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zebali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 May 2015 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
It was perfect update.
Tf pm.

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zebali IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 April 2014
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Posted: 24 May 2015 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
Wow hot and romantically written.
Pic and banner r dhak dhak only.
Tf pm.

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fattiwriter Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 10:32am | IP Logged

Chapiter 4 finding

episode 2


this experience that Varun spent with his son hasgiven him a taste to live ... his day was full of happiness ... today he hasseen again the love of his life after a long  absence he has never forgotten her and in hisheart he hoped this day... and more than that he discovered that he has a sonand she is his mother... he sees his story rebuild he sees it approaching  gradually towards him... but when he thinks what she did to him  he sees itmove away... he wanted to tell her forget the past  and resume our love  where we leave it... but he fears herrefusal... how was her life in recent years she can be married or has someonein her life ... in his car at the end of the day after having passed it withhis son he thinks about all that...  inthe way from his home his mother calls him on the phone

-: Varun I want to talk to you... you can dine at home

- :Yes mom I come right away ... Varun answers...arrived home the smile on the lips  thinking  about that little boy who threw himself intohis arms and who called him papa ... his family spotted from far away thissmile... his mother told him

-: You are very happy today my son ... good news thatyou want to tell us

-: Nothing mom just that now all is well... excuse meI'm going to my room to rest I'll be back in a few minutes

Gerima is satisfied to see the smile of her son... shethinks he begins to forget his past and coming closer to Aliya  gave him back his smile... she wanted to talkto him about his relationship with her but finally  she decided not to tell him ... she is happyfor him she shows her satisfaction and let him go

locked in his room for that no person bother him... Varunthink back on that day and at that time he hugged his son and the heat whichwarmed his heart for the love of a father to his so... a new feeling for himbut pleasant he liked it and he wants to feel it  every day

-: I cannot believe what happened today is this adream!! Sana is not far from me and with a child  which is mine... no matter what happened nomatter what you did and the evil that you make me incur... I loved you and Ilove you I will always love you.. especially today and the gift you justoffered me a son and you gave him our name... this confirms to me that you havealways loved me I don't know why you left me but I feel that you hidingsomething from me... I will bring you back Sana I will find this lost love

Varun found his way he will devote his life to his sonand his love .. even if sana does not want him he will not let her he will stayat her side to help her to nurture his son he said nothing  and to nobody even to his best friends  hedecided to live his life in secret and not give up his son and his mother andawaits the outcome of the analysis to save sohail. .. the moment of truth hascome he must take the biggest step of his life ... the day after his dream'sday and from that day Varun's life will change he must take in his shoulders agreat responsibility  which he alreadyprepared himself to accept  ... the doctorcall him and ask to meet him

-: hi Sana it's me ... varun told her one day aftertheir meeting ... the doctor called me he wants to see me... want you come withme!!

-: Yes I want I am impatient to know the results.. wemeet over there!

-: No! if you accept I want to come to take you withme

Sana accepts and they leave very confident thinks  their suffering is over and that the littleboy will be saved by his father... but the disappointment will always followthem... Varun is not compatible with his son... upsets  Sana cries and asks the doctor

-: What we will do now my son is going to stay likethat!! and if we don't find him a donor for him he may die in a few years

-: We did everything we could... if your son had abrother or sister things will have be easier

-: How it can be .. asks varun .. what do you mean

-: The brothers and sisters are more compatiblebecause of the cells... if you had another child he will be the donor...hethinks a moment and he tell .. you can have another child now.. in less thanthree years he will be donor

Sana looks at Varun .. then she looks at the doctorand said

-: How can you ask me that.. how I can think of havinga child to use it as a treatment for my son.. it was not human what you ask me

-: Don't take it as an evil ma'am.. the child you aregoing to have you will love him as much as the other and he will risknothing... and for you this is the quickest solution... you and your husband  you should discuss and make the right decision

-: But Doctor !! we are not ...

  she wants to tell him we are not married andthere is nothing between us ... but Varun don't lets her he holds her by thearm said thank you to the doctor and asked Sana to leave with him... in the carhe thinks of what the doctor told him he looks at Sana and thinks if she washis wife  the things will have beeasier.. he saw the tears in her eyes.. he is sorry for her.. he feels her pain and think of this solution.. he hesitatesbecause he fears that Sana refuses.. he said nothing and continued to drive andlook at her occasionally

-: What do I need to do now Varun! (still in tears)how I can save my son all doors are closed before me.. I have no solution..I'll lose my son

he stopped the car.. looks at her.. takes her hand andtold her

-: Don't lose hope Sana we will find a solution ... hewants to talk to her about what the doctor said but prefer reflect before taking this decision

-: you said We!! she asks  !! ..

-: Yes you and me ...he answers... because I don'tintend to abandon you and leave my son in this condition

Sana is happy.. she smiles wipes her tears and thinksVarun has a very big heart and he wants to help his son

arrived home Varun lies down on the couch and beginsto think about the words of the doctor and says

"If Sana accepts we will have anotherchild.. so he can help Sohail..  nomatter what happened in the past  but thesurvival of my son is a priority  I'llask her and I hope she will accept I'll ask her to marry with me "

that's what always wanted varun and the opportunity presentsitself to him, he refuses to let this opportunity, it passes this quiet night,and the next day he call her and invite her to the restaurant

-: I have enough problem like that varu, I don't havetime for fun, I have to find a solution

-: Precisely it's why I want to meet you .. we must talk about the solution

Sana accepts the invitation of Varun  and go with him to the restaurant

-: I want to ask you Sana... I don't want to go intoyour private life .. but this is important for me to know

-: Yes what do you want...she said forgetting a littleher grief

an issue that cuts his heart that he don't like toask  because he feared the answer  but finished to say

-: You are married !!

