Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Mistakes & Love Praja FF Complete 118 (Page 30)

swara98 Goldie

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by twilightlover29

Originally posted by swara98

Hey garima how are you? Sorry couldn't comment was busy yesterday finally got some time out of work enjoyed dancing in rain as it rained in pune yesterday

nice update so even subho is pregnant I loved the way ragvendra caught them red handed
and this update so much romance Embarrassed

Oh poor chakri he doesn't want to loose subho I know how it feels when u loose someone dear to u Cry

Hey Swara so we are enjoying the trip to the fullest that's good to hear - I miss dancing in the rain
Pune is a lovely place to be - if I was to settle in India by myself then I would opt for Pune.
Am good just a bit busy with studies as usual

Am really sorry to hear that you lost someone near to you but theya re watching over you from the sky above
Let's see how Chakri fares...

you don't be sorry I have seen tjem only in photos as I lost my mother grandpa and granny in an air crash I was only one year old so get little senti when I read something like this and I know they would be watching me

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by rinall

Garuuu !!! HugHow are you dear ???
Offo ! AC and servicing waalo ne pareshan kar diya hai re D'ohEk toh itni garmi...upar se AC ko bhi abhi kharaab hona tha Cry I guess, ab tumhe naya AC khareedna padega Ouch ... This one's not working even after being repaired thrice na...Ouch
You know what, here in Mumbai, temperatures have touched almost 40 degree Celsius re... Aur upar se humidity itni hai, hovering around 75%Cry... Aaj main ghar se baahar nikli, toh within 5 mins, I was completely drenched in my own sweat DeadCry Pata nahi baarish kab aayegi...It rained heavily for 3 hours in Pune yesterday... Earlier whenever it rained in Pune or any other place close to Mumbai, Mumbai ka weather bhi cool ho jata... But ab toh aisa kuch hota hi nahi Cry

Anyway, coming to the story... Wonderful update, Garima !! ClapClap 
I'm thoroughly enjoying all the twists and turns you're incorporating in this story !! DancingDancingAfter all, I'm a fan of edgy, thriller stuff WinkBig smile

Loved the bit where Pratap's sulking ROFL You know, I've noticed ki generally men feel jealous if women compliment or appreciate another man in front of them WinkLOL Explains why Pratap and Chakri and Som think that Raghu is a show-off...LOL Akbar and Hakim remained neutral, though Wink...

Loved the PraJa moment !! loving thoughts emoticonnaughty emoticonlove daydream emoticon And absolutely loved Pratap's reaction to the pregnancy news !! You nailed itThumbs UpClapHug 

As for ChakraWati...Oh man ! That's soo sad... Cry At first, I thought Chakri was behaving like a jerk, being insensitive to Subho's feelings... Ab samajh aaya... He loves his wife so much, he's scared of losing her given the medical history of Subho's family...But he must understand...His constant fights with her,especially at this tender , delicate moment is not going to do any good to her already fragile health and state of mind...Ouch I'm sure he'll realize this and support Subho and be her strength ! Smile

Rinal yaara HugHug
Am are you doing??? Next GD?PI kab hai or are they all done and you are waiting for results??
@red: kaash mein new AC khareed sakti re Cry- accomodation hospital se mila hai and hum log sirf complaint lodge kar sakte hain- all repairs everything yahan ka suoervisor and maintenance team dekhti hai. We cannot interfere there. Aaj phir se uss repairman ne woh puraana game kiya- bola ki check karne aaounga 2hrs mein par ab tak nahi aaya and I feel like dropping mummy ke potted plants uss par I tell you..uske chakkar mein I could not even go out for my work re

@Mumbai: that sucks... iss weather ne sab ko pareshaan kar rakha hai...ohh baby abhi baarish nahi aa rahi- right now enjoy paseene ki baarish

