Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap


Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap
Bharat Ka Veer Putra -Maharana Pratap

Mistakes & Love Praja FF Complete 118 (Page 10)

twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by RoshiniluvPrAja

good good boht jaldi new story start kr diya..kl he saare prts back to back pad liya bt forgot to comment.. offline jane k baad yaad aaya i missed sumthng LOLLOL tho me aa gai aaj fir se n nw dis new update of urs... 
ab..startng frm strt..
R u mad?? calling ur dis story simple one..
aisa kabhi hua h tumhare koi b story simple ho..dis is super good.. i'm really njoyng it...
tooo good writer u r...really luv reading ur stories..
Praja spending time tgether..pratap's mother handling office.. n kaante ko paat padhana superb yr ..LOLLOL
aaj ka update ws superbb jalkukdi kaanta.. praja k beech aaayegi tho jal hi jayegi na LOLLOL ..waiting for ur next update 

@red: Main toh hoon paagal...yeh kahoon har pal..chal kare koi gadbad..badne de forum ki rank ab tohROFL
@blue: Blushing thaank youuu

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by rinall

Garimaaa !!!! Hug
Exciting updates !! Clap

The girls are making the boys carry their shopping bags...reminds me of a scene from the song "Small Town Girl" from Bachna Ae Haseeno...Where Ranbir Kapoor's character's made to carry shopping bags by Bipasha Basu's character... WinkLOLLOL Serves the guys well ! Thumbs Up

Pratap and OCD ! ROFL If my memory serves me right, you and Apeksha have associated this disorder with Ajabde in some of your earlier stories... LOL

PraJa moment ! Uff ! BlushingBlushing Though we can think of several mushy songs for this moment, the song I have in my mind is this----

Tu mile, dil khile
Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye
Na ho tu udaas, tere paas paas
Main rahoonga zindagi bhar
Saare sansaar ka pyaar maine tujhi mein paaya
Tu mile, dil khile
Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye
Haan tu mile, dil khile
Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye
Chanda tujhe, oh dekhne ko nikla karta hai
Aaina bhi, oh deedaar ko tarsa karta hai
Itni haseen koi nahin 
Husn dono jahan ka ek tujh mein simatke aaya
Tu mile, dil khile
Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

Darling, every breath you take
Every move you make, I will be there with you
What would I do without you?
I want to love you forever and ever and ever

Pyaar kabhi, hooo marta nahin hum tum marte hain
Hote hai voh, hooo log amar pyaar jo karte hain
Jitni adaa, utni vafa
Ek nazar pyaar se dekh lo phir se zinda kar do
Tu mile, dil khile
Aur jeene ko kya chaahiye

"Phool" bane angaarey !ROFLROFL She reminds me of SRK from Darr re ! or maybe, Urmila Matondkar from Pyar Tune Kya Kiya...  scared smileyscared smiley
Have a song for her too !! 

Roundhe Hai Mujhko Tera Pyaar
Chubhta Hai Tera Intezaar
Das Rahi Tanhaiyaan
Dard Yeh Kar Raha Hai Pukar
Roundhe Hai Mujhko Tera Pyaar
Chubhta Hai Tera Intezaar
Das Rahi Tanhaiyaan
Dard Yeh Kar Raha Hai Pukar

Karochti Hai Kyon Mujhko Hawa Reh Reh Ke
Nichodti Hoon Dil Gabrati Hoon Mein Tere Liye
Katra Katra Mera Jaana Tere Milan Ko Tarse
Roundhe Hai Mujhko Tera Pyaar
Chubhta Hai Tera Intezaar
Das Rahi Tanhaiyaan
Dard Yeh Kar Raha Hai Pukar
zombie hand smileyscared and sweating smiley

Rinal yaaraHugHugHug

Thanks and am really happy you are enjoying the story
@Redish shade: Maine scene wahin se maaraEmbarrassed
@Pink: Haan and then I decided iss baar yeh bimaari Pratap ko deti hoon
@Red: aage aage dekho kya kya hota hai
@green: kya title choose kiya re
ROFLROFLROFL waise Phool is itna na darr uska treatment apni JB abhi kar rahi hai na

Love the songs - waise maine second waala nahi suna but will do so now

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by swara98

Nice update garima pratap being hilarious the steaming moment between praja made me blush Embarrassed grr flower pot has to poke her nose in their moments Angry hope jb gives her a nice lesson

Thanks Swara Smile
twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 May 2015 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nonie12345

Amazing chapter Garima Star
Loved the Praja Romance Heart
I am angry at phool who is trying to separate pratap and ajabde Angry

Thanks nonieSmile
don't worry uss Flower pot ka bhi treatment hoga

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twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by Annei123

Loved it Embarrassed waiting for the next update !!!

twilightlover29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Chalo afternoon update bhi de dete hain ab- zyaada wait nahi karayenge aap sab ko (This is a really long one!!!)

