PYAAR HAI YA SAZAA .. SidYali VibArth ff [COMPLETED] (Page 39)

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Originally posted by meenu_taarey

again a awesome update
all scenes are perfectly 
described... n vibharth
hope all sorted soon n 
utakarsh n angela lovely
charniti nice scene
awww sidyali love them
update soon n pm me
take care

Thanx aloot Smile
Update is on it's way 

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Originally posted by ArshiHameshaPM

an awesome updateClap
all scenes are perfectly described... and vibharth Embarrassed
hope all sorted soon 

thnx 4 the PM

Thanks aloot 
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Originally posted by WillyWonka

awesome updates and storyline
read it in a go 
Please update soon and pm me
and sidyali scenes are amazing
hope scenes like this will happen in WH

Thanks dear LOL
This means aloot 

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Part 17

In WH :
'Siyali ... siyali ' 
niti called out her name a half a dozen times when entering to the dorm 
'Kya hai .. Niti ,.. Aise chilla kyun rahe hu?'
'Mein abhi abhi urmila mam ko anwesha mam se kehthe hua suna ki Vibha mam bilkul tik hai ' she said smiling revealing her pairs of 2 canines and an incisor 
'Sach..!! Thank god' Siyali said feeling happy beyond limit 

they went to their respective bed and laid down ... feeling relieved 

He sat near her and eyed blankly at her 
He didn't knew what he should say right now
should he apologize for what he did back then .. or should he say that he is hell happy that she is alright 
although he knew that she wouldn't hear anything in this state 

It was late night .. everyone in the hospital seems to be fast asleep
*knock knock*
'Yeh darwaza kon knock kar raha hai? .. yeh toh next room se hai naa?' parth thought and went to examine 

'Parth ji .. Aap hai kaha .. darwaza shayad attag gaya hai .. aap kholne me meri sayayitha kijiye naa' kamini shouted behind door

Parth's lips curved into a tiny smile ... 'thank god ' he murmered
'Kamini mam .. sab sogaye hai .. mujhe lagtha hai ki aapko kal subah tak intezaar karna padega' he shouted 

He happily went back to his lady .. removing all the obstacles in their way 
He again sat beside her .. All he could do this time was to adore her like an idiot
She wore a yellow salwaar kameez .. the one she wore in the train on the way to WH  ... that was the first time he was close to her ..!! 
'Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte 
 tere bina kya wajood mera ' 
He heard the song 
'Yeh gaana kaha se aaraha hai .. sunatha pyaar mein yeh sab hotha hai .. but sach mein?? ' he thought confused 
'thujse juda agar hojaayenge toh khudse hi hojaayeenge judaa ' 
He went out to check where the music was coming from .. He found out that it was a watchman with his radio player 

'Kyunki tum hi ho 
ab tum hi ho .. Zindagi ab tum hi ho'

He sat beside her .. His heart started beating high along with the music ... He felt as if this song was written for him 
'Yes you are my life Ms. Vibha' He said smiling and held her hands in his 

As soon as they held hand .. the clouds started crying .. khushi ke aansu overflew from them .. The nature seems to be happy with them together .. It started raining ... rain of love ..!! 
'waaw!! barish ' siyali got up from her bed
she took a deep breath 
'yeh baarish ki khushbu mujhe neend se bhi utatha hai ' she said and went out to witness the first rain of the season 

'siyali tum yaha?' a voice called her from behind 
she turned back and was shocked find him 
'Tum is waqt yaha? ' she too asked the same question 
'Am sorry mam ... he said still holding her hands tight ... mujhe aapko aise galat nahi samajna chahiye tha .. lekin kya karu jab baath aapki aate hai toh mujhe dar lagtha hai .. ki kahi mein aapko kho na du .. aapko khone se dar lagtha hai mujhe mam .. Am sorry .. ' he was crying .. crying like a lil kid 
He stared at her beautiful face yet again .. he saw a lone tear escaping from her shut eyes .. did she hear it all?
Of course her heart did ..!! Which was with him now ..!!

He wiped her tears slowly ... he saw her eyelashes shaking .. His heart started raising again ... his arteries and veins started pumping together strongly .. 
There she opened her eyes ... He was the first one she saw ..
Her happiness had no bonds to see her hands in his .. but somehow she managed not to express it 
'Pani ' she whispered 
He rushed to get water for her  .. he made her sit leaning on her pillow and made her drink the water .. 
'Ouch ' she said keeping her hands on her head 
More than her it hurt him .. 'bahot dard horaha hai kya?' he asked sounding low ! 
'Nahi it's ok .. Tum yaha kaise .. I mean ..' she said 
'Woh urmila mam was in a hurry i guess .. so left me here .. Waise acha hi hua' he said smiling 
she nodded her head and wiped away the tiny drops of water on her lips with her hand .. his gaze followed her hand .. He had a sudden urge to claim them .. but he couldn't .. 
'washroom ' he said .. 'aur tum yaha kya kar rahe hu?' he asked
'mein baarish dekhne aayi thi sid . i love rain ' she said smiling 
'Hahahaa .. baarish dekhne ?? .. baarish mein beegna .. aur barish ko pasand karna yeh sab sirf filmom mein acha lagtha hai .. real life mein people run, if rain falls you know!?' he said teasing her and trying hard to control his laughter 

