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Chapter 5 the truth

episode 12




It was a very loaded day for Varun after having met many obstacles he was able to Stop the  concern that pursuer him  long time  and especially since he regained sana ... their life can now move forward he may enjoy his wife because since they are meet again  they saw only sadness days and any discussion of ... things are clear now  and Aliya will not hurt them... they continue their evening  in Samrat house ... Aliya remained in her room  sad she just lost the love of her life ... she does not feel remorse for now  but she knows that she has made a serious mistake  and decided not to share this pleasure of being with family ... Sana is the guest of honor of this invitation  because she is the newest member and it she who suffered most...all the evening Varun has not left his wife he stayed beside her  to avoid her the concern  to be alone  between two families who are still foreign for her ... throughout the evening  Samrat is remained  without saying anything  he does not find the words that he must to give to Varun  his best friend  he feels guilty to see nothing... his sister Aliya  his friend and his confidant  betrays him by trapping  Sana and his friend ...  Sana as she knows nobody  she remained as an observer  and she noticed the anxiety of Samrat who was silent... sad looking sometimes his friend Varun  and sometimes Sana... she wants to break the silence and said to her husband

-: Varun !!  why your friend Samrat is alone  he said nothing  all the evening  I see him worried you should go talk to him

"This is an admirable woman"  think Varun he admires her  he sees her to began  adapting and love her new family  and her husband's friends  she cares about their anxiety ... very happy  he does a smile of satisfaction  he leaves her and joins his friend  who was isolated on the terrace

-: What happened Samrat, all evening you did not say anything ... you did not talked with me ... I'm not your friend?

-: This story hurt me varun... my sister that I loved and admired, committed this injustice, and to my best friend ... I could not look you in the eye... and my family will feel uncomfortable in front of yours  we have no excuse before what did Aliya

-: No samrat ... responds Varun  by putting his hand on his shoulder ... it's not your fault  even Aliya I don't blame her ... I understand her reason ... and I don't think  my family will take that as an obstacle

-: Can be my family  is not guilty  but she yes  none valid reason  pushes her to do what she did ... says samrat... don't  gives her an excuse  she must be severely punished

-: Samrat trust me  I don't  give her an excuse  I really understand her... answers varun  his affection appears in his eyes ... but if I was forced to denounce her today  because I was going to lose sana and you know ...

 Samrat  looks at his friend  with a smile  he understands his gesture  he does not let him finish his sentence  and tells him satisfied

-: I know varun !!! you love her... I remember your first look on her  you have never looked a girl like that ... I attended your separation ... and I regret not be by your side ... I also remember your reunion ... I saw the happiness in your eyes even if I was worried  but I knew that your love is strong ...

Samrat is relieved  he hugged his friend very strong  under the eyes of Sana  who is happy that nothing can harm to the friendship of her husband and his friend she approaches them and tells Samrat

-: I am happy Samrat  I did not want this story separates you from your friend  I don't  want because of me  the best friends become enemies

-: And why it'll  be your fault ... Samrat wonders ... I am convinced that you also have suffered a lot from this  separation

-: Since I appeared in Varun's life and the problem started

-: Don't say that Sana... says Samrat ... you're the best thing that appeared in Varun's life ... you gave him a stability  to his heart ... you know how he was  Danvir and me worried for him ... but with you  he experienced the true love ... it's true  I don't know you well ... but when I saw you today  especially after hearing  your story  it gives me the assurance that my brother and friend  is in good hands ... after everything you had and suffered  you always have remained faithful to him... you kept and nurtures his son  for love of him ... you're a great woman sana

Sana  moved by samrat's words  in tears  clinging to her husband's arm and answers

-: before Varun I had known no man  just college buddies  nothing more ... he is my first love  and this first love gave me a son I decided to live for that child from a love that I thought lost

-: Now  you are together ... Samrat said smiling ... stay like that

Samrat made two steps forward  to go  and let Varun alone with his wife on the terrace  but before disappearing  Sana call him and said

-: Samrat !! ... He turns around and he answers yes ... I want to ask you a favor

-: Yes Sana  asks what you want ... in smiling

-: Aliya

-: don't you worry  I will ensure that she will not approach you and Varun

-: No  that's not what I mean ... Aliya  is your sister  don't blame  and stays with her ... she spends a difficult moment  of her life  and she should not be  alone ... she needs support and solace

-: She hurt you  and you think of her? said Samrat dazzled  by the gentleness of Sana

-: She has especially hurt herself ... she's my friend  I don't hate her ... she acted by love  and love makes blind some times ... I don't blame her  and I don't want she passes this moment of her life alone  she needs you all

-: Don't worry... responds samrat ... I'll be with her  thank you to worry you for her

Varun  remains alone on the terrace with his wife  he admired her  he loves her more and more every day  he puts his hands on her hips  looking f or love saying

-: you fascinates me Sana  you're beautiful ... you forgive the person who tried to destroy your life

-: She's my friend  I cannot blame her ... she has a big heart  I know her very well she will regret so I forgive her  before she regrets

-: I love you Sana  I love you for what you are and for your big heart ...

he approaches his head to hers  keep her very well against him  his lips ready to kiss her  Sana looks around her  she is not home  and she is afraid that someone surprises them

-: What are you doing Varun... she said in a low voice ... someone could see us we are not at home

-: so go home early ... he responds hasty  his lips ready to kiss her... I want you.