Chapter 12

Ajabde stared at the sleeping form of her husband who looked so peaceful and relaxed like an adorable baby. She ran her fingers through his hair looking at his face trying to remember the last time they had been so close to each other- it was maybe in the 1st year of their marriage: Pratap would discuss all his dreams and aspirations with her about the future he wanted and how he wanted to be worthy of his grandfather's legacy and as they would talk late into the night sleep would find them and they would wake up to a new day holding each other close. She picked up his cell to see who the person was who had called but found a number instead- she knew the identity of the caller after all hadn't she spoken to her numerous times trying to reach her husband at his office when his cell wouldn't work. She even remembered the time when they had an epic fight because of her but she knew her husband was only hers after it was all over



Ajabde was waiting for her husband to pick her up from the school she worked as a teacher. She loved teaching small kids- all enthusiastic and eager to learn new things around them so after the school got over she waited for her husband as he was supposed to pick her up and they were having lunch together. His business was blossoming so he wanted to celebrate it with her - Ajabde smiled seeing her husband telling her about the contracts he had received and how his venture was working really well. She sat on a bench waiting for him as her colleagues and students left one by one - an hour passed but he didn't come and just like that as she sat waiting on the bench 3hours had passed. She called his cell but it was not reachable so she called the office where she spoke to Phool

Phool: Songara enterprises how may I help you?

Ajabde: Phool this is Ajabde here. I need to speak to my husband

Phool: Mrs Songara how are you doing?

Ajabde: I'm fine Phool. I need to speak with my husband it is urgent

Phool: I'm so sorry Ma'am but he is in a meeting right now with other directors and we are not allowed to disturb him

Ajabde getting irritated: Tell him it is his wife and he needs to answer his cell. So connect me now and that is an order

Phool made a face and then without any information put Ajabde on hold for 45mins. So finally when Pratap answered all exhausted and tired form the meeting he was welcomed with his wife's sarcastic remarks

Ajabde: SO now you have time for me

Pratap: Ajabde? I'm really tired right now as I had a busy meeting so

Ajabde: I have been waiting for you like a fool for the past 4hrs now Pratap- remember we were having lunch today

Pratap: Yeah but I sent you a message that I had a meeting

Ajabde: Are you serious? If I had received the message would I sit here all day waiting for you like a fool...You know what you and your meeting can all go to hell

She snapped her cell shut and just walked away in no particular direction the only thing playing in her mind was her fight with Pratap. They had been having arguments lately and she was tired of them all. Her cell kept on ringing but she made no move to answer it as she wanted peace. Totally lost in her world she did not see the car that was rushing down the road and everything happened in a matter of seconds- the car lost control and hit Ajabde who fell hard on the road. People gathered around the scene no one making a move to help her. Ajabde prayed for death as she was tired and exhausted from it all- her cell was still ringing somewhere when dizziness hit her hard- the last thing she saw was a man holding her up: Don't worry everything will be alright. I promise


Pratap woke up to find his wife lost in her thoughts so he pulled himself to her and kissed her neck: what are you thinking about?

Ajabde: hmmm the accident

Pratap straightened up a bit: I came real close to losing you that day. It was horrible and I don' want to ever go through that again ever

Ajabde turned to face him palming his face in her hands she gently moved her fingers: I'm alright now - I can use all of my limbs and even the scar has diminished

Pratap held his wife tight as he remembered the horrific day events


His wife was not answering her cell which made him angry so in a fit of anger even he threw his cell on the table. He picked up the office phone and informed his secretary to not let anyone disturb him as he wished to be alone for some time it was not his fault that the meeting had moved up for the day he knew he was backing out of his promise for lunch but he had sent her a message as he clearly remember telling Phool to do it - he even gave his cell to her to do it. He picked up his cell and found that the message was never sent instead it was in the drafts section that made him angrier. Before he could call Phool- he made another call to his wife which got connected

Pratap: Ajabde I know youa re angry but listen to me

Man: Hello?

