Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Mistakes & Love Praja FF Complete 118 (Page 44)

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Hey guys so as you are aware today is my 1hour long presentation so I will be busy throughout so am leaving you with a really long update and the next one will be tomorrow (late afternoon). Also just wanted to let you know that I got my new cell-its a Samsung and am really happy

So chalo enjoy the update
PS: I'm really sorry that I have not been able to PM but my studies are not letting me focus clearly so I come update and then go back to my studies -kindly forgive me but my PM's will be regular once am done with the studies.

Chapter 42

Everyone had gathered at the Sanga residence to hear Raghvendra out. Sanga had informed everyone about his findings which caused quite a stir- Pratap wanted to beat every inch of Raghvendra and he was not the only one - Chakri, Som, Maan, Veeni, Hakim and Akbar all had come prepared to take Raghvendra out and show him what happens to the people who try to harm their mother as all the boys considered her as a mother figure in their lives. Unfortunately their rage caused the BP in both the pregnant ladies to fluctuate that resulted in them crashing down

Jaiwanta checked upon the girls regularly making sure that they were doing well and one look from her had the boys scattering themselves in the two rooms. Sanga came back early and informed them about Raghvendra's visit which brought back the anger but as soon as Ajabde and Subho greeted Sanga they calmed down.

Raghvendra came in alone to speak to the family but seeing how the boys had surrounded JB he was impressed - they loved her unconditionally. Ajabde and Subho took charge of the snacks and drinks but Raghvendra refused and politely asked them to rest considering their delicate conditions

Raghvendra: I know all of you have a lot of questions and I will answer each of them but before that I need you to hear me out - I have two younger siblings and Veer is the youngest one. My Veer was a shining star she could bring life into any room she walked into - everyone loved her and I adored her more than anything. Never could say no to her which caused a lot of silly banter amongst us siblings actually. It was like Raghvendra was lost in memories - Veer wanted to study Mass Communication and specialise in Public Relations so that she could join the family business as PR specialist. Our parents passed away and the only elder we have left well we are not amiable with them as they all want the business to be divided which was against our elders wishes. Being the eldest means you get a lot of responsibility and a lot of trouble as well - I made sure my sisters were safe but one of our family members was a snake - that woman wanted money and in order to get that she kidnapped Veer while she was returning from her classes. My Veer never saw the bad in people and thinking that she was with a family member went willingly unaware that the family member was taking her to her doom. Veer was sold to Uday Singh and it has been 5years since we received any news about her whereabouts- the last news I got was Veer had a son - he would be a toddler now. All I want is to get my nephew away from US, find my sister and US to pay for all the pain he has caused to our family.

Pratap: Why my mother?

Raghvendra: The first time I met you I had no idea that your ex-husband would turn out to be US - it was a mere coincidence that the file I had on US well I didn't read it until after our meeting and when I did all I though was if he saw me with you - saw his ex-wife moving on then he would do something rash -make a mistake that might open up some options for us to find Veer and her son

Akbar: That's alright but what were you planning on doing? Parading our mother like she is some trophy- an object to be used so that your plan could work

Som: Let's say your plan worked then what?

Maan: You find your sister and her child - you get your revenge but what about our Maajisa?

Raghvendra: I would never use her like an object - I intended on taking her with me for the annual save the girl child and educate them today charity ball that takes place before the official conferences start and as I mentioned I do wish to marry her so I would never do something that would cause her pain

Ajabde finally spoke up: I know you care deeply for Maa and you had no intentions of hurting her but you forgot that in order for your plan to work she would have to come face to face with US - her past - the past that has caused her immense pain and suffering. You would get your window of opportunity but she would be thrust back into the darkness she escaped from all the years ago. All she would see is the pain, humiliation she suffered - her son's anguish and a failed relationship which only made her doubt everything and everyone around her. You didn't take that into consideration at all

Everyone was quiet as they knew Ajabde was right before anyone could say a word JB spoke

JB: I'm ready to help you get your sister and her son back.

Raghvendra: Jaiwanta Baiji I

JB: and once you have them you can go back to your family as I have no intentions of marrying you

JB left the room with Raghvendra all contemplative while the others saw the pain the woman was going through. Pratap went after his mother but Sanga stopped him

Sanga: Not now Pratap - let her be alone for sometime


Chapter 43

It had been an exhausting evening for everyone JB was in her room alone staring at the wall straight ahead thinking of what destiny had planned for her. She had an arranged marriage with Uday Singh which brought the most amazing set of in-laws she could ask for but also brought with it a lot of pain and sufferings. Sanga sat in his study looking the picture frames that were kept there from his wife's to the one that had Pratap and JB laughing with Karnawati watching them with a smile adorning her face, the next one had Pratap and Sanga - a baby Pratap slept in his Bade Daata's arm holding his finger, then came Pratap and Ajabde's wedding - it was a small quiet affair but it was filled with love and family- the one with the entire family including all the boys was framed and put in the main living room and he had one on his desk to remind him that US might have been a failure but they had found many more grandsons to love and adore and now Ajabde and Subho were carrying his great grandchildren - a moment he looked forward to but at the time Raghvendra - JB situation was making him worry as finally he had seen pure happiness on JB's face whenever she was with him but destiny never played fair with her

