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this is not the first time for anandi (Page 8)

aparnauma IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 May 2015 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by leavesandwaves

This is not the first time for anandi to face this kind of situation.

Gehna, Nandu, Basant and even Sumitra were very angry when anandi as a sarpanch took a stand.

When anandi stood for Asha, Sugna's sasuralwale were angry. I dont remember those episodes much but I have some memories.

And with Ira during Sanchi episode. The entire saga upto the court case. Ira versus anandi.

She goes by instinct and only sometimes, her instinct fails. During that dance teacher episode.

Coming to the topic itself yes this is not the first time Anandi was faced with this dilemma because of a clash between her beliefs of what is right and what is wrong and her relationships.
Come to think of it most of hers struggles right from her child hood till now it is all about this clash only.All the obstacles in her path came from someone close to her at every given time. While it made a very good family drama it also showed how difficult it is to go against your near and dear ones.
Fighting a corrupt politician or fighting someone who has shown you nothing but torture is relatively easier because there are no conflicting emotions.
Fighting with some one who loved you or gonig against someone whom you love and had a relationship with that person is so much more difficult that too if one values that relationship a lot and yet wants to do the right thing.
While she is quite an intelligent girl who performed very well in school when ever she got to attend school and done well in academics in her chosen field established school in Jaitser set up an adult education programme while she herself was getting educated. Then all the dvelopmental projects that she has undertaken while she was a sarpanch then post her marriage setting up bhaili then doing trouble shooting when her own family members caused problems are all the things that are evidences for her rational thinking side. She was able to carry outsiders along with her in all these things she did prove herself to be a leadership material too where the society is concerned.

But her toughest battles came from with in her family doing a balancing act between relationships and her own beliefs of what is right and what is wrong.

Even here she is not wrong - trying to fulfil a dying man's last wish is not wrong.
The execution of that  act was wrong - she should have spoken with Jagya and Ganga at that time.

She may have to live the the knowledge that she tried to help someone but couldn't do so which is relatively a small thing as when compared to what Ganga and Jagya have to live with if this wish is not fulfilled.

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Shinya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 5:20am | IP Logged
Originally posted by libsrocks

Originally posted by Shinya

Well, I dont think she made any mistake this time.

Imagine a man in his deathbed, crying before you with joined hands and requesting you to fulfull his last wish which was to meet his son.

Which woman with a heart would say "sorry, I cant fulfill your wish or Sorry I have to take his mother's permission "?

The only thought that would come to your mind at that moment was, okay, I promise I will help you. 

That scene was so emotional that Anandi had to promise him. It was not the time to think of anyone's 'adhikar'. If jagya was in her place, he too would have done the same.

Anandi could have argued with ganga in support of Ratan and say he also a right to see his son. But she apologised. 

I dont feel anandi made a mistake at all.

did you even notice whom have you compared: jagya and anandi
jagya happens to be mannu's legal father and anandi is mannu's relative (just by name, not even blood)!
jagya gets the right to make decisions and anandi doesn't.

Let me say it again if my comment or the scene where anandi made the promise is  not understood... The promise anandi made was not because of her rights over mannu... It was not even in her mind at that time. 

It was only and only to calm down a man who was crying before her to fulfill his last wish. 

After she made the promise, she herself realised that she has promised something which she might never be able to fulfill...She told this to dadisa.

Regarding jagya, agree he has adopted mannu. But it looks like he has no say whatsoever in mannu's matters... it is only ganga who will decide whether mannu should be told about his father or not.

If Jagya' decision mattered, mannu would have known this fact 5 yrs ago. So even if jagya had made the promise, ganga's reaction would have been the same.

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tiny15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 5:39am | IP Logged
if A has 2 calm down a crying man then she cud'd promised him only that she will talk 2 JaGan abt it. she cud'd promised this only . but she thot she can do anything & all will follow her & only her  way is correct & universally shud b accepted.
and J'd also say in mannu's life oderwise J wudn't'd said 2 ganga wen he brought form 4 mannu that now don't ask mannu not 2 go 2 mumbai as hes grown up. let him take the decision nor ganga wud'd instantly agreed wid J.
but as usual twisting the facts has bcum hobby so that ganga shud b blamed & A is shown a  svictim

if he din't/doesn't want 2  tell mannu abt ratan its only that he knew he ganga shud b taken in2 confidence as shes mannu's mom.and thatswhy hes trying 2 convince her & moreover he himself said that it will b better if mannu cums  2 know abt all thru his mom only.bcoz if J will alone try 2 tell then mannu may MU that J is just glossing over & making himself as sum gud prsn & his bio parent as bad.
and moreover he'd understood ganga's fears of loosing mannu .and it was clear from ystrday's epi that why ganga din't/doesn't want 2 tell abt ratan wen she rembrd those tortures by ratan.
and if ganga tells then mannu will not MU J & will not b distant wid J. so its not taht J ahs no say in mannu's life.

