PYAAR HAI YA SAZAA .. SidYali VibArth ff [COMPLETED] (Page 49)

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Awesome update
I love how Vibarth story is progressing and their convo.

It was so cute!!! Thank you so much for the pm and the awesome Vibarth scenes SmileSmileSmile

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Originally posted by Laksh_holic

Plzz update soon
cant wait more Embarrassed
am loving it day by day ClapClap

I love uttu angela in this Heart

Plz PM me ..

Thanx LOL
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Originally posted by Sahara92

Awesome update
I love how Vibarth story is progressing and their convo.

It was so cute!!! Thank you so much for the pm and the awesome Vibarth scenes SmileSmileSmile

ThanQ so much Big smile

Adi_Ki_Zoya IF-Dazzler

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Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa 
Part 19 

Uttu in washroom 
'kal feb 12 hai .. is din mein kaise bhool saktha hu .. Angela ki birth day hai .. mid night party zaroor honge .. I don't want to go ' he thought 
He went back to the dorm ..

Outside boys dorm 
'are utkarsh tu aagaya .. angela aayi thi .. party mein invite karne .. tuh chal raha hai right? ... she was asking about you' parth said 
'Mujhe kisine ne invite nahi ki' utkarsh replied
'Lekin ab kar rahe hu... aaooge right?' her voice came from behind 
Utkarsh just nodded unable to say no to her
'toh party will begin in half an hour.. i will be waiting for both of you' she said to uttu n parth 
'sry .. i cant come ... mujhe koi kaam hai' parth said 
she hesitatingly allowed him to not come .. 
parth had to take care of her after all .. in sick room ;)
Siyali in fire exit 
'Aaj woh late hai .. hamesha mujhe daadthi hai aur aaj woh khud late aayi' siyali said to herself 
she was wearing a simple pair of clothes (imagine the one she wore in sid's party)
There he comes in a black t-shirt .. he looked smokin hot 
Their eyes locked ... 
Siyali just admired him ... she forgot all her anger .. 
He smirked seeing her lost .. he clicked the fingers infront of her face
'kaha kogayi?... bahot zyada hot lag rahe hai kya?' he asked still in his sigmature smirk 
siyali came out of the tranz 
'tum late hu .. tumhe pata hai .. agar angela ko pata chal gaya ki main bimar nahi hu balki apne bf ke saath date pe hu , without attending her bday party .. she will kill me ' siyali pouted 
'arrey humne already decide ki thi naa .. hum sabko bataenge .. so problem nahi hongi ... we will tell about us to everone tomorrow okay?' sid said convincing 
'Hmm' she nodded 
There she stood being the center of attraction in the party today
Rohan had some evil plans today for sure .. he won't spare her so easily 
she wore a pink frock .. which made her look like a princess
The first thing he saw when he entered was her ... his princess ... laughing and enjoying with simmi and niti ... 
He tried hard not to look at her 

'Tum tik ho na charlie ?' niti asked as she saw him entering the party 
'Haan ' he said giving a smile assuring about his health
she wore a green top and white skirt ... he stared at her like anything 
He still couldn't find out the reason why he loved her so much
If someone insults her .. he feels it like he is being insulted 
Out of all the beautiful girls in WH, he found her as the most beautiful one .. isn't it a true love?
A boy came running .. and out of urge he pushed niti .. but not to worry .. he was there to hold her 
She fell exactly in his muscular hands .. He held her tight 
*Ishq wala love* is not needed in the background .. As there were some naughty boys already singing song for them 
'Baahon ke darmiyaan .. 
do pyaar mil rahe hai '' 
'Khmm khmm ' simmi angela n uttu coughed from back making them realise the surroundings
They blushed hard .. !! ;) 
'Mam aap ab tak soyi nahi?' parth asked entering the sick room seeing her with her books in her lap 
He so wished he was instead of those books .. He wanted to sleep in her lap .. That one day when he was drunk .. he was in her lap ... that feeling was indeed special to him 
'Parth tum fir se? ... jaao jaake sojaaoo' she said
'Mam u r not well completely .. kaam karne ki kya zaroorat hai?' he asked completely ignoring what she said
'2 din se tik se kaam nahi hui .. bahot work pending hai' she said 
'tum jaao parth .. ' she said yawning 
Seeing her feeling sleepy he went outside 
She was shocked .. he listened to her .. he really left her alone and went?..!!
'Toh aaj ka din ke speciality jaante ho tum?' sid asked her .. who just started the first conversation on their date
'haan .. angela ki bday right?' she said innocently 
'Nahi buddhu .. aaj hug day hai' he said
'Valentine week hai yeh!' he reminded 
'Acha ?? .. i didnt knew' she said 
'Toh jaldi se mujhe ek bone-crashing hug do' he ordered 
Hearing this she moved further away from him .. he was confused at what she was doing 
Then he saw her approaching towards him running 
he widened his arms welcoming her to the hug 
she ran to him .. He lifted her turned her around 
he kept her on the ground and placed a soft peck of her cheeks .. it turned apple red as usual 