Sana lets her husband kissing her and she share this kiss with him  after having the  taste to this pleasure  varun add

-: I want to enjoy this moment  I am happy that you believe me  and I want to share this happiness with you

-: Okay go home ... I also look forward to being alone with you

In their place  and as they were in an intimate moment  Sana and Varun  were observed ... in the window of her room  Aliya had heard everything ...the conversation of  Varun and Samrat her brother  and also Sana what she told to her brother and Varun ... she realized she was in the wrong she realized she had made a very serious error  and injustice towards Sana and Varun... she saw their love she attended this desire that Varun feels for his wife and she understood that this love was very strong  she realized that Varun  was really in love with Sana  she heard it... she heard too the kindness and great heart of Sana  who forgave her  despite the harm she has done ... and regrets  what she did  she wanted to apologize  but she cannot  or earlier  she dare not... she locked in her room  and she refused to open  she wanted to stay with her remorse  and her tears  she wanted to punish herself  for what she did  she don't  want to talk to anyone  and she don't want listen to anyone  and above all she don't want to see anyone

Varun  it apologized to his family  and Samrat family to go home

-: Excuse me ... my uncle said to the father of samrat ... but we have to go home I'm tired and I work tomorrow

samrat's father  is very bothered by what was done his daughter  he wants restore the good relation between his family and that of varun  but for that will realize  varun must  forgive him  he takes responsibility of this prejudice on his shoulder

-: I ask you  once again forgiveness  for everything it happened  ... the family relation  is very sacred  don't  let  it  break  because of a spoiled daughter  and rude as mine

-: Don't say that my uncle ... intervenes Sana ... Aliya is not rude  I don't blames her  and I want to forgive her  she is part of our family ... you should forgive her you too my uncle  she's your daughter

-: You are very nice girl  despite what she did to you, you forgive her ... but I cannot  for me she exceeded the limits of respect  I don't  know if I can look at her one day

-: You can't know what it means  when your father don't speak to you... Sana says in tears ... when your father  reproaches you something  and don't even look at you ...  it's very hard to bear it uncle

-: What do you have my daughter ... samrat's father was worried... you have a problem ?

this story has reminded Sana  her father  she remembered that he did not talk to her for years  because of what she had done  and because of her  he don't want to return In India  she has keep this sadness in her heart  and never talk to someone from his injury  not even to her husband

-: Excuse me ... my uncle answers Sana  wiping her tears ... but I'm sad for her... and the presence of her father  is very important for her ... we make all mistakes and we want  that these errors be forgiven  for our loved

-: You've convinced me my daughter ... and since you have forgiven Aliya  I forgive her too

 today Varun saw the sadness of his wife  he knew that her father lacked  he had never asked Sana why her father is absent  he had not time because everything happened so fast  he looks at her pain  let her tears flow  and he understands that she needs his presence  he puts his hand on her and said

 -: I am happy  that all is well now ... excuse us  but we should go

the thing came back in order  Sana forgaves Aliya  her father too... and everyone decided to forget this history and begin a new life  with a strong relation

the next day Aliya remained locked in her room  she refused to go out she has eaten nothing   ... she thought all night at the moment she hoped that varun confesses his love... she believed he could one day look at her... she also thought in sana  and her first meeting with her she was her best friend and she had never thought that one day she will share with her  her own love and has understood that a love cannot be steal  ... her family worried for her  her brother Samrat asks her to open the door  but she refuses  he insists  and made her understand he will not move if she does not open  seeing the anxiety of her brother  Aliya finally opened the door  relieved  he enters and request to be alone with her  he approaches his sister he sits next to her and said

-: I'm not going to say  what you did is pardonable  but despite that  Sana has forgiven you  she said she carries you no hatred  so forget  and takes again your normal life

-: I saw yesterday  Sana with Varun... said Aliya sad ... and I saw how much he loves her  I have never seen them together before  and I never thought that was as strong ... I heard what Sana told you about me  and I know she has forgiven me  I'm not sad because I lost varun  but I feel guilty  I don't know why I did all that  even I cannot forgive my actions ... I regret Samrat... Aliya cries

-: This is true  it's very serious what you did ... but most important  you've understood .. day will make you forget ... goes talk to sana and ask her to forgive you. .. include your friendship with her and forget everything

-: Yes I think I owe her that ... but first I have to apologize to Mom and Dad I have  also did the wrong with them... because of me  they cannot raise their head before Varun and his family ... responds Aliya  wiping her tears

very satisfied  Samrat take his sister in his arms comforts her and tells her

-: Do not worry sister  things will become as before  and you'll feel better after ... you'll see  you will find the true love one day

-: this is as my priority  I don't think about that now ... above all Sana and Varun must forgive me

Aliya  understood that she must move on  she realized that varun  don't love her and that he will never leave his wife  she wants to repair her mistake  she asks for forgiveness to her parents  who understood her attitude  and they have forgiven her ... but she does not go right away  apologize to near sana  she needs a little time to be able accept her break with her heart  one week is enough for her to accept that varun should never be part of her plans  and he should remain just a friend

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Awesome update 
Can't wait for next update 
Will Varun go & talk yo Sana's dad?

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Awesome update waiting
for next update

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cant wait for next update yar...
brilliant work

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Awesome update dear please update soon

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excellent  update 

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thanks for the pm...

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Wow great story please update soon 
I can not wait for the next part of your story and I really enjoyed reading this story of your so much 
Thanks for the pm 

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