Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Mistakes & Love Praja FF Complete 118 (Page 115)

twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by ApekshaM

yayyy!!! finally Uday Singh is dead..!!!

and sagar was soo brave & adorable at the same timeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

time to pray - hey bhagwaan Uday Singh ki aatma ko kabhi bhi shanti mat dena.. plzz don't make his soul rest in peace.. amin!! ROFLROFL
finally mere mann ko shanti mila..Big smile Now i'm just waiting for my amar singh..Wink continue soon..loads of love..HeartHugHug

Yeh dekho US ki exit par party kar rahi hai woh bhi fracture ke saathLOL
Kya prayer hai matlab yeh prayer kahan se seeking tumne baccha?
Glad you enjoyed it and Haan woh puraane waali comment mein baad mein respond karungi  abhi school mein free period mila hai you phone se reply kar rahi hoon 

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Originally posted by silk12

What an update!!!   Finally,  the end of evil.   Sagar was so brave and such a loving brother.   In history, Pratap has never had anything to call brotherly love.   His brothers were jeleous of him.   This is nice.   Truely a lovely story.  i am just waiting for the reunion.   

Thank you 
I always try to dhow things different from history as I believe if certain things happened differently than our history would have been different 

twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by crazy-for-praja

Vaah vaah! Kya update tha! ClapMaza aa gaya!LOL Toh now US got a befitting death Big smileat the hands of sagar!ShockedNow,that was most unexpected!Embarrassed
But all's well that end's well.So now,i'm waiting for AS's entry and a perfect ending to this story.TongueWink

Ramya thanks yaar
I know most of you wanted Pratap to end him but I always knew that it would not happen and the reason will be revealed later on
Will try to Update by late evening today 
rinall Goldie

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Shocked X infinity ShockedShockedShocked
I couldn't believe what I read,  so I had to read the update twice to understand what really happened LOL

This was totally unexpected yar ! I'm a fan of your twists and turns ClapClapClap You totally took me and I guess everyone else here by surprise Thumbs Up nobody would've expected such a drastic step from Sagar Shocked It felt like I was watching some kind of blockbuster thriller movie Big smile

You're simply awesome Garima! !!!!! StarI hope you never stop writing Embarrassed

Right now, I'm experiencing a myriad range of emotions. ... I'm shocked,  happy,  sad and excited. ... 

Shocked 'cause of what happened in the last chapter 

Happy 'cause everything's going to be fine now in the story 

Sad 'cause this story is going to end now 

Excited for your new story DancingDay Dreaming

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Awesome Chapter Garima Smile

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OMG !!!!!! Shocked I m shocked I thought it might be SS JM or dhaman singh who will kill US I didn't expect it to be sagar but seriously nice job Clap now I m waiting for amar's entry Party

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Guys bear with me as we are the end of the school session so exams are on which means a little more work for poor little me that makes me sleepy and any little time I get I sleep but to make for it am leaving you all with an extra long update...Loads of love
I will do the responses to the comments either today or tomorrow promise


Chapter 90

Hospitals are magical places they always have been after all it is only at the hospital where people come in with broken bones and body only to leave the hospital in one piece (either alive or dead). Hospital witnesses joyous occasions like birth of a child and even solemn ones as a beloved family member passes away but never in its history did the hospital or the people working there witness such a miracle in their lives

Ajabde Songara refused to let anyone come near her threatening them with body harm even her family could not talk sense into her. She refused to deliver the baby - fear was clearly visible on her face. Her mother-in-law was taken away a few minutes earlier as she needed some stitches when an arrogant orderly went in to administer drugs to the patient. Ajabde was trying to keep herself calm but when the orderly spoke to her rudely saying in an indirect manner that she was troubling everyone else in the hospital she lost it and under the pretence of being in pain she called the orderly near her only to plant a good one on his face knocking him out cold. As soon as the man fell on the ground the door to her room opened and a voice came

You just had to punch the poor guy didn't you Ajab?

She saw her husband holding a sleeping Sagar in his arms and she exhaled a breath she had been holding inside her

Ajabde: He said that I was trouble (like a kid with an innocent face on) and that everyone else was getting irritated with me

Pratap: huh

Ajabde: Fine he was irritating me more than I did him and it was a light one

Pratap placed Sagar on the couch covering his body with his jacket. As soon as he placed his jacket his wife gasped as she took in her husband's wounds. Tears welled up in her eyes as he sat beside her

Ajabde: Does it hurt?

