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new FF (the child of love) (Page 62)

sweetydoll32 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 September 2015 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
Awesome update dear please update soon

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arshi_sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 September 2015 at 8:48am | IP Logged
Very nice update.. Thanks for the pm

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fattiwriter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 September 2015 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Started with chapter one, you know how slow I am
interesting contrasts of characters and personalities and will slowly read the next chapters

Edited by Cortana - 11 September 2015 at 10:54am

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 September 2015 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
sana and her father... reunion nice
thanks for the pm

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 September 2015 at 12:35pm | IP Logged

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-Dellz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2015 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Fab update 
Continue soonish 
Sorry for the late comment 
Truly loved reading it 

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fattiwriter Senior Member

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Posted: 21 September 2015 at 6:49am | IP Logged
I'm really sorry to be very late to post the last part of (the child of love) very busy lately, here is the end of the story to sana and varun... I hope you will appreciate the end of the history

chapter 5 the truth
episode 16 and last



After having found pleasure  to tell dad  and after having found the warmth of the love of a father sana recovered her full life nothing is missing now and she does not think about the worries of life. .. she continues to live close to her love of life varun  and her two adorable children to whom she spends her days and nights ... happiness for her is to love and be loved by all her close person her father and her mother who gave her life the life she lead today she owes to them and she thanks god every day  to protect them and give them a long life for she can catch the days that she failed to tell them "I love you" ...  her husband who she loves more than anyone in the world and who showed her the true word "Love" in proving to her all days because it does not pass one day that varun offers his desire to his wife who is for him his happiness satisfaction and passion ... her children to whom she gives all maternal love and considers like the real fruit of her love despite the circumstances of their designing but they were done out of love !! The mad desire to varun for sana led him to offer her for the first time a moment of love that he left flow on her to give her at the end a child who grew up in her belly! ! another desire which led him to ask her marriage despite the misunderstand which was installed between them and this second desire allowed both to live with their souls secretly one towards each other and this silent passion gave another fruit, another child that he too was designed by love ... her two children sana does not considers them as a mistake because they are not ... for her they are the children of love her love for varun and varun's love for her

The days pass and the months too  and the little Adil grew up in the warmth of his parents  but don't forget that this child even if it is the relationship of his parents who gave him the life ... but he's there to help his big brother ... Adil came to the world to save his brother sohail who is sick and the time has come ... the doctors had said they must wait Adil reaches his eighteen months so that they can take his bone marrow which will save his brother, Adil is now one year old ... today is his birthday and a small family party is prepared varun has not forgotten ... with his parents he decorated their house and invited the family of his wife and the family of his friend samrat danvir was also there with his wife for participate at this event ... varun invited all his everyone because he is very happy that this little boy who he desired is already a year ...

in her room sana prepare her two children to go at the house of her parents-in-law  sitting on the bed Adil in her arms she looks at him and think that this little boy is already one year and soon he will sacrifice a part of him to his brother ... she feels guilty and thinks he's so young and that he suspects nothing ... it is not he who decided to sacrifice but it is the decision of his parents ... she did not think before having him... she had just thought of sohail her only boy at that moment ... and think it's unfair what she did ... how she had thought to give life to a child for save that of another sad she hugs Adil... at that moment varun enters in the room and found her in this state he saw sadness in her eyes and in her smile that she just offered him in seeing him

-: Sana !!! after being sat down and put his hand on the cheek of his wife ... why you're sad

-: I'm not sad varun she answers ... this little boy grew very quickly and I did not realize.

looking in the eyes of sana he finds a fear that is hidden in his heart the same stress the same anxiety and the same guilt but he tries to leave that deep down for that his wife still have the same beaming face that she has... and to make her forget what she has in mind he said

-: Yes!!! he replied with a smile ... and soon he will call you mom ... he kisses her cheek and continues ... forget your sadness  and will celebrate the Anniversary of this little angel

satisfied sana goes with her husband ... varun took his little family to his parents house where he has prepared the surprise ... in the house of his  mother in law sana found her parents and her husband's parents  ... a small feast was ready for this little boy who is admired by all his family ... appreciable discreet  Adil moves from hand to hand  to receive the wishes and blessing from his grandparents uncles, aunts, and even friends ... lets himself go Adil look this great world which he is not accustomed and to whom he offers smile of satisfaction... after this movement  which lasted almost an hour  the baby begins to be tired  sana apologizes  and go into a room to put him to bed through the room of her mother in law she hears her talking with her son varun... sitting on the bed her hand on his cheek

