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Manan OS: Connected Hearts <3 (Page 6)

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 6:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SyedaFaiza

Have no words to describe how beautiful u write everything always.Star
To say it's beautiful is just understatement.
Hugs & kisses.Clap

Ps : kindly don't write sad stuff. It made me cry for sn entire day. I love my eyes naEmbarrassed :p
Aww..Thank you so much for your kind praise, words fall short to express my gratitude so i can only say thank you,
i generally write pieces on the sadder side but maybe i should start adding a disclaimer Embarrassed

- reya <3

Originally posted by ameerafatima

Awesome os loved it...
Thank you so much hun Embarrassed

- reya <3

maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 6:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by priya_sejwal

I m just thinking... tht wht should i write to appreciate this os
It was mind blowing... soo heart touching
Each n every gift...was soo good n memorable... manik was in London but he nvr forget to do best for nandu... all surprises r soo well planned n each connected with their memories!!!
Strting from her room to college... every place has manik feel...his spcl way of celebrating nandu bday...with her family but his presence in her heart...soo nice
Loved it totally...very beautifully written
Soo dreamy manan scenes..  u r an amazing writer... keep writing
Awsummm loveddd ittt!!!!!ClapClap

Awww..And i am just thinking of words to thank you for your kind words. So i can only say thank you for your kind priase. I think it's Manan that are magical and provide amateur writers like myself with inspiration. And we tend to draw on vital parts of the show and use our imagination.
So glad that you liked it. 
Hope you keep reading Embarrassed

- Reya <3
maankigeet4ever IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 November 2010
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Posted: 11 May 2015 at 7:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by twinkle10

To my Nandini aka Sunny aka Reya...
So finally...here I am...where I think I've wanted to be for the last two days but was just not able to make enough time to sit down in a peaceful corner, read this piece a few times...absorb it as much as possible and then leave you with what I hope to be is a memorable love letter. I'm not going to make any false promises of keeping this reply short and sweet because I really don't think I'll be able to keep it concise and quick. I have too much to say to you, to many emotions need to be let loose and for a fact I know that there is no other corner or thread in this forum where I can just unleash all my feelings.

I'm going to start off a little bit with telling you what this piece meant to me. This thread...your surprise piece...your words...it's my home. For a fact I know you know very well what last night's episode did to me. The reason for that is because your emotions weren't any different either. There was so much pain, so much suffering, so much heartbreak...but above all...there was love. Just endless, boundless, pure love that our MaNan have for each other. And their love won last night. Like you said...they made it home and repeating my own words...their silence literally screamed of their love! Home for me has always been where unconditional love lays. Some 76 days ago...I signed up on this forum knowing that this place would just be another form of entertainment during my break hours from the stresses of life. But here I am today...76 days later...absolutely drenched in emotions which I really hadn't thought would be something I would feel during my journey over here. Let alone journey, I hadn't even comprehended that I would be making daily posts here and foremost that I would one day bump into a very beautiful soul who I'd form an instant connection with. Our friendship...our bond may only be 76 days old but I've cherished every single minute of those 109, 440 minutes I've had the grateful blessing of knowing you.


Two weeks ago when I had posted my family tribute post for all the beautiful people I've had the pleasure of meeting here...never had I even imagined that I would be gifted such a beautiful and priceless gift from a girl who's taught me not only the A B C of this forum, but she's inspired me in so many ways to become a better daughter, a better sister, a better writer and a better human being.


Now coming back to this story, there's no doubt that this is one of your finest pieces of work. As big of a fan I'll always be of your saddist pieces...a happy ending always has its own kind of a charm. But that's not the reason for the special sort of attachment I feel towards this piece. This story was flawless in its own ways. From the way you took us on MaNan's journey with the meaningful elements of their relationship such as the staircase, her terrace, the magic of their hands, his blazer, his obsession with her earrings and picking a dress for her, and of course...the pink notes. But that's not the reason why this piece is so close to my heart either...


There are such hidden specifications, such beautiful notions that only I can pin-point because I know they are dedicated to our friendship. Her Manik was only 4470 miles away from her...but my Nandini aka you, even though she is 9665 miles away...never have I ever felt as close to you as I did when I read this piece. Through this piece...you re-defined our friendship Reya...you just about reiterated all those reasons why we instantly bonded the way we did. I've said this before too...that MaNan just seems like an excuse now to justify why I log on to IF to talk to you. But the truth really is that our friendship may have started because of our adoring love towards our MaNan babies, but we're at a stage now where I see that this friendship is not restrained to that love. I see a lifelong friend in you...a friend whose voice I may not exactly recognize but if someone laid out four different line of thoughts or distinct set of words, I'd be able to pick even with my eyes closed as to which one belonged to my Sunny. I may not exactly know how this friend of mine looks like...but if someone asked me how would I differentiate her from a crowd of 100 people, I would say that she's the one with the most purest heart I've ever met.


This story...too many PHEELS!! Haha The pheels of why MaNan's heart connected and why my heart connect with yours...the pheels of why our Manik and our Nandini were always meant to be but also the pheels of how mine and your friendship was always destined. The pheels of how our Manik knew just when his Nandini would need him the most...and the pheels of how you knew just how to lighten up my day!


I'd be up a whole night if I were to specify which bits were my most favourite...but I still am going to mention just the minor few. When he gifted her his blazer...*sighh* the biggest token of love he could give to her when she misses him the most. His scent...(the idea of scent is quite significant in our friendship too...for me at least because of how it's one of your answers to one of my questions :P)...the idea of leaving behind a fragrance of his presence was just so beautiful...and the way she doesn't take even a single minute and envelops it against her own self to blend it in her own scent...I just can't express the emotions I felt whilst reading that scene.