Pratap: No... One seeing her look at him he mumbled yeah a little but Sagar kissed all my owwies

Ajabde: He did now...good that means I don't have to do that

Pratap placed his lips on hers sneaking a kiss and then gave one on her forehead as well making her blush profusely

Ajabde: How is everyone?

Pratap: They are alright. How are you and the baby?

Ajabde: Majhli Maa believes that she might have to deliver the baby earlier than expected. She's being giving me inhibitor drugs to stop the contractions but it's not working like she hoped it would and

Pratap held her hand urging her to speak and she did: We cannot have the baby now Pratap I mean we are not ready nothing is ready - the nursery is still not complete and we didn't even shop for the baby and what if the premature delivery goes wrong? What if our baby has some scary medical mumbo jumbo we don't know about? We don't even know whether we are having a boy or a girl - we should have let them tell us maybe that way we would have been prepared well. It's all that TotaMal's fault I tell you...

Before she could go on Pratap placed his finger on her lips silencing her: It's going to be alright Ajabde. I know we are not ready but we have family who will help us if we falter in our steps. The nursery will be ready in time and we can re-do it later after the baby is with us. The baby will be all fine and so will you. Now stop worrying so much you will fluctuate your BP again

Ajabde: Promise me everything will be fine

Pratap: I promise. (He kisses her forehead as she closes her eyes to rest)


Chapter 91

Bade Daata knew he was dreaming after all Uday Singh had shot him and the last view he had was of the shocked faces of his family but now as he walked towards his home which he shared with his wife he knew it was time to confess to the one person who meant the world to him. His wife was in the lush green garden sitting on a intricately carved bench watching young children play nearby

BD: Karna...

Karnawati looked at her husband who even at old age managed to make her heart beat faster. She offered him her hand urging him to sit beside her

Karna: How are you my love?

BD: How can I be without you? Lonely

Karna: You have an entire family who loves you and besides our Pratap is going to be a father pretty soon that means you'll be a great grandparent (she smiled)

BD: Karna I have a confession

Karna: Don't say anything I know

BD: What?

Karna: I have always known about it - about Uday not being our son that our son died within an hour of his birth

BD: I'm so sorry for lying to you but I couldn't lose you

Karna: I understand and maybe it was a good thing that you didn't tell me about it

BD: So he was saying the truth then

Karna: Yes Uday himself told me but I knew about it before he could spit his venom at us

BD: How?

Karna: Remember when Uday was in 9th grade he started to change drastically - from being the obedient and studious student he was he went rogue -started gambling and drinking. Well one day while I was putting clean clothes in his closet I came across an address of a bar. I wanted to confront him then and there but thought of waiting for him to come to me. But he didn't so I followed him one day as he went to the bar - he met his father there regularly under the pretence of going for sleepovers and study groups. He started to miss school to spend more and more time with the vile man

BD: what about his mother?

Karna: His father had brutally assaulted her when she was young that resulted in her pregnancy. Her family forced her to marry him and within a few minutes of her delivery without proper care she bled to death. His father was drunk when he came home to the baby crying so he swaddled him up and left him at the dumpster where you found him

BD: We raised him Karna - we taught him everything from good to the bad, right to wrong but he chose his own blood and not our parenting

Karna: Don't say that - we had raised a good man but he died the moment he started spending time with his real father. For him we became the people who didn't tell him the truth-hid his identity and Uday had anger issues already so it made sense for him to identify with his real father and not you. Sometimes parenting fails in front of blood because a person fails to identify their real persona- his genes and issues forced him into the oblivion that took him far away from us. The only good thing we have from him are Jaiwanta and Pratap

BD: But I failed them as well

Karna: Don't be so hard on yourself my love. You raised a good man - a man who loves his family and protects them at every cost. Pratap loves Ajabde more than life and he would never dare to raise his hand on her ever - he rather cut of his own hand. You brought Raghvendra into Jaiwanta's life indirectly you also brought Sagar into her life she has found meaning once again because of all these additions to her life. And let's not forget the two new additions that will join you soon

BD had placed his head on her lap while she ran her fingers through his hair

BD: I don't want to leave you. I want to stay here with you in this place

Karna: That's not possible at the moment because our family needs you- Pratap needs you and most of all Sagar will need you after all he did shoot his father

BD was stunned on learning this small fact and he sat straight when tow boys rushed and collapsed laughing on the ground smiling adorably at the two people sitting watching over them

Karna: I promise you love that we will wait for you here but you need to go now

BD: We?

