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arshi_sarun IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 July 2015 at 9:31am | IP Logged
Very nice update thanks for the pm

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fattiwriter Senior Member

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Chapter 5 the truth
episode 10



After having proved to her husband she believed  him and she does not doubt his fidelity Sana remains a while in Varun's arms  and then she asks him

-: Why you did not tell me that day what made Aliya with you

-: to tell you what? that Aliya does not leave me quiet ... I had invited you to the restaurant that day ... I did not want to spoil the moment ... and plus it makes no difference to me I love you and no another woman can attract me to her

-: Aliya insists she pursues you and she will not leave you quiet I don't understand her reaction ... she does not see that we are happy together?

Varun looks at his wife emotionally  he strokes her cheek and said

-: She cannot go away I'll stop that and now

Intrigued Sana does not want this story goes further than that she does not want the family knows what Aliya did  she does not want to separate the two families  which have kept a strong connection during years

-: No Varun!! Don't do that it will create problems between the two families

-: If I don't stops her today she will continue her provocations I have to do it now and no matter what will happen ...

Varun takes photos that Aliya sent and heads for the door determined to stop the temptation of Aliya, Sana holds him by the arm and said

-: please Varun don't do that

-: Why you don't want Sana !! This story is not will stop if I don't make it end , we must face her with her family

-: Exactely, it is the family that scares me ... what will happen when they will find out the truth and what will happen of the marriage of Hira

-; you have already said that Sana ... But no I can'tgo on like that ... she must let us quiet

-: Listen !! I'll talk to her ... I will tell her thatI love you and I don't believe in what she says

Varun lets get out a smile from his lips happy withher reflection he pulls her by hand to him  and he responds

-: You're really going to do this for me ... he approaches to kiss her ... you're going to face her after years

-: Yes I will do it but tells nothing to the family

-: ok I will not say anything but be careful Aliyah is not easy

After this discution, Varun leaves his wife to return to his work after having marked her cheeks by his kisses, but remains inconfient the threats of Aliya intrigues him much  he know she'snot going to stop and he is afraid for his wife he does not want her faces Aliya but he make her understand that he trust her and goes to his work, on the road he thinks

"Aliya is dangerous I don't know where she can go up.. why I agreed that Sana go talk to her she is a manipulative and she can tell her anything  that Sana may believe. ..I should not accept that she goes talk to her... but I have to trust my wife she loves me and know that I loves her "

  Varun is right Aliya can go further she will not stop her temptations as long as she has not destroyed this beautiful relationship and this time it will be the last because every evil has an end

  At home, sana takes her phone and call Aliya

-: Hello Aliya ... Sana says with a muffled voice she does not delight to speak to the woman who wants to destroy her marriage's Sana I want to talk to you

-: Hi Sana how you gonna ... responds Aliya by hypocrisy... what you want to tell me you can come home if you want  I don't come out I waiting for you

-: not today and not at your home.. we can meet tomorrow morning in the cafeteria?

Aliya confirm sher agreement to Sana.. all happy thinking that her plan has succeeded

"Sana must have seen the photos and believes that varun has a relationship with me ... she wants explanation I'll gave her more what she thinks and then she will leave varun he will be mine  " think Aliya with a demon head and a wicked smile on her lips

  After a short night that Sana has passed  thinking about the meeting with the person who betrays her all these years... Varun opens his eyes and finds sana sitting onthe bed thinking... he felt her stressall night he know that she did not slept  and he know why... he sits too and told her

-: good morning !! what have you Sana  all night you did not sleep

-: sorry if I have disturbed your sleep

-: No it's not what I meant ... putting his hand on her cheek ... I'm worried for you

-: I called Aliya yesterday I will meet her today

-: Are you sure this is what you want ... you want meto come with you

-: No !! you go to your work don't worry I'm will solve this problem

-: Be careful don't let her manipulate you I know sheis able ... and believe in nothing that she'll tell you

-: Why are you afraid Varun I'll just tell her to leave us alone and nothing will separate you and me

This morning was very loaded after this discussion Sana and Varun takes their breakfast together and Varun goes to his work  taking with him the anxiety of the day... he does not know what will happen between his wife and Aliya...and he don't like this meeting  but remains confident that Sana believes in him

Sana leaves her children with her mother and go to her meeting with Aliya... once there she finds Aliya already arrived may be in a hurry to finish what she started... very sure of herself that her plan managed this is not the case of Sana who said

-: Listen Aliya I'll be straight with you I have twowords to tell you and I'm leaving

-: Why are you in a hurry like that Sana ... Aliya said  with a smile disguised... there's long time that we did not met you don't miss our friendship?

-: what friendship... responds Sana ... that youdestroyed with what you've done

Aliya understood that Sana did not come to clear what she saw in the photos but she is determined to believe her husband until the end... she is jammed and must quickly find another story to convince her... but she must first calm her.