When she lays on her bed...missing him even more than what she had originally started off with, and then finds the note saying "Next gift: My VOICE"...that one line just filled me with a mixture of so many emotions...I teared up but I was smiling so foolishly too. And the minute she finishes reading that note, her phone buzzes and the way she just exclaims "Manik"...sheesh...how do you do it? I could hear Nandini's voice ringing in my ears and then Manik's soft laughter that you described echoed too.

But the one element that constantly kept hitting a deep corner in my heart was how his hamesha and her hamesha have finally come together now. He believes in her true love too...he knows she's his forever...he knows she's his hamesha!


And well hasn't forever always been our thing too??


This..."forever waali friendship"...has certainly been the reasons of many happy waali mornings in the last 76 days and many heart-touching waali conversations. And all I can really say as I conclude my massive love letter is that I hope that this forever waali friendship, continues to grow and blossom like MaNan's hamesha waala love!


Love you to the moon and back my girl! And really...you're that sister in every way and form that I never had! Muaaah... <3

(Credit to the uploader)

Love Hamesha...

Your Manik aka Twinkie aka Aashna Hug

P.S. This story for me is like Manik's pink note to Nandini...it will always keep me close to you and keep our hearts connected <3
P.S.S This pic ...it's close to both of our hearts I know and hence I decided to attach it...because after reading this response...I only feel myself to be as far away from you as the thickness of this tent's fabric. Nandini knew Manik was always there...and so I want you to know too that your Twinkie will always be there for you too <3 


So i finished writing my entire and i mean my entire love letter to you and it all went away, I was just freaking fixing a spelling mistake.  and i really really really wanna cry so bad Cry Ohh IF why this hate..WHY ? Here goes my second love letter. Honestly i know i won't remember everything i said to you but i shall try. Please scold and punch IF for me, Manik. I as your Nandini allow you to be violent this time around. 

Okies. so i saved the best for last. Mainly because i have no idea what to say in reponse to this beautiful long love letter of your. see, being awesome at words is your thing, not mine LOL..like i read it a few hundred times, aww, gushed and smiled like a fool but i don't really know what i can say to thank you for your beautiful words. Your praise for the piece means so much for me coming from such a talent writer but moreover, the words you have said about our friendship and relationship, those are the ones that left me speechless.  So i am just gonna put my feelings here and hopefully this doesn't get too lovey-dovey for the public forum and people tell us to "carry on with our PDA" LOLEmbarrassed Other people reading this, this love letter isn't meant for for you, please stop reading at this point LOL

Thou i have told you the gist of my inspiration for this piece.. I was thinking and thinking what i could write for you which would also convey how i feel about our friendship too. Your 50 days of writing responses on Manan meant a lot to me, but moreover it was the friendship, and this beautiful bond that we bulit that i wanted to celebrate and thank you for. And came connected hearts, no matter the distance, true love has a way of keeping hearts connected. Be in romantic love or be in soulful friendship. That's the magic of love, it's felt. Not seen, not heard but it's felt the deepest. And you and i , Twinkie bear and Sunny, Manik and Nandini, and  Rabia and Aashna, no matter where we are in this world, we stay connected to each other. And when one of us doesn't message during the day, we worry LOLAnd when we do message, we apologize for making the other worry cause we know, the other person did worry LOLEmbarrassed I always say it while i knew it right away that you and i would be friends ( the vibe thing), i just didn't know how special you would become to me, and how priceless this friendship would be. Where this beautiful positive human being teaches me so much about life. Where this beautiful girl would become more than a friend, she would become a younger sister, my personal diary where i can open share my happiness, sorrows, fears and worries. This friendship goes beyond our mutual love for Manan now, Now, this friendship we hope to continue for years to come, where the love will grow, grow like a old-aged tree Embarrassed and this friendship of ours is our hamesha types friendship, our forever waali friendship which goes beyond our mutual love for Manan, our frienship that the world sees and notices as love, our friendship that even IF is envious of and doesn't let us send long love letters to each other (ahem ahem IF, like this very response, IF !)

And coming to the piece, i am so honoured that you think it's my best piece and maybe it is because i wrote it from the heart, wrote it especially keeping our relationship and friendship in mind too. And i absolutely love how you have picked on some aspects of this piece that no one else could because you know me so well ( i had a feeling you would pick up on the scent scene for sure..lol) 
I love that you chose to attach that tent picture for me. That scene be love and no, i won't start talking about it cause i won't stop..lol. But that scene will always be special to me cause we bonded over as sadist partners initially. 

You shall always have a special corner in my heart. You will always be my huggable Twinkie Bear, my Manik. And i am honoured that you have allowed me to see who Aashna is. And i love every part of who you are. 
I promise that i shall always remain your Sunny and hopefully give you reasons to smile, be your Nandini because Manik and Nandini's love is Hamesha types, the forever types. I shall always be your Reya and Rabia. 

Love you always and forever,
- Reya aka Your Sunny aka Your Nandini aka Your Rabia <3 (haha, this one i think is the longest signature ever for me..lol)

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KaShforever06 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome OS.. 
Loved it.. 
sanghita0000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 September 2015 at 8:43am | IP Logged

WOW!! Awesome os...loved it dear... sorry for late comment... I am not well...just returned to IF after 15 days...

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