PYAAR HAI YA SAZAA .. SidYali VibArth ff [COMPLETED] (Page 24)

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part : 13

It was rose day in WH 
WH seemed very colourful today ... 

parth was already in the corridor with his Black shirt and light blue jeans.. He looked hot today .. His white face looked more brighter when he was in black .. it was sure that there wont be a girl who wouldn't go crazy seeing him today 
he stood there not so interested in the concept of rose day ...folding his arms , leaning on the wall ... A group of girls approached him with red roses in their hands 
parth parth happy rose day .. they all wanted to give him the rose
he took the roses though he wasn't interested 
'rose king to tum hi banonge .u look so hot today' ruhi said smiling
'thanxs' he went away not feeling any interest in their compliments

There he saw utkarsh in his red t-shit and black bottom ... He went near him 
'kya baath hai .. kaha kogayi' parth asked
'Kuch nahi' he said turned other side whiping his tears 
'you dont have to hide it from me utkarsh .. meine suna angela ne kya kaha ... she was wrong , not you' he defended him 
'nahi parth .. galti meri thi .. meine socha ki she feels something for me ... apna aukat bool gaya tha mein ' he said gulping his pain 
'lekin ab mujhe yaad aagaya ... usse kitna door hosakenga utna door rahunga' he continued with tears escaping from his eyes 
'chill yaar .. yeh ladkiyan aise hi hote hai .. hamare feelings ka koi kadar nahi hota inhe ab meine bhi soch liya hai .. ki i wont let myself hurt me because of her' he said remembering about rishab and vibha 
'areyy .. itne saare roses .. hmm kya baath hai .. rose day shuru nahi hui ..abi se itna ' utkarsh asked trying to change the topic
'chod na yaar .. waise bhi .. mujhe nahi banna koi rose king' he said uninterested 

'happy rose day siddharth' girls had no intention to leave him today  .. he looked extra hot in that Dark blue shirt and grey jeans 
.. any one who would go near would burn due to his hotness ...with no option left he quickly grabbed the flowers from their hands and went looking for his princess

Siyali waited in the fire escape for a long .. She wore a dark blue gown .. she looked so beautiful as usual 
sid ran hiding from girls and reached fire escape at last 
he suddenly got in taking a couple of deep breaths, shut the door and turned back 
His was awestruck seeing her .. she stood there in his fav colour dress folding her arms making an angry face
He gulped hard as he couldn't control himself in being lost in her beauty ... he still stood still with his mouth open 
'Moo band karo .. u r late ' she said turning on the sadu rani mode again
'Blue kyun pehna?' he asked making an irritated face
'Tumhara fav hai naa .. aisa moo kyu bana rahe hu?' she asked confused 
'Fav to hai .. but ... he said coming closer .. tum itni khubsoorat lagenge toh saare ladke tumhe roses doonge .. and i dont like it ' 
'Achaa .. jealous haan? ... aur khud ke haath dekho ... WH ke saare ladkiyon ko sirf tum dikhti hai kya? ' she asked irritated 
'Kya karu .. itni hot jo hu' he came more closer winking 
He gazed at her lips ... he had no intention to leave her today ... 
he came closer ... his gaze still fixed 
'sid ... woh .. '
'shshhh ... ' he made her quite by placing his fingers on her lips 
he moved closer and slowly placed his lips on his fingers that was on her lips ... he slowly removed his finger then .. their lips met ... he initiated the kiss ... she responded with equal passion .. it was their first kiss ... a memorable one .. they kissed like there is no tomorrow ... she ran her fingers through his hair adding more passion onto it ... they parted after 35 seconds ... they took deep breath .. she blushed hard .. he looked here and there with his lips in a tiny curve .. he couldnt stop smiling .. He kissed the girl he love, few seconds ago ... he never felt this happy .. he didnt feel this special when he kissed krissane 
'Chalo .. party shuru hote hi honge' he said breaking the awkard silence 
they left embarrased .. 
Parth entered the library as peon said him that Urmila mam called him there .. he was confused thinking why would urmila mam call him that too in library .. but still went 
he saw vibha mam standing there 
'aap ??.. ooh toh aapne hi peon se kaha hoga to call me here .. unbelievable ! ..' he said and was about to go 
'Ruko parth .' she said
'At least listen to me once what i have to say' she said stopping him
'mujhe aapki koi baath nahi sunna .. jo kehna hai usse jaake kaho .. jiske saath aap full kiss kar rahe the .. unlike my half one ... aur jisko aap full boyfriend maanti hai' he said turning away 
'aur ek aur baath ... dobara mujhse baath karne ki koshish mat karna ... mujhe aapse kuch nahi kehna aur naahi aapke kuch sunna ... ' he said gritting his teeth 
This really got on her nerves 
'parth .. ek baath dhyaan se sunlo .. mein tumhare peeche isliye nehi baag rahi hu .. kyunki mein tumhare pyaar mein paagal ho gayi hu .. balki isliye kyunki i dont want you to consider me as a bad character .. agar tumhare jadah koi aur hota toh mein uske peeche bhi aise hi justification dene chali jaati .. khudko zyada importance mat do' she said in a go.. in a serious tone
'Toh aap yeh kehna chaahti hai ki u dont care about my feelings? .. then no need to .. bcuz i already know that ... aapko samajne mein shaayad meine koi galti ki .. mein hi galti thi ki mujhe laga ki you love me .. you cared for me ... meine aise kaisa sochliya .. mere dil bhi paagal the jo aapko chaaha ... aapse pyaar ki ... ab mein apne dimag ke sunongi .. dil ki nahi  ' he said in a rude tone but his vision got blurred as his tear glands started their job 
'nahi parth .. mere soch galat thi .. mujhe laga ki tum mature hogaye hu .. sach aur joot pehechaan sakte ho tum .. lekin nahi.. mein bhi galat thi ... mein paagal tha jo mujhe laga ki tumhe ek chance dedeni chahiye .. i was wrong parth that i lov...'
she stopped eyeing straight into his eyes with a blank face.. She took back her gaze as soon as possible bcuz he looked super handsome today and she didnt want to get lost in him ... 
'Bye mam ... ab mein mere immaturity ko lekar aapke saamne nahi aaoonga .. aur mein aana bhi nahi chaahthi aapke aur aapke full bf ke beech' he said stubborn and walked out of the library