-: Calm down and sit ... answers Aliya quiet who feels no regret

Sana calms too pulls her chair and sits down she wants to finish with this story... she reckons to say what she has in her heart to Aliya and believes that everything will stop... but she never doubt what will happen after that maybe a new element  which will replant doubt in her mind... can bea different story that Aliya will invent that will tear again her heart but before hear it  she said

-: Listen me Aliya I did not come here today to renew our friendship I'm here to tell you to stop everything ... I do not believe your lies ... I trust my husband. .. I have no doubt of his sincerity

-: If you say Sana... Aliya answers sure of herself... it's better for you ... but know that Varun and me had a relationship before you back

-: I don't believe you Aliya... Varun confirmed methat it's not true ... it's a story you invented  like you invented the messages and everything else... and the photos that you sent me I don't believe them then stopped topursue my husband

-: Are you sure of what you say Sana? because Varun and me we were very close to each other we even had many intimate moments like the one you had with him before you leave him

Sana does not support what she has heard she does not believe and she don't want to believe... she know that aliya lies  but does not prevent to let flow a tear... atear of fear ... that person who decide not to stop Aliya benefit of this weakness and continues

-: This is what really happened sana, Varun and mewere going to marry but you came back  and he stopped everything ... one thing I regret is to not get pregnant like you did  but I was cautious... he returned with you because of his son  nothing else

does not stop her tears Aliya pushes with her words Sana does not believe in these well-manufactured lies ... but her heart is beating very strong the fear invades her and to give peace to her heart  she asks

-: If what you say is true give me a proof ... I don't believe your lies Aliya ... don't forget that it is you who separated us the first time .. Varun and me had no problem ... proves what you say and I'll believe you

A proof!! it's difficult for aliya... Sana stuck hershe find nothing to say she remains silent for a moment the time to look in the past.. and suddenly a memory comes back to her a image that comes to join her spirit to save her lie

"Years backwards before the relationship of Sana and Varun ... even before she be friends with Sana ... she was already inlove with Varun... that day she went to the pool where her brother Samrat used to go... he had forgotten his swimming bag at home she went to give it to him... got there ayoung man comes out of the pool abathing suit on his body hands straightening his hair... it was varun  the man of her dreams ... attracted by this body  bewitched she looks up and downpassing through a scar  which appears at the top of his swimsuit on his Hip right ... she kept it in memory  and today she needs this memory ... she smiled at Sana and said  "

-: You know sana Varun you know his relationship with girls don't believe that he was sad while you were away I made him forget all the times he spent with you

-: I don't believes you Aliya it's true that varun was not stable before but our love is real he never betrayed  even when we was separated

-: You don't want believe me ... you want proof Sana right? listen then ... Varun has a scar on his right hip that's enough to you or you want more

shocked Sana does not expect to hear that she don't know if she must believe Aliya's lie and take it as evidence to confront her husband... if Varun is reliable as he claims  how can Aliya know this detail on him he is not habitue  walking half naked before people  especially not in the presence of Aliya... maybe what her friend said is true  can be varun had intimate moments with her and he did not want to tell her... and that's why Aliya harassed him ... doubt is return she does not know what to say but think Aliya is not lying this time ...her eyes still fixed on her... tears flow and jealousy gives her a raging anger she says nothing gets up and goes away leaving the devil happy with his success... on the road she thinks

 " how Aliya can know that if she had not really an intimacy with him ... he lied he always lied to me  but this time I will not let it go like that I don't stay with him I must leave and go to my mother"

Sana decided to leave varun she don't trust him now... maybe he is not in relationship with Aliya now but he was and he lied he would not admit this relationship and it hurts her ... she goes home very sad tears torn her eyes she began to pack up before the return of her husband and during that time she thought of all the beautiful moments she spent with him beforeand after their separation she thought of her wedding day and this beautiful honeymoon she had with him  she loved it even if she believed that it was he who had left her... while she was in tears and reflection she did not see the time passing ... varun returns from work he finds a silence at home nobody welcome him  he is afraid he goes to look his wife in the kitchen well in the children's room he cannot find anyone he returned to his room and Sana is there to close her suitcase in tears  he understood that a woe it happened at her meeting with Aliya he approaches her... pale face a sign of fear he asks

-: What are you doing Sana ... why you take that suitcase

-: I will not stay here with you I return to my mother

-: What happened with Aliya ...he said with a calm tone... what she told you

-: The truth varun... answers Sana by looking in hiseyes ... the truth that you do not want to tell me

-: Which truth? I have hidden nothing to you ... he asks anxious... what she did this time ... I knew I should not let you go see her

-: Why ... she responds furious ... so she would not talk to me about your relationship ... you lied to me and you always lie to me Varun

Varun has understood that Aliya has manipulated Sana... he approaches her puts his hand on her cheek and said  eyes affected by love for her

-: I have not lied to you Sana I have never had arelationship with her

-: I have to leave ... she said  pushing his hand ... we have nothing to say... she takes her suitcase and advance a step towards the exit but Varun prevented her from leaving closing the door 

-: I don't let you go Sana ... we need to talk .. what she did to turn you against me ... what evidence she gave you to convince you

Sana look at him from top to bottom  and the image of what Aliya told her stands in front of her and reinforces her doubts

-: Let me go Varun you know what you did don't lie more than that

Varun took his wife by the hip  pulls her by anger towards him to keep her from leaving he said

