PYAAR HAI YA SAZAA .. SidYali VibArth ff [COMPLETED] (Page 14)

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Originally posted by v_sidyali

Awesome and towesome update 
Lovely sidyali partStar
 precap Day Dreaming
Made my day 
Can't wait for next 
Thanq soo muchTongue
Will update asapSmile
It means a lot LOL

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Nice liked it do continue asap 
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its damn cool!!
luved evry bit of sidyali!!
coninue soon!!
waiting 4 the nxt on!!

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woww lovely part ohh dont be sorry..i will be loving this too.parth caring nature fr vibha..update soon..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by cooljav1234

Nice liked it do continue asap 

Thanx yaar 
Next part on it's way Smile
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Originally posted by ..krystal

its damn cool!!
luved evry bit of sidyali!!
coninue soon!!
waiting 4 the nxt on!!

thanx Smile
will post the next today itself

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Originally posted by mansinarang95

woww lovely part ohh dont be sorry..i will be loving this too.parth caring nature fr vibha..update soon..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Aww thanx ..Wink
will update asapBig smile

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Pyaar hai ya sazaa 
part : 8 

parth went into the sick room .. hoping that rishab sir would have left
when he opened the door .. he was shocked .. his love was holding some one else hand .. she was holding rishab sir's hand ..
both vibha and rishab saw him ... 
vibha saw him clenching his fist in anger ... she realised what made him angry .. she suddenly took her hands away .. 
 she didn't want him to misunderstand..
rishab was confused with all this ..
'kya hua parth .. all ok?' rishab asked confused 
'how dare you touch my girl' he said in mind 
'kuch nahi ..' he controlled his anger ... 
He walked away gritting his teeth and giving an angry glare to her.
Rishab too left for his home 
charlie noticed sid stealing glances of siyali .. 'sid ..beitna chahta hai uske sath??... mein siyali se poochthe hai ki kya woh yaha aakar beitengi' he said
'seede seede kahna ki tujhe niti ke paas betna hai' sid teased
'woh bhi hai .. par main aim yeh hai .. ' he winked 
he walked towards siyali and said .. 'siyali kya mein yaha beit saktha hu' .. 
'ye koi poochne ki baath hai kya .. sure you can ' she said and shifted near sid .. she too wanted the same 

siyali smiled at him .. she was expecting a compliment ..for her blue dress ... but he didn't .. he had his own plans 
'white shirt mein tum ache lag rahe hu ' she said .. hoping for a return compliment 
'thanks ' he said and turned away .. smiling 
she was angry by now
she wore her not-so-fav dress only for him .. and he didnt seem to care ... 

'tum yaha kyun aaya ' niti asked teasing 
'tumhe miss kar rahe the' charlie winked
niti blushed ... 
'waise koi aur reason bhi hain ki mein yaha aaya'
'kya ?' niti asked confused 
'are kuch nahi .. chodo wo sab' 
he held her hand and slept peacefully on her shoulder 

