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~TWISTED PERFECTION~ A SANDHIR SS{chapter- 3 up} (Page 10)

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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .chandu.parsh.

<font color="#330033">Aww Anshi
<font color="#330033">It's so perfect</font>
<font color="#330033">U penned it flawlessly</font>
<font color="#330033">Luv it</font>
<font color="#330033">Poor Sanyukta</font>
<font color="#330033">Rd's entry :)</font>
<font color="#330033">Excited to read more <3</font>
<font color="#330033">Post it ASAP</font>
<font color="#330033">Thx for Pm</font>

<font color="#330033">Luv</font>
<font color="#330033">Chandu</font>

awweeii thank u chandu )!
Glad tht u liked it!!
Rd's entry gonna be super rocking
will update it soon

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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sanj24

superb update dear.. it was awsm..
lvd it sooo much...
excited for next part...
update soon...

thank u..
Will update asap !!
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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ritikaagrawal

thanks for pm...
awesome update...
new concept..
looking forward to read..WinkWinkWink
keep smiling and writingSmile

thank u
glad tht u liked it !!
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Posted: 22 May 2015 at 5:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anudoll

Awesome start to the story
Beautifully written
Loved it
Didu, next update jaldi dedo
I can't wait
Thanks for the PM

thank u chutku..
Glad tht u liked it !!
I'll try to update it soon :P
Payalchoudhary IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2015 at 3:26am | IP Logged
Great starting
Sanyu is poor girl ..
Its seems diffrent
I like this story
I am wating for rd grand entry ..
Dhamaka hone wala h ...
But why sanyu scared of rd
Kuch to pakka hone wala h between them
Update soon
Intersting part :)

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by isikashekhawat2

Great starting
Sanyu is poor girl ..
Its seems diffrent
I like this story
I am wating for rd grand entry ..
Dhamaka hone wala h ...
But why sanyu scared of rd
Kuch to pakka hone wala h between them
Update soon
Intersting part :)

Thank u payaliya Smile
updating ..

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Finally i am updating, after a long time.From here onwards this story will be in Sanyukta's P.O.V.


I reached my home and immediately plopped on my bed. After sometime I logged my fb account, only to find a post which stated "Get ready to welcome me,I am COMING BACK"

It was by HIM. I was horrified, terrified, shocked beyond her limits

A sudden terror  strike my heart, I feel the earth beneath me is snatched.

This post was from THE RANDHIR SINGH SHEKHAWAT, the reincarnation of the devil himself. The tormentor, bully and what not.And Sameer's twin brother but these two have nothing in common.

The next thing I saw was that the post got around 1000 likes.Ohh mann people seriously treat him as the god.

"Why is he coming back ?? Haven't he tormented me enough. Ohh God now he will also join Ishika's army to bully me and will become the Ultimate leader of that Army" I said biting my finger nails.

I tried doing my homework to distract myself from the scaring thoughts of Randhir and his pranks.But I horribly failed in doing so.

"Sanyukta, come down .Dinner's ready " shouted my mom.I looked up to see the clock, why she is calling me this early  for the dinner.Clock showed 9:15, "Ohh god from the past 5-6 hours m at home thinking about him.This is not so done."I muttered closing my books and going downstairs.Parth's room's door is shut as always, that's because he might be at some bar or sleeping in his room.

"I heard Randhir is coming back to the town" Mom said as I seated.

Mom knows this too

"Unfortunately , but yes" I said eating my food.

"Why unfortunately. You two always looked so adorable together.I remember he always used to be with you"My mom said sweetely.

Be with me' Are u kidding me.He kept following me everywhere I go and then pull some dirty prank on me.Its because of him only , I ended up in the Sick room' of the school for innumerable times.

"Adorable my foot.I despise him" I spat venom.

"Sanyukta" My dad said warningly."We can't have you in the bad terms with the COMMISSIONER's son, when the election are near" He said again.

So what do you want?? Go gaga over him' I thought.

"But dad.."I started but he cut me off and said" You behave properly or you can forget the car  I'm buying you for the college , next year"

"This is not fair, you can't threat me"I said angrily.

"Think about it ,Sanyukta.How would you feel , when I'll drive you to your college next year"He said too sweetly.

Arrghh nOw he is blackmailing me.I was dying to buy a the car for me , so dad promised me to my me one as money is not a problem.It will be utter shame for me go to the college with my dad.

"Ok" saying this I went to my room and crushed myself on my bed and slept off.

Next day, I woke up frightened by the noise of the alarm, someone changed my alarm ring.I bushed my teeth, wore my uniform.Then a sudden thought hit me What if he is already in town, what if he will come to the school today'

"Ohh noo" I muttered underneath .

I don't want to go to the school.I can give up some excuse.But ten again my parents won't buy some lame excuse.

