminey! Pichle 8 mahino se na tune koi call kiya mujhe n koi message! Had hai! Aurr ab aaya hai toh shayari shuru kar di janab ne!" she got her pillow and smacked it over the man who was laughing his ass off.

"That's not funny! Damn-it!!"

"Arre bas, meri jangli billi, bas. Ab aa gaya hoon na, ab kahin nahi jaunga tujhe chod kar." The man whom Aaliya called Bunny, caressed her hair.

"Uumm Aaliya?" Veer gave her a questioning look.

Aaliya smiled and went behind her "Bunny" and wrapped her arms around his neck from back, her chin resting over his head, "Veer, Mums, Mac and everybody else who don't know this stupid," she smacked his head and continued, "this is Abeer Gujral, my best best se bhi zyada best friend whom I lovingly, adoringly, angrily, annoyingly and always call Bunny."
"Hello peeps!", Abeer waved his hand to all.

"So Abeer, bohot suna hai tumhare baare mein, Aaliya toh dimaag kha jaati hai mera." Said Sarika.

"Hope sab kuch accha hi suna hoga. Oye Aalo Gobi, kya bola tunne mere baare mein?" asked Abber.

"Kuch nahi yaar! You tell, yahan achanak kaise? Na koi phone, na koi message bas aa dhamke ho yahan par?"

"Hush..ab toh main yahi par rehne waala hoon. Tumhare saath!", Abeer kissed Aaliya's cheek.

"Kyon, koi hotel nahi mila tumhe?" asked Veer, in his usual army interrogative way.

"Na..that's not the problem. Actually me and Aaliya are literally chuddy buddies, and when I got to know that Aaliya is living at a rented place, I dropped the idea of buying any other house and brought this one."

"What the? Tumne yeh ghar kharid liya?" asked Aaliya, Sarika, Sahil and Veer. 

"Yup! So peeps, now both the floors are ours! Now scoot over let's cut the cake!"

"That's why upper floor waale tenants were leaving so suddenly..tumne dhamkaya toh nahi unhe?" Aaliya asked.

" assistant found them a new place to stay."


After that the introductions were made. Aaliya introduced Abeer to all her friends and gave him a brief but colourful introduction about her other friends. Soon the cake was brought. A topsy turvy cake that was covered in white fondant and Belgium chocolate dripping from the top. "Happy birthday Aaliya" was written over the chocolate top with green apple jam and white chocolate, and on the border it was covered with different fruits half dipped in chocolate. 

Aaliya's eyes wandered around, finding the one she so much wanted to be around. Ishaan.

"Ishaan nahi aaya?" she asked.

Sahil looked at his cell phone and said "Message toh kiya thha, shayad dekha nahi hoga ya phhir so gaye honge?" he himself didn't sounded that much convinced.

"Yeh Ishaan kaun hai?" Abeer asked.

Aaliya tried to hide the disappointment that was caused by Ishaan's absence and concealed it with a huge smile, "Hai koi..mera naya best friend."

Abeer narrowed his eyes at her, "Mujhse bhi zyada best?"

"Aaliya cut the cake. Humme kuch ghanton ke baad hospital bhi jana hai. Pehle woh retro themed party ab yeh. I suggest ki hum yeh sab jaldi finish Karen and catch some quality sleep." Veer butted in.

"Yay yay captain! Aaliya and Abeer mock saluted him and then Aaliya cut the cake after she made a wish that the deepest and strongest wish of hers come true. The all partied for another half an hour, after that Sarika, Veer and Sahil retired to their rooms, Mums, Mac, his fiance, named Annie and Rahul bid them goodbye and went to their respective homes. Abeer then had to go to get his luggage and when Aaliya asked what gift did he got for her, he just shrugged it off saying that it was a surprise.

When Aaliya was left alone, she switched off the lights and went back to sleep, with a thought in her mind that even after Ishaan unknowingly broke her heart, she was going to choose their friendship and everything else is still so good and amazing.


Malvika's place (Same night, 11:30 P.M., half an hour before Aaliya's birthday)

Malvika felt Ishaan move out of the bed. She sighed and laid still on her side, she was too tired to move and ask Ishaan as to what was wrong with him that he was still awake. Soon her unasked question was answered as Ishaan came to her side and whispered that he couldn't sleep so he was just going to for a walk at the nearby park.

After about 15 minutes later she heard Ishaan's phone beeping, signalling that a message has been delivered. She unwillingly reached out for his phone to check the message thinking that there might be so emergency but what she read made her blood boil at a temperature little bit higher than normal. It was from Dr. Sahil that read;

Dr. Ishaan we are celebrating Aaliya didz birthday @ 12 am. Surprise party, come soon.

Without any other thought, Malvika just deleted the message and placed the phone back at its previous place.

"Itni mushkil se Ishaan ko phhir se apne kareeb la payi hoon main. Tumhaari wajah se usse apne aap se door nahi hone doongi main, Dr, Aaliya Akhtar. Ishaan sirf mera hai, sirf mera aurr ab tumhe usse door rehna sikhna hoga. Tumhe bhi aurr Ishaan ko bhi."

To Be Continued

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Prologue - Page 1

Chapter 1 - Page 2

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Originally posted by dmegha

Originally posted by purplebunny

Only 1 word beautiful! !!!!
Totally loved it nd yeah I m also in love wid alishaan :)
Heart they look soo cute together! !
Plz update soon and I possible plz pm me ty:)

Sorry, I won't be sending any PM's for this storyUnhappy
But, thanks a lot. I am glad that you loved the start of the story!EmbarrassedBig smile

No problem :)it was an awsm update! !!! Good to see some of aaliyas frnds would hav been better if u would hav given their character sketch or something anyways it was awsm plz update asap
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Btw yupieee I was the first one to read likeand comment hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow amazing
Different from the actual story
Loved it 
Do soon
Pm me. Please.

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lovely start
cont soon
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First of all this Clap goes to your amazing brilliant writing!! I'm really surprised that how do you think all of that..n so much of writing(length wise)!!
What to say yaar i loved it..seriously;)
You must have put in a lot of effort in it..right..simply awesome! i agree its very different from the actual story going on...
you should actually become the part of creative that we'll get such nice stories...n yes plz do continue..i'll waitHeart

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