CID: Written Update: CID IN TRAIN (II) airing 2nd May 2015

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CID: Written Update: "CID IN TRAIN (II)" airing 2nd May 2015


Purvi Reverse back and give Good Dose of Punches (), meanwhile Daya Sir who moving Nearby caught Glimpse of that Fight so went to Purvi from Outside of Train by Hanging through Compartments (bhala batao, hr Do minute mein kisi kay pass bhi ander sy pohanch ja rahy thy aur yahah D'oh... Bekaar ka Stunt AngryAngry...).. He also gives His Aid to Purvi and Both Knockdown the Goons and then taken out Sherya from Sack (as usual Bhai kay Ilawa koi ye Risk lenay ko tayyar nahi WinkROFL)...

Abhijeet Sir, already stepped inside Train ) and during Roaming got ACP Sir Call, who asked Him about His Existence as still Abhijeet Sir not reached at Hospital and after getting Train Voice coming in background, ACP Sir becomes Rash and somehow Abhijeet Sir Must Accept that He came back in Train, ACP Sir showed His Concern about His Health but Abhijeet Sir Turn His Attention to Main Issue after Telling Him that He just Slightly Injured ( WinkWink) and just came ahead when Arvind trying Kill Another Man due to Darkness ()...

ACP Sir told Abhijeet Sir about Those Two Men as Both Arvind and Lalit are Honey gang member while Arvind trying to Kill Lalit and from getting out the Reason, ACP Sir ordered Abhijeet Sir to Tell this to Lalit although doing this before the Train reached at X POINT and getting out the Detail of Honey Gang and their Plan (hmmm, ACP Sir, Baray Bhai Zakhmi hain Ouch.. abhi itni Chinta thi Wink.. ye keh dety kay Tum Hospital jao, baaqii Team Dekh ly gi.. magar CryCry...)... (I can't get that why CID Team did not Check that route and Spotted some Cops at that Point ConfusedConfused, OK, If they did not got the FIXED point, they must Cover the Distance between 2 Stations na OuchOuch)...

Daya Shir Shifted Sherya to a Birth and Purvii and He Himself trying to Reagain Her in Conscious state but Failed so Advising a passenger to Take care of Her, moved ahead (kisi member ko Call kyun nahi kiya Boss ConfusedConfused... ohhh... I got. WinkWink. koi aur risk lenay ko tayyar nahi na ROFL)...

Abhijeet Sir Roaming to Search Lalit and got Him, Tell Him that His Gang wanted to Kill Him, He Denied to Accept so Threatening Him and ask Him the matter regarding that X Point or any Drug Deal will Happened there in which He replied that No Drug Deal, it More than that and it associated to an Old Couple still inside the Train... Abhijeet Sir Leave him when He wanted and in a bit turned Him Unconscious with His Finger Trap (the Only Sensible Scene of whole Episode I and II ClapClap)...

Here Daya Sir told Purvi to call Amesha from Her Seat, so She called Her who sit on Her Seat without His In-laws... She came and told that She was basically Kidnapped by that Old Couple as Her In-laws Disguise and Now Rushed Away after saying Something Big happened here...

Here PURVI Spotted Abhijeet Sir, Daya Sir brought Him with Little Anger Cater by Abhijeet Sir so Smoothly ( EmbarrassedWink) and told Both what Lalit had said, while Daya Sir Introduced Him to Amesha and after hearing Her, the Common Point was Old Couple.. Purvi assumed that might be Amesha case and that Lalit and Arvind Exchange related to each One, Abhijeet Sir Agreed and ask Amesha about Her In-laws who told that They Stepped Down few minutes Earlier (Cops did not know which Station came last where Train Stopped or Stopped by Pulling Chain ShockedThumbs Down)... All Cops Disbalance as Train Stopped Unexpectedly either No Station would be there, Abhijeet Sir looks at the Board embossed PARDI so thought it would be the X POINT as per Map... All Stepped Out from Train after watching the Old Couple Running over Track after Ordered Amesha to be there by Daya Sir...