They sat on the stairs 
hands in hands ...
'Woh .. sid .. '
'hmm kya hua ?' he asked messaging her hand 
'Wohh mujhe kuch poochna tha'
'poocho naa?' 
'who .. us din lake ke paas.. woh'
'Arre bolo na siyali .. '
'Wooh tumne kaha tha ki 'jab meri beti mujhse poochenge and all' she said hesitatingly
'haan toh?' he asked 
'Woh .. tumne beti kyun kaha ? beta kyun nahi? ' she asked atlast
'ooh .. family planning haan? .' sid asked winking 
'nahi .. mein toh bas ' she blushed again
he leaned closer .. she could feel his breath .. she closed her eyes
'Woh mujhe beti isliye chaahiye kyunki .. mein chahthi hu ki hamara first child tumhari jaisi ek beautiful doll hu'  he whispered in her ears .. A sort of shock went up and down her veins and nerves ... She was kinda liking the feeling .. butterflies already started flying in her stomach ... she blushed and blushed and blushed 

He went back to his position .. both were sitting adjacent to each other .. 
'Siyali .. agar tumhe mere jaisa ek hot ladka chahiye toh i don't mind ' he said smiling evily at her 
'Yeh thoda jaldi nahi horaha?' she asked 
'Kya ?? 'he asked confused 
'yeh planning and all?' she stated 
'Acha tumne shuru ki thi.. ab .. ' he complained 
'Meine toh bas poocha tha :( ' she pouted 
'Acha .. ab chodo woh baath ... i don't fight with beautiful girls' he said intertwining his fingers in her and kissing the ring in her finger 
'Mam .. ' he came again 
'Tum firse? .. soyi nahi' she asked 
'Mein gayi nahi thi mam .. mein mess mein gaya tha aapko coffee lene aur library mein mere liye ek book lene' he said
'coffee?? .. book?? .. kyun parth??' she asked confused 
'coffee isliye kyunki aapko neend aarahi thi ' he said and kept the coffee beside her table 
'aur book?? ' she asked again
'Book isliye kyunki mein pura raat yaha betkar bore na hu .. waise bhi jab aap saamne hothi hai toh usually mein bore nahi hota .. par aapko dekhthe dekhthe kahi mere control chala gaya toh? .. isliye book ' he said sitting opening the first page of the book ... he looked up to see her reaction .. seeing her mouth almost in O shape .. he passed her a half smile and continued reading the index.
'Parth mein aaj puri raat sone nahi waali .. tumhare liye acha yahi hoga ki tum jaake sojaao .. kal classes hai .. mujhe akela chodo' she insisted 
'Nahi chod saktha firse aapko' he said looking straight into her orbs ...
'Kya matlab hai firse chod nahi saktha ? ' she asked strongly 
He was almost getting irritated by her question .. he hated the fact that she was asking useless questions for which he had no answer .. even if he had answer , he had to confess it all . 
'Sunna chaahthe hai .. toh suno .. Mein aapse itna pyaar kartha hai ki pichle din jo kuch bhi hua .. i thought meine almost aapko kho di .. saanse ruk gayi thi mera ... aap aaraam se behosh the , lekin hosh mein rehkar bhi mujhe hosh nahi thaa .. aisa lag raha tha ki saare duniya ruk gayi .. ro rokar ab aansu hi nahi bache mera aankon mein ... lekin aapko kya farak padtha hai .. aap toh hamesha mujhe hurt dekhna pasand karthi hu .. lekin i don care aap kya soch thi hu .. mein firse woh din nahi dekhna chahtha ... aapko aage se kuch nahi hone de saktha main ... Sunli aapne?? .. tasalli mil gayi?? ' he asked releasing all his grief 
she stood there mum .. she didn't say anything .. She badly wanted to hug him .. 
'Mein yahi hu parth .. kahi nahi gayi' atlast she said softly without being able to control her heart .. her eyes were filled with tears by now 
'siyali ... ' he said soflty
'hmm sid' she said .. her head on her shoulder 
'Promise me something!' he said placing his head on her's 
'Kya sid? ' she asked 
'Tum mujhe kabhi chodkar nahi jaoongi' he said almost crying
sensing the difference in his voice she stood up .. she was hurt to see the tears in his eyes
'kya hua sid' she asked concerned 
'Promise me siyu ... Kyunki iss poore duniya mein shaayad tum hi ek insaan ho jo mere care karthi hai' he said .. 
she bend down and kissed his tears away 
'I promise sid .. mein tumhe kabhi chodkar nahi jaaoongi' she said in a convincing way 
she hugged him to console 
'Sid tumhe pata nahi tum kitne lucky ho .. tumhe atleast tumhare mom toh mili .. aur woh tumse bahot pyaar karthe hai ' she assured him 
he cried in her arms like a baby 