Sanga looked at his wife's picture: My love you are up with the creator kindly threaten him with some serious harm so that whatever game they are playing with our JB is stopped. Its time she got her happiness my love

Pratap had a lot of pent up energy which he wanted to get out so he went to the training room and he was not alone -all the guys joined him and they all started to practice their skills even Som left his technology behind and had a sparring match with Veeni. All of them were thinking of old times when they would practice and JB would come in bringing in protein shakes or healthy snack bars which she would make for them.

The girls were sitting all by themselves in the living room worried for the family - they stayed away from their husbands as they knew that they needed the spaces right now - everyone needed the space at the moment.

Raghvendra thought of all the moments he had shared with JB - her smiling face making its way in the front when he recalled her words - I'll help you get your sister and son back and once that is done you can leave - I have no intentions of marrying you

Those words caused a pang of pain in his heart - his cold-heart that had started to beat for someone for the very first time. His cell rang it was his sister Sajja he didn't answer his phone instead he took a turn and kept driving

Uday Singh was angry which was quiet evident as his mistress was lying on the ground clutching the bed-post with contusions on her body from his punches and slaps

US: Where is he?

GJ: I swear I have no idea - I was with you the night he ran away

US: That kid I swear when I'll find him I'll teach him a lesson he would never forget. What about my files from Songara and Mughal?

GJ: Phool wanted to meet me for drinks to give me the stuff but you came in howling her voice gets lower towards the end

US: Go get your pathetic self-dressed up and get me those files and listen you better not try anything funny or else your images and videos will go viral

GJ gets up and hobbles towards the bathroom to get dressed while US leaves

Chapter 44

Ajabde and Subho decide to make everyone's favourite food so they take Sanga's car and drive to the market but as they were driving by Ajabde suddenly stopped the car on the roadside and started to mumble Oh god

Subho: Ajabde what's wrong?

Ajabde got out of the car and rushed for the trash bin that was kept there alarming Subho more

Subho: Ajabde please be careful and what are you looking for? Suddenly Subho's eyes fall on the object that Ajabde was removing - it was no object it was a small hand - a child's hand to be exact

Ajabde pulled the child while Subho bent down to check up his pulse

Subho: We need to rush him to the hospital Ajabde

Ajabde drove like a maniac to get to the hospital where they admitted the child as Subho went to check on the boy Ajabde did the paperwork- as she was filing out the details another doctor came out - looking like a total snob he asked for the child's case and without looking at his file or glancing at patient he ordered the nurse to look after him while he went out for a date. Ajabde had heard him and was astonished that a doctor like him would do such a thing which she voiced out loud making the doctor look at her strangely. Ajabde returned his stare fully making him angry

Doctor: do you have a problem?

Ajabde: Well there is a child that has been brought in and as a doctor instead of checking him up you are going out for a date and you ask me whether I have a problem or not

Doctor: There are other doctors as well

Elderly Nurse butts in: Sorry sir you are the only one on call and everyone knows it so do you

Doctor: Thank you for the info nurse

Ajabde: Hello speak politely to her she's not someone below you - in fact she's elderly

Doctor: I have had enough from you and if you don't

Ajabde: Don't what huh? Her hormones making her real mad - there is a life at stake and you are concerned about a date. Just wait till I lodge an official complaint

The doctor had enough he caught hold of her hand surprising everyone but the poor guy had no clue that the woman he had crossed was Ajabde Songara - so he was totally unprepared for the punch that landed on his face which made him tumble backwards and fall hard on the ground on his behind. As he took the support of a stand kept nearby he slipped that led to the stand falling and the vase that was kept on top it fell directly on his main area making him scream like a girl but caused everyone else to laugh.

Ajabde went to check up on the kid when Subho met her

Subho: You recognised him didn't you?

Ajabde: Yeah it's the same kid we met on the airport

Subho: What was his name?

Ajabde: Sagar...Sagar Singh


Chapter 45

Pratap and the others sat in the living room waiting for the girls when the phone rang. It was Jaiwanta who answered it

JB: Yes Sanga residence. Yes...are they alright...we'll be there as soon as possible

Everyone had their eyes on her when she looked at them

JB: We need to go to the hospital the girls are there and so is the police

Sanga: Police?