@blue: Am so happy that you are enjoying it reBig smile
Coming to the Update now
Itne romantic emoji haaya mein bhi BlushingBlushingBlushing ho jaoon
Chakrawati- they have a big hurdle in front of them but they will cross it and come out stronger
Pratap and men - you are right men do tend to get jealous when another man is apreciated by their other half... writing that tender moment was so crazy because I wanted something new for all of you and yet romantic and Praja centric so am really glad everyone enjoyed that
Akbar-Hakim: Akbar didn't say much and Hakim well woh toh deewaana hai reLOL

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by poeple1234

Hi Garima! You did that Praja scene so nicely , you should get some award for making one of the most romantic praja scenes I've ever readClap.
Happy for praja and sad for chakrawatiCry. Our dear Chakri loves her so muchHeart, he dosn't want babies so that she can be with him. I'm sure he will understand Subho and be her strength, after all, Pratap and gang is there to see that he does. 

Pratap is getting jealous of GR, he can't stand Ajab praising himLOL

Hope your AC gets well soon.

BTW, you asked my name. I'm Vaibhavi but call me Vibha.Smile

Hey Vibha!!!
Am so happy you enjoyed the update...your words make me go allEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
I pray my AC gets well soon too
Yeah Chakri will man-up for the situation
twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by RoshiniluvPrAja

awesum updates... wo wo GR ne sab ki bolti band kr di wo mast tha... n praja ka sweet little moent .. n chakrawati ko wo sad n emotional moment.. superb yr.. hw much chakri cares for subho

how are you???
Thanks yaar...GR toh sabki bolti band karne mein maahir hai
Glad you enjoyed the update
twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2015 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Son as is my on-going trend I will be ranting about my sick AC and the useless repairman who is not reparing it at all- I wanted to give heads up to all that is if anyone comes across a headline that states "AC kharaab hone par ek ladki ne ki repairman ki dhulaayi" then don't be surprised- it would be me...

Am so happy everyone is loving the story and enjoying the updates as is the update for the day.

Chapter 31

Everyone looked at the old man who carried himself with such a grace that demanded attention from everyone. He sat on the log placed as a bench and began

BD: My wife had complications in every pregnancy and many of our babies did not survive and with each lost life she withdrew into herself more and more, so much so that she became a lifeless person. The woman I fell in love with disappeared right in front of my eyes and it was a hard journey that we went through and we came out of it stronger than ever. Once her pregnancy led to a premature operation which caused complications and I was asked to decide who lived - my wife or my child. I prayed for strength as I would need it for Karnawati later on but a miracle took place and both of them survived- I got my family but it also took a lot of hardships to get there and now see she is gone leaving me behind stuck between children

Pratap: Hey we are not that bad just little confused

BD: That you are but you have got to remember that if hardships are removed from life then that it is not a life worth living and we are Rajputs-Mughals (seeing Hakim and Akbar) descendants and we fight- we are warriors

Chakri: She must hate me

BD: No- the girls love you way too much to ever hate you but she gets everything she wants and that goes same for Ajabde after all I hear Congratulations are in order

Pratap smiles and everyone understands the meaning and they all congratulate them.

BD: Come let's go back- everyone is waiting and all of them get into cars and go back to their loved ones

Ajabde sat on the bed running her fingers through Subho's hair who had finally succumbed to her sleep amidst tears and painful thoughts. She thought her husband would leave her or ask her to abort the baby and what not and the fact that her horrendous mother had come barging in making all sorts of allegations did not help as well. So Ajabde had to resort to giving Subho some sleeping pills (safe for the baby as prescribed by the doctor) to allow her to get rest. Suddenly the door opened and Chakri peaked inside- he looked tired and exhausted but as his eyes took in Subho's form he got concerned

Chakri: Is she?

Ajabde: Just sleeping after everything that happened she needed some rest and even you need some rest

Chakri: Bhabisa I...

Ajabde: it's alright...don't worry. Just rest and talk about it tomorrow and haan beware your mother-in-law will be making an appearance

Chakri: I hate that woman

Ajabde: Me too

With that she left and joined her husband outside and placing her head on his shoulder she closed her eyes falling into slumber.




