Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Mistakes & Love Praja FF Complete 118 (Page 61)

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Originally posted by ApekshaM

Originally posted by ApekshaM

hey dida... HugHug
congrats for becoming dazzler.. PartyParty & abt the updates.. will comment later ,, as I'm in a rush.. bahar jaarahi hu.. & will be back after in late evenung.. aane ke baad pakka review dungi.. Winktill then res,, Tongue
unres *

finally ghar pohonch gayi.. itne saare shopping ki meri mom ne.. Par saare bags mujhe uthane pade.. ab sochiye mere komal haathon ka kya haal huwa hoga.. Unhappy Tongue

Khair... abt ur update.. by god kya halat hogayi saare boys ki.. but good for them atleast from now own they won't dare to make their wives cry.. Tongue
Bade dajiraj - He is a mastermind Party
Sagar - He is such a darling.. EmbarrassedHeart

hmm.. toh chundawat mama ji & Kalla ki bhi entry hogayi.. woh bhi ekdam dabang wali... Clap

this update was ekdam jakhaas.
. Party
now I'm eagerly waiting for next part..

well I hope u r feeling gud now.. but phir bhi take lil extra care HugHug waise only few days..then may be I might quit I/F due to my studies..Unhappy well till then I'll try to comment regularly..Smile

@red: I can understand tere komal haathon ki haalat after all meri mom bhi toh yehi karti hai - shopping karengi and bag mujhe dengi

@blue: Thank you Thank you

@darker shade of blue: Feeling much better but still being conscious re

@Bold: KYAAA...aisa mat kar re because in July I was going to post my dream projects for you guys ab tu nahi padegi toh phir kya fyaada usko post karne ka and meri baaki ki stories ka kya hogaCry

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Last update for the day...ab hum chalein dinner karne toh baad mein milenge...waise iss update ko kai baar edit karna pada toh umeed karte hain ki aap sab ko pasand aaye agar nahi aaye toh aaj ka episode dekhna na bhoolein Maharana Pratap raat 10 baje aur koshish karein ki Patta ki disappearnce ki wajah dhoondh tak ke liye - good and happy reading

Chapter 57

Raghvendra is here on your Bade Daata's invitation Pratap she answered handing him his bar as she sat down beside him. He looked at his mother who smiled and gave him an envelope

JB: Today we took the girls to the doctor you know and so I thought you might like to have these- I gave Chakrapani his images as well - pointing to a sombre Chakrapani who was surrounded by the rest of the gang as they looked at the baby when Bade Daata came and one look had all of them running for the obstacle course again

Later in the evening all the boys returned to the farmhouse all bruised with body aches groaning and moaning. The living room had been turned into a play area for Sagar who was playing with Ajabde and Subho- as the boys entered they saw the three of them having fun playing catch -as Subho threw the ball a little farther Sagar ran without noticing the newcomers and ran straight into Pratap's legs. The toddler landed on his behind as he looked up to see who had obstructed him while caressing his tiny bum he froze - it was like a switch went on in him and he started crying and saying

I'm sowwy...don't hurt me...pwease...I not gain...pwease

He was having a full blown tantrum when JB came along with BD - Ajabde and Subho were shocked along with the others but it was Pratap's look that was haunting BD

BD: Pratap

Pratap saw his mother and so did Sagar who dashed to JB and stood in front of her with arms stretched -no hurt good boy

Pratap's haunted look came back again as realisation hit him hard without saying a word he just turned around and left

Ajabde: Pratap she called out but BD stopped her

BD: Not now and then JB cradled a sobbing Sagar trying to calm him down

Raghvendra had witnessed everything so he shared a knowing look with BD who just went back to the study to read the files he had on Sagar because if his sources were right then Sagar was his grand-child and RG's nephew.

Ajabde went out with a steaming cup of hot chocolate for her husband who was punching the hell out of the punching bag. Pratap was surrounded by his past demons who had clearly come alive after Sagar's tantrum - he recalled the manner he would plead to his father to not to hurt him and stand in front of his mother to protect her and failed miserable for when he was young and today he saw the same in Sagar. There was no doubt that they had the same monster who was troubling them the only difference was that Sagar was a kid and with proper guidance could forget the harsh reality whereas he had to live with his demonic past

A soft hand came on his rough one as he punched the bag again making him stop. His wife stood there with a cup of hot chocolate. Only she would dare to be near him when he was in one of his moods everyone else left him alone but not his wife. She tenderly pulled him to her -made him sit and then offered him the drink while she tended to his wounds. She didn't say a word instead quietly cleaned the torn skin and bandaged his hands while he kept staring at her

Pratap: So how did the doctor's visit go?

Ajabde: It was fine. Nothing much

Pratap: I'm sorry for last night about flower pot

Ajabde: You shouldn't be after all my pregnancy riddled brain was at its peak and I'm sure you have justifiable reasons for keeping her under your scrutiny - but she stays away from you

Pratap finally cracked a smile

Ajabde: How are you holding up?

Pratap: It was dj vu all over again like I was Sagar and facing Uday Singh. I'm sure Ajabde that Sagar has a connection to that man and if he does then that makes him my half-brother. All these years I thought I had a control on my past demons but as I saw him standing in front of Maa with arms outstretched it was like the old times again and I felt so helpless so alone

Ajabde: Shhh... you are not alone. She pulled him into her embrace his face in the crook of her neck. She rubbed her hands soothingly all over his head and back whispering I love you and I'm here, we're here for you, giving him pecks on the head when it happened making both of them look at each other

Ajabde: Did you just

Pratap: you too

And again it happened like the butterflies fluttering its wings their baby let them know of its presence. Ajabde took Pratap's hand and placed them on her belly where they embraced the miracle of life she carried within her as a family.

