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AKDHA SS:LOVE YOU JO* EPILOUGE updated on pg 43(5/9/2015) (Page 31)

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update it dr...

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today is wednesday, when will u update dharani
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Hey buddy nice teaser plz update soon
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Originally posted by swriter

Hey buddy nice teaser plz update soon
where is the teaser janki
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Finally u updated... thank u so much dhara
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      "Jo,I'm tensed"Jalal said rubbing his sweaty palm on his jacket.Jodha smiled and squeezed his hand"Jalal they both love you to bits.Trust me everything will be fine."What if they don't accept me?"Jalal questioned with tinge of sadness.Jodha cupped his face and raised"U know what Jalal they are just like you.Believe me they are gonna love you so much".Soon they reached Jodha's room.When Jodha was about to twist the knob Jalal clutched her waist tightly.Jodha shook her head and opened the door.She lead Jalal like a lil boy and switched bed post lamp.Jalal saw his angel's sleeping peacefully by hugging their respective soft toys.Jalal's heart swelled with pride for being father to these beautiful sweet cakes.Without his knowledge a tear rolled down from his sapphire orbs.He felt Jodha wiping his tears.He turned and saw Jodha shaking her head signing as not to cry.Jalal just gave a sad smile and pulled her towards him.Understanding his condition Jodha caresses his hairs while he just stares at his twins."U know your daughter is a light sleeper like you"Jodha said tracing Shaina's cheek gently to which the lil girl scrunched her nose.Jalal chuckled seeing his princess."And your son is just as naughty as you."Jodha said poutingly."After all they are my kids madam"Jalal said shifting towards his son's side.Jalal was lost in staring at his children,he was gently caressing their hairs.That is when Jodha came and took his hand."Want to see their childhood photos and videos?"Jodha asked him softly."Hmm.."he replied and released himself from his son's grip.Jalal placed his head pn Jodha's shoulder and was watching the videos of his days old twins."U know Jalal They never used to cry unless they are hungry.once they got their stomach filled they used to sleep for hours.Really they are such sleeping babies.Bhai used to complain why his niece and nephew are always in sleeping mode."Jodha said smililngly.Soon the video showed months old twins who are hyper active.They were crawling,giggling and throwing fits of tantrums to their mother.Jalal chuckled seeing his daughter grinning widely after puking the entire food who was soon followed by her twin.Jodha interwined her fingers and said"Shaan used to be a good boy during day sleeping like a angel while shaina used to make us dance on her tunes all the day and by the time Shaina slept Shaan used to wake up.Bhabi used to say that the twins had made a deal that they will share their mom's attention equally."Jalal again laughed seeing his son playing with catterpillar.Next video was the twins first B'day video.Both Shaan and Shaina were so excited with their new toys thst they don't have time to cut the cake.Seeing his children lil antics Jalal didn't understand whether to feel sad that he wasn't a part of their childhood or to feel happy watching them."I missed their days Jo"Jalal said hugging her while sobbing"I'm such an unlucky guy."Jodha pacified him for sometime."Offo!Jalal shaan is better than you"Jalal smiled and hugged her tightly.She gently raised his face and said"You know Jalal I always tried to convince myself that I'm giving both motherly and fatherly love to them but the truth is I can't give that affection and love which only you could give them Jalal.They need you as much as they need me.They r too spoiled they don't listen to me at you said your's kids."
No,our kids"Jalal replied with a smile.Jodha smiles and both of them hugs each other.
Next day...
Jalal felt some one pulling his nose and kissing his cheeks.He slowly opened his eyes and saw two pairs of sapphire orbs looking at him deeply."Dada uth gaya"his twins squealed in joy.He saw his twins smiling at him and before he could speak they attacked him with their kisses and hugs.Jalal's happiness was palpable.His twins were living carbon copies of him except their nose which they inherited from their mother.Holding both of them in his arms he felt like pieces of him were filled.He was so happy but sad that he wasn't there from the start .He wished they were a whole family from the beginning.But shook his thoughts and just focused on his babies,his beautiful angels.He heard them saying "Dada..."world stopped around him and he looked at his innocent faces.His children are calling him.He felt tears that escaped from his eyes.His was torn apart."Daddy is here my sweet cakes.!"he mumbled to himself as he held his twins to his heart.All the while Jodha was watching the trio's interaction and felt guilt leaving her husband if only she would had stayed back then;they would be a happy family.She wiped her tears and went towards them."Chalo chalo breakfat ka time hogaya"Jodha said gainig their attention.But they just saw her and resumed in their own discussions leavjng a shocked Jodha"Papa kya agaye maa ko bhul gaye."Jodha pouted and sat on other side of bed but was soon covered by her husband and twins kisses."They make such a cute family"Moti wiped her tears and hugged Sujmal.He smiled at his wife&said"I think we should call khan's for the party tonight.they were dying to meet Jodha and twins;especially Hamida aunty."Then what are doing here go and invite them"Moti nudjed her husband.
Entire Jodha and Jalal spent with their twins.Twins gelled with Jalal very well in a span of few hours.Jalal upon lot of pampering by Jo went to khan's manison to get ready for Moti's and sujamal aniversary party.Well he went through a brief session of scoldings from his mother and father for not taking them.Soon the khan's family reached Mehra's sadan.Jalal circled his mother in to hug and saw Rukaiyya and Salima clinging like babies to their respective spouse with happy tears.When he heard some one snifing Jalal turned and saw his father having tears he looked like a baby boy.Jalal laughed at his dad but shut his mouth seeing his glare."I can't wait to see my Jo and grand children"Hamida said ."Even I can't wait to see them mom and yeah I forgot to tell you I have a surprise for you guys."Surprise!"all the ladies squealed in joy.All the guys tried to control their smile but failed and bursts into laughter.Shaking his head Jalal lead them in.They were greeted warmly by Sujamal and Moti.

