Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Mistakes & Love Praja FF Complete 118 (Page 35)

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Originally posted by aayu_26

Twist pe twist di waah jee bavdo ho gayo Clap
The story is getting very interesting you are so awesome Clap Star
Too good update. Waiting for the story to unfold Tongue

Aayu baby abhi toh bahut kuch baaki hai re
Thank you

twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by swara98

sorry I forgot you had uni today
nice update Clap so GR is sb's bro bice twist that flower pot and US hate them Angry
BTW I m first Wink

No worries Swara
Yup you are my firstie this timeSmile
ApekshaM Goldie

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great update dida... Party

accha toh Veer bai and sajja bai are siblings?! and GR also!! Party uss phool ki toh Angryrehne dete hai.. waise bhi mein ab gusset ke mood mein nahi hu.. agar uska naam le liya then mera temper out if control hojayega... Tongue

continue soon.. BTW how was ur uni day..?!

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ApekshaM

great update dida... Party

accha toh Veer bai and sajja bai are siblings?! and GR also!! Party uss phool ki toh Angryrehne dete hai.. waise bhi mein ab gusset ke mood mein nahi hu.. agar uska naam le liya then mera temper out if control hojayega... Tongue

continue soon.. BTW how was ur uni day..?!

Thanks Baccha
yup VB,SB and Gr are siblings re - Phool ka toh ab foll banega just wait and watch
Uni was good but hectic and tiring ab toh Mondays and Thursday ko bhi jaana hota hai

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Originally posted by rinall

Garuuu !!!!!! HugHugHugHow are you dear ??
Oh man ! AC repair waala dar ke bhaag gaya hoga, I'm telling you...after all, so many people are agitated over their ACs not working na... Sab log murderous mood mein hain, that's why he has disappeared... Ouch Hospital authorities kahin baahar se kisi technician ko nahi bula sakte kya ?? Just for the time being...After all, this is an emergency na...Itni garmi mein, kaise raha jaaye bin AC ke Cry
Waise how was your day at the Uni ?? Smile

Coming to the story...Woohoo !! What an update, Garima !! Dancing
So, VB,SB and Raghu are siblings !! Yayy !! Party I don't know why, but I'm really happy with this twist !! DancingEmbarrassed I wonder who the "old woman" is...ConfusedThe "Manthara" of your story WinkLOL 

I have a feeling ki bad days are ahead for US !! DancingDancing Raghu, Pratap and Pratap's friends are going to make his life, a living hell !! And that pathetic douchebag deserves every bit of it ! My only fear is, considering the scum US is, what if he plans something nasty for Ajabde just to get back at Pratap ?? US is going to be super pissed on learning about JB's alliance with Raghu...Toh vo koi na koi kaand zarur karega ! AngryAngry 
I'm sure the upcoming updates are going to be quite thrilling and action packed !! Big smile Us Phool ko bhi accha mazaa chakhaana Angry

As for Bombay Velvet... I guess, I'll watch it for RK's acting and KJo's negative role...I mean, he's otherwise soo sugary , that's it's irksome sometimes...So, I was looking forward to watch him don the hat of a villain in this movie !! WinkLOL
Do you know, on Twitter, people have trashed the film to such an extent that it has been declared a flop !! I mean, isn't that ridiculous...That's so unfair to the makers and to everyone who's a part of the project yar...Theek hai, picture agar kisi ko acchi nahi lagi, toh it's ok... Hota hai...Some films work, some don't... Par iska matlab ye thodi hi hai ki you debase it online to the extent that it negatively influences other people who might wanna watch the film...All this negativity is surely going to affect the BO collections of BV Ouch

Rinal yaara am good reHugHugHug
@red: true ya usko mere iraado ke baare ,ein maloom pad gaya isliye dar ke bhaag gaya wohTongue
Uni was hectic and tiring but good ab this wednesday when I do my 1 hour presentation it would mark my halfway at the course so am excited about that actually and Saturday ko assignment submission hai so woh bhi hai

@shade of red: Many of the readers are really happy with this update actually and have told me how much they like the fact that VB,SB and GR are siblings - so am happy as well ki everyone is loving itSmile

@Pink: True - US ke bure din aane waale haina dnyes he will plan on doing something but dekhne ki baat hogi ki woh successful hoga ki nahi.. Phool ka fool banega ab acche seWink

@Blue: Yeah I heard you know what irritates me is how people are so ready to judge and find faults be it a thing like a movie or a song or a human being - jo hard work gaya hai usko mat appreciate karo bas agar khud ko pasand nahi aayi toh Social media pe uski buraayi karo that too in a narrow way and sab ko influence karo
Bombay Velvet is a nice movie thoda slow moving hai but the narration, photography, technical area itna accha hai ki one sees teh hard work that goes behind it - Ranbir has delivered a good performance and KJo well its a nice thing to see him try something different for a change
Do watch it to see the olden days charm and Bombay

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waiting for some Praja moments Embarrassed

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Originally posted by Annei123

waiting for some Praja moments Embarrassed

twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Badi khushi ke saath sab ko suchit kiya jaata hai ki humara pyaar mobile phone jo ki Huawei brand ka tha uska nidhan ho gaya hai - unki maut rahsyamai tareeke se hui hai and kisiko nahi pata ki yeh sab kaise hua - meri detective skills ko use na karte huye maine unka antim sanskaar karne ke faisala liya hai and ab hum unke jaane ke baad new mobile phone laane ki aad mein hain - humare liye pray karen ki humko new phone accha waala mile...