"We are getting late.Come fast sanyukta" Shouted my dad.

"Coming" I said and hurried up.

I planned to become a hiding Ninja' or secret agent' today, so that no can see me or feel my presence.

As soon as dad dropped me to the school, I immediately went to my locker, without meeting any of my friends, well I have only 2 friends.Took out my books and went straight to the class, hoping that randhir wouldn't jump out of some corner with some water ballons or ink in his hand. and asked my teacher to mark my attendance saying that my life is in danger , today' and me being the nerd , she didn't even question me.

My plan is working as no one noticed my presence and its already lunch time.So I went to the cafeteria, where my 2 only friends were sitting in the farthest corner.

"Why are u pretending like some hiding ninja'" asked vidushi.

"Randhir is coming back or already came back" I said looking here and there.Well I didn't saw Rd anywhere, so I assume he didn't came and to my luck, I haven't spotted Ishika anywhere.Thanks to her dance practice.

"Who is he??Is he hot" is the first question vidushi asked.

"He is the god himself.COMMISSIONER' s son.The bully , prankster and topper too. Yes he is  damn hot" answered kaustuki on my behalf.

I hit her arm and she pouts  and says "He is hot and its true"

"Ohh and why is sanyukta soo scared of him" Vidushi asked.

"ohh well he tormented her , bullied and teased her restlessly. Outshined her, played pranks on her.In short He is sanyukta's enemy" Kaustuki answered again.

"I feel he only did this for her attention" Vidushi said casually.

My jaw dropped." My attention' please.I was the fat sanyukta then, weighting almost equal to a sumo wrestler. He did all this to make my life miserable, and he is coming back "I said.I know I am exaggerating about my weight, but comeon, I am Sanyukta and  its impossible for me to not to exaggerate.

"You are exaggerating And I honestly don't feel he is that bad, these are the tricks of boys to get a girl's attention" vidushi said throwing her hands up in the air.

"No no .no I f you think Ishika is evil then randhir is the evil master" said kaustuki again on my behalf.

Suddenly the bell rang and we all dispersed to our classes.

Comeon ring, ring ring' I muttered looking at my watch.Last 5 minutes of the school , bell could ring any moment.It was a good day with no encounters with Ishika. And VOILA 'the bell rang'

I  rushed outside taking my bag and to my luck I bumped into the person, I was dying to see. Sameer

Sorry" I muttered looking down.

"How are you ??" he asked.

"Uhhh m fine, Sam" I said confusingly, what kind of a question is that , we met yesterday only.

"Umm I mean about Randhir.You know na he is coming back and you don't have a good history with him"He said.

Ohhh know I understood, what he is talking about.

"He is coming ??I didn't knew" I lied.

"If he does anything to you, come to me" He said with a tinge of protectiveness.

My heart flutter, cheeks heat up.

"You will protect me" I said slyly.My heart was dancing crazily.

"Off couse .I will. He is my brother and he will listen to me.I guess"He said making my heart go gaga over him.

"Umm thank u, it means a lot to me .I need to go.Bye" I said as I saw my driver at the main gate.

I rushed outside the gate only to be greeted by my driver Kaka.

"Kaka Can I drive today ??" I asked him sweetly.

"No, Sanyukta beta, Sir ke orders hain.Aap drive nahi kar skti" HE said much to my annoyance.

"Pleeaase !! No one will tell dad about this.Please let me drive , just for today " I said putting the puppy dog face.

I know he can't say no to me now. He practically grew me up as my parents are always busy.

"Thik hai .But be careful" He said and I quickly went to the drivers side and started the engine signaling him to hop in.

"I hope this is not my last day on this beautiful earth" he said dramatically.

"I promise it won't be" I said as we headed to our house.

I drove smoothly and finally parking my car in the parking space ,I killed the engine.

"How was it kaka ?" I asked

"  'How was' What ??" asked my father suddenly appearing from nowhere.

"Uhhh  nothing papa. you're home so soon" I said trying to divert the topic.

"hmm actually I came for collecting some of my documents. But since you are home I want you to deliver this gift to the Shekhawats" He said giving me a box wrapped with the silver paper.

No no.I don't want to go there.What if Randhir already came.

"Why me ? U can also go na" I said.

"I would love to go but I have an important meeting so am saying to you besides It would be great I you give this gift to them" he said with  grin.

"Gift ?? For whom??" I asked.

"Randhir.Now hurry up.Go and change" he said dispersing from there.

I headed to my room thinking what excuse I can give for not going to his house but exactly nothing good cme to my mind.So I quikly changed into a Capri and a white simple top and headed to their house.

Hit like tab !

Comment !



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hey lovely update.
RD is a prankster and Sanyu's tormentor.
Sanyu is so stressed out knowing he has come back.
looking forward to their encounter.

Update soon.

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