"Bhai ;Where is Jo?"Ruks and salima asked Sujamal as they just can't wait to see their friend.

"Go upstairs take left and the first room is her room."before he could say more they were already on their way to Jodha's room.

Meanwhile Jodha was chasing her son and daughter who were running all around the room.All thanks to their dad who just spoiled them more in just a day.

"shaan;I said stop there"but the lil milkha singh already ran to other end of the room.

Jodha was panting by the time and sat on the sofa that is when her langoors barged in to her room."Jo..Jo..Jo..".Jodha jumped from her seat hearing their shouts."Guys "Jodha stood shocked
seeing her frnds.

"Missed us"both salima and Rukaiyya said in unison.Jodha rushed towards them hugged them.All three of them burst in to tears and were laughing like mad in between just like the way they used to be in their college.Seeing his mom crying ;Shaan also starts to cry who soon woke up his twin from her beauty sleep.All three of them broke their hug and saw the lil boy crying soon to be followed by his sister.

Jodha rushed towards Shaan and lifted him and started to bounce him on her hips.Both Salima&Ruks were staring loving at the lil boy in their frnds arms.But their attention got diverted when they heard lil girls wailing"Mamma"...

Before they could react Jalal rushed in and took his princess in his arms and tried to shush her."Dada.."the lil girl sobbed in his arms.

All the while Ruks and salima were staring at Jodha and Jalal and finally after getting the scene they said"!".Jalal smiled widely;while Jodha blushed seeing his smirk.

"Hayye!we r so happy for you"they hugged Jodha.Jalal went near to Jodha and introduced to their twins"Babies Yeh chachi hai"He pointed towards Ruks "aur yeh masi"he pointed towards salima.

Twins smiled widely and hopped from their parents arms when they saw their chachi and masi opened their arms.

"Such a cute babies."Ruks said kissing Shaan's cheek who rubbed his cheek just like his mom.

"And they look just like Jalal bhai"Salima said playing with Shaina.

"And guys you are god mothers to my twins"Jodha declared with a huge smile.

"K;guys now time for mom's surprise"Jalal said gaining the ladies attention."If you don't mind can I have my babies."he requested the ladies.

"As much as we want to play with them now but we can understand .anyways take them."ruks said handing Shaan to Jalal.Before salima could pass Shaina she got down and ran towards her papa.

"Come fast.I will be waitingfor you"Jalal whispered in Jo's ears and with that he went out with the twins.

Mean while in the party Hamida and Aamir were waiting to meet their dear DIL &grandbaby.

"Mom I think Rhea needs fresh air,so I'm just going out for sometime"Mirza said to Hamida bouncing his 6months old daughter in his arms.

Hamida smiles at her youngest son and kisses her grand daughter and turns towards her husband and saw her husband talking with Sujamal.She silently goes to him and starts besides him.

"Beta Jodha kaha hai?"she asks Sujamal.Before he could reply Jalal calls them"Mom Dad".Both Hamida and Amir turns back only to see their holding two lil toodlers who were just looking like their son."Jalal.."Amir tried to speak but he couldn't.while Hamida was looking from Shaan to shaina.

"Meet my twins "Jalal said like a proud father introducing his children to his parents.

"Jalal..My grandchildren"Hamida said coming towards Jalal and gently caressed her grand childrens faces and turned to look at her husband who was standing beside her with wide grin and tears in his eyes.

"Sweetcakes go to your dadi and dadajaan"Jalal whispered in their ears.Listening to their captain's order they immediately hopped in to their grand parents arms getting a kissy from each of them.