Pratap (tensed): Who is this? Where is my wife?

Man: Your wife met with an accident and we are taking her to a nearby hospital. Please come quick- hey (to his friend) hold on to the cloth as she is bleeding profusely

Pratap was in shock as the words registered in his brain: Your wife has been in an accident and all of a sudden Ajabde's smiling face came in front of him. He dashed out of his cabin like a mad man calling out for his friends

Chakri: Baujiraj what happened?

Pratap: Accident-hospital I need to go to the hospital

Som: Calm down

Pratap: I can't...have to reach the hospital

Veeni took his cell and spoke to the person: We will be there shortly and then looking at his friends: Let's go

They all climbed into Som's black Scorpio- Pratap sat in the front as Som drove while Veeni called JB to inform her about the accident

Chakri called his wife who was already there in the hospital: How is she?

Subho: she has lost a lot of blood and she is being taken into surgery now. I have to go. Come quick and ask fro me when you reach here

They all reach the hospital Pratap rushes to the reception: My wife...My wife has been brought in

Receptionist was busy talking to someone on the phone and npt listening to Pratap so he snatched the receiver and kept it down

Pratap: Your job is to answer people and not talk about your sad miserable life

Receptionist: Excuse me?

Chakri controlled the situation: Call Dr Subhagyawati Mishra ASAP

Receptionist: and you are?

Chakri: her husband

Pratap wanted to throw something but was being held by his friends

Chakri: I know you are worried but taking your anger out on them is not helping. Calm down now

Subho came and saw Pratap she went to him: She is in surgery right now and I need you to be patient as I have to be in there for her okay. Don't worry we are doing everything we can

Pratap: How is she?

Subho: she lost a lot of blood but the good thing is her wounds are not deep so we should be able to close them up quickly.

A nurse came and Subho went while the nurse came back

Nurse: Who is the patient's family?

Pratap: She is my wife

Nurse: Alright then fill out these forms

Pratap: Nurse who brought my wife here

Nurse: Those gentlemen there

Chakri and the others looked at the two men and were stunned

Pratap: What are you guys doing here?

The men smiled at Pratap: You thought that we won't come back- you may have got the girl but we are still here

Pratap: Thank you

No need Pratap after all we are all family now right Akbar

Yeah besides I cannot wait to see Pratap take care of a bed-ridden Ajabde Hakim.

Everyone sat near the room waiting for some news of their beloved family member. JB had gone to the temple for prayers while Rana Sanga also came to be with his grandson in a time like this.

It was hours later that Ajabde was wheeled out of the surgery room and shifted to a private chamber. Everyone was in shock seeing Ajabde all still lying on the hospital bed- Pratap sat by her side holding her hand rubbing his fingers over them apologising again and again. His grandfather and mother blessed Ajabde and told her to wake up soon and then left to allow others to meet her

Som, Veeni, Maan, Akbar and Hakim brought flowers, get well soon cards and soft toys for her. Akbar made a lot of jokes trying to lighten the mood while Hakim also joined in and in the night they all went with promises of returning the next day leaving Pratap alone with his wife

Pratap: I'm so sorry Ajabde. Please wake up. You are not allowed to leave me - who will I bother with my OCD then huh and once I take you home I'll stick with you like the fevicol ka jodd - you'll be sick of me.

Ajabde opened her eyes to her husband tired face: Never she mumbled making him look at her -I will never be tired of you.

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rinall Goldie

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Akbar ?? Shocked Hakim ?? ShockedConfused Yayyy!!!!!!! PartyFinally !! Akbar has made an entry in your story !! Dancing Thank you sooo much Garima !! HugHugHugGod ! I feel like calling you Garu right now ! LOLLOL
Fantastic update !! ClapClap 

As for Phool Dead... I think I gave her too much importance in my last response...She's just like one of those vamps from the K-serials...You know, Komolika types...She won't do much damage...Specially now, that she's working under the watchful eyes of JB ! Wink

PS--- Yayy !! Me first !! After a really long time ! PartyPartyDancing

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me puchna bhul gai thi wat is OCD?? full form plz.. 
mast update h..sad tha pr fir b maza aaya... 
us phool ko tho...AngryDead bolna bekaar h

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