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Hina- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Please don't take my post as an attack on any fan group but i am extremely shocked to read here how serial facts are twisted and turned here  in defense of Anandi 

  Jagya agreed to Anandi's Point of view  yestersayWacko i am like what  when where ? where he approved her act what she did is right  of giving promise to Ratan Singh without asking them .? where he said i agree with you Anandi  ? 

Anandi was talking about Ratan Singh He kept his promise , he was desperate to meet with Mannu yet he never interfered in Mannu's  life ,it cannot be denied Mannu 's part of his life , Ratan seeing him i can say no matter how much he repent now his soul cannot at be peace in this birth 

Jagya said if i see from Ratan's Point of view what you are saying is correct   Jagya meant about Ratan Singh being right   Yes he is not doing any drama here but he has been true to his promise 

Jagya was not  agreeing with Anandi's point of view He was presenting his point of view 

Anandi was only talking about Ratan's point of view She did not talk about Mannu , Ganga 's point of view at all Neither while giving promise to Ratan Singh  she thought about Jagya Ganga and Mannus point of view and made a decision while Jagya did not make any decision of sending Mannu to Ratan arrange this meeting without thinking about Ganga and Mannu  He was talking and thinking from their point of view as well 

Anandi was only talking about Ratan's rights 

Jagya was talking about Mannu's rights to know about this truth and this has been his point of view always That Mannu should know about this truth  

Anandi was only talking about Ratan rights and his point view 

Jagya was talking about  Ganga's right to tell this to Mannu   He said he has been trying to convince Ganga all these years so that she tells Mannu this and Mannu won't get shocked hearing from any other person 

Anandi is only seeing Ratan's last wish and his emotions

While Jagya along with that is also seeing Mannu and Ganga's emotions involved in it which Anandi did not bother before making promise to Ratan 

 Some people are here saying Had Jagya met Ratan he would have done same as Anandi ? Well first Jagya is Mannu's father he can take any decision about him but Anandi is nothing to Mannu she cannot take any decision about him without parents consent  but from yesterday its so clear Jagya would never have done what Anandi did He would never have given any promise to Ratan without convincing Ganga and Mannu first  Because he is not thinking from one side only like Anandi  who is only thinking from Ratan's Point of view Jagya is thinking from Ganga and Mannu's point of view too and wants to take them along with him in any decision in this sensitive matter 

In all these years he could tell Mannu about his truth himself but he did not because Ganga is not convinced Even right now he could send Mannu to Ratan but he did not make any decision on it because he cannot give a shocker to Mannu all of a sudden neither without Ganga's consent he wants to do anything  He is thinking for best interest of everyone therefore wants a way which goes in best interest of everyone not Ratan only  He is thinking about best interest of Mannu and  he is bang on right Ganga is ideally the best person to do this Tell Mannu the truth  

so how  Jagya and Anandi's Point of views are compared where Anandi only thought and is thinking one sided  Ratan and his wish while Jagya is thinking about everyone's point of view Gangas Mannu   too and don't want to force on them any one sided decision 

and Anandi i found her amazing even now What makes her think she can convince Ganga? why not leave Ganga on her husband  He convinces her  Anandi first went to Ganga's office for this matter why to disturb her there why not wait for her at home These matters are to be discussed at home not office  and then when Jagya gave her space she was already disturbed then why it is so difficult for Anandi to give Ganga some  space some time  ? 

Really why it is so tough for Anandi to let everyone decide about their matters their kids and stop interfering in their lives Sleepy why she expects everyone to understand her why she cannot understand others sometimes ?

i am so proud of my JagyaHugHe is so  mature so sensible person Clap  The best character in BV right now StarYesterday his all points are valid  and he was not agreeing to Anandi ji's Point of view This all is misleading serial facts He presented his point of view 

Ganga poor thing Yesterday i felt so bad for herCry No one can forget how much that monster Ratan has tortured her and how many times he tried to take away Mannu from her The way she emotionally hugged Mannu yesterday and asked him not to go anywhere and come back home it made me so emotional Cry

That flashback  still remember that Censored Ratan was planning to kill Ganga How she emotionally hugged Mannu ,hold him tight to her  He will separate her from  her son  She ran away from home That devil caught her and beat her with iron rod brutally and left  her to die their and she was crawling calling to Mannu

i as a viewer cannot forget all this I don't expect Ganga to forget all this either who has faced all this 

