Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Mistakes & Love Praja FF Complete 118 (Page 22)

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Originally posted by rinall

Oh God ! Ouch Can't believe US said those vile things to his own mother... Dead If he's like this with his parents, well, then there cannot be any hope for him...or his redemption... I'm proud of JB's parents-in-law and Pratap... How hard it must have been for all of them to confront and digest US's abominable demeanour... Ouch
Loved the banter between Pratap and his friends !! LOLLOL I laughed hard at what Veeni said WinkROFLROFL And Akbar's description of Phool is A1 ROFLROFL And whatever he said about her, those very things happened outside at the reception area with Phool !!ROFLROFL By the way, who do you have in mind as Akbar and Ruqaiyya ??Embarrassed Rajat Tokas or Krip Suri or someone else for Akbar ?? And , Falaq Naaz for Ruqaiyya na ?? EmbarrassedAnd Phool ??? The older version hasn't been introduced in the show who do you have in mind for this character ?? Confused

Raghavendra ka angle kuch samajh nahi aaya ConfusedConfused

Anyway, fabulous update !! Clap

PS---- Dekha...In this particular story of yours', US ke behaviour ne meko itna hairaan kiya hai that I skipped the "Hi Hello" part in the beginning of my post, again Ouch...chalo koi nahi...
Garuu !! HugHugHow are you ?? Saturday ko tera presentation kaisa tha ?? And, tumhaare ghar ka AC repair hua ya nahi ?? Ouch In my house, the fan's back in the living room and thank God it's working ! Big smile

Rinal yaara HugHug

Accha toh US ne itna disturb kar diya ki greetings end mein aayi - no problemo dear... Am good - yaar Saturday ki presentation ki mat pooch-it was not as good as I expected but instructor said ki next waali acchi se karna...
AC finally repair ho gaya mera Big smile aaj I'll sleep comfortably...glad your fan is back and working

US is a total douche in the story and trust me when I say future updates mein you will feel like ripping him apart piece by piece
For me I only see the chota gang in my mind while writing these stories even the ones with adult PrajaLOL waise I feel Krip and Falaq are good choices and for Phool I'll go with the girl who plays the character of Tanu in KumKum Bhagya

As for Raghvendra-his back story will be revealed shortlySmile

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Originally posted by Nonie12345

The chapters are brillant Garima Big smile

Thanks Nonie!!!

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Originally posted by coderlady

The whole gang from the show is here. Loving the new avatars you have given them. Had to laugh when Akbar was talking about going out with the receptionist and it wasn't Phool.

Yup the entire gang is here...Thanks!!!
twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Update is served sizzling hot!!!!!

Chapter 21

Ajabde sat in Subho's cabin waiting for her friend to begin - her friend who was staring at her for the last 2minutes

Ajabde: Say something

Subho: There is nothing to say Ajabde- my husband does not want to talk about babies at all. Whenever I try to bring this subject he changes it or drops it or just pretends to be busy or sleeping

Ajabde: He might be scared Subho

Subho: Or maybe he does not want to have a baby - with me

Subho got sad thinking her own thought out loud and unknowingly tears sprang from her eyes but then she felt Ajabde's fingers on her head

Ajabde: shhh...everything is going to be alright. He must be worried of becoming a father you know- babies are a lot of hard work - endless sleepless nights, diaper changes, feedings and let's not forget crying. Maybe Pratap could try and figure out what is going in his head and then we'll find a way out of it

Subho looked at her shaking her head: No...I need to do this myself- I'm his wife and he needs to answer my questions- it's been more than 5yrs in our marriage and I'm in a comfortable place in my job even he is- this is like a good time to have kid. I feel it in me whenever I see a child in front of me or when the pregnant ladies come in with their husbands beaming and glowing with a rounded belly - I want that Ajabde

Ajabde sat back thinking of all the things she had just said- even she wanted that with Pratap but they never talked about it because earlier he was busy trying to build his business and then she took a back-seat. It was recently (Maldives trip) that they both became close again. What if she spoke to him about babies and he reacted like Chakrapani what would she do then?

Suddenly the ward-boy came with tea and snacks- samosas as the girls loved them but something was off Ajabde thought as the smell of the freshly made samosas hit her nose and it happened in a matter of minutes- she was puking her guts out in the waste bin while Subho stood behind her calming her down

Subho helped her back after she had cleaned up

Ajabde: Please get those samosas out of here- their smell is making me sick

Subho: Is this the first time you have had a puking incident Ajabde?

Ajabde: Yeah...why?

Subho: any other things-like dizziness, lethargy or something? Her doctor coming out in full form

Ajabde: I do feel a bit exhausted in the mornings and now you mention it I remember having nausea - it was like I smelt the pakoras being fried on a stall and that smell was so awful

Subho took a deep breath: let me do a blood test to be on the safe side

The blood was taken and rushed to the lab for testing while the girls decided to go out for a movie date. It was during the interval Subho got the message

Pregnancy Test: Positive. Foetal status: 3weeks

Subho shut it down and enjoyed the rest of the movie. She then drove them back to the hospital

Ajabde: Why the hospital? I thought your shift was over

Subho: Well I have a new patient whom I need to check up

Ajabde: New patient

Subho just smiled and then in her cabin she proceeded to perform a full check-up on Ajabde

Ajabde: Okay why am I being checked up?