-: No I will not let you go ... tells me what she told you

Varun's anger scared Sana she tries to break free of his hands but he holds her as strong that she find herself trap in his anger  which requires her to tell him with tears of pain

- :She ... she told me that you had a relationship when we were separated

-: This is not true she lies ... I have never had arelationship with her

-: you had arelationship Varun... I'm not angry about it you had a right we were not together.. but what hurts me that you did not tell me you lied to me I asked you the question several times if you were with her and you told me no

-: And I still tell you no ... I never was with her... I already told you that I never loved her

-: explains me then how she knows about your scar of hip she knows she told me

shocked by this revelation  and did not know how to answer this question... Varun frees Sana he looks ather and he said

-: excuse me !! what are you saying !!

-: Yes she confirmed to me ... said Sana crying had intimate relationship if not how could she know ... you don't moves without a shirt in front of everyone

-: It's not true ... he approaches to Sana takes her head in his hands and wipes her tear and defend himself... I don't know how she knows this detail I cannot defend myself but believe me I had nothing with her and I have never touched her ... after our separation I had no desire towards no girl

-: I don't know  Varun... always crying ... give me anexplanation and I will trust you

-: I don't know Sana maybe her brother told her ... Ihave no other explanation ... he keeps his hands on her cheeks stroked them  touched by the situation ... believe me please I don't want to lose you

Sana said nothing more she is upset she does not know what or who to believe she trusts her husband but what Aliya told is not simple she looks at him with tears and remains speechless... varun understood her anxiety  he sees his wife move away from him... fear and anger are seen on his face he holds her by the hand and said

-: you don't want to believe me? come with me

-: you take me where  let off my hand?

-: I brought you where you're going to hear the truth we go to aliya I am obliged to denounce her and prove my innocence... and you don't tell me no

Varun takes his wife in the car he decided to burst the truth in front of everyone and reveals all what aliya did  he refuses to let things that have reached this stage of severity he calls his father with his phone and asks

- :Yes dad it's me ... I ask you to reunite the family and go to the parents of lalit ... I have something to tell you

without being able to have explanations  Madhu accept the proposal of his son and executes his desire

in the car and on the road of lalit house... Sana is still in the refusal  to follow her husband she said

-: What are you trying to do varun I will not go with you take me home

-:listen sana ... he said after being stop at a red light ... I wanted to denounce her  but it was you who refused... and now you don't want to believe me because I have no explanation ... it's Aliya who will have to give it to you

At Lalit's house. Hira was surprised to see her whole family arrived without prevent a box of cake in hand  Gerima approaches to the mother in law of her daughter  apologizing

-: sorry for coming without prevent but my son Varun ask us to reunite here he said he has something to tell us

-: Varun (wonders Hira which can be understood what her brother wants to tell them) mom varun is not here

-: He will arrive with his wife ... she answers her

The two families are met in the sitting room Varun'sparents with his brother and his wife..Samrat and his wife his parents.. and lalit with hira except Aliya is abscente but will soon return

after a worried wait and after some long minutes Varun arrives with Sana he approaches  salutes everybody and apologizes

-: Excuse me for having disturbed you this way but Ihave something important to tell you and it concerns the two family... he takes a look at everyone  and said

-: I see that everyone is here but it lacks Aliya ...she is not there?

-: She's going back soon my son...responds her mother... sits down

this situation is not easy for Varun ... Sana sees his stress  sitting next to him and realized that he told the truth... and this truth she want to hear it too she puts her hand on his  he looks at this hand which has just landed on his and relieves him ... finally Sana believes him  he looks at her he smile and decides to talk

-: I think everyone knows my history with Sana... our separation our reunion and also our wedding

the looks are shared no one understands why he comes to talk about it here except Lalit and his wife who look to each other

-: When I met sana I loved her and my only wish was to live with her all my life but someone has decided that it does not happen  and that person has separated us  as she knew that sana was pregnant and that I am the father of her child... I found again Sana and I married her  but there's some days we discovered that we were trapped by someone  and that person is part of the family

the surprise and the question in the eyes of all ...who is this person who lives among them  and who betrayed their trust ... till Varun answers to these worries  the door opens and Aliya enters unwelcome by the view  she approaches her mother and said

-: Mom !! You celebrate something

-: Here you are my daughter  it lacked only you .. sit down!  varun has reunited us  to tell us something

-: Excuse me but I'm tired... she escaped the situation... I must rest

-: stays Aliya ... varun said... I will not belong now that you're here I'm goingstraight to the point

Aliya begins to be afraid but stays  for not letting doubts on her ... she sits andwaits for more

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arshi_sarun IF-Dazzler

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Superrr update thanks for the pm

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-DZ- IF-Achieverz

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spectacular update 

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Alicia2012 IF-Dazzler

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Wow great story please update soon 
I'm really looking forward to your next part of your story and I feel so sorry for khushi and arnav 

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ameena671 IF-Sizzlerz

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wow awesome update loved it thank you for pm.

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loved the updateClap
thank you for the pmHug

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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i hate aliya...

and this stupid sana...

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