after an hour :
everyone in the bus seems to be fast a sleep
but he couldn't ... her amazingly beautiful face didn't let him sleep
siyali hugged his hand and slept on his shoulder .. he was just admiring her without blinking his eyes even once ... he continuosly moved the hair from her face ... she is the most beautiful girl in the world .. he thought ... 'tum blue main ache nahi bahot bahot bahot ache lag rahi hu' he said to his sleeping beauty
parth was sitting on the fence facing outside ...throwing stones continously in anger 
'parth ... tum yaha the .. meine kaha kaha nahi doonda tumhe' her voice came from behind .. she sat beside him 
'parth jaisa tum soch rahe hu aisa bilkul nahi .. uske maa bimar thi so i was just comforting him ' she explained 
'meine toh aapse kuch poocha hi nahi' he said and turned away 
'tik hai .. agar tumhe mujhse baath nahi karna hai toh am leaving' she said and stood upto to move .. he cought her wrist and pulled her down which caused her to land exactly in his lap .. they had an eyelock .. intensity in their eyes was overflowing .. she suddenly stood up ..and stood there avoiding any further eye contact.. she don't want to get lost in him again 
he stood up 'mere taraf dekho' he said 
she still looked down .. he moved forward and lifted her chin up .. made her look into his eyes
'mein aapko itni effect karthi hu .. phir bhi aap confess kyun nahi karthe ' he said 
'mujhe nahi pataa .. mein hum dono ko barbad nahi kar sakti' she said and ran away ... 
It was almost afternoon .. The students had lots of fun .. they went for shopping .. they visited museums .. they ate ice creams and did lot more
they continued their journey .. the next one was an uphill destination 
they reached there .. 
siyali was still upset with the fact that sid ignored her throughout the trip .. she went and stood at the peak of the hill where she enjoyed the beauty of the whole town .. 
'It's beautiful .. isn't it' his voice made her happy 
'ab kyun aara ha hai .. tum toh mujhse baath tak nahi kar rahi thi ' she asked pouting 
'tumhe bura laga kya?' he asked raising his eyebrows
'nahi nahi bahot kush hu mein .. meri friend mujhse baath nahi kar rahe hai .. i should be happy ryt?' she asked sarcastically 
he hated it when she address him as her friend .. 
'khubsoorat' he said
'already bol chuke hu ' she said 
'mein scenery ki nahi .. mere special friend ke baare mein baat kar rahe the ' he said lost in her 
she blushed .. finally usene bol hi di .. she thought
'jitna meine imagine kiya tha .. usse bhi zyada kubsoorat lag rehi hu.. in blue' he admitted 
'achchaa .. toh  tum mujhe imagine bhi karthe hai' she winked and walked away .. leaving behind a shocked sid .. 'she winked?' he pinched him to make sure he wasn't dreaming 

'woww!! soo beautiful ' angela said looking at the scenery 
'lekin tumse thodi kam' he said standing beside her .. looking at the view ..folding his arms 
he turned sideways and stared her .. she was looking soo beautiful in those pink shirt and knee length blue skirt 
she didnt say anything .. though she felt very happy deep inside 

'charlie .. stop .. koi dekhlenge ' niti said while charlie pulled her beside the tourist bus so that no teacher's could spot them 
'shshhh.. ' he said 
he bend down and made her face front side and asked her to close her eyes 
then he silently put a heart shaped pendant around her neck .. 
she opened her eyes and said 'beautiful charlie' 
she kissed his cheeks and walked away having tears in her eyes
'pehli baar kisine mujhe gift di' she thought 

It was late afternoon .. they had their respective tents to take rest .. they were asked to sleep in pairs .. 
no one was in a mood to sleep .. so as soon as the teachers dozed off.. they all came outside sat near the fire and decided to play truth and dare .. some of them went saying it as boring .. while some played .. 
first spin ... 
Simmi to sid ... 
'truth or dare?' simmi asked  
truth ... he replied ... 
'mam ... mam .. aap kaha chali gayi' he was tensed as he searched her in full WH 
he went outside ... it was late in the evening .. sun was already going to set  
He searched everywhere around .. he followed the direction which his heart said.. he walked a long distance from WH now .. 
'yeh jagah koi jungle se kam nahi hai ' he thought 
'mam .. mam .. ' he called out loud 
'wow..!! he said .. seeing the beautiful lake .. and the amazing scenery .. and .. his vibha sitting at the corner of the lake .. throwing stones in it ' 
'parth tum yaha kaise ' she asked 
'I followed my heart till here' he said smirking 
'this place is so pretty .. ' he said looking around 
'yeh meri aur manik ki fav spot hai .. hum roz chup chupke yaha aate the ... jab bhi main tensed ya confuse hoti hai .. toh yaha chali aati thi ' she said smiling 
He moved closer .. 'toh aapke liye aapki feelings confess karne ke liye issse acha place ho hi nahi skte ' he said moving more closer .. she walked backwards untill she hit her back by a huge tree 
he pinned her completely  ... 'mere poore baath sunlo .. aap hamesha kehthi hai na ki aap agar mujhe accept ki toh mere future barbad ho sakte hai .. aise kuch nahi hai mam .. jab aap saath hai toh mera future aur bhi successfull honge .. aur logon ke baath toh .. hum yeh baath jab tak secret rakenge tab tak mein graduate nahi hota ... par aap aise apni feelings ko math chupaao mam ' he said in a go 
vibha looked convinced .. 'tik hai ' she said 
'toh aap mere girl friend banne ke liye tayyar hai?? ' he asked happily 
'nahi .. par ... ' 
'par kya. ? ' he asked confused 
'toh .. krissane tumhare x thi ryt? .. now at present do you love some one?' simmi asked 
'Haan .. sid said staring siyali 
'kise? .. simmi asked excited 
'mere special friend ... he paused .. actually ek spin pe ek jawaab ' he said 
siyali was shoked hearing this .. she couldnt believe he said he loves his special friend.. her heart beat increased sooo high .. 
so next spin krissane said .. unhappy with the current question 
it was krissane to siyali 
'dare..!' siyali said even before krissane could ask 
'tik hai .. waha jungle dik rahi hai .. she said pointing a bit far .. uske andhar jaao .. about 200 feet .. aur waapas aao .. if you dare' .. she said 
'krissane .. are you mad .. there will be wild animals .. 'all said 
'she was the one who took dare ' krissane cleared 
'siyali .. koi zaroorat nahi .. har maan jao' sid said 
'nahi ' siyali said and got up to do it 
and left for the forest ... 
utkarsh and niti tried stopping her .. but she didnt listen 