They got the Couple who told that Goons already Kidnapped their Kids and Ordered them to Deliver Amesha as Ransom while their Men also with them to Keep Spying sat with Them...

Daya Sir remembered the Two Men sat with Couple and Amesha so Confirmed that Goons Spying over Amesha by the Old Couple while the Two Men Spying over the Old Couple (ufff D'oh, why Nobody ask that how they did Meet with Amesha, or Did They Kidnap Her Thumbs DownThumbs Down)...

On Abhijeet Sir Query, Old Couple told that when They Felt that Both those Men little Careless, They Run away while Goons told them to Exchange Amesha at that Spot and got their Kids (if the Exchanged had done at that Point, where is the Goons OuchOuch, why any Cop not Spotted it ConfusedConfused)...

Abhijeet Sir Ordered Daya Sir to Call Nikhil and Pankaj to Arrested those Men while All Three Rushed with the Old Couple...  

Nikhil and Pankaj Checked that Compartment, not find Both Two so Stepped Out at Platform when Train Stopped and meet with Another Team and Pankaj on Abhijeet Sir Quested Updated about Absence of Those Two Men including Amesha too...

Daya Sir Ordered Nikhil to Tell TT that without their Order, Train was Not Leave the Platform and Rest moved to Search those Goons Kidnapped Old Couple Kids...

Cops caught the Goons when One of them Attacked on Daya Sir (without any reason LOLLOL) and then a Good Fight started where Abhijeet Sir, Daya Sir, Purvi, Pankaj and Nikhil Win the Fight by giving Good Punches and Kicks to them ) and got the Kids too while at the End of Fight, Goons Confessed that They Ordered Only to Keeps those Kids on Someone Order whose Number They give to Cops although Team handed Kids to their Parents.. Nikhil Copied the Number and Sachin got it from Pankaj (kya Transformation Speed hy Wink.. Number Nikhil nay Copy kiya Wink, aur Paste Pankaj nay Wink.. Dhanny ho FW D'oh)...

Sachin told Number at Bureau where Freddie Sir Input it and get out the Detail of that Number while Sachin also Updated that Goons got Orders from that Number to ACP Sir who becomes Shocked...

Purvi Commented that still the Main Culprit behind the Curtain while Trapped these People Badly in the Plan... Pankaj told Team that He did not find that Bag which He Initially Spotted with Prakash and Deepak (how He knew their Names ConfusedConfused) so Daya Sir said might be the Exchange of Bag had any Smuggling Items when They moved on Railway Track while Abhijeet Sir Angered that all had done in Presence of CID Team...

Freddie Sir got the Number Detail as Owner named Arshul Located at Same Station named PARDI where Officers already Present (BTW, if I m Not Wrong, few minutes earlier after seeing that Board of PAARDI ConfusedConfused, Daya Sir told that there is No station WinkWink, tou 5 minute mein itna Bara Platform bhi Kha kr diya FW nay LOLLOL... 5G Speed Boss WinkWink)...

ACP Sir Updated about this to Daya Sir also added that Phone is just 100 Meters around who Updated All and All moved towards Station after giving Orders to Purvi to Trace the Number by Abhijeet Sir (why Daya Sir did not Try Once to Call on that Number even Freddie Sir too from Bureau D'ohThumbs Down)...

Sherya regaining Conscious (So gaya thi yahan Sleepy, So gayii thi tou Main Sleepy, So gayii thi Main tou Train mein Sleepy, Kyun Uth main gayii Dancing.. Hunh Angry)... She remembered the Incident where She Met with Amesha and after Small Introduction, Amesha told Her that the Old Couple was Not Her In-Laws, either takes Her here by giving Her Sedatives, Talking about Exchange while when Sherya Introduced Her as CID Officer, also added about Goons Talked regarding Andheri East and Railway yard.. Sherya tried to ask Further but Train went through Tunnel and Someone Hits Her (sadly She still Alive Evil SmileLOLWink) She asked about Her Colleagues in which the Passenger who be there on Cops Order to Take care of Her told that They Move for Some Work (kya Shocked... Main akeli Wink.. Mujhy akela chor kr Cry.. Meray pass tou Ticket bhi nahi LOL... Bhayyaaa ROFL)... She searched Her Phone did not get it so asked the Passenger about Cell who Clearly Denied (aur kyaWink, Pata nahi Kaun hy LOL)... She moved ahead with Pain in Moving Train (matlab She is in Another Train ShockedShockedShocked)...

