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new FF (the child of love) (Page 56)

-DZ- IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 10 August 2015 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
its ok dear
update when u can

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sweetydoll32 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2015 at 1:41am | IP Logged
No problem dear thanks for informing..

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bluesky10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2015 at 4:50am | IP Logged
It's k dear 
Will wait for the update 
Happy journey 

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sasir IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 August 2015 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Its k..
We will wait

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fattiwriter Senior Member

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Chapter 5 the truth

episode 13



One week has passed since Sana and Varun have denounced Aliya... one week they lives in peace and no other obstacle  will brake their relationship  which continues to survive ... their love remained very strong  and it lacks nothing ... despite this week of tranquility but Sana  past it sad... since she spoke to Aliya's father asking him to forgive his daughter's act she kept thinking about her father  she wants him to forgive her ... she also wants to find the love of her father but she knows he will not want to talk to her ... he is very angry and he can not forget the mistake she made ... Varun sees his wife very sad  she's with him she shares the love with him  but her mind is Absent ... he don't want to see her like that... when he approaches her to caress or kiss her she looks at him she accepts this love but with a sad smile and Varun think she forces herself to accept it... and instead of being all soul with her husband  she thinks far ... Varun is not angry because he understood her sadness which he saw out of her face the day she spoke to  Aliya's father  ... but he wants his wife with him.. after a long time they were separated he found her  but he did not want her only a body  he wants her to think of him ... he wants when at morning she opens her eyes  she offers him a happy smile  to prove that she had thought of him before sleeping to anything else he wants to make her happy  but the obstacle to her father prevents her

one morning Varun opens his eyes and he sees her next to him in her sleep... he looks at her a moment and he wants to caress her... he puts his hand on her face  clears her wick behind her ear then moves his fingers on her cheek... this feeling wakes sana  looking her husband  always with sadness  who does not want to leave her mine ... it's too for him  he wants a real smile  but he don't want to reproach her because he knows why  and he decided to talk to her

-: Since we are back from aliya's parents  you're sad  you're with me and you're not here ... tell me what's the matter

-: nothing varun ... and made her sad smile again ... don't worry

-: How you want me to not care  then you just do it again that dark smile ... talks to me I'm your husband

Sana looks at her husband  her tears began to flow  she did not tell him  to not make him sad too  but he is already for her... he can not find a smile  while she lost it

-: I miss my father Varun  he is angry against me  he will not forgive me

-: A long time ago that you did not see him and talked to him... varun answers... may be today  it has changed and he has forgiven

-: No  he didn't forgiven  he speaks every day to my mother  on the phone and he does not ask from me ... he forgot he has a daughter

lying in bed  Varun approaches very closely  to his wife  takes her in his arms and said

-: I don't think he has forgotten you ... you are and you will remain his daughter ...  calls him and ask him forgiveness

Sana remains in her husband's arms  she looks into his eyes and said

-: sorry to  involve  you in my problem with me  I did not want to annoy you

-: Don't repeat this Sana you're my wife your troubles are mine  and if you are hurt so I'm too

- : But I cannot call my father ... responds Sana always sad ... I don't think he wants to talk to me

-: I'm sure he will speak to you and forgive you too ... he gives her the phone and adds ... calls him and I am with you

Sana agrees to call her father she took the phone of her husband hesitated a moment and then dials the number and waits for her father's answer looking at her husband who was holding her other hand ... after a few seconds her father answers her call

-: Hello ... said the voice of his father through the phone

-: Hello ... responds Sana with a happy smile ... it's me dad !! Sana

Sana's happy smile  suddenly  disappears  and is  replaces  by a depressed sadness  Varun sees a misfortune happened  he looks at his wife  who also looks at him with tears

-: What's there Sana ... Varun asked  putting his hand on her cheek ... what did say your father

-: Nothing ... she responds crying ... he would not answer me he hanged up when he heard my voice

very affected by this situation  Sana does not support this ignorance of her father and in talking to him today she opened an old wound she rises from her bed and leaves the room in tears .. .