JB: there might have been a small alteration between some doctor and Ajabde and he pressed charges

Sanga smiled: This I cannot wait to see

All of the reach the hospital in record time, they are escorted to the special private room, where the girls were sitting with a sleeping Sagar. As soon as they enter everyone looked at the sleeping boy and then at the girls

Sanga came in smiling with the Police Inspector who was his old friend's nephew and he introduced them all

Sanga: Everyone meet Kalyan Singh he is Jaimal's nephew and he is here to

KS: Charges have been filed against you Mrs Songara (looking at Ajabde) who just smiles

Pratap: What did you do?

Ajabde: Nothing

Sanga: Ajabde my child

Ajabde: Bade Daata we admitted Sagar in emergency where the said doctor was on call but instead of checking Sagar out he was going on and on about his so called date so I might have voiced my views

And on getting stares from everyone she added: Out loud that caused a small verbal dialogue

KS: A small verbal dialogue that ended in you punching the said doctor

Hakim: You punched him- whoa...please tell me you got in good

Subho: she did - you should check out his face at the moment. He's so not going on dates for the next 2 weeks

KS looks at Sanga who was smiling and shaking his head

Sanga: So the doctor pressed charges huh? Looks like I will be talking to him now

Ajabde: No Bade Daata - the charges only apply if I had punched him first which was not the case at all

KS: Kindly tell me your side of the story Mrs Songara

So Ajabde tells him everything in a dramatic way coming to the end: So I told him I was going to lodge a complaint when he grabbed my hand so tightly that it hurt - see; she shows the red fingerprints on her arm that makes Pratap mad

Pratap: He dared to touch my wife I will show him

KS: I don't think so that's good idea besides your wife got him good

Sanga: She just punched him right?

KS: Her punch was so strong that he landed on his back and while trying to stand up with the help of a stand he slipped making the stand and the vase on it fall down on a very delicate area. As doctor (Subho) mentioned he won't be going out on any dates anytime soon

Everyone laughs at that but Ajabde looks at KS

Ajabde: So does that mean his charges don't apply anymore

KS: No they don't apply. I'm sorry to have bothered you and Mrs Songara I hope the next time we meet won't be like this

They all bid adieu and everyone settles down

Som: I told you when a pregnant woman gets angry - volcanoes burst and earth shakes

Veeni, Maan and Hakim all hum their approval while Akbar looks at Ajabde

Akbar: Bhabijaan you are my hero

Pratap sat by Ajabde rubbing his hand softy over her arm: does it hurt?

Ajabde: No. Besides I caused more pain to him you know

Pratap does not say a word and just rubs the arm.

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hi dida! it is so funny that i am rolling with laughterROFL. your updates give me my daily share of laughter, there is hardly time for even smiling for me in 12th. I really liked the part when ajab punched the doctor, and the fool dared to press charges. hope GR is able to convince JB. congo for new phoneSmile
PS- i am first againParty

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Originally posted by poeple1234

hi dida! it is so funny that i am rolling with laughterROFL. your updates give me my daily share of laughter, there is hardly time for even smiling for me in 12th. I really liked the part when ajab punched the doctor, and the fool dared to press charges. hope GR is able to convince JB. congo for new phoneSmile
PS- i am first againParty

Yup you reclaimed the firstie throneBig smile
Thanks Vibha glad my updates brought a smile on your face
12th std that's tough - all the very best for it you'll do good Thumbs Up
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lovely update. loved the explanation of GR and how he felt pain at JB's reply. you nailed it very well.
also loved how little sagar was saved i bet GR will be very happy and now they might know where Veer was because of little Sagar

Amazing punch from Ajab loved her.. she really is a hero.

i also loved Pratap's reaction

On a different note... i finally managed to complete my HP story.. do read and let me know how the final part was Embarrassed

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Amazing chapters GarimaBig smile
All the best for your presentation Thumbs Up
Loved that ajabde punched the doctorEmbarrassed
I hope GR and SJ gets reunited with veerbai and sagar soonStar
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Amazing update.ClapAjabde,omg! Or should i say baijilal?The way she punched the doctor ,he won't go on a date for weeks.ROFL
And she is a hero to akbar(or heroine)LOL
Hope that GR finds sagar and veer soon and JB forgives him.Big smile
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Awesome updates!!!!!!! I'm sorry couldn't comment on thr previous ones Ouch
The hospital sequence wad hilarious LOL
Feel bad for jb and ko acha maza chakhana Angry
All the three updates were awesome and all the best for your presentation..I knoq u'll be excellent Star
Waiting for more Big smile

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Originally posted by crazy-for-praja

Amazing update.ClapAjabde,omg! Or should i say baijilal?The way she punched the doctor ,he won't go on a date for weeks.ROFL
And she is a hero to akbar(or heroine)LOL
Hope that GR finds sagar and veer soon and JB forgives him.Big smile

Thanks RamyaBig smile

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