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Chapter 5 the truth




Sana don't believe Varun  about Aliya and asked him not to talk abouther ... this story  has arisen in her mind and remains convinced that Varun has a relationship with her but he hides ... she wanted to build a new life with him and Varun also wished with all his heart  but this story has dampened things ... everytime he tries to approach her she reject him. because for her he hides that relationship ... Varun desperate  he thought that the birth of this new baby  will bring them together  and change their history ... but Aliya moved it away again ... andthe day of truth arrives soon ... Sana will discover that can be  all her assumptions was false ... one night she wakes up very thirsty  she goes into the kitchen to drink  in going out she passes through the living room whereVarun sleeps... she stood facing him  looking at him in his innocent sleep and think that things would have been different if Aliya was not present in his life she would have wanted  that his love for her remained as before.. as she is in her thought she hears Varun's phone ring... he received a message. Varun has not heard he was in his deep sleep she takes it by curiosity she wondered who sends a message at 3 am andsees that it's from Aliya  furious cannot prevent herself  she wants to see what she told him  she opened the message andread "I miss you Varun I can't sleep answer me please  I want to continue what we started"this message gives birth at Sana's jealousy  and thinks "he dare lie to me and tell me that there is nothing between them "very angry she wanted to confront him  but before she seeks other messages he senther for have more evidence but does not find.. for cons she finds a message  which drew her intention "it's my phone's number I never sent that message to Varun"she looks at the date of the message she receives a shock. it was sent by her phone  but she has no memory of having sent it... it dates of 5 years on the same day when Varun has sent her a message saying that he leaves her... she returns some years backwards with her memories and sees herself at home with Aliya she received Varun's message depressed and goes into her bathroom... and Aliya who confirmed her that he is dishonest  she remembers this day like today... she goes to get her phone  and look this message that made her such trouble and pain. she checks the time and date the same date the day when Varun returned from his trip  she has a doubts about this story and also on Aliya... "if she knew Varun as she pretend why today she sends him such a message"... she suspects a conspiracy  a trap from which she fell with Varun  she realized that can be he was innocent "Varun thinks that it is me who left him if it's not me who sent this message may be his message for me is not him who sent it" everything is clear to her now ... she wants to have confirmation  and goes wake up her husband

-: Varun !! Varun wake up ... she said softly he wakesup but seeing Sana standing in front of him he panics rises from his seat andsays

-: What !! what there is !! you're sick? ... he putshis hand on her cheek for fear for her ... it's the children

-: No I'm not sick and the children sleep quietly ...she answers him to reassure him... your phone rang  Aliya sent you a message  we need to talk

Varun sits on the couch  he thinks she still believes that Aliya is his girlfriends.. Sana sits next to him  he looks at her with his soft eyes and he holds her hands

-: Listen Sana you must believe me  I have not arelationship with her I don't love her and I will never love her it's she who ... she puts her finger on his lips to stop him and with a gesture of her head she said no which means don't say anything

-: I know Varun I believe you  it's not for this that I awakened you  I want to show you something ... when I saw Aliya's message I felt jealous and I wanted to see more  a message caught my intention ... and she shows him his phone

-: Your message ... he said. then he snatches hisphone  because it is something he does not want to remember ... it's the past that I've forgotten don't worry I did not even think  and I told you that I want to take our life from the beginning

-: I did not send this message Varun... she responds

-: It's not important Sana I know why you left and I have forgiven you  why dig you in the past ... all what I want isto start a new life with you

-: I don't do anything for that you forgive me's not me who sent this message ... she responds to him seriously

-: What do you mean Sana this is your number

-: I know very well that it was sent by my phone... Asthis message which was sent by your phone ... and she shows him the message she received from him

-: But I never sent that message!!!!!!!!!!!! says Varun  shocked he rise from his place... it is not me who wrote this !! !!

they look for a moment thinking they are mistaken they were fell in a bad trap and that theirlove has never stopped Varun approaches Sana puts his hand on her cheek and said

-: You have not written this message? it means that you never wanted to leave me

-: No neverVarun  I thought it was you who had cut that relationship ... that day  I wanted totell you that I was pregnant and when Igot the message I was lost I depressed  and my mother forced me to go with her the USA

 he approach more to her his hands hold her head tears in his eyes he said

-: You've always loved me then!! ? ... This message broke my heart for years I thought you had left me for someone else  forgive me for having doubted of you

-: I would never have left you ... she said in putting too her hand on his cheek ... I loved you too much and I never stopped loving you even when I'was away  I thought only of you

Varun takes Sana in his arm very strong as if he had just seen her after a long absence  relieved of the sadness that followed him for years  and realized that their love was always there but stolen by a devil Sana heats up in the arms of her husband she also is relieved knowing that Varun has never left her and he loves her as before or maybe a little more... after this time of meeting a truth appears Varun kisses his wife very strong and then he said  his eyes in tears

-: Who could do this Sana ... who may hate us so much?

-: When I got this message I thought you did not loveme and that you found another girl

-: I love you Sana and I loved only you ... we will resume as the first time ... we will relive our real love

-: and Aliya Varun ... she said looking at him sadly.. tells me the truth ... you have a relationship with her?

-: No .. I have no relationship with her it's true that we met but as friends ... and I don't hide that she tried I told her thatI cannot start something with her ... and since you came back I have not seen her...

