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new FF (the child of love) (Page 60)

meniranjana00 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 August 2015 at 7:15am | IP Logged
wonderful... wonderful... wonderful...

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Lily30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 August 2015 at 4:59pm | IP Logged
Loved the update Clap
Thank you for the pm
Hope Sana and her father get reunited

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fattiwriter Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2015 at 11:30am | IP Logged
chapter 5 the truth
episode 15



Days pass varun remains in New York... he waits for his father in law to decide to forgive his daughter and return to India to confirm her... but none of that happens six days and he has not yet courage to overcome this stage he wants forgive to sana he has already forgiven her deep in his heart but he can not face the neighbors and family he is afraid of their looks and their reflections  he thinks that if he returns all his family member come home  telling him that his daughter caused him a shame  and he must punish her... he don't want punish his daughter ... he just wants to take her in his arms and tell her that he has no hatred towards her he loves her and wants her to live happily with her husband and children ... He reflected alone and every day in his office and his home and next to all that he does not want this life that he leads away from his home and his wife... he wants to regain his life of before ... the coming of varun reminded him that he has a life that he abandoned and must to find... and to ease his Paine he needs the help of his wife until now he has not told her about sana every time he called her he was asking for news of his wife or ask her to join him in USA for some days he never wanted to listen to his wife when she wanted to resonate him to that he forgives sana... but now he wants to talk about something else he wants to talk about his daughter and ask advice to Gerima he call her on the phone and said

-: Varun is came to me and he told me about sana

-: Really... responds Gerima satisfied ... what did you tell him ... she request

-: It's you who have given him my address and phone number

-: Yes it's me I hoped to convince you ... for years I tries to resonate you so I hoped that in seeing him you will change your mind... he made this trip for his wife, your daughter

-: I don't know what to say Gerima... sana made a grave mistake in the past and my fear has not changed

-: you have said shashi ... in the past but today shehas a good husband and adorable children

shashi agrees with the words of his wife his daughter succeeded her life now she has a loving husband ... he must forget his dignity a bit and resume his life of before with his daughter, he has very well reflected and he decided to contact varun... with the address given to him by varun he goes to meet him he don't want to call him because he does not want tell him in the phone ... got tothe hotel he asked to meet him the receptionist give him the number of his room he knocks on the door ... varun in his room the phone in his hand he spoke his wife he misses her a lot he wants that this mission be ended quickly to return to warm up in her arms he declared her his love and asked her to wait a few days time to finish his mission and while he is in conversation with her heheard a knock at the door he did not expect to see his father in law he keepshis conversation with his wife and will open the door... surprised his father in law in front of him, a moment he thought he dreamed but the voice of his wife awoke him

-: Varun ... you're here... why you say nothing

-: euh sorry sana I will recall you

varun hangs up the phone and greets his father in law with a smile asking him to get in, he does not know what he's doing here but hope he's there to tell him "takes me near my daughter" ... shashi enters the room and sits down on the bed he looks at his son in law a stiff look that scares varun ... this look does not mean anger or denial or a glance of reproach ... but a look of hesitation... shashi hesitate where to start and before speaking he asks

-: It was sana on the phone !!

-: Yes my uncle she asked me when I go home ... but I could not answer her

shashi look again varun the look is not stiff but remains fixed without explanation then hesaid

-: sits!! My son

varun sits down he feels that his father in law will announce a very good news but he is not sure this look worries him... maybe he came to blame him and ask him to not look after him but the assumption of varun are false... shashi is here because he misses his daughter he wants to make up for lost time before and announcing that he said

-: When my wife told me she would join me in usa with sana there's five I was very happy because I had never lived away from my family I did not know that there was a problem and when I learned for the child the earth turned around meI could not imagine how my daughter could do that I trusted her and the biggest problem was you had abandoned her... I was too bad and I asked sana without thinking to leave the house I left her alone in a time when she needed me Icould not confront this problem nor the people... and that is why I refused togo back to india ... even after you're married with her the evil remained and Icould not forget

-: excuse me my uncle if I have caused you so much trouble but this story was ...