-: I am happy for what you have become my son ... there two years ago I was very worried for you ... you were sad and you refused marriage ... but today you have a wonderful family

-: Yes mom ... responds varun  ... he puts his head on his mother's knees and continues ... sana and the children are my life they are all that I own I am happy  to have them

Sana  behind the door her son in her arms who has already given to sleep a big smile on her lips and wants to continue to hear more

-: This little boy has grown so quickly that I'm not realizes ... varun says speaking of Adil ... but I'm worries for him

-: Why ... asked his mother ... he is healthy

-: Yes mom I know... said varun... but Sana and me had him to save his brother

Sana in her corner alone  let appear a sadness in her face varun opened her wound that she wants to close to not suffer by its pain

-: It was for a good cause my son... said his mother ... but that boy is strong and he will risk nothing

-: The doctors have said he risks nothing except some pain in the beginning ... I don't want him to suffer mom

-: I feel stressed out my son ... what is happen ! tells to your mother

-: I'm afraid for him mom ... I'm afraid if something happens to him even if doctors have confirmed that he does not risk anything ... when I decided to have this child I was not thinking about that day ... but now I think of him I suffer inwardly  thinking  that I gave birth to a child to save another .. I feel guilty

A mother very affected by the pain of her son she puts her hand on his head and said  in caressing him

-: You did not have a choice my son ... have you talked about your anxiety to your wife! what she thinks

-: I did not tell her anything  I don't want that she carries too this guilt  ... sana waiting for the day of the healing of sohail ... I want to see the happiness on her face

-: Speak to her my son she will understand

a tear in her eye sana discovers a loving father who truly loves his son ... she also has this guilt over her heart and thought it was a unique feeling but varun think like her ... she wipes her tear smiles again and think of talking with her husband at home she puts her son to bed and returns with the guests ... varun was already there he sees his wife come toward him smiling he was looking for her

-: Where were you!! I was looking for you

-: I took Adil in the room ... he is asleep

Varun looks at his wife by love, he finds her very beautiful, without lowering his eyes off her, he holds her hand, and asks her

-: Do you want to dance with me!

No desires to deprive him of that pleasure sana dances with her husband a revealing song  is given to allow couples of tonight to be found in time of relaxation... Hira dances with Lalit.. samrat dance with his wife and Danvir with his wife also... the couples take advantage of this moment to declared their love forgetting the surrounding ... sohail did enjoy his grandparents from his presence and varun advance with his wife to take her away from the eyes of others  in a corner of the house  alone with his wife suffering from guilt unable to tell her anything relieves his pain on her offering her kisses on the neck and cheek  by declaring that he will love her forever and he wants to see eternally the smile on her pretty face ... sana understood what revolves in the head of her husband she thought the same thing she knows he is not wrong and does not blame him for what she heard him say to his mother ... a year ago they decided something together and today they must take responsibility that's what she thinks ... sana stopped to think about all these things  and decides to speak with varun at home she absorbs the kisses and caresses of her husband  in giving him the same thing

time to cut the cake arrived the baby is awake and attends this ceremony sana cuts the cake with the help of varun  who appreciated to put his hand over hers holding the knife  and savoring this cake they all offer their best wishes to Adil and wish him a long life ... shashi take this opportunity  and wants to announce something  to his family and friends

-: A few months ago I did not know that little boy I regret not to see this child born but today he grew up before our eyes and we all know what it will suffer in some months ... this child is a rare gem it comes to the world to save his brother ... he approaches his daughter he holds her against him and continues by saying ... I was not by your side when you have passed through difficult times but today I want to be by your side I want to support you and help you to what will happen soon ... I want to be with you when your son will return to the hospital ... you need me and each of us in this ordeal sana's eyes flowing with tears her father to talk about her Paine and that her husband she looks at varun and finds him sad with the words of his father in law, varun did not want that sana thinks again to that, but this story is henceforth in the family everyone is involved everyone is touched by the fact that sohail is sick and Adil can save him and everyone wants to participate and support sana and varun morally ... varun understood that he cannot escape to that he cannot did forget to everyone what will happen ... he continues to look at his wife who accepts the support of all mombre of her family who are approached her confirming the words of shashi...