All the khan's and Mehra were laughing at the cute antics of the junior khan's.Hamida and Amir were so engrossed in their grand children pranks they didn't noticed Jodha sitting next to them.

"Mom Dad"Jodha spoke out loudly to get her in laws attention.

Both Hamida and Amir turns towards Jodha.Jodha smiles sheepishly and looks at Hamida.

"Aap koun?"Hamida asks looking at Jodha.Hearing Hamida Jodha feels sad and looks towards Amir who keeps a stern expression.
Seeing their stern faces automatically tears starts to flow from her eyes."Ammi I'm sorry"Jo holds her hands and kneels before Hamida &Amir.

Seeing tears in his dear DIL eyes Amir gets up and hugs her while she sobs like a baby girl.
"Abbu plz say mom to forgive me".Jodha sobs badly.

Hamida goes towards Jodha and wipes her tears and hugs her tightlyand cries and asks"Why did you left us?I know what ever you had done you have done it for that Buddhu kahika.But why did you left us?"Jodha stares at her guiltly.

"I had promised Tara that no matter what I will always take care of you like my own daughter;shayad meri pyaar mein koi kami reh gayi hogi"Hamida accuses her and hugs her husband.

"Ammi I'm sorry .plz forgive me for one last time."Jodha begs Hamida.

"Oh!come on Mrs.khan forgive her na.Don't act like that typical saas plz."Amir said to light the situation.

Hamida smacks on his shoulder and replies"Aap chup rahiye ji."and she turns towards Jodha amd warns"This is the last chance."Jodha nods her head like a cute puppy and hugs her MIL.

"Finally happy ending"Abdul says wiping his tears.All of them laughs seeing him emotional.

Jodha turns her head and saw Jalal staring at her.She blushes furiously when Jalal winks at her.

Picture abhi baaki hai guys.
so just scroll down... ...






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      Days passed in blur.Khan's family permenantely got shifted to London upon Jalal's wish.Jalal became a dotting father and loving husband.Each passing day Jalal's &Jodha's love for each other became stonger than before.Shaan&Shaina were apples of khan family.They became even more naughty all thanks to their wonderful dad but still they are obedient&well mannered when compared to the other children of their age.They both are very protective about Rhea from this age which awes the family.But along with their father they leave no stone unturned to irritate their poor mother.Jalal doesn't leaves a chance to embarras his poor wife with his shameless PDA.He finds different ways to spend his time with his wife but poor soul his family became totally dependent on his wife they were literally stealing his wife away from him and today he kidnapped his own wife from his family.

"Where r we going Jalal?"Jodha asked Jalal for the n th time but he had been really quiet the whole time.But he was having a small smirk paying upon his face which was making Jodha excited.

"Tell me na Jalal"she asked him again to which he just shook his head and focused again on the road."Surprise hain Jaan.How can I reveal it?"Jalal replied to which his wife pouted.
They drove absolutely in silence.
Sighing deafeatedly she reclines back on her seat and closes her eyes and thinks how her life changed in span of month.A small smile was playing on her lips which wasn't unnoticed by her dear husband .

"Tonight I will tell you how much I love you and much I need u by my side."Jalal thinks to himself.Soon they reached their destination.

"Jo;wake up baby we reached"Jalal's voice startled her.She opened her eyes and saw a concerned Jalal.

"You okay?"Jalal touched her arm.She nodded and smiled at him and replied"Woh...sogayi thi na .that's why."she admittedy shyly.

"sorry,I startled you"Jalal said softly as he held
her hand.Jodha smiled looking into his eyes and interwined her fingers to which her husband smiled.

"Tonight I've planned something special for us"he whisphered in her ears."Kyun?"she asked innocently&he chuckled."Come on now u will find it your self."Jalal said getting down.He walked towards her side and opened the door.She took his hand&gasped seeing a small house .she was like omg.Her heart fluttered when Jalal snaked his hand around her waist.He smiled and lead her upto the house.He opened the door and all she could see was darkness.She frowned as they entered and looked at her husband.

"I have something very important to tell you"Jalal said as he closed the door and slipped his hand from her waist."Don't leave me"she whispered and he chuckled.She felt his hand on her cheek as he stepped closer."You trust me,right?"he asked."I do"she replied and his breath fanned on her face.
"Stay here"he said and went awy.sounds of his foot step faded and she looked scarriedly around.

"Jalal..."she called her husband.Suddenly a spot light fell on her.She raised her hand to coverher eyes from the light.She heard a light music playing in background.She opened her eyes and saw Jalal standing infront of her at quiet some distance.She sighed in relief.He smiled and he came towards her."Tonight I want to confess something"he said softly taking her hands into his.Her hearts rhythm increased when he kissed her."Jalal..."she tried to speak but he cuts her off.