I have no sympathy for this Ratan at all even if he dies without meeting Mannu because this is same man who made Ganga and Jagya beg for Mannu's life and he was laughing and enjoying his son's pain and suffering because it  was giving him pleasure of taking revenge from Jagya and ganga He said to  Jagya   Mannu 's death will be  best punishment and my best revenge on you CensoredNow he is dying to meet same son  It will be huge of favor of Jagya and Ganga done on him to make Mannu even call Ratan his father and do his last rites otherwise Mannu will not even spit on this monster's face 

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Stephi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 6:19am | IP Logged
Anandi was telling  Jagya Dadisaa  when Ratan told her he honestly fulfilled the promise of staying away from Mannu then i realized he is speaking the truth...

It means she had plenty of time to analyze the situation, because she realized he is speaking the truth. So  she did not  only and only calm down   the dying man, but she made a decision and gave the promise.  Or , let me put it this way  if she didn't realized he's speaking the truth, then what? She wouldn't have tried to calm down the dying man, or she would have said I will talk to Jagya and Ganga?  The point is she herself said I realized he's speaking the truth so she promised.

About those assumption what if it was Jagya who promised etc.based on what we've seen so far, it is much easier and more correct to think that Jagya  would not promised on his own since we have seen that he  respects his  wife, her feelings and decisions, and he  considers that only Ganga  needs  to tell the truth to  Mannu.. Which  Anandi did not think, not  for a moment . Jagya thinks about Mannu feelings too, which Anandi didn't, not for a moment. For her the only important thing was her  realisation that Ratan 's speaking the truth, so she made a decision. 

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mahi12 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 7:15am | IP Logged
I dont understand this justification for Anandi she wanted to calm down the crying man ?
How she calmed down the crying man ? Gave him a promise to do something which is not under her control ? She cannot send Mannu to Ratan , make him meet with him without Jagya and Ganga's will then why she did not ask Ratan to talk to Jagya? 

Does she not know Jagya is very kind hearted person Ganga is a wounded soul but does not mean she does not have a heart in her so why Anandi herself gave promise not asking Ratan to talk to Jagya ?Give him Jagya's phone number that he did not have but Anandi over acted  and her made a decision and later running after JaGan lecturing them to get convinced so her promise will be fulfilled ?Why is that Anandi herself cries when others take any decision about matter concerning her without asking her but what she herself does ?then why Ganga becomes wrong if she does not like Anandi doing same with her ?A lot of emotions are involved of Ganga in this Her hurt feelings , her past , her pain Mannu his feelings how he will react to this It will be hurting for child but Anandi did not think about anyone Not even asked Jagya and gave promise to Ratan and later expected everyone will follow her ? Their emotions and feelings are not her concern that she took decision without thinking about them ?

Jagya unlike Anandi is not thinking one sided only and forcing Ganga and Mannu to follow his decision He respects Ganga's feelings and wants to take her along with him  He is concerned for Mannu's feelings too 

There is no question had he met Ratan singh he would have done same what Anandi did First he is Mannu's father can do anything Anandi has no right not even on humanitarian grounds because Mannu has his parents  and even now he wants to take Ganga along with him in this 

Anandi she seriously thinks she owns everyone Why she did not let Jagya convince Ganga that even now she is interfering and trying to convince Ganga ? Enough is enough High time cvs teach Anandi this important lesson to stop taking others for granted and give them space to solve their own matters 

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Shinya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 10:22am | IP Logged
I think, We have to go as per the story told. She promised only to console him and to make him feel better.

Later she herself realised that she made a promise which she might never be able to fulfill. 

If she thought she owned mannu or had rights over mannu, she need not have to go in a dilemma whether she would be able to fulfill the promise or not, as she was shown discussing this with dadisa.

Anyway, people are free draw their own conclusions. 

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tiny15 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 May 2015 at 10:30am | IP Logged
if we've  2 go by story then many things  r now shown r out of ckts but still it din't luk like A wants 2 calm down ratan.
ratan cud b calmed down by this promise also that i will talk 2 JaGan as its not in my hands & i can only convey this msg 2 them. rest ist up2 them as they r mannu's parents & i've no rite 2 ask them 2  let mannu meet u. 

she  clearly gave promise thinking she can convince JaGan & force her POVs on them like shes doing from 11yrs & no1 is saying anything against her either  out of respect or not 2 hurt like ganga or thinking A's well wisher like J bcoz of her past or simply likes her bcoz shes same like them like DS.

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