-: is it true Varun !! Why she came to see you then

-: She always hope ... he takes a short silence and then said ... even when we were together you and me in the past she was trying but I made her understand  to stay in her place ... and today she continued  because my mother has proposed her to me

Sana takes a step backward this revelation made her fear she believes him but may be he hides something

-: Your mother  proposed you Aliya  for marriage?

-: Yes ... he said  putting  his hands on her hip bringing her to him delicately and reassures her ... but don't worry  I told her that I did not want to marry  and with no girl

-: You have not forgotten me Varun !!

-: And you also you never forgot me but it means that we have been tricked who have done this?

-: I think I have an idea ... responds Sana

-: you think for whom Sana ?

-: I think for Aliya  she was with me that day when I received your message  and you've received mine

Sana  tells him that day she was with Aliya  and she told her that she was pregnant... she told him that Aliya always advised her to leave Varun because he is not serious and if she does not leave him it's he who will leave her if he learns she is pregnant

-: When I had this message I have cried too much  I went into the bathroom and stayed an hour can be this moment she has sent the message

-:  I cannot believe she could did this but what Idon't understand  who sent the message with my phone

-: Where you was when you got the message?

-: At home I had just returned from my trip

-: Someone in your family is complicit with her Varun forgive me to tell you this but I think that's the truth  you have to discover who it is

-: I think I know who it is  my sister Hira... he tells her how Hira became friend with Aliya during this period he wondered  the secret of this relationship  but he stopped thinking about it  when she married Lalit Aliya's  brother  he gave himself a reason

after these revelations a silence takes its place Sana and Varun  finds themselves five years back with the same love but married with two children... he looks ather by love admire her face.. moves his eyes between her lips her cheeks and her eyes ... a desire wakes in him this face lacked him a lot ... since he found it  he has not contemplated  by that way he discovers it again ... he found his landmarks and admire some long seconds ... he wanted to kiss her and act asif this years of misfortune never existed intimidated  she rises for escaped to this look  she sinks with it he rises too holds her hand approached her put his hands around her waist  to bring her back to him delicately approached his head and said in a whisper  next to her ear with an envious breath

-: I really missed you Sana I will recover all these lostyears with you.. I will make your merited happiness thinks of nothing now  and comes back to me

Varun  kissesSana eagerly  as if he wanted to recover all the kisses hehad missed these years ... he carries her in his arms and goes into his room heputs her on the bed and lies next to her  and before continuing  what he started  he looks at her with emotional eyes he said

-: I have never thought to leave you I told you when Iloved you  you're the only one who has stolen my heart  and I promised you fidelity I kept my word  I have loved no girl after you these years Ithought only of you... you remained in my heart

Sana  advance  her lips towards him and kisses him  with all the love she has for him  taking advantage of those moments  which begin  in letting pass no moment of happiness Varun turns to his wife and kisses her too...then puts her under his body  to live with her  the lost days and he spends his night his wife in his arms as if he is afraid that in waking up  he does not find her  and that all this was only a dream ... but inthe morning Varun opens his eyes the breathing of his wife tickles his neck ... she is still there  and he has not dreamed he slept by protecting her with his arms the night was very short  he did not want to wake her he kisses her lips to keep their sensation on his that heat wakes her... Sana open her eyes and find herself with him and in his arms she looks at him she found this beautiful dream that she saw every night of these years is realized          she says "good morning"

-: good morning ... he answers in a soft voice and a fabulous smile ... I did not want to wake you

-: I wake up to see that I have not dreamed  and that night was real

-: You haven't dreamed ... after kissing her forehead... we are together again and this time is real

-: What we will do now Varun?

he turns again on her grabs her body against him looks a brief moment time to steal a smile and said

-: Repeat what we did this night ... and approaches tokiss her

-: I'm not talking about that ... she said softly witha smile that Varun looked for

before he gets to take what he wants his phone isringing to prevent them going further Varun refuses to answer but Sana insists he leaves the body of his wife takes his phone  he look at Sana and said annoyed

  -: It is Aliya ...

-: You will not answer her?

-: No ... let it ring

-: answers Varun .. we should not  leave any suspicion .. we'll think later to what to do

Varun  listens his wife and responds to Aliya's call  who asked him to meet him but he refuses saying that he has a job  and he does not have time right now and at the same time he thinks to en , this story in confessing everything to his parents ... he finished his call and told his wife who remained in bed while he talking on phone

-: I have to go to work but I don't come at noon  I'll go to my parents

-: You're gonna tell them about us?

- Yes I will tell them everything  and I will face Hira

-: No not today Varun she may deny... think before acting  we must think of a plan to trap Aliya and force your sister to confess andthink about your parents they will have a shock

-: You think of my parents before knowing them  you're wonderful ... he said satisfied  stroking her cheek ... very well  I'll just tell them about our marriage and the children  rests in bed it is too early... he kisses her and goes

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excellent update 

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Finally must cleared
Plz update soon

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Finally the truth is out 
thanks for the pm 

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Aha at last they know the truth I'm really happy.. Amazing update dear please update soon

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So happy they are together again. 
Both know the truth. 

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Brilliant update
Loved it
Thanks for pm me

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Loved the update Clap
Thank you for the pm
MU cleared, yay

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