PYAAR HAI YA SAZAA .. SidYali VibArth ff [COMPLETED] (Page 12)

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Originally posted by v_sidyali

Love it! love it!  love it! 
Thanks for pm 
U beautyfuly moving d story 
Plz make sidyali lost in picnic n give us lovely scene of dem 

Thanx yaar Smile

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Originally posted by Starsfireflies

amazing update..
charni and sidyali part was cute..
i m eagerly waiting fr utkarsh n angelaEmbarrassed
plus vibarth always steal my heartWink

Thanx alot .. SmileSmile

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Originally posted by crazysidyali

wow love sidyali part and their friendship
utkarsh n angela charni and vibharth part also nice
update next part

Thaaanxx WinkWink
will update asap
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Originally posted by ..krystal

jst loved it dr!!!
it was so balanced!!
gr8 work... 
do continue nd thnks 4 the pm!!

thanx dear 
SmileBig smileLOL

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Pyaar hai ya saza 
part : 7 

night at WH : 
all in bed .. some slept .. some murmured .. some were in deep thoughts

Sid's thought :
Is siyali made for me ? .. kya mein use deserve katra hu?... i dono what happened .. but now my dream is only you siyali .. why does my heart only needs you ?? ... are you the girl , my life was searched for ... 

''..Jise zindagi dhoondh rahi hai. Kya ye woh makaam mera hai
Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun  Kyun dil ye mujhe kehta hai
Jazbaat naye se mile hain  Jaane kya asar ye huaa hai
Ik aas mili phir mujhko  
Jo qubool kisi ne kiya hai ..''

siyali's thought :
We met by chance .. but meine kabhi socha nahi ntha ki i will fall for you .. 

''...Kisi shaayar ki ghazal  Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal
Koi mujhko yun mila hai  Jaise banjaare ko ghar..''

may be you just see me as your friend .. mein meri feelings ko kabhi hamare dosti ke beech aane nahi doongi .. she thought wiping the lone tear that escaped from her eyes 

vibha's thought
she was thinking all thoz moment when she was close to him .. the washroom scene ... the time when he fed her in the sick room .. the way he adjusted the pillow when she slept ... the moment when he helped her from the fire ... 
'humesha mujhe sahara di .. meri andhere zindagi mein roshan le aaya woh ... ' she said smiling 

''...Jaise koi kinaara  Deta ho sahaara
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par  Koi raat ka taara
Karta ho ujaala  Waise hi roshan kare woh shehar..''

'kya mujhe use ek chance deni chaahiye .. but i don't want him to ruin his fututre coz of me ' she thought 

parth's thought :
mere dil chahta kya hai ... use boolne ki koshish tak nahi karna chahthi .. i can never leave you mam .. aapne mujhe hasna sikhaya .. phir se jeena sikhaya .. he said touching his hand dressed by her .. jab aap mere saath ho .. toh mujhe dard tak nahi hota 

''..Dard mere woh bhula hi gayaa  Kuch aisa asar huaa
Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha..''

utkarsh : 'woh gussa kyun hogayi .. yeh ladki bhi na .. pehle kaha ki uske dil me mein hoon .. phir bina kuch bole hi chali gayi?? ' he was confused ... 
Angela : 'how dare he? .. usne meri feelings ki mazaak banali .. kabhi utkarsh bankar saamne aaya toh kabhi chitti lik kar .. yeh bataya tak nahi ki dono same hai ... woh bas kisi bhi tarah mujhe paana chaahta hai .. pyaar nahi karta woh mujhse ,, i will never forgive you utkarsh ' she was angry .. but more hurt 

apart from all the Love-sufferers .. two hearts slept peacefully .. memmorizing their first kiss .. but they never knew that a huge disaster has been awaiting them .. yes it's CharNi 
Morning at WH: 

'so aren't you all excited for the picnic ' .. urmila asked the students who gathered for the morning assembly 
'yes mam ' the students replied in excitement 
'it will be one night two days trip .. we will leave early morning tomorrow .. and return by night the next day ' urmila said 
'you all can get ready in the morning .. thank you' 
assembly got over  ... 
vibha was coughing hard beside the stage .. this didnt went unnoticed by parth .. 

they all left for classes ..
sidYali smiled staring each other .. fire exit in 5 min .. sid whispered to her 
in FE :
'yeh siyali kaha reh gayi 10 min me class shuru honge .. ' sid walked to and fro in FE 
'am sry sry sry .. woh niti ne rok liya tha .. ' siyali came running 
'its .. ok ab jaldi suno .. classes shuru honge ' he said in a hurry 
'haan ..bolo naa , sid ' 
just then he realised he had nothing to say .. he just wanted to see her thats it .. 'ab kya bolu ' he thought 
'woh .. picnic ke liye excited hun?' he asked finally 
'ofcourse .. hum pehli baar jaa rahe hai .. orphanage mein kabhi nahi gayi ' she said .. 
'haan .. yehi poochne ke liye bulaya .. ab jaao .. ' he said
'kya?.. itna poochne keliya yaha tak bulaya.. paagal hai kya .. anyways chalo .. classes shuru honge' she said and started to leave 
'siyali .. ek mint ' he stopped her
'kya hua' she turned back to him 
'blue ..' he said
'kya ??. bluee..??'she asked confused 
'blue colour pehenlo .. picnic pe colour dress allowed hai .. blue mein tum ache lagengi ' he said smiling 
she blushed hard .. but hid it somehow ..
'achaa .. aur ye tumhe kaise pata .. ' she asked raising her eyebrows
'aree .. meine tumhe blue sari mein dekha tha na ' he said and just realised what he said and bit his tongue 
'kya ?. kaise .. mere paas to blue sari hai hi nahi' she questioned
'ab ise kaise batau ki dream mein tum blue sari pehenkar mere saath dance ki thi' he thought 
'maine dekha nahi .. but i think it will suit you' he somehow managed 
siyali smiled and left ... 
Vibha already landed sickroom 
she was coughing badly ... 
she struggled to reach the glass of water from the bed .. suddenly a strong hand held her .. she looked up to find him .. 
'parth ... tum yaha ... 5 min me class shuru honge .. ' she said avoiding eye contact 
'mam .. apko kya hua .. thabiyak tik nahi hai kya .. lo paani ' he said giving her the class of water 
'tum hamesha mere khayal rakne kyun chale aate hai parth?' she questioned him 
'kyunki mujhe aapki parwa hai' he said strongly 
'jaldi teek hojao .. warna aap picninc mein puri maza nahi lepaaoongi' he said
'main nahi aarahi hu .. urmila mam ne already permission di ' she said coughing 
'kya ??.. lekin pure WH jaarahi hai .. aap akhele kaise ? ' he asked concerned 
'rishab will stay here ' she said 
'tum jaao .. classes shuru hochuki hongi' she said 