Purvi Spotted the Cell Phone at Pardi Station where the Train still Present... Purvi Headed Team who got the Phone at Jungle after the Track so Moved there (Baray Bhai in that whole Track Completely Forgets that He is Badly Injured WinkWink... Kya Boss LOLLOL...)...

They went to Jungle  and Heard Voice of a Girl Snatching Her Bag from Goons... Cops reached, got Amesha who turned Unconscious while Goons Run Away with Bag () so Nikhil and Pankaj behind them )...


Purvi laid Amesha on Birth, Daya Sir Sprinkle Water on Her Face (hmm, kisi aur ki Maar lii Bhai LOL.. Gandi Baat na WinkWink) so regain Conscious and told Team that Her Father is a Diamond Merchant weather a Gang Stolen 50 Crores Diamonds from Him and also Kidnapped Her... Daya Sir said that because of that Her Father did not Launched Police Complain, She also added that She did not know Both Guys are Gang Members, who gave Her Sedative and bring Her here..

On Abhijeet Sir Query about why She was doing a Fight with them, She told She heard their Plan and then Run from them with Bag but They Snatched the Bag... Daya Sir comments that Diamond still on that Bag while Abhijeet Sir assumed that might be Nikhil and Pankaj caught them (kya Khushfehmi hay Baray Bhai WinkWink.. Pehlay part mein jub Unhun nay Wo Banda Bhaga diya tou yahan tou Bhag kay pakarna tha na LOLLOL)...

Sherya still moving inside Train which is Stopped (hain na Shock ki baat ShockedShocked)... She roaming and in that found Something from Window and sat on Seat  (I m Sorry the way She showed viewers that She saw something from Window and after Seeing it, Sat on that Specific Scene, wo kisi bhi Viewer ki FW ki Daya sy Nahi Dikha hoga AngryAngry...)...

She saw Both those Two Men Running towards Her Compartment (BTW, why She shocked Confused, till Her Unconscious Period. Wink. She did not know about these Two Men as Goons na LOLLOLD'oh)... She saw Nikhil and Pankaj too who entered inside Train behind Goons.. She wanted to Call them Loud but Stopped and Stepped down from Train.. after Seeing those Goons again Stepped Down from Train with Bag... She asking People about their Phone for a Call and one Man gave Her when She said I m from CID (without Showing any Identification Wink.. O Bhooli Janta.. Jaag jao D'ohD'oh)... She called Daya Sir and Updated Him that those Goons moved towards Exit of Platform... (I m boiling in Anger AngryAngry, Why She does not call Nikhil ya Pankaj AngryAngry.. Wo Dono tou already Train mein thy na AngryAngry.. bus Bhai ko hee Call krna tha.. hunh AngryAngry)... Daya Sir told Her to be there, They all came and Sherya Return Cell to its Owner (without Deleting Bhai Number from his Cell WinkWink.. Angel Baccha, Now U got how Bhai number Available for Everyone,, aahannn ROFLCool)...

Here at Bureau, Freddie Sir coming with Karther who was in Tension but ACP Sir Relaxed Him and told Him that Her Daughter was Safe with His Boys while on Sachin Query, He told that before 2 days, Goons Stole the Diamonds and also Kidnapped Her Girl and Threat Him to Keep Quiet (nobody ask from where they stole Diamonds or Kidnap the Girl either at same point or anything else D'ohThumbs Down)...