Don't allow him to finish... shashi adds

-: I know the whole story Gerima made me aware of everything ... I am grateful for what you did it was a brave decision your only concern was to protect your family and you married sana in always thinking she hadleft you... but you never wanted to leave her alone facing her problem ... I'm her father and I have not done the same thing ... I realized that too late ... I regrets not being at her side and I let her have her child alone when she needed someone

-: Sana is strong my uncle ... we all left her alone  but she overcame her problem ... I also regrets to not being with her ... but today I decided never leave her confront the problems alone

-: I know my son and you too are a good boy ... says shashi putting his hand on the shoulder of varun ... you opened my eyes ... and what you did today for her made me forget the past  and I want to see her again

Very pleased with this response varun does not believe what his ears just heard he passes a very big smile and answers

-: Very happy to hear you say that my uncle Sana will finally be happy ... if you want we leave tomorrow

-: I've prepared everything and I am ready for tomorrow ... responds shashi rising ... I am eager to return to my country andsee everyone again ... I will announce it to my wife and my daughter

-: Don't tell Sana my uncle I want to surprise her

shashi admires varun he puts his hand on his shoulder to thank him for everything he does... but varun does not prevents to throw himself into his arms happy that his mission is succeeds he leaves his father in law go back waiting to see him again tomorrow to make the trip together...and he calls his wife

-: Sana me i'm sorry but I was forced to hang up I hada visit

-: I hope it was not a woman ... sana responds to make fun

-: You think I can look at another woman after I sawyou !! my eyes see only you sana

-: I know ... I miss you, and I'm saying anything

-: Sana !! I go tomorrow ... they just tell me that my mission is over

sana is very happy her husband comes tomorrow she doesnot yet know the surprise that awaits her and her happiness will be doubled ... the next morning varun joined his father in law and both headed to the airport to return home ... after a very long trip very late at night varun arrives home sana does not sleep she was waiting he opened the door and found his wife standing there waiting him enter for pounce after in his arms varun catches up his wife with his arms ready to cover her and caress her delicately savoring this moment and thinking he missed her a lot and he could never stay away from her... it's late night fell varun is very tired but that did not annoyed him to take his wife and lead her in the bedroom for after putting he ron the bed and continued to enjoy this beautiful moment that he missed a days it was too hard for him he forget his tiredness and lives that moment of love with her

the day rises  and sana also she looks at her side and varun is there in his deep sleep with his pretty face that expresses relief... and she think he had a very hard week she does not want to wake him... she lets the curtains close for the sun of the day did not wake him...she closes the door and goes to see her children who were already awake ...varun has slept all morning... after his trip and the night he spent with his wife he was very tired he did not see the time until his phone rings his father in law calls him he should call him in the morning... varun is lost in space the room is dark he believes in full night but his wife is not next to him he responds at the phone and his father in law said

-: What are you doing my son I waited for your callall morning

-: uncle ... he responds disrupted... what time it is

-: I think you've slept a lot ... said his father in law with a smile that varun does not see but feels ... it is noon

-: sorry uncle I think sana let me sleep I was tired yesterday

-: I will come after lunch with your aunt

in some hours sana will have the biggest surprise ofher life that her husband prepared for her but she does not know yet ignorant of all what is happening prepare lunch thinking of the beautiful night of yesterday the return of varun gave her the desire to continue living ...emerged in her work she suddenly felt a sensation of hands which rested on her arms she turns and varun standing in front of her with a smile she said

-: you are awake!! I let you sleep because you were very tired last night

-: Yes but I don't like when you're not next to me... sana !! your mother called me she wants to see you after lunch !! then prepare yourself

sana is preparing to receive her mother but questions revolve in her head "why her mother would come today or even she spoke to her on the phone yesterday but she did not tell her" "why she's called varun to tell him "these questions it does not find them to answer she found this a bit wrong story developed but it does not ask questions waiting to see his mother to solve this riddle ... the after noon after taking her breakfast with her husband and her son and after you prepare some cakes sana expects her mother and after some time she hears knock at the door varun will open behind him his wife the sound of his voice through it to hear her

-: dad!!!

varun turns around to witness the reaction of happiness of his wife... sana looks athim eyes full of questions she remains in her place don't know how react she does not know why he came she not understand she has not seen him for five years, and there he is standing in front of her... what's he is doing here !!he's here because he has forgiven her or he came to punish her for every thing she did ... she's lost she does not know what to do and varun who looks at herin turn she wanted him to help her tha the gives her an explanation or may be ask her "Who is this man" but he said nothing he smiles to her and this smile also worries her , and finds no answer him she returns her gaze again to her father and discovers another smile and this one she has understood it... a father who forgives to his daughter...tearful eyes she continues to look at him until he decided to tell her the outstretched arms

-: You don't come in your father's arms !!