'agar aap nahi jaarahi hai toh .. mein bhi nahi ' he said in mind while leaving the room 
'niti ruk .. charlie called her from back .. 
niti stopped and looked at him 
she smiled ... 
'picnic.. ' both said together 
they again shared a laugh 
'i will wait for you tomarrow ' he said 
'mein bhi ' she said smiling ... 

just then poen came and said charlie that he has a call 
he left to attend the call passing a smile to her 

'hello dad ' 
'haan .. kal niklenge hum' 
'haan dad.. i will take care' 
'haan dad .. meine confess ki sabke saamne '
'aapko use dekhna hai?' 
'picnic ke baad hamare school site mein fotoz post karungi .. usme dekhlena' 
'har foto mein mein niti ke paas khada rahoonga .. so you can identify' 
'tik hai dad .. love you .. bye' 
he hung up
'i hope niti ko dekhne ke baad bhi woh mujhe aise support kare'
he thought 
'toh .. picnic mein jaane keliye excited hu?' he asked
she was walking in the corridor .. aiming her dorm room 
'haan .. toh tumse matlab?' she asked angrily 
'tum aise kyun baath kar rahi hu? .. meine kya kiya ? ' he asked innocently 
'dekho utkarsh .. mujhe tumse baat nahi karni .. just leave me alone ' she said rudely and walked faster 
he tried to stop her but in vain 
Next morning .. 
all the students got highly excited .. they took their bags and waited for the bus .. 
Siyali managed a blue salwar kameez .. it was old .. but how could she not wear it when he told her 
Sid saw her ... He landed in a some other world when he saw her ... he couldn't take his eyes off... siyali sensed that he was staring .. she blushed hard .. she stared at him and smiled .. but he stood their as if he didnt even see her smiling ... her face faded .. he noticed that and thought to play a prank .. he decided to not talk to her much .. to see how much it would effect her 

siyali went to utkarsh and asked ' utkarsh .. parth dikhayi nehi diya' .. 
'woh uske thabiyat teek nahi .. toh urmila mam ne use yaha rukne ke liye kaha'
'par .. woh akele kaise?' 
'vibha mam aur rishab sir bhi hai uske saath' 
'ooh .. so sad naa ' she said 

bus arrived ... they sat in partners .. 
siyali and niti sat .. sid and charlie .. all of them wanted to exchange their seats .. 

angela entered and saw no seats empty other than utkarsh's .. she hesitatingly sat with him ... 

bus started to move ... all hooted ..!! 
'parth .. are you fine?' rishab sir asked 
'haan woh mein .. vibha mam ... ' just then rishab's phone rang 
'excuse me ' he went out to attend the call 

'yeh rishab sir yaha kyun rukha ... agar mein aur vibha mam akele hota toh kitna acha hota ' he thought 

after 5 minutes rishab came back to parth .. his face was pale
'kya hua sir.. sab tik haina ? 'he asked 
'i have to leave parth .. ghar mein emergency hai .. maa bahot bimaar hai .. urmila mam ko meine inform ki hai .. Vibha yaha hai toh tumhe yaha akele chodne mein mam ko koi problem nahi .. i hope you are ok with it ' he said in a go 
'sure .. sir .. vibha mam haina mere khyal rakne .. aap jaao .. maa bimaar hai toh u should go ' he said .. this was the first time he felt happy with the fact that someone was ill .. 
'half an hour mein i will leave .. vibha ko dekhar aata hu' rishab said
'vibha ko dekkhar .. wth .. uske liye mein hu yaha par' he thought angrily after he left 

jungle .. truth and dare ... hugs .. kisses .. fights and loot moore !! 

i know yeh part thoda boring tha .. but i promise next will be surely intresting
VibArth fans .. no chappals plzz .. i thought instead of going to picnic staying alone in WH together will be more nice .. a BIG sorry ...Confused

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Gud"... When will u update next part? It s gud that vibharth ka medical romance s better compared to jungle ... So don't worry.. It suits their relation... Update next part asap... 
Adi_Ki_Zoya IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ababab

Gud"... When will u update next part? It s gud that vibharth ka medical romance s better compared to jungle ... So don't worry.. It suits their relation... Update next part asap... 

Thanx aloot Smile
you read all parts .. so soon Big smile
will update next tomarrow most probably .. thank yuh for reading 
Will pm you when i update 
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nice update
want more sidyali scene
sidyali part was awesome

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