Chapter 58

Sagar stood behind JB as they came to meet Pratap. Sagar now knew that no one would hurt him his Mamma said it to him (looking at JB) so now they were going to meet Pratap Mamma said he was Dada Bhai that he would never hurt him and love him like she did. JB took in her son who looked relatively calm after the fiasco. Pratap remained quiet but he saw Sagar who was trying his best to hide behind JB but as the toddler was pushed forward by the woman in question he looked at Pratap thoroughly who was studying him as well. Sagar took the first step and then there was no stopping him he stood in front of Pratap looking up at him: Sowwy

Pratap smiled when the young one continued: Me mamma -my mamma - me baby - me baby you- dada bhai - mumma -dada bhai - baby - my family. She my too (looks at Ajabde who winked at him making him blush) Pratap raised his hand which scared the kid but then as he ruffled his hair Sagar held onto his arm - owwies (looking at the bandaged hands) and slowly he kissed them and rubbed his tiny fingers -owwies okay - right mumma. JB nodded as tears welled in her eyes as well Ajabde's who took in the bonding between the two brothers

Bade Daata sat in his study looking at all the files also the blood test he had rushed earlier had come in positive - Sagar was RG's nephew but what did it mean? JB was clearly attached to Sagar so were Ajabde and Subho while the boys didn't show it they took had taken a liking to the young one. He saw across the huge ornate glass windows as the grown-ups played a game of ball with the young one who was doing much better after his nap. Sagar was holding Pratap's hands like he used to hold his when he (Pratap) was a child and if RG was Sagar's uncle that would mean that Sagar was Uday's child. Everything was getting complicated by the minute but he knew Sagar was the key of recovery and healing for all of them. RG entered his office and said: We need to talk

Everyone was enjoying the break they had received after getting their egos bruised in the obstacle course. After Sagar fell asleep Bade Daata came in and took them all for the obstacle course - he made them repeat it until they all cleared it in one go but he was harshest on Pratap and Chakri who were made to do it all military style and had to do extra laps for taking extra time to clear the climbing obstacle. Everyone thought that Ajabde would say something but she enjoyed her snacks as she saw a comedy movie inside along with JB. And now they were taking a break before the ring fights - BD was waiting for someone and then they were going to pair up and fight. One thing everyone was sure of was that BD would fight Pratap but they were all in for a shock

BD: I'm the judge so I will be seating out with my girls and monkey man here

Som: Wait what?

Maan and Veeni: You're the judge! (Shocked)

Pratap, Chakri and Hakim looked at him incredulously while Akbar blurted

This is some trick BD you are the judge but you will jump in if you feel the fight is not up to your expectations and stuff and then we will be doomed

 BD: No I'm not fighting and only 3 of you will enter the ring today - all 3 might get a chance to fight or only one fights - who knows just be prepared - the names will come on the projector

Everyone looked at the projector when the fight pairs came

Pratap VS Raghvendra

Chakrapani VS Rawat Chundawat

Akbar VS Bairam Khan

Akbar looked at BD and shouted: Khan Baba is back (happily)

At the door stood two gentlemen all ready for their fights- Bairam Khan and Rawat Chundawat - all allies with Bade Daata and now gathered to tackle the situation standing at their doorstep

BK: Don't shout like a 3year old and be prepared to get your behind thoroughly punished

Akbar: I can take you on Baba - he hugged the old man who was his father figure since his own parents were too busy socialising with the others on trips. BK had raised him and was his everything while Rawat Chundawat brought a smile on Ajabde's face

Ajabde: Mamasa

Rawatji: Let me look at you my child. You look so pretty and gorgeous

Ajabde: Mamasa I'm fat

Rawat: Nope you are carrying our heir - who's going to learn all the fun things from us. Come now take a seat.

They greeted JB and the others - boys took their blessings. Rawatji hugged Pratap while his wife avoided eye contact clearly her hormonal brain was still angry

BD declared: Let the fight begin

RG had already taken his place while Pratap joined in the ring as well

Rawatji whispered: Does he know?

BD: No but he will now

BK: It's going to be an epic fight

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Wonderful chapters GarimaBig smile

Edited by Nonie12345 - 31 May 2015 at 6:13am
.moonglade. IF-Sizzlerz

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Emotional update! Poor sagar and pratap.CryThat devil US should just get what he deserves.Nothing less and nothing more.AngryAngryAnd wow AS has started kickingLOL.
And bairam khan has entered too.Smile
aayu_26 Senior Member

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Great update diClap
Sagar is so adorable chooo chweetEmbarrassedLOL
I'm loving the bonding between the contestants!Tongue
But now pls show chakrwati bonding aur thoda jaldi mystery solve karo naConfusedWink
Enjoy karo dinner good nightSmile
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Hope you are feeling better. I just recovered from a cold myself and an ear infection in both ears to boot. That's life.

Sagar is so cute and adorable. Love the boot camp for the boys. They need it.

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ApekshaM Goldie

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Ole ole Sagar baby.. is soo cute.. 

Praja moments - loved it.. it was cute & sweet.. Sach. . Dono kitna hi naraz hojaye ek dusre se.. but in bad times they will always be there for each other..Embarrassed

Fight shuru hogi.. woh bhi aise opponents ke saath..??! It will be an epic fight  as khan baba said..
Waiting for some dishoom dishoom..LOL

And wat does bade dajiraj is planning of? Shocked

Us Uday ko acche se sabak Sikhana. .

Do continue soon..Big smile

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Originally posted by crazy-for-praja

Emotional update! Poor sagar and pratap.CryThat devil US should just get what he deserves.Nothing less and nothing more.AngryAngryAnd wow AS has started kickingLOL.
And bairam khan has entered too.Smile

Hey Ramya
Yup BK has arrivedSmile

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