'shaayad yehi tik rahega parth ...tumhare liye aur mere liye bhi' she said after he left ... controlling hard so that her tears dont flow non-stop from her eyes 
'niti tum jaana ... jaakar party enjoy kar .. shuru hote hi hongi ... i am fine here' chalrie said to her from the bed in the sick room
'nahi charlie .. waha meri kya kaam hai' niti said 
'waise is dress mein tum bahot ache lag rahe hu ' he said .. picking up the red rose behind his pillow and placing it in her hands 
'happy rose day niti' 
she blushed hardd .. she felt so happy 
'tumhe kaha se mila yeh rose ? .. tum toh baahar nikla hi nahi' she asked confused 
'jaha pyaar hai waha sab jaayaz hai you know ... meine arrange kiya wo sab .. waise mera rose kaha hai?' he asked 
Niti opened her bag and gave him two roses tied together 
'yeh hum dono hai .. always together' she said 
his face faded thinking about his dad 
'niti .. dad ... usne mujhe milne bhi nahi aayi ' he said sounding low 
'nahi budhdhu .. woh aaye the' she said and explained the whole incident where his father apologized her and asked her to take care of him and all ... his happiness had no bounds ... he took her hands in his and kissed it 
'ab hame koi alag nahi kar sakta niti' he said smiling 
It was evening already ... Party just began 
'good evening everybody .. i welcome you all to the rose day party ... we will have dance games and lot of fun .. and yes the rose king and queen .. the most important .. will be announced at the end of the party ... enjoy it well ... 

Utkarsh saw her standing in a corner in her white gown ... He tried hard not to look her ... She too noticed him but acted as if she didn't see him at all
All had their dance partners with them 
Sid and siyali stood together as partners and Krissane eyed at her giving her a you-stole-my-boyfriend look , which siyali totally ignored
Vibha stood their alone that was when Rishab asked her to be his partners .. she agreed hesitatingly 
parth stared at them as if he would kill them right now .. but as he said earlier he totally avoided his dil and listened his dimag and went and asked ruhi to be his partner who happily agreed 

Angela slowly approached towards Utkarsh 
'Tum meri partner banungi?' she asked .. her sound was still full of attitude after all that happened the previous day 
Utakrsh widened his eyes in a confused expression 
'aisa mat dekho .. iam not dying to be your partner .. aur koi choice nahi hai isliye pooch rahe hu' she said not eyeing him so that he don't read her eyes that how bad she wanted to be his partner forever ..!!
'Mujhe nahi banna' he said and walked away 
She felt bad ... she was really hurt ... 
'After all i deserve his hatred' she said to herself 
So are you all in your partners? ... aagar nahi hai toh jaldi partner doondlo cuz we are heading to our first game of the evening 
teachers, students, all can participate 
rose day continuation
game .. dance ..
rose king and queen 

i hope you all like it .. Smile
thank you all for your suggestions on previous part
i will truly consider it Big smile
Do leave your comments 
take care ...!! LOL

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yes i m first again!!
vibharth scene broke my heart vibha should have convinced himOuch
uttu did right with angela..hope she apologises soon!
sidyali first kissEmbarrassed
charniti was cute too..
waiting fr rose king n queen
please give jealous vibha and angela if u can..
continue soon

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ur  ff realy cheers me up!! 
sidyali scene was soo cute..
unite vibharth too!!
rose day??!! its cool!!

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Where were you dearEmbarrassed missed you alot in forum...u again broke vibharth..not fairCry rest couples enjoying...overall superb update bt not vibharth partCry
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I am liking the jealousy game between Vibha & Parth. Looking forward to knowing who will give in first. Feeling bad for Utkarsh, Angela is being so arrogant.
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Vibharth part was really good... U had surprised me.. Really very good comeback from last part.. Vibha's character sketch s this... She can't go overtop and romance with parth... She s a teacher so parth has to take steps... Pl maintain this attitude towards vibha character.. This s needed... She can't beg fr love ... Make a jealous parth and also vibha longing for him but showing don't care attitude and avoidance this will be really awesome... Make their intensity hard.. Ur portrayal s guy compared to real serial where they go with cuteness chemistry eye lock... Pl continue Asap ... If possible today.. Waiting,,,,,,!,,,,!!!!!!!
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Rose Day celebrations Clap what a thought.
Beautifully written Embarrassed liked it alot.. Especially Sidyali Day Dreaming
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Originally posted by Starsfireflies

yes i m first again!!
vibharth scene broke my heart vibha should have convinced himOuch
uttu did right with angela..hope she apologises soon!
sidyali first kissEmbarrassed
charniti was cute too..
waiting fr rose king n queen
please give jealous vibha and angela if u can..
continue soon
Yeah u first againClap
I will try to bring up a jealous vibha n angela
Thank yew for suggestionLOL

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