"Sana goes very badly" Varun think  "her father is really angry against her  and he lacks her a lot  I have to do something  I must help her"

but before he react Varun gets up right away after her and rejoins her in the kitchen... she prepared the breakfast  and tears still in her eyes he approaches her put his hands around her arms  maintains her very strong against him kissing her cheek and said

-: I'm sorry Sana  it was me who forced you to call him I did not think that he would react like this

Sana turns  Varun hug very strong against him  she puts her head on his chest she said

-: He don't want  talk to me he never wanted to hear my voice I lost my father Varun I lost him forever

Varun took  his wife's head in his hands  wipes her tears  and said

-: Don't worry sana  things will work out  your father will forgive you  I promise trust me

Varun  promised to Sana... he thinks to reconcile his wife with her father... and in waiting  that Varun find a solution  Sana continues her life  forcing herself to offer to her husband  the life he hopes a satisfied woman ... waiting for the joy comes back... one afternoon sana was at home, taking care of her children, varun in his work, she goes into the kitchen to prepare dinner before his return she hears a knock on the door  she opened the door and finds aliya smiling to her and she said

-: Hi Sana!! can I get in

-: Of course Aliya ... responds Sana  who wonders what brings her back ...come and sits

Aliya  enters Varun's apartment  for the first time  she already came here  but she remained at the door when varun did not let her get in  she looks around and sees how lives Sana  the little boy Sohail  sat down and played with his cars and the small baby on a sunbed next to them  the first time that Aliya  saw the children of her friend Sana she smiles and says

-: You have a beautiful children I am happy to see them

-: Thank you Aliya ... Sana said  happy with what she has just heard

-: Listen Sana... says Aliya ... I came today because I have something to tell you ... I ask you to listen to me please

Sana tells her yes by the head and waits to hear what her friend came to tell her

-: I really was friends with you and I liked our friendship we got along very well you and me. but when you told me about your relationship with varun the earth turned around me  and I completely lost my head ... sorry to tell you this but I was very in love with varun and all my life I expected that he loves me but he has never done and I'm doing what I did by jealousy ... I came here today hoping to open a new page with you ... I came to ask your forgiveness for everything I've do to you and to varun, and I hope you will accept my apology

-: You hurt me too aliya... you have separated me from varun years and you tried to do it again ... you never told me about your love for him ... things could be different

-: Nothing will has be different  and what I did is unforgivable  you were my friend  and I betrayed you I hope one day you will forget this evil  and you could forgive me

-: You really regret Aliya... asks Sana

-: Yes Sana I regret and I hope that one day our friendship becomes as before

-: But you hurt me aliya  you told me that you had a intimacy with him  you even gave me a proof... even if I know it's not true but doubts harass me I still don't know how you know for Varun's scar

-: I have never had intimacy with him ... said Aliya smiling  which includes what  think sana ... Varun never showed me his scar ... I saw him once at the pool when I went to see my brother ... I lied to make you believe that we have a relationship ... believe me Sana, Varun never wanted a relationship with me he told me that he loves only you

relieved Sana solves the enigma that was missing  she trusted Varun she believes in what he says but she never understood how Aliya knew this detail many things happened to her many supposition she drove from her mind but it remained always this how... how Aliya knew... now she understood she smiles when Varun returned from work  the first thing he sees This beautiful smile that he missed  happy too he approach in the sitting room  note the presence of Aliya  he was scared at first  that Aliya came to harass Sana  but this nice smile  inspires him confidence

-: Aliya !!! what are you doing here

Sana rises  to join her husband  she approaches him  takes him by the arm  she is afraid that he get angry she said

-: Aliya came as friend Varun

-: Yes Varun... said Aliya ... I did not come here to create another problem  I came to ask your forgiveness  to you and Sana  for all that I do I regret and I want to resume our friendship

-: If you came to ask for apologize I forgive you but to resume a friendship.. see it with Sana it's she who will decide if she wants to remain friends with you or not