Aliya who was present too and remained isolated without saying anything  just look at her friend and feels a little guilty not of sohail illness or the birth of Adil but of the betrayal that she did to her best friend she wants it to be otherwise she wants change things and resume there friendship ... she wants to talk to her but she has a difficulty to place her words ... after this reflection under varun's eyes which monitors by far Aliya approached and said to sana

-: Hi sana I want to talk to you please

-: of course aliya ... sana responds with a smile ...

-: I know you have not forgiven the past ... I really Regret, and I hope to regain our friendship ... I want to repair my mistake and be with you in this ordeal

-: we were real friend to the past ... we cannot change what is happen  but we can forgive ... I've already forgiven Aliya  and I am okey to regain this friendship... says sana with a smile ... I also need you in the coming days

very happy Aliya hugged her friend thanking her

-: thank you Sana and don't worry I'll always be with you until your sons find health ... and you'll see all will be well for them

Seeing the smile of his wife by far... varun approaches and waits the end of the discussion and said to Aliya

-: Thank you Aliya to be next to Sana it is true that she needs all her family and friends in these moments

-: excuse me Varun if I was unpleasant in the past I reacted without thinking ... your forgiveness will help me a lot

-: We carry you no grudge ... varun responds to her ... we have forgotten

Joy and peace find their place in the hearts of the two friends Sana and Aliya have decided to become again as before and varun is happy with this decision he holds the hand of his wife for showing his satisfaction seeing the complicity of the couple Aliya understood that varun wants to stay a little with his wife she apologizes and leaves them alone ... varun puts a soft kiss on the hand of his wife and asks her

-: You're okay Sana!!!

-: Yes varun !! why are you asking me that

-: What your father said just now ... he speaks wiping her a tear him ... and what just passed  with Aliya now too many emotions at once

-: This is the emotions of happiness varun ... she answers him by putting her hand on his which wipes her tears ... I am happy to find friendship of Aliya

Don't says more but does not believe her... varun knows what turns in the head of his wife he wants to reassure her but waits to go home ... at the end of the birthday party  everyone goes home ... varun thanks his parents and returned home with his family ... at home sana after having feeds wash and change her children she puts them to bed and returned to her room to join her husband who was waiting lying on his bed ... she puts her nightgown and lie down too varun approaches her and asks her to do the same then said

-: are You okay sana !!

-: Yes!! you asked me this all day !! Why

-: Because I felt you stressed this morning !! tell me what you have

Sana looks at varun with an affectionate air she stroked his cheek and said

-: you take care of everything varun !! you think of me. your children  you do what makes us happy !! but you never say what you have on the heart !! (She refers to her conversation with his mother) why !!

-: I have nothing to hide sana... he responds suspecting something ... everything I have on my heart I tell you ... I love you and I tell you every day (with a smile)

-: I don't talk about that varun !! I heard you talking to your mother in her room ... why you did not tell me about your fear

varun holds the hand of his wife very strong he kisses it then kisses her forehead  and said

-: Because I don't want to see you sad ...

sana sits varun follows her she turned to him and said

-: I don't want to think that I used this child to save another ... Sometimes I feel guilty to think that I had him just for that ... we were separated  and we were not married for love I would have wanted him to be the fruit of our love

-: Don't say that it's not your fault ... if I asked you to marry me because I was still in love with you ... and I used this baby story so that you accept

-: You did not do it for sohail !!  request sana surprised... that's what you had told me

varun puts his hands on his wife's cheek he looks into her eyes and tells her

-: Yes and no sana ... it was not my only reason ... he passes his hand on her neck to feel her warm to confess his true cause and continues fiddling her hair... that day I have thought of nothing else only to recover you... I found you after a long separation and my only concern was that you agreed to come back to me ... he lowers his head still a moment speechless then continues ... I'm not proud of me but when I saw you I did not want to let you leave ... Adil is a child of our love who I wanted I know you have always loved and we made him like that ... even if you were far away  but I felt you with me ... so don't feel guilty ... you should never Regret a child of Love  but !!!! ... still a moment of silence while sana speaks again