Chapter 32

Subho slept restlessly until she felt an arm drape over her and words were whispered: Shhh...I'm here now. Everything will be alright. Just sleep so she allowed herself to sleep for a little while longer. Outside Ajabde's head was in Pratap's lap as they slept on the sofa while individual ones were taken by the guys- Hakim and Som were on the floor in a sitting position while Akbar had his head down on the dinner table. It was Chakrapani who woke up first and he went on to make coffee for all his friends as they needed it the most- he woke them up on by one leaving Pratap at the last as Ajabde was sleeping with him. Pratap opened his eyes and accepted the coffee mug while Ajabde held him tight in her clutches. Pratap used one of his hands to rub her hair as he took in the morning sunshine. She woke up after sometime and went to get fresh-she returned with Subho -both the girls were quiet taking in the scene. Subho was distraught- she looked so fragile while Chakri just sat staring at her making no move to speak-he just stared at her

Jaiwanta Bai strode in and started handing out things to everyone - she brought breakfast with her and she made sure the girls had a proper meal. As she would be taking them to their meeting with OB/GYN - it was decided that both girls would meet the same doctor who had helped her out with JB's pregnancy as well. A well-known name in her field she was known to have a 100% success rate and had handled difficult cases with ease and so an appointment had been booked for both the girls and they were being taken by JB

As the girls went to change their clothes into ones JB had brought Chakri asked her

Chakri: Is it alright if...if I could also come for the appointment

JB smiled: Of course and you are coming for the appointment like Pratap is after all you are the father and it is necessary for you to be there with them throughout. Pregnancy is a beautiful phase for every woman but it comes with its own risks and dangers so it is your job to be there for them

They all went for the appointment while others left for office as they needed to check out on the work front as well

The doctor's office was colourful and walls had picture frames adorning them-every picture had a baby or a toddler with their name and birth date on them. The girls saw the walls and their attention were diverted to the adorable babies on them. They were scared but excited as well so when the nurse came with the paperwork it was the guys who filled it out and they waited patiently for their turn. The doctor herself came out to meet

She was beautiful with a charming smile on her face and mischief sparkling in her eyes: Two pregnant ladies at the same time I must say Jaiwanta you are lucky

JB smiled: as you can see I will be having really adorable grandbabies soon Sajja

Sajja Bai smiled and then took them all for their check-ups. It was during the ultrasound that the girls had tears in their eyes- Ajabde stared at her baby while Pratap gazed in amazement as well but his eyes turned to see his wife who was glowing and smiling on seeing their little creation and when the nurse gave them extra images she hugged the old lady.

Subho on the other hand was scared but as soon as her baby came on screen she forgot everything else. Chakrapani was happy as well but he was scared of losing his wife more but when he saw her happy and well so for one moment he allowed himself to be happy about it as well.

The couples sat for the consultation with JB as their support. Ajabde's weight needed monitoring as it was below than what Sajja wanted so a diet was planned for her which she needed to follow and with Subho it was a little more than just a diet

SB: So you have questions I hear

Chakri: I'm a bit worried

SB: It's natural to be...Tell me what is bothering you?

Subho: My family medical history is quite complicated when it comes to pregnancies- every lady had carried her child to full term without any possible harm but they have all died either during childbirth or mere minutes after it

SB: hmmm it could be due to heavy blood loss but don't worry I will take into consideration everything. Just send me over the reports and we will look into it. As far as today's check-up goes you have a healthy baby and as of now like Ajabde I would like to see you gain a little weight

And she looked at the boys: Be ready for mood swings, irrational cravings and yeah never say NO to them

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poeple1234 Senior Member

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yay! I'm first ! glad to see everything fine again.Smile you've given SB a nice twist, she has nicely retained her mischievousness. now pratap and chakri will face trouble with mood swingsLOL.  great goingClap

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Nice update garima oh poor subho and chakri hope they come out of it Smile
so sb is a doc nice u have placed each and every character really well Clap
looking forward to how pratap and chakri will handle their wives
garima u forgot to edit the title

Edited by swara98 - 14 May 2015 at 9:20am

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Waiting to see the mood swings of the girls Wink
And the boys handling itEmbarrassed

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