-: I'm not ready for the moment Aliya I'm sorry I have another concern but I am sure that with time we will again become friend

-: It suit me for this moment ... responds Aliya satisfied ... you have forgiven me and that's a lot for me ... believe me I'm happy for you

Sana and Varun have forgiven Aliya waiting now to recover their friendship Sana is happy even if she does not yet accept this friendship but deep inside her she know she found her friend and that thing will arrange between them... this happiness made her forget a little her father ...after the revelations of Aliya! Sana is relieved she lived the moment of questions  even if she knew that her husband is sincere with her  and he told the truth  but the story of the scar she does found it no explanation... and once she had doubts that Aliya was trapped Varun  in a moment of unconsciousness  but today she had the answer and regret to have doubted ... Varun love her and sometimes she does not see this love ... she wants to transmit the message that she believes in his love ... ... she's happy  and she wants to show it to her husband  she wants to share this happiness with him

after the departure of Aliya  Sana remains alone with her husband  pleased to see the smile on her lips  happy to see that sadness  which was installed on her face disappear and is replaced with a cheerfulness that illuminates her face, he approached her  his hand rests on her cheek and said

-: I love Aliya

-: what !!!  responds sana  a shocking surprise

-: Yes ... he said smiling ... she gives again a smile of my wife ... this smile I try to make it for weeks I had lost hope ... the visit of Aliya  has been good so I like her

another shameful smile  Sana down her eyes  and said nothing  she thinks of her last weeks  she had hurt her husband  until that moment... she wants to change the situation  and give another luck to her relationship with him  but don't dare to say it  Varun understood her desire  before offering her a kiss on her lips  he adds

-: I want to see you always happy...  when you're sad I have the feeling that I am unable to make you happy  and it makes me sad too

-: Don't say that Varun... said Sana stroking the cheek of her husband ... my life with you is the best thing I have... you and the children  make me happy

pleased by this response  Varun hug Sana very strong against him ... she reminded him that he had two very beautiful boys who are the fruit of their love ... he kisses her  deliciously  and said

-: I love you and I love our children ... I'll go see them

while Sana prepare dinner  Varun goes in the room of his children  he stays up for a moment  to look at them sleeping and he thinks that he had not benefited much to them... the worries he had with Sana  to prove his love  and he loves only her  made him forget that they are there  and they need him

"All these problems and the stress of these last weeks removed me from you I love you my children  I will recover the time that I missed to take you in my arms  and take advantage of you  but first I have to settle one last problem of your mom and our family will be reunited again "

after dinner  Varun goes into his room changes his clothes and lies down on the bed  waiting for his wife... after some minutes  Sana finished changing  and getting ready for the night  she returned to her room... transparent nightshirt on the body  glass of juice in a hand to Varun  she approaches him and said

-: Orange juice to give you the energy

a bright look on his wife he understood what she did not mean he lets her put the glass on the night table he pulls her by the  hand  and said

-: Why you wanna give me energy? what do you want from me

the thought of her husband floated  Sana resumed an air of shame and said hesitated

-: no !!! that's not what I meant

-: But for me it's what I want ... he said  wanting to kiss her

she looks at him  saying nothing  waiting  for the kiss caught her lips  smiling he noticed that smile and said

-: I promise Sana  that smile will never leave you and soon you will accompany it with your greatest wish ... Varun says  thinking of the problem to Sana  with her father ...

-: I'm sorry Varun... says Sana without more

-: Why do you say that ... why you ask forgiveness

-: to have doubted of you this last weeks ... for thinking that may be you had something with Aliya

-: it's the past Sana  I do not even think about it ... now forgets everything and let me enjoy this new beginning ... he approaches her and lives this time  which will be another night  full of love for the couple

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hajr IF-Rockerz

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Awesome update 
Really nice update 

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bluesky10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 August 2015 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update 
Aliya bring back sana's smile 
Varun is happy 
Thanks for the update dear 

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smat IF-Dazzler

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Nice update 
Thanks for the pm 

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