-: What are you trying to say varun I feel you very stressed

Varun kisses his wife out of love then told her

- I'm afraid Sana ... I fear for the health of our baby and I'm afraid that he suffers

She puts her hand on the cheek of varun she also kisses him and said

-: I too had this fear but I've thoughtful ... I think we did the right thing ... sohail will heal and Adil will get better, trust

the truth sana has said it, the child is there and the thing does not change varun decided to accept the reality and trust the time will heal his son ... he looks for love sana lie in the bed taking her with him while kissing her delicately to finish in her arms and a desire invades him to enjoy this time of need ... relieved to have found their way. .. sana has realized that she has not made a mistake varun confessed to her that he had married her because he loved her he confessed too that he wanted a child with her another child hat he sees growing in her belly and is attending his birth he wanted a real life with her and she is happy to know that this child was wanted for loving and cherish not only for a mission

the months follow each other  and Adil reached his 2nd year the doctors have decided that he is ready to make a donation to his brother the whole family of varun and that of sana and even friends are mobilized for support them and be present with them in these hard moment ... Adil first was brought in to operating room to take his bone marrow ... it's very hard for sana to see her little child  take away from her varun covers her in his arms and reassured her... after some time Adil is released weak cry because he did not understand what was happening to him sat beside him sana's eyes full of tears sohail approaches his mother and asks

-: What's wrong with my little brother mom ... why he is sick

 can not speak she looks at him sadly stroking his cheek and does not responds him ... varun saw that his son has the right to know the truth he will receive a part of his brother so it's the time to tell him everything he holds his hand and asks him to come with him ... in a place in the hospital sat on a chair holding his son he said

-: You know that since you were little you're sick ... and you need someone to help you ... and that someone is your brother

-: How he can help me dad he's sick too

-: He is not sick ... varun responds with a smile ... they removed something from his body to give you

-: But ... sohail says who does not understand ... why he gives me !! how he can live

How touching what just said sohail a small head that concern for the health of his little brother ... varun is proud of her son and decided to offer him the truth to tell him what is happening to his illness because until now sohail knows he is sick but it was too small and his mother did not explain him ... varun kisses his forehead and meets him

-: listen you are grows up now and I'll tell you what you have... your blood is sick it lacks small things and your brother has many he will give you a little so that you can live long and nothing will happen to him because it will remain for him ...

Sohail realized that his little brother just saved his life, he hugged his father very strong and said,

-: I love my brother Dad  , and when I grow up, I will give him a lot

After some days sohail returned to the hospital doctors took him into the operative block to let in the waiting room the stress of his parents and his family ... sana in tears it is not because her son will suffer he will not feel anything, it's just because she is afraid that everything she did will not succeed since she had this little boy she fought with him and that she was alone in the beginning ... alone in the chair varun left her to buy a bottle of water for her... she started  memorize her past "she sees herself in the flat of varun seven years ago this passion she had with him and varun left her a seed that grew in her belly who came into this world away from him ... she sees the little boy who was born ill and that she did not think this day will come "as she is in her thoughts varun arrives find her in this state he approaches her sits down and puts his hand on her cheek he said

-: Don't cry sana  sohail will get better and you'll not worry for his illness

-: I don't know varun... I fear that all we have done fall

-: To what do you think ... he told her and wipes her tears ... I don't understand you

-: Everything that happened in our lives ... the reason of our marriage ... Adil came to save his brother and he ended his mission ... sohail will receive the transplant of his brother ... if that does not succeed !! everything we did ...

Varun stops her in putting his fingers to her lips

-: Suuuttt don't speak like that sana... your grief let you say anything ... I already told you I have married you because I love you ... and Adil came for love ... don't worry it will succeed (and to see her smile he  adds laughing) and if it does not succeed  we will make another child for heal him and he will also be the child of our love. .. because all the children we have and we will have are the children who are conceived by my love for you

varun, sees this smile,that he waited, sana hugged him very strong , warms in her husband's arms, and wait the arrival of the doctor

 the chirurgical intervention of sohail has succeeded that little boy is now cured sana and varun are very happy to have their little family who home to many fraternal paternal love and this love that gave them after birth of another child ... a little girl who was not born for another reason only the love of her parents one can also say "the child of love"

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2015 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Brilliant update and ending loved it thank you for pm.

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