"I had never done something like this in my life Jo.I know thoda filmy hai but still I want to make this night special for us."he spoke and closed her eyes and took her along with him.He removed his hands.Her eyes widened looking the room.Evrything is covered with roses.Far at the corner was a table with some food and
white curtains are flowing along with the wind.It just looked like a perfect romantic set up.
In short the sight in front of her was breath taking."Like it?"Jalal asked her shyly scratching his head like a nervous teenager.Jodha turned and hugged him overwhelmed by his arrangements."Like it?"I love it"she replied and once again glanced the room.Her heart skipped its beats when as he cupped her cheeks ;Jodha could see a deep emotion conveying from his eyes.She stared at him lovingly and ws beyond happy thinking that her husband did all of this for her.

Jalal took hold of her hand and walked towards the table .He pulled Jodha and made her to sit on his lap and started serving the food."U know what Jo;I heard some where that if wife and husband share the same plate their love increases even more&I think it's time to test the theory."Jalal said forwarding a morsel to Jodha much to increse her blush.They fed each other and soon finished their dinner with Jalal's cheesy comments.

Both of them stood up and Jodha was waiting for Jalal's next move.He took a step closer and wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her to him.He leaned forward slowly &whispered"Ab toh de dona Jaan".Jodha wraps her hands around his neck shyly and hugged him.Jalal chuckled seeing his wifey all shy and tightened his grip around her.She gave a soft peck on his cheek and pulled back.

"Can I have a dance with my beautiful wife?"he asked softly.Jodha nods her head.He holds her hands and placed them on his shoulders;while his own finds their way on her waist.Both of them dance on John legends-All of me.He spuns her gently and then pulls her towards him.His fingers were drawing patterns on her back sending electrifying sensations through her spine.Jodha felt fire in her when she stared in to his cerulean blue orbs.

"Jo"he whispered in her eyes spining her in a way that now her back was touching his chest as he kept nuzzling his face into her hairs.

"Tonight I want to confess something "he said kissing her hand."Jala.."she started to speak but he cut her off saying"Just listen to me Jo"he whispered.He glanced at her and smiled.

"I have so much to say .so much but I don't know how to start.I know I acted like a jerk at start but I really want you to know everything I felt for you. "he said looking into her eyes.She stared at him lovingly and carressed his cheeks conveying him to continue.Jalal smiles and continues.

"I fell in love.I Jalal khan...fell in love with you..."he whispered and her heart beat increased stopping to him saying"Love".Every time he says love she feels on cloud 9.

"I fell in love with the day when you bumped into me at airport.I was so lost in your chocolate eyes they hypnotized me at the very moment...I fell in love with you when you made me feel something when you used to take care of me and my family...I fell in love with your innocence and your self less nature...I fell in love with your smile..."he took a step closer .Her breath was caught in her throat when he leaned and pecked her lips yearning a shy smile from her."I fell in love just plainly with you jaan...

"I have always loved you but back then I was so dumb that I couldn't decipher my own love for u...".A tear rolled down from his eyes.Jodha frowns and wiped away with her thumb.He kisses her hand and continues..."My love for you increased in to infinite folds for making me a proud dad for those wonderful sweetcakes."Both of them chuckles with tears flowing from their eyes."Jo ;I promise you that I will always love you and my love for you will only increase with each passing day.
I promise to keep you happy...I promise to give you everything that is in my league...I promise you that I will be loving till my last breath..."taking deep breath he pulled away and smiles.Jodha gasps when he gets on his one knee.."I never got a chance to propose you.But I want to ask you."Will you marry me?".Jodha looks at him in surprise."Marry me again;with our children and family.I want to renew our vows after all that we've been through.I want to forget all those bad memories we had in our past.Now what all I care is about us.Our love is stronger than ever;so Miss Jodha Mehra will you make a worlds most happiest man by marrying me?"he holds her and and waits for her answer..Jodha looks at him her heart melts hearing his sweet confession with a smile on her beautiful face and replies"YES;I will marry you Jalal khan."He smiles widely and slips ring on her finger.Tears of happiness rolled down from their eyes.Jalal wraps his hands around her and pulls her into him for a kiss.They kissed each other conveying each others love."I love u Jodha"he whispered."I love you more"she whispered back and his lips turned into a smile as he leaned down for another kiss again saying"I LOVE YOU;JO".

So finally I have almost completed the story just epilogue baaki hai.I will give it by tmrw most probably depending upon my schedule or else day after tmrw.If you liked the update plz plz like and comment and once again I want to thank all of you who supported me writing this.Love you guys.

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Dhara di update karo na... Unhappy

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