Karna: Me and our children my love - look all 10 of them are here

BD gazed around as he took in the 10 children they had lost as a couple all of them smiled and ran to him. BD held each and every child in his arms for mere seconds but for him it felt like eternity but as he had hugged the last one a voice called out to him

Bade Daata...Bade Daata...please be okay...come back to us...we need you Bade Daata

Karna gently moved her hand over her husband's and silently communicated the words she could not say

It's time for you to go back my love. I promise we will wait for you here in the afterlife


Chapter 92

Jaiwanta stared at the sleeping form of her father figure whom she had seen laughing and enjoying life to the fullest, who taught her son well sons to be honest to be good men and human beings and was now lying on the bed still with tubes covering his upper body-a machine supporting his breathing. Tears fell down her cheeks as she cradled his wrinkled hand in hers - a hand that always supported her, helped her to get up back on her feet felt so cold

In her thoughts, "Please come back to us. You are my Daata and I know it hurts but please try to come back"

A hand gently found its way on her shoulder as she looked up RG was standing there behind her supporting her trying to be her strength and she allowed him. For the first time since they had met and after the revelations JB allowed RG to by her side.

RG: He's going to be alright. He is one of the most stubborn man I have ever known and he is not going without meeting his great grandchildren I promise you

JB nodded her head and both of them together sat by Bade Daata's side.

Sagar was not speaking he acknowledged everyone and used gestures but did not speak a word. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) was the doctor's verdict over the toddler's irrational behaviour - no speaking, no eating, clinging to his pretty or staying huddled in a corner. Ajabde glared at the orderly who had tried to take the sleeping toddler out of her sight only to have received kicks and fists from the toddler. Poor guy first a punch from the pregnant lady and then kicks and fists from a kid it was not a good day for him. Sagar slept huddled close to Ajabde on her bed clutching her gown tight as she ran her fingers over his hair. Pratap came in after changing his clothes and got his wounds checked out from the general physician who was present at the hospital who at the moment was giving a once-over to all the other guys.

He came sat by on the stool glancing at the sleeping toddler.

Ajabde: He finally fell asleep a few moments ago

Pratap: I realised seeing that the orderly is still giving those awful glances towards this room

Ajabde: He tried to take him away while he slept Pratap -it was a good thing that I came back in time from that ultrasound and stopped Sagar from using that fork- the room has been cleared of all sharp objects and utensils as you can see

He needs to talk- I mean he is a baby and what he did is eating him inside out. Sagar needs to vent or cry out or say something

Sagar: Nooo...don't hurt him...please no...pretty save me... Dada Bhai

Sagar started screaming at the top of his lungs scaring Ajabde who tried calming but failed  as she saw the tears falling out of those eyes. Pratap gathered him up in his arms  and held him tight whispering soothing words to him over and over again, "it's alright buddy. You saved me and pretty from the bad guy. He is gone and will never hurt you again. I promise"

A tired Sagar slept in Jaiwanta's arms as she rocked him to sleep soothing away his fears while Ajabde was taken again for a check-up as Sajja believed that she would deliver soon seeing the fact that she had gone over a multitude of events and emotions recently. Everyone had gathered in Bade Daata's room as it was the biggest room of the hospital also they all wanted to be close to their Bade Daata. Rawatji was supposed to arrive with Kalyan Singh and his wife later sometime with the latest developments. Shakti, Vikram, Chakri, Veeni, Subhagyawati, Maan, Som, Hakim and Akbar were scattered all over the room while BK sat by BD's bedside

A nurse came to check his vitals and told the family

Nurse: His vitals are improving slowly. Once he reaches the safe limit we will try to wean him off the drugs and remove the machine

All of a sudden the heart monitor started to beep loudly followed by the other machines as well

RG: what's happening?