She didn't say anything instead pulled him outside the corridor ... 
'Siayli .. kya kar rahe hu .. bimar hojaayenge' he said trying to cover his head with his hands 
While she jumped it rain .. she was enjoying every drop of it like a little kid .. she shook her head splashing the water from her hair on his face ... she jumped like a kangaroo  ... totally wet
Meanwhile he just stood there admiring the childish behavior of her .. He just couldn't take his eyes off his girl ... He couldn't control it anymore .. he pulled her into a bone crushing hug ... she hugged him back .. they felt complete now .. they stood in that position for approximately 30 seconds ... He slowly broke the hug ... He just realised that she looked so beautiful in open wet hair ... Any guy in his position would not have controlled himself if such a beautiful girl was  standing so close that too in such a romantic environment .. 
He leaned closer ...he cupped her wet face ...  he saw her eyes closing .. considering it as an acceptance he claimed her lips .. their wet lips locked ... It was their second kiss ... but it was more magical as rain witnessed their sweet moment ... they were totally drenched in rain ... as the rain grew stronger , their kiss turned more passionate .. 
'Kya?? kamini mam lock hogayi?' she exclaimed trying hard to control her laugh 
He just stared at her .. he felt so happy to see her smile ... 
'haan mam' he said smiling and looking at her dreamily 
Vibha saw this .. she gazed down avoiding eye contact 

'toh bahot raat hogayi hai' he said sensing her being uncomfortable
'Room toh locked hai right .. toh tum kaha sone wale hu? ' she asked confused
He had a naughty smirk by now 
'this bed is quite wide .. hum dono adjust kar sakthe hai' he said winking 
'Parth..!!' she called out his name giving him a it's-not-time-to-joke  wala look
'tik hai .. mein niche soyenge aur aap upar' he said 
He said and gave a sudden peck on her cheeks 
Her cheeks turned tomato red by now .. she controlled
'Parth .. yeh tum kya kar rahe hu' she asked in a serious tone 
'meri girl friend ko good night kiss derahi hu' he said smiling 
'Half girl friend ' she corrected .. ' and now i guess not even that' she said the same dialogue which he said to her 3 days back 
He was hurt .. it showed him exactly how hurt she was ... he didn't say anything 
'Aaj ke bad .. aap ek nayi parth ko dekhna wali hu vibha mam ... jo aapko kisibi tarah manane ki koshish karenge ' he thought and laid down on the floor to sleep 
'Yeh lo blanket .. baarish hai ... you will feel cold' she said 
His lips took his signature smirk yet again .. he felt happy with the fact that she still cared about him :) 
'Good night mam' he said still smiling 
she just nodded and slept ...
They said Good bye to each other 
Sid hesitated to leave her hands which was intertwined in his 
'sid .. mujhe dorm ke andhar jana hai .. before someone notices' siyali said standing infront of the dorm 
He stared once again at her soft lips which was on his 2 minutes ago ... He wished that moment never ended 
He lifted her hands and gave a peck on it 
'sweet dreams and kal break pe in Fire exist .. dont forget' he said 
'same to you and i won't forget the tiny date of tomorrow .. date in fire exit sounds weird ' she said teasing
both of them left .. not intending to stop smiling  today 
Morning in WH :

'Ab neeche raku?' charlie asked who was lifting niti on his shoulders
'Nahi mujhe classroom tak aise hi jaana hai' niti pouted 
'tik hai' he said and continued walking 
'Meine tumhe sirf isliye accept ki taaki tum ye jo body banaya hai right uska koi na koi faayda ho ' niti said teasing .. playing with his hair

'What the hell is happening?' urmila called out from behind 
hearing the hitler's voice charlie suddenly kept niti on the floor 
'woh mam .. niti ke pair pe chot lagi thi .. toh i was helping her ' charlie said finding an excuse 
'haan mam' niti supported and acted as if she was really hurt 'ouch' she said holding her leg
'hmm go to your classes fast' she said believing what they said and left 
charNiti too left feeling embarrassed 

'Hai' angela initiated the conversation as they were sitting together adjacent to each other, silent for 5 minutes by now 
'Hai' he replied giving a half smile 
'toh aaj tum meri sawaal ka jawaab dene ki mood mein hu kya?' she asked 
'Kya sawaal ?' he asked confused 
'Wahi jo meine kal poocha tha' she said
'Kal kya?' he asked confused again
'Ki tumhe kaise pata chala ki mein aaya tha .. without looking at me' she asked staring straight into his eyes with a blank expression 
Precap : sidYali tiny date
VibArth back to WH 

Hope you like it Smile
Do leave your suggestions .. and tell me what wouls you like to read in this .. i will surely add the scenes

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Tysm for such an amazing ff..

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Originally posted by Sidyali_06

Tysm for such an amazing ff..

You are welcome .. THanx for reading Smile
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Update soon..
Much needed ff..
As we sidyalians are shattered by da current track..
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Originally posted by Sidyali_06

Update soon..
Much needed ff..
As we sidyalians are shattered by da current track..

I know right 
CVs are ruining SidYali Cry
will update soon dear LOL

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