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smat IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 1:25am | IP Logged
Brilliant update 
Thanks for the pm 

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fattiwriter Senior Member

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Posted: 07 June 2015 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
chapter 4 finding
episode 6



The months passed and Sana's belly grew... the body of a pregnant woman excites Varun  and makes him want to touch and feel what hides inside ... one day he walks toward her very bewitched she sees him move to her she remains in her place without moving  waiting to see where his steps takes him ... reach to her he puts his hand on her belly Sana's heart beats  and don't know what he wants to do then she asked

-: What are you doing Varun... and breathing escaped her

-: I want to feel my child moving in your belly

she can not resist to this need  Sana close her eyes and let him caressed her belly ... Varun continues to stroke her body look at her eyes closed.. he sees her disappear with her desires..benefits in advancing his hand to reach her cheek and tried to kiss her she does not want that the desire takes her away  she removes his hands from her and flees to her room ... Varun looks with a smile he understood that she wanted him he does not want to force her to go further with him  and think "I know you want me maybe you're scared to get back to me I will wait that you come by yourself "

this first step towards her gives him the courage to continue to test her feelings he begins to believe that she wants him... he attracts her to him taking care of her and his son ... when Sohail needs to go to the hospital for his care.. he takes leave of his work and accompanies him he remains with his family  until he brings them back at home he don't let Sana make efforts he does everything for she will be satisfied with him and when he is at home  he tries to awaken her desire  trying several times to approach her and feel her flesh in his hands... but all his attempts fail by the repetitive leaks of Sana

Varun don't lose hope he begins to want her everyday and tries .. even if these temptations are lost before he knows that one day he will get what he wants ... one day  sana out of her bathroom aftertaking a shower draped a large white towel wet hair, she thought varun wasnot at home but he came back he had called her but she did not hear did not find his wife he see in sohail's room who is sleeping deeply she is not in this room ... he returned to his room she was standing there back to the door look in the wardrobe ... this body half hidden excites varun he approaches her gently and strokes her arms .. she turns suddenly  she has not heard him she breathes very strong of fear and envy, trying to escape but varun retains her he caresses her cheek and kisses her deliciously she appreciated and participates with him wanting more he kisses her bare shoulder she refuses rejects him and asks

- : Please varun stops it

Varun cannot stop his desire furious he is losing patience... he holds her against him severely his eyes give off a love very eager and said to her

-: Why you runs away  every time I want to approach you... you are my wife Sana

-: No Varun I'm not your wife we are married for a reason  and soon we should be separate

-: But for me you are my wife  I don't care of this cursed contract... you  are mine I hold you in my arms  and I have the right to do what I want with you

Varun never was like that.. he is always calm always attentive but today he lost his calm  and don't lend attention to her pain ... very scared Sana's  tears begin to flow andher fear made her lose the knowledge  she fainted in the arms of her husband ... he regains consciousness. Varun realizes that he has hurt his wife he tries to wake her but she remains unconscious.. he carries her in his arms  puts her on the bed ... he looks at her a moment he regret to act in this way he strokes her cheek  looking intentionally and he tries to wake her

-: Sana!! What's happened to you!! wake up

he looks at her for a while, and remembers he had clamped her too strong against him while she is pregnant... maybe he hurt her to much and she did not dare telling him by fear.. he looks that belly which carries his child  and he kisses it ... Sana wakes up he looks at her... she open her eyes he said

-: I'm sorry Sana I hurt you I reacted unconsciously

-: I want to go live with my mother Varun ... I cannot continue like that.. tomorrow morning I took Sohail and I go

-: No!!... Varun is afraid that she leaves him ...don't go away I promise to not approach you ... you and Sohail and also thischild... by touching her belly ... you are my life now.  please stay

she feels him sincere... she thinks he really  begins to love this new life ... but she cannot prevent herself to think about Aliya and that she and Varun have a relationship... she accepts stay and continue this life  until the birth of her child

-: I'll stay  but not redo what you did today .. I was very scared of you

-: It was not my intention to scare you I'm sorry ...he answers  stroking her cheek wanting to resume a kiss

-: I want to rest varun I am tired

he said nothing stopped his gesture.. he look in her eyes to see her desire and be sure that she wants him he smiles satisfied  and leaves the room.

The month continuous to advance and the time of childbirth is coming soon Sana is going to have her baby and Varun will live this experience  that he waits since long ... a night when everyone is asleep Varun hears Sana's voice called him  he opens his eyes  she is standing in front of him  holding  her belly by pain  he jumped from his seatand asked her

-: What have you Sana!!  you're sick

-: you must take me to the hospital  the baby arrives

Varun never was in this situation  he panics disturbed don't knows what to do he holds her to soothe her pain

-: Yes !! come !! I'll take you to the car... he forgets his son Sana tells him

-: don't forget Sohail

Varun goes to fetch his son he carries him with one hand and with the other he holds his wife to help her to move... he installs them in the car and takes Sana to hospital  got there the doctor reassurest hat the childbirth will not be complicated but Varun is not quiet he saw her pain  and he felt it too ... after some hours of waiting that Varun has spent with his son in his arms the Dr. advances towards him and said