Subho looked at her friend and taking her hand in hers she said: because you are my new patient. The blood test I did was for a pregnancy test. It came back positive Ajabde- you are pregnant- 3weeks. I performed a full check-up now to be on the safe side

Ajabde stared at her friend like she was speaking some alien language

Ajabde: I'm pregnant but I have not even spoken about it with Pratap. What am I going to do now? What if he is not ready?

Subho: Calm down okay- it's going to be alright. Go home and speak to him - tell him about your pregnancy and then we will deal with the rest later

Ajabde: I'm sorry

Subho: Don't be besides I'm getting a niece or a nephew and this will give me good amount of stuff to talk about with my husband

Ajabde: Let's get talking about babies

Both girls smiled- Having taking her reports Ajabde went back home thinking of ways she would tell her husband about the good news



Chapter 22

Pratap came home after an exhausting day at work and so he didn't pay much attention to the decorations his wife had put up like the candles on the dinner table or the flower arrangements everywhere. He didn't even compliment her when she came out wearing one of the sarees he had gifted her

Ajabde had butterflies in her stomach so she sat patiently waiting for her husband to ask or say something which she could use to tell him about the news and all her husband said was

Pratap: I'm beat so am off to bed now...Have a meeting tomorrow so need to get as much rest as I can because Bade Daata is going to be there

Ajabde nodded her head and started cleaning up the table as her husband went upstairs to their room. She cleaned the dishes with tears welling in her eyes as all her dreams of telling her husband about the good news had gone down the drain. After she was finished she went to the bathroom to change and got ready for the night. As she entered her room she saw her husband fast asleep and so without another word she laid down beside him and closed her eyes as her husband's hand found his way over her waist as he pulled her close to him

Next morning flew like wind- the meeting was very important as Bade Daata was coming and Pratap wanted everything to be impressive so he went early to check in on stuff. Ajabde sat on her couch thinking of a new way to tell him when Subho's call came

Subho: So what was the reaction?

Ajabde: I didn't tell him

Subho: why?

Ajabde: He was tired and had a meeting with Bade Daata today so he fell asleep before I could say a word

Subho: Want to come over and we'll have lunch together

Ajabde: Yeah sounds nice

The lunch was a fun affair as Subho and Ajabde sat in a corner reading people- thinking what their problem was when they saw it- them to be exact

It was an employee of Pratap's and Akbar's company who was speaking to Uday Singh and there was an exchange of files as well. Uday Singh gave them each a package and then they were gone. Both the girls decided to pay a visit to their husbands to tell them about the latest developments


Sanga: There have been incidents Pratap when a mole has been found in the company and I believe that there is someone who wishes to harm your business

Pratap: You are right Bade Daata but the thing is how do we find them out without alerting them

Som: I'm working on the system but till now nothing has popped up

Sanga: We need to be really careful and pro-active in this case as the business meets are approaching which means contracts and tenders are at stake

Chakri: We need to come up with a plan real fast

Maan saw the doors and spoke up: Bhabisa is here

They all saw the girls heading towards Pratap's cabin - Pratap opened the door for them and they both took Sanga's blessings

Sanga: My girls are here- you came to meet me. I told Pratap you'll come Ajabde

Ajabde smiled while Pratap came by her side holding her: Please She came to meet me

Ajabde: Actually we came to meet all of you

Subho starts talking about what they saw and then everyone just sits thinking about it

Som: We need to inform Akbar and Hakim about it as soon as possible

Sanga: Now we know for sure that someone from this company is involved- its time they are taken out but not before they tell us everything

Everyone nods their heads and Sanga leaves as he was required to be at another meeting. So they all sat together thinking of ways to catch the culprit red-handed

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Chapters are amazing GarimaBig smile
Wow ajabde is pregnant Smile
I hope they catch the culprits soonAngry

Edited by Nonie12345 - 11 May 2015 at 9:55am

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Yo Garima !! Awesome update as always...Embarrassed

Aww, I m feeling bad for Subho now...listen, plz let subho n chakri solve their problems on their own...That will look really nice n perfect...Cool

Pratap ! this man really needs to own up ! And now, I m waiting for JB and Rahavendra meeting...Heart 

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Wow!!! You gave us the good newsParty...hmmm...I wonder when's gonna Pratap have it... probably only after he solves his case...nice going...fab updateSmileClap

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Wow ajabde pregnant!!! YayyyDancing
So now this leakings... i just hope they find the culprit soon as i want to see praja now, yeh business bohot tang aada raha haeConfused
Waiting to see who is the culprit and also how ajabde tells she's pregnantSmile

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