Aapki dua hi humare kaam aayengi and unke liye hum aapko brand new update bhi de rahe hainLOL

Chapter 37

Pratap took in the sleeping form of his wife who at the moment looked peaceful. The day marked the end of the first trimester for the newly expecting couple he smiled as he pondered over the passage of time - it had been full of morning sickness, work, morning sickness again, late night chats and more morning sickness and after their doctor's appointment he would announce it at the top of his lungs that he was having a baby. He didn't understand the need to keep mum but his mother and wife had been adamant that nobody except for their close circle of family (that included his friends) knew about their special condition even Chakrapani had been quiet about his impending fatherhood. Pratap knew everything was not alright as the Chakrapani he knew could light up any room with his entry but now he was all quiet - Maan, Som, Veeni even Akbar tried to bring him out of his shell but it was like their friend was lost and so he took him out for a boys trip where he told him to let it all out


Pratap had made all the arrangements all the boys were going out for a weekend trip to the farmhouse so that they could allow Chakrapani to cope with things. He had been scared to tell his wife about it but was pleasantly surprised when she told him to do the same

Ajabde was sitting out in the garden taking in the blooming flowers when he went to inform her about the trip

Pratap: Ajabde

Ajabde: Hey come sit na

Pratap: I..

Ajabde: Before you say anything I have to tell you that this weekend go with your boys to the farmhouse and have fun

Pratap: What?

Ajabde: Yeah I'm planning a special weekend with Subho so I want you to go with your guys at the farmhouse

Pratap: You are kicking me out?

Ajabde (smiled teasingly): Yup

Both of them smiled but he suddenly got worried but she assured him

Ajabde: Maa and even Dr Sajja are coming by for the weekend to be with us. It's going to be an all-girls weekend

Pratap: You know I was about to tell you the same thing

Ajabde: I know and listen let him talk about it without being pressured into anything

Pratap smiled as he kissed his wife's forehead and went to make his preps


All the guys took in the farm house where they all spent their entire childhood - it was their safe haven. Memories surfaced of their childhood-adolescence-teenage as they entered the spacious living room from playing pranks on the elders, being called for meals, watching the latest movies spread out in front of the television, bringing in stray animals- the farm house had seen it all even their marriages took place there and now as two of the boys that grew up were becoming fathers it was important to return to the place where they learned the meaning of Responsibility, Duty, Honour, Pride and Love


Ajabde stirred in her sleep which brought Pratap out of his memory. He tenderly ran his fingers through her hair a safe way of waking her up especially after her bout of morning sickness. His wife opened her eyes as she took in her husband

Pratap: Morning. How are we feeling at the moment?

Ajabde: Mmm...better I guess

She got up to get fresh while Pratap prepared her breakfast- a toast with butter was all she took as the others made her sick. He planned his work according to their appointment with Dr Sajja or Maajli Maa as he had started calling her - it was an endearing nickname they took in from the historical show she watched along with his mother- Maharana Pratap. He saw an episode when he found a lot of similarities between Pratap's second mother and Sajja Baiji including their names so he started calling her Maajli Maa and she graciously accepted.

The appointment went really well even though Ajabde weight was nowhere near the mark but she assured Maajli Maa that she would eat as per her diet plan and also whatever she craved for - Sajja directed the nurse to take Ajabde for the ultrasound while she spoke with Pratap over the weight concern. Pratap informed her of the morning sickness and the lethargy his wife was feeling most of the days so Sajja made a note and offered some tips for it. Both Pratap and Sajja joined them later in the room and the ultrasound was performed- the tiny little miracle was pointed out bringing smiles on the expectant parents who later on went back to Songara office laden with images from the ultrasound


Chapter 38

Phool walked with air of arrogance across the marble floors in her new stiletto heels and a dress that accentuated her figure making everyone gawk at her so lost she was in her own world that she didn't realise when Khetu appeared and bam - the girl with the heels was lying on the floor rubbing her behind and glaring at the girl who was trying to gather the papers

Phool: Can't you watch where you are walking?