sana runs into the arms of her father and cry on his shoulder asking him to forgive her... shashi hugged his daughter very strong and stroked her hair leaving her sinking her tears on him reassuring her making it clear that he forgave her... after this moment of reunion everyone settles down in the sitting room sana gripping the arm of her father does not want to leave him she still not realized he's there next to her and did not blame her

-: Sorry dad for the harm that I made you ...believe me I did not want all this thing happen

-: don't think about that my daughter I have forgot everything

-: I was very sad dad every time you talked to Mom onthe phone and you don't asked after me part of me broke ... she continued witha smile looking at her mother. .. but I think she has managed to convince you

-: This is not your mother who convinced me... he looks varun and continues ... it's your husband

-: Varun !!! sana is astonished... it was that your mission in USA

-: Yes ... he responds proud of his success ... I wanted to surprise you

-: Your husband stayed there until I decided to come... said his father ... I was very angry against him at first, but when I saw the way that he seeks your happiness I understood that you had a good husband who loved you ... he's the man who made me the reason ... what a father seeks for his girl is a husband like that and you had then I'm happy for you

sana looks at her husband with eyes of love thanking him discreetly very happy with his act and think to thank him in private...during this Time she continued to enjoy the presence of her father and recover lost time ... shashi met his two grandsons he loves them ... sohail immediately appreciated his grandfather and he loved him as if he has always known and sana's beautiful life resumes its way

after the reunion shashi returns home with his wife Gerima ... sana stays with her family thinking about this day that filled her life ... the night she takes care of her children put them in bed she sings them a lullaby to sleep after having answered to the questions of her son

-: mom!! why I did not know my grandfather before today

-: Your grandfather lived in the USA and today he decided to visit us

-: And why he has not visited us before... why youcried

sana does not know what to answer to her son a lot of questions in such a small head ... she thinks of the day when this little boy was conceived a nice day but does not want to think he is the cause of her problems ... yes because she was pregnant that her father was denying her...she looks at sohail with a smile thinking that he is the fruit of her love ...she stroked his cheek and answers him

-: I cried because he was far from me

-: My father was too far from me, and when I saw him the first time I did not cry ... he puts his hand to caress the cheek to his mother and continues ... don't cry mom do like me and love your daddy

sana hugged very strong her son crying... her little boy grew up and know how to say all that... he is not an error he is the child of love she wipes her tears andsaid

-: Yes I will do like you... sleep now

sana leaves her son in his room and will prepare a little surprise to varun to thank him for the gesture he made for her ... a romantic dinner in head to head ... the table very well decorated the favorite food of varun and a very beautiful sari a garment she puts only for occasions ... varun was out to buy his son's medicine sana had sent him for she stays prepare her surprise he returns discovers that atmosphere and his smile continues when sana shows herself with her gait... it's rare he sees her like that very beautiful with this traditional dress  attracted by the beauty of his wife varun approaches her puts his hands on her hip and kisses her with great envy then ask her

-: What you celebrate Sana

-: Today, you proved me again your love and I wanted to thank you for what you did ... you brought me my father and my life is full now ... thank you varun

varun approach his wife to him pleased with what she told him he kisses her and tells her

-: I always want to see you smile when you are sad I'm also

the couple settles at the table for dinner varun isvery satisfied with what has prepared his wife her cook was missed him and he tells her because the days he spent in USA he has practically not tasted to this food... after dinner varun rises from table gives his hand to sana and said

-: come with me

-: You tookme where varun

-: In our love nest... I need you I missed you this week away from me

sana accompanies her husband in the room and before putting her in bed he catches her against him and starts kissing her neck and behind her ear he did let no corner he has not visited ... sensitive to this nuance her heart beats too fast sana puts her hands on the chest to her husband and kisses him in turn varun take his wife and puts on the bed to keep another night full of love and desire

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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wow beautiful update loved it thank you for pm.

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Alicia2012 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2015 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Wow great story please update soon 
I can not wait for the next part of your story
Thanks for the pm

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bluesky10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2015 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Wonderful update dear 
Varun will go back with his father in law 
Like it 
It is not easy for him 
The person who hurted your daughter 
How can he leave him 
Sorry for the late comments dear 

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bluesky10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2015 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Sana's father forgive her 
He loves her a lot 
The mother and child conversation was awesome 
The reaction you showed was beautiful 
Sana gave surprise to varun 
Thanks for the pm dear 

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jeb1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Great update
Loved it
Thanks for pm me

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