198 , 199 , 200 she counted the feet .. phew it's done atlast .. she turned back to return only to find that she was lost .. she didn't knew which way she came ... the sound of wild animals made her shiver .. she screamed noticing something shaking beside the grass  'aaahhh' 
'yeh to siyali ki awaaz hai' niti said worried 
'o my god .. mujhe use jaakar dekhna hoga ' utkarsh said 
'no .. ' angela stopped him 
'kya ? .. ' he asked confused 
'i mean ki .. agar koi use doontne gaye aur khud lost hagaye toh .. it will creat more problems ' she said 
'dekho .. mein jaa rahe hu .. use doonte .. agar 15 min tak hum waapas nahi aaya toh mam ko inform karna tik hai ' sid said and left without hearing anyone's opinion 

'aaahhh' he heard her scream again .. he knew he was closer to her ... 'siyaali' he shouted .. 
'sid..?? ' she heard him .. she too shouted his name louder  .. but then a strong hand cupped her mouth .. she got very terrified ... she bit his hand ... 'aahh siyali .. mein hu' sid said relesing his hand in pain 
Siyali was releaved seeing him .. she hugged him .. scared and weeping .. he hugged her back too .. this was the second time she hugged .. he felt butterfies in his stomach.. he closed his eyes .. and gulped down .. feeling her completely.. she broke the hug .. she was scared to death ,, 'pata nahi mein kitni dar gayi thi .. mujhe laga ki mein marne waale the .. before she could finish sid kept his index finger on her lips .. 'shhh ... dont say that again' .. he said 
'consider me as your half girl friend ' she said 
'half girl friend?? .. yeh to chetan baghat ka ek novel hai ryt?' parth asked
'haan.. mein tumhare half girl friend banne kaliye tayyar hu' she said folding her arms 
'half ?.. tik hai one day i will make it full' he said with his signature smirk 
she looked so beautiful in the moonlight he thought ..
he couldnt take his eyes off his half girl friend 
he leaned closer aiming her lips ... but she kept her hands in between .. 'sirf half bani hai ab tak full nahi ' she said ...
'lekin mein toh aapko full boyfriend hu' he said winking
'but mein toh sirf half hu' she said raising her one eyebrow 
'toh ... mein kiss karne jaarahehu aapko .. aap respong mat karna ' he said smiling 
'whaat..? ' she asked in surprise by his answer 
he leaned closer closing his eyes .. she too closed her eyes .. her fist held the tip of her dupatta strongly .. she gulped as she felt his hot air on her lips .. finally he kept his hard lips on her smooth ones .. he kissed her .. but she didnt respond .. he felt she would respond soon but she didnt .. he felt uncomfortable doing it without her approval he pulled himself back 'am sorry ... hamara first kiss aisa nahi hone chahiye the' he said feeling guilty
'agar tum ek second aur mujhe kiss karte .. toh shaayad mein control nahi kar paati parth' she thought 
she remained quite lowering her gaze 
parth left the place unable to face her 
sid still had his index finger on her lips .. he looked deep in her eyes ... she looked beautiful than ever he thought .. 

precap : 
2nd day of picnic .. 
VibArth half date 



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