Khetu ignores her as she gathers all the papers making sure that Phool sees the Title for the files - CONFIDENTIAL, CONTRACTS, PRESENTATION

Phool sees the titles making notes of the files she needed to get her hands onto so that she could pass them on to Gauhar Jaan. She had met her the day before for lunch and the poor soul looked horrible apparently US's son had gone missing without a trace and US was taking his anger out on Gauhar on top of that US had lost two contracts as well. Things were not looking good for GJ she thought and decided to give her the info from the files so that GJ could have some peace back until they find that idiot child. She got up proceeding to her new place - a desk had been set-up right beside Pratap's cabin for her as she had taken on the role of Temp secretary. Pratap made sure that Phool entered his cabin less but she still managed to gawk at him through the windows so Pratap made sure that the slit curtains were always down and not open

As Phool sat dreaming of Pratap leaving Ajabde for her she didn't realise that the couple had entered the office and were generating a buzz as it was the first time that they had come together to the office. Everyone was happy to see Ajabde as she was loved by all the employees (excluding flower pot) Khetu and Rann Singh greeted them as they gave Pratap the heads up for their plan. Ajabde was not aware of it as nobody wanted to bother her as per Pratap's directives which made her a little angry on her husband but one charming smile from him melted her away. Ruqqaiya brought Phool out of her dream world into the real  the one where she saw Pratap and Ajabde smiling and standing pretty close to each other. Phool plastered a fake smile on her face and moved to greet them but before she could say a word Chakrapani entered with Subho - the girls busied themselves with each other while the guys moved on to the conference room

Subho: We need to do something about this flower pot I tell you Ajabde

Ajabde: I know. She's eyeing my husband - I will personally kill her

Subho: Nope- we won't I have the perfect idea

The girls proceeded for Pratap's cabin to rest and chat a little more

Ajabde called for Phool

Phool: You called me?

Ajabde: Yes Phool will you please get me some lemonade please - the sweet one and Subho will have a...

Subho: I want a strawberry milkshake

Phool: alright (fake smile as she was about to leave)

Ajabde: No wait - get me a strawberry milkshake as well

Phool: So two milkshakes and no lemonade

Ajabde looked at Subho and then at Phool: Yes

Phool starts to leave when Subho stops her

Subho: You know get a chocolate milkshake instead I feel like having something chocolatey

Ajabde: hmmm sounds so tasty Subho

Ajabde: Phool go get us chocolate milkshakes with extra whipped cream with chocolate sauce on top with chocolate wafers and don't forget the cherry on top with a slab of chocolate

Subho: My mouth is watering...Where are you going to get it from?

While Subho was speaking to Phool Ajabde eyes wandered off and she saw one of the employees drinking Starbucks Frappuccino and she went

Ajabde: Subho

Her friend in question saw the white cup with the siren branded on it and then it was game on

Phool had her hand on the door when Subho called out in a calm deadly voice

Subho: Phool we changed our minds - get us two medium chocolate Frappuccinos with extra whipped cream and chocolate sauce along - make sure you get the medium size - Can't afford to gain extra weight now

Phool mumbled: Well the dresses you are wearing are already snug on top of it with the chocolate sauce and cream you will burst

Ajabde: Did you say something?

Phool: No I was just looking at your dress Mrs Songara -it looks a little snug at the waist


Chapter 39

Ajabde: Did you say something?

Phool: No I was just looking at your dress Mrs Songara -it looks a little snug at the waist

Ajabde knew Phool's trick but poor Phool didn't know she was dealing with not one but two hormonal pregnant ladies who could experience mood swings at any time and she had seen her husband coming their way too so as if on cue the waterworks started

Ajabde sobs: you mean I'm fat!!!

Phool perplexed: No

Subho: So what I'm fat?

Phool: No I just said that

Both the girls dissolve into tears hiding their faces when Som entered

Som: Bhabisa I wanted... looks at the scene

Som: what did you do?

Phool: nothing I just said that her dress looked snug

Ajabde: she means I'm fat (more tears)

Som rushed out to call for their husbands so that they could take care of the situation while Phool stood like a fool in the corner

Pratap rushed in followed by Chakri

Pratap gathered Ajabde in his arms: Hey what happened? Why the tears?

Ajabde pointed at Phool while clutching his shirt- Pratap glared at Phool making her tumble backwards

Pratap: What the hell did you say to my wife?

Phool: Nothing I swear

Som butts in: she said Bhabisa's dress looked snug

Ajabde: she means I'm fat (cries like a baby)

Pratap: No you are not fat at all - see no fat at all

Chakri had managed to calm Subho and he looked at Phool: you might want to leave the cabin now

Phool started to leave when Subho said: What about our Frappuccino?

Ajabde: I want my chocolate Frappuccino with extra whipped cream and chocolate sauce with a cherry on top

Pratap looked at the Phool: Get what they want NOW

Phool: But I don't have a car and Starbucks is like halfway across from here

Subho: Well then you should thank the government for running buses as a means of transport

Ajabde: And you can get a ticket as you get on it- now go hurry I want my chocolate Frappuccino

Phool leaves to get the drinks while the two crying girls pick a magazine each and start reading it

Chakri: What the hell just happened?

Som: Congratulations you survived the first mood swing my friends

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