-: You brought me here to ask me this !! no I'm notmarried

delivered with this reply.. give himself courage tomake his request

-: listens Sana I thought at the solution of thedoctor to cure Sohail but I don't know if you're going to be okay

-: What solution !! ... Sana includes but continued tosay ... what do you mean

-: You heard the doctor what he said .. she looks athim and hope that he will not say a silly thing ... if Sohail had a brother orsister it will be easy

-: And then ... Sana told him don't understand wherehe wants to reach with his words ... you know he has neither brother nor sisterand I can never have any other

-: you can Sana and with me.. I thought to gave himone ... he puts his hand on hers ... we need to have another child to save him

Sana withdraws her hand that Varun covered with hisown... gets up suddenly from her seat... and thinks he wants to use her as hehad done before she responds to him furious

-: How dare you ask me that !!

-: Calm down ... he said looking around him to thepeople who look at them

-: This is not because my son is sick I'll do anything... she answers in a low voice ... I made a mistake once with you.. it didn'tmean that I agree to do it again

-: No !! it's not what you understand ... comes backsitting  I'll explain ... I want to marryyou Sana ... I mean just the time to have a child and after ... you arefree...  make a marriage contract for atime just  to have a child

funny the proposal... Sana sits back she does notunderstand Varun and why he does that... maybe for the love of his son but she feels that there is a behindsecret

-: You make me a marriage proposal !! and why do youask me that after everything that happened !! you Want to marry me !!

-: I heu .. I do it for Sohail but after that you arefree if you want to leave

Sana does not respond to this proposal  and asks him to give her time to reflect shegoes home and tells  her mother thedemand of Varun "this boy has something behind his head.. Abha says.. Idon't think he wanted do it only for his son I am sure he wants to recoverSana.. it's better like that Sana will not be alone " she trusts himand said to her daughter

-: listens Sana !! accepts his proposal  it's the only one you have before you for yourson.. and as it is he who offers you and he wanted to help you gives him achance to repair his error

Sana has given much thought to this proposal and whather mother said ... she decided to accept and she announced it to Varun... shehesitated before to get involved in this history she fears to be attach toomuch to him with this marriage  and notwanting to leave him... she loves him to madness  she has never forgotten him she wants to keephim forever  but she is afraid that itwas he who will leave her a second time to let her  with another grief... for spare herself allthat she said she wants to go just after she is pregnant ... Varun accepts hedoes not think about that for now  hejust wants to recover her and relive his love even if for a short time ... he does notthink of the time  he just wants to findhis life's love.. but at the same time he will do everything to keep her ... hewants to forget what he endured he wants to believe that she has changed andshe will love him again ... for a starting Varun  prefer to keep his marriagesecret  there will be only sana'smother  who be aware.. he is not ready toannounce to his parents  that  he already has a child  and he is going to marry with the mother ofthis child ... the Wedding are conducted in Vana's house  with the presence of her  mother and her some close friends.. Sana was dressed in a very nice moderndress which gave shape to her body  andhair  which shone her face Varun lookedat her with love ... he already sees her in his bed  and memory of that first day  where he took her to his apartment  and spent his unforgettable moment  with her... he approaches her and whispers inher ear

-: You are wonderful Sana  there is long that I have not seen you likethis

she said nothing just a soft smile  then beginswith him  the wedding rituals (engagementand marriage the same day) the secret of this marriage scares Abha  she asks Varun  after the ceremony  and before he take his wife home

-: excuse me to ask you this question  my son .. she asks him away from the ear ofher daughter .. why don't you talk about your marriage to your parents I knowyou did it for your son but I fear for the future of my daughter

-: Don't worry my aunt for Sana  she will be safely withme ... and for my parents  I'm not yet readyto tell them about Sohail  I just want totake care of him  and his illness ... anddon't worry for Sana .. I don't know if she want stay with me but I will doeverything to keep her I promise

Abha believes Varun a lot  but cannot understand his bottom  she puts her hand on his cheek and said

-: God protect you my son ... I don't know what happenedbetween you and my daughter  but I see asincerity in your eyes ... please don't  give up my daughter she needs you

-: I have already told you my aunt ... as long as sheneeds me I will never leave her  and ifshe wants to stay with me I will never leave her

after the ceremony Sana goes with her husband  in his apartment  to begin their new life  Sohail  will remain sleeping with his grandmother  to allow  time to Varun  to prove his love to his wife

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Alicia2012 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Wow great story please update soon 
I'm really looking forward to your next part of your story and congratulations on the new thread. Thanks for sharing your story with us 

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hajr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 10:51am | IP Logged
Yeh so happy they married 
Can't wait for next update 

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candyjan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 10:54am | IP Logged
Soo happy yar...
Continue soon...

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jeb1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 11:11am | IP Logged
It was awesome update
Thanks for pm me

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Lily30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Loved the update Clap
Thank you for the pm Hug
Eager for the next chapter Big smile

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