Nurse: He's crashing...No...she pressed a button on the wall behind his head and a warning ran out CODE BLUE...Respond immediately...CODE BLUE

At the same time the orderly rushed into the room calling out for attention but when nobody heard him he pulled Pratap towards him and said: Your wife has gone into need to come with us quickly


Chapter 93

Two beds rushed from different directions of the hospital only to meet in the middle -one carried a father figure who was fighting for his life while the other had a pregnant lady who was trying to bring forth a life. Both of them meant the world to the figures running behind them but most of all they both were the lifelines for one man who stood between them not knowing who to follow - his Bade Daata who raised him as his own or his wife who was about to deliver their child. Pratap looked so lost unable to make a rational decision himself

RG: Go Pratap we got him covered...Ajabde needs you more

Pratap: I can't just leave him like that...

JB: Alright take him (gives Sagar to RG) Pratap I'll be with Ajabde and you be with Bade Daata. If we need you I'll send someone alright...don't worry everything will be alright

RG: Where is Sajja?

The orderly came in again and without stopping for a breath he uttered

The other pregnant lady with your group is being rushed for an emergency delivery right now

Chakri: WHAT??? WHY???

Orderly: I don't know

Hakim: What do you mean you don't know?

Akbar: What the hell do you know?

Orderly: All I know is that Sajja Ma'am is required to perform an emergency C-section on the patient if she needs to save both the baby and mother

JB: Then who will deliver Ajabde's child - Ajabde all the while had her eyes closed and was trying to the bear the pain

A lady came forward she looked young but carried a mature look on her face. She introduced herself as the doctor who would perform Ajabde's delivery

Akbar: What's your name?

New Doctor: I'm Dr Jodha and we need to move quickly as this baby cannot wait any longer


Three Operating Theatres - three patients - all three came from one family who stood waiting for the news of their loved ones. The waiting room was filled as more people dropped by Rawatji came in with his wife followed by Kalyan Singh, Rann Singh and Khetu also dropped by to check up on the family and so did the other employees, friends and well-wishers. DB came in with SS and JM as they wanted to know about the people who helped them get rid of their demons. DB was wearing a pretty ring on her left hand while SS and JM looked happy as for once DB had a content look on her face. Everyone sat or moved or in Pratap's case paced around when a nurse came hurriedly out of Ajabde's OT -

Pratap: IS she...

Nurse just shook her head and rushed out - she spoke to the orderly and then went back in. This happened with Subho and Bade Daata as well making everyone stare at the orderly with inquisitiveness

Orderly: Don't hit me please I have had enough of beating for a life time. So Bade Daata had a cardiac arrest and he almost died in surgery but the doctors were able to stabilise him whereas your wife (looks at Chakri) is about to be opened for the C-section they needed to make sure her BP was in control before they went ahead with the procedure...

RG: What about Ajabde?

Orderly took a deep breath: She has some internal bleeding that was clotting the placenta. So the doctor is taking care of the bleeding first and then they will proceed with the delivery

Pratap: Internal bleeding?

Orderly: sometimes when a person gets hurt or falls down they rupture the blood vessels inside that causes them to bleed. As the bleeding is happening internally one does not know about it until a proper check up is done - in your wife's case because we did only the ultrasound for the baby and not the surrounding areas we missed the bleeder but the doctor has it under control but for last resort please arrange some blood. Your wife's blood group is

Pratap: blood group?

A nurse came and looked at the orderly: Arrange blood now - two patients require blood

Orderly: Alright I'll go

Akbar: What?

Orderly - come with me and I'll test you - those who match can donate blood

Fine let's go - Hakim, Akbar, Som, Maan, Veeni, Rann Singh, Khetu they all moved but Pratap stood still his nightmare of losing his loved one seemed to be coming true by the second

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This was awesome! just awesome!ClapWow !such a long update filled with so many emotions.Big smile
Everything was just superb! I have become a fan of yours di!SmileEmbarrassed
Ok.i hope everything goes well with bd,ajab and subho.SmileUpdate soon as i really can't wait to read the next part.TongueWink
PS-I'm first!Wink

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