Here Team reached the Exit Point and a Fight started  ...bekaar ka Drama AngryAngry.. plz Guys.. take a Nap SleepySleepy.. I'll wake Up U when Team Will win the Battle WinkWink.. Pakka Thumbs Up)... after Catching the Goons, Daya Sir Opened the Bag found Nothing, while Goons told that They Ordered to keep Spying on that Old Couple while just Leave that Bag Outside of Platform...

Sherya Accepted their Statement by adding that Amesha told the same while Daya Sir asked that Where those Diamonds in which Goons Replied that Diamonds are on Green color Belt.. Sherya said that She knew where it is and who is the Mastermind... (Bacchi Behosh ho kr Aqalmand ho gayii LOLLOL)...

Here DUO, Nikhil, Pankaj and Sherya in a Car while Abhijeet Sir told that He told Her to Waste Time in Talking.. Daya Sir Spotted the Car and Suddenly Purvi Threw Out from the car Stunned All, Who came out after Stopping the car found Purvi OK so after Inclusion of Her, moved ahead while Abhijeet Sir asking about what happened in which Purvi Replied that Amesha takes Out Gun and Threat Him to Jump out from Car.. She told that its Waste as CID Team behind Her but She Threatened Purvi to Jump either She Killed Driver so She Jumped out of car (its really Shocking ShockedShocked, Purvi Us sy Gun Cheen sakti thi, Try kr skti thi, Kick bhi maar skti thi, kyunkay filhaal as per her statement, Only She has Gun, magar Us nay Simply Jump kr liya DisapproveUnhappy) (BTW, the whole Scene looking Edited as She did not Clearify that how She Kidnaped or Amesha has Some Extra Goons, Vehicle etc ConfusedConfused)...

Team reached there and now Battle started in that Deserted Area (plz kaha tha na, Main Uthaon ga.. jagaon ga.. phir Kyun Uthy aap log.. Katii.. haan AngryAngry)... Team arrested Amesha and Sherya taken out that Green Belt and Diamonds from that, in meantime Purvi was at Gun Point of Karthar (Amesha father)...

Abhijeet Sir Exchanged Purvi and Amesha who moved and due to Small signal between Purvi and Daya Sir, when Both Passed Each One, Purvi grabbed Amesha and Turned Her while Daya Sir Fire right on Karther Hand (must say Classical Scene StarStarStar)...

Daya Sir Tucked Gun (after searching the Pocket WinkWink.. heheheh LOLLOL) and in bit Abhijeet Sir Fell grabbed by His Buddy (a Cute Small DUO moment there EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)...

Karther got a Slap and Confessed that Both He and Her Daughter Smuggled Diamonds from Other Countries and Bring them in their Shop through Different Routes which Leaked This time by CID so Amesha made that Plan of Pretending a Weak Girl... CID Team after hearing Pankaj Small Joke moved to their Origins...


NOTE: I m Seriously Losing Interest in Watching CID either doing WU SleepySleepySleepy... Sorry about Errors as I find it So Boring so might be Missed Something...OuchOuchOuch


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They could do so much with this plot. But no they'll show a dud in the end. Unhappy

Thanks for the wu.

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I had missed the epi..thanks for the update GD.

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Thanks for the lovely WU Dada.. Cute emos Tongue ... Yup, samajh gayi bas mere pas hi number nahi hai Wink ..

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Thanks for Wu Dada, 
One point wanna clear, Purvi di jumped because Ameesha was holding the driver at point blank range and there is limited space inside the car, agar Purvi try karti toh the gun could accidentally fire and kill him. Besides Ameesha had no way of escaping, so she ensured the innocent's life was saved by jumping out.

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what a laughing blaster
esp Mere paas ticket bhee nahi. BHAIYA LOL LOL  LOL
You made my Monday LOL LOL 

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i don't care about story line now as i know it would let me down only..Ouch
i was just staring at Abhijeet though out the episodeDay Dreaming
he was amazing...
very nice WU..Clap
enjoyed it a lot..Big smile

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Thanks for the WU Gd
Hilarious comments esp Shreya ones LOL
I really enjoyed the episode esp re Duo and Purvi Embarrassed

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