'Ab chalo .. rona dona band' siyali said after 5 min
Sid breaks the hug 
she smiled ... and cupped his face .. to comfort him 
he closed his eyes and started moving closer 
siyali hit him on his head .. 'sidd..!!' she called his name yet again
he pouted .. ' woh abhi abhi roya na .. toh waapas chota sid mode pe chala gaya ' he said pouting 
'Daily kiss karna sehat keliye bura hota hai ' siyali said teasing 
'achaa Dr. siyali ki prescription mein hai?? .. aur daily kaha?? ' he said pouting once again
'Bhool gayi .. baarish mein hum...' and she stopped 
she blushed hard thinking about those cute moments 
'It was magical' he said thinking about the same
'Thank you siyali ..mujhe trust karne keliye ...  Yeh sab mein zindagi bar nahi bool paoongi .. tumhe hamesha mera banana hai mujhe' he said smiling 
she too smiled .. her cheeks still red!
'Thanx angela .. tumne mujhe invite ki' rohit said 
'meine pure class ko ki' she said giving not so importance to his talks .. she was busy searching for him 
'am sorry for rose day' he said
'its ok' she said so that the disturbance will soon get over
'Yeh drink lo .. so that i can be glad that you have forgiven me' he said in a convincing way 
'No thanks ' she avoided 
'plz angela .. warna mujhe lagega ki u didnt forgive me' 
with no option left she took the drink and walked away from his sight 

'us din mujhe humiliate kiya tha ryt? .. aaj tum khud tumhe humiliate karengi' rohit thought smirking 

Angela was thirsty so drank the whole glass in a gulp 
She headed to cut the cake 
'happy bday to you .. happy bday 2 u' the students sang 
she cut the cake .. she searched for him to feed the first piece .. but he hid behind .. she fed to niti and simmi .. n then others .. still he wasn't there .. he didn't even wish her .. she felt so bad 

hope you like it 
Plz plz plz do like and let me know how you like it LOL
All critisism welcome .. 


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Lovely date 
Waited wid core abhi sidyali ke liye ff pe jina padega Cry
Thanks for update 
No precap dis tym 

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Originally posted by v_sidyali

Lovely date 
Waited wid core abhi sidyali ke liye ff pe jina padega Cry
Thanks for update 
No precap dis tym 

Thanx LOL
precap .. socha nahi Confused

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Too much shortCryCryCry
I really loved when Parth said to Vibha what he has in his heart and that she couldnt utter a word and got touched by his wordsEmbarrassed that was a very beautiful moment and i would really like to see Parth in that state or Vibha confessing to the other what he or she feels inside...i would love to see that happenedBig smile

Anyways awesome update as always i must say well doneClap Keep it up

Thank youuu for the pmEmbarrassed

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Loved itEmbarrassedClap amazing...vibharth whole night to stay in was superb...parth's confession. .all part's were amazing. Bt vibharth was favWink

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