-: Your wife is going very well  and you have a beautiful baby boy

very happy Varun thanks the doctor  and asks if he can see his wife he gives Sohail to his grandmother  who came after he was called  and all enters the room to see her

:- How are you going my daughter... said her mother, who sits next to her,sana takes her son(Sohail) in her arms and he responds

-: I'm fine mom and the baby too

  she looks at her husband who remained next the door looking tired powerless with eyes shines of tears... she talks to her mother glancing at him from time to time she wants him next to her she wants him approaches her she needs his affection in this moment  their baby was born and she wanted to share this happiness with him... her mother understood that look she said

-: I'll go home now I'll take Sohail  he needs to rest

Varun remains alone with Sana in her room he approaches her sits down on the bed he puts his hand on her cheek  and asks

-: You feel better now

-: I'm fine ... she tells him ... and you why you aresad

-: I am happy  but I have remorse.. I saw your pain today  and I regret not being with you the first time... he means the birth of Sohail ... I wished if I could be with you to hold your hand  and nurtured him with you

Sana  thinks heregret having left her and he wants to forget everything... she wants toforgive him she wants to recover him she forgets Aliya and just think at this time  where he confides his regret she puts her handon his and said

-: I want to forget the past Varun?

-: I too want to forget ... Varun says very happy

he put his two hands on her cheeks and advance to kiss her lips  and he managed to kiss her warmly... a kiss that she appreciates as much as him buttheir intimate moment was interrupted when the nurse  returns and brings back their baby... Varuncarries his son in his arms and said happy to Sana

-: he is beautiful this baby  this is the first time I see and carries  a little baby like that

-: and how did you feel in carrying him

-: It is another life I cannot express my feeling..his tear in eyes .. what name you have chosen for him

-: I don't know I did not think... she responds ..  you want to give him a name?

-: When you told me about Sohail  it reminded me of the names we have chosen together ... responds Varun happy ...his name is Adil

Sana accept the name chosen by Varun for his son and finds he starts to love this family life  and that may be he will take with her this responsibility... she looks at this happiness and wishes that it's lasts and that Varun want to stay with her .. to dayhe kissed her  and she felt his love ...and she wants this love be forever but she is afraid that she's wrong. .. after some days Sana out of the hospital  and returned with her two children and Varun at their home .. still tired Varun asked her to stay in bed  and he will take care of her and his children... he prepared her a meal he puts Sohail in bed  and brings the dinner to his wife ... Sana eats her meal he sits next to her admires her and from time to time  he feeds her with his hand... his eyes never left hers  pleased that she is in good health and he tells her

-: I'm relieved you're okay now

-: Varun !! I want this life lasts  and that dream continues

He moves toward her his lips ready to catch hers  his hand caressing her cheek and he whispers

  -: Me too ... I want to forget everything  and continue this life ... stay with me do not go

Varun  refers to the past and the cause of their separation he warmly kisses her but suddenly she remembers Aliya  and thinks he talks about his relationship with her ... she pushes him and says

-: It was not what I wanted to say!! it ... she says no more

-: But I want Sana ... he answers her ... listen I will ask you nothing but I want us tostay together for the children of course

-: And Aliya !! what are you going to tell her

-: Aliya? why are you talking about her ... he diverts the gaze, not face

-: I saw her when she came here the other day. I know you are together ... she leaves sink some tears ... I'm not angry  you have the right to live your life but I never thought that Aliya  could steal the ...

-: what? continues what you meant ... he hoped she'll say the man of my life

-: I wanted to say the father of my children

-: There is nothing between she and me.. he says, taking her hands .. and I don't know why she came

-: I saw her and I heard her she told you that there's a long time that you did not called her

-: I have not had a relationship with her  and I don't want to have. she is a friend we met occasionally nothing more

Varun  does not want to say anything to her for the moment he does not say that in the past she made him advances.. he does not want to admit that he began to have a relationship with her to satisfy his mother but when she ( mean Sana) appeared again in his life he had begun nothing

  Sana turns her head on the other side she does not want hear more because she feels he is lying

-: she knows where you live Varun ... it means she is already come here and she said I missed you... how you explain it

-: All what I can tell you is that I have no relationship with her

-: Can be today ... but before you had a relationship with her

-: Never ... he tells her affected after having felt her jealousy putting his hand on her cheek  moving to kiss her ... she's nothing for me

-: So why she come here ... she prevents him to kiss her and pushes his hand ... you are hiding something to me

he refuses to answer... not because he has something to reproach himself  but because he has nothing to say  he never wanted to have relationship with Aliya but he does not want to say that it is she who go after him he understood her refusal  he leaves her alone  and goes to sleep

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Diva_Akorshi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 June 2015 at 11:15pm | IP Logged
amazing part...
again a baby boy is here...
this aliya is a nuisance...

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jeb1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 12:26am | IP Logged
Great update
Pls continue soon

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hajr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 12:37am | IP Logged
Awesome update 
Waiting for next update 

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 12:58am | IP Logged

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Linsie IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 1:00am | IP Logged
stop hiding and say it out...
this 2...

baby is born

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Alicia2012 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Wow great story please update soon 
I can not wait for the next part of your story and I really enjoyed reading your story so much i love this story so much.and arnav and khushi are awesome in the story.thanks for sharing your story with us 

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