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AKDHA SS:LOVE YOU JO* EPILOUGE updated on pg 43(5/9/2015)

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Hey guys ,I m back with Ts. seriously I m fed up with these stupid exams, so thought to have a lil break that's it I got an idea to write this . So here u guys go enjoy it.

    ********************************************** "Happy B'day Jo"he wishpered in a loving tone while sweetly caressing her picture .

"Jalal,beta u r still awake"asked Hamida in a caring tone,as she saw that lights were still on in his room.

"No,mom.I don't feel like sleeping"he said.

"U r missing her na Jalal"she asked her son.

"I have been missing her from 2 yrs mom"he said while turning towards his mother.

"Jalal ,I have something important for u "and she leaves to get that.While he was confused.In no time she came back with a diary and handovers to him .   

"Mom,whose diary is this?"he asked while examinig it.

"Someone whose is very close to ur heart"she said placing a sweet kiss on his forehead and moves out,while leaving she says"Jalal,u r dad has booked tickets to London."and was about to go ,when Jalal asks" London?but why mom.I don't have any meeting's there."

She smiles and say-"u have some unfinished business there Jalal"and closes the door.

Jalal thinks"I wonder whose diary is this and why the hell should I read this,it is not manner's to read other's personal diary."and he throws the diary on bed.

But something catches his attention and he goes towards the bed and picks the diary and finds to see "JODHA" written on it, in bold letters.For a moment he forgets to breath and whispher's "JODHA".

with out wasting a sec ,he takes the diary and moves to his study.For few moment's he caresses the name and opens to read the first page and started reading it ...

Yeh toh bas trailer hai guys,picture toh abhi baki hai.(WILL SEND PM'S LATER.)

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   Opening the 1st page he started reading ... "To all the bloody idiots who r currently reading this now it means that u r really mannerless**.

But before u read it take a sec and think,what will u get by reading this?Is it somethng worth risking my trust for?".

For a moment Jalal regretted 2 read further but he remembered his mom saying"U have some unfinished business"."What does mom mean and Why she gave me Jodha's PD?"with all these questions he again resumed reading diary.
"However ,if u r such an insane animal 2 read then remember these guide lines given by me.


His mouth opened with shock ,suprise ,amusment and all mixed.

"Omg!Is it Jodha, who wrote these lines,I wonder where that sanskari girl gone"he shakes his head and starts to read it again .

"If u r wondering about warning then let me tell u that it is necessary bcz"Ruku&sallu"the sneaking pigs never leaves any stone unturned 2 read my diary."

He chuckles reading it. And he turns on the nxt pages and reads about her cllg days and her mischeivious pranks etc and her feelings ,he sometimes used 2 laugh very hard holding his stomach and continues to read...

"Today was graduation day,every1 of us r happy as we excelled our life as student's and going 2 enter in to a nxt step of future i.e being a professional.U know diary it was very hard 2 leave this place ,So many memories r there here which will b golden days in my life.

There was farewell party organised by Mr.popular karan.It was quiet enjoyable ,untill Karan came and asked me out.I reluctantly went with him,Guess what?he proposed me.He the gr8 Karan sharma proposed me."

For a sec Jalal felt a tinge of jealousy and Insecurity and said."Oh,madam was flying in air." he huffed and turned nxt page.

"But,I rejected him."

"That was good Jo, u rejected him,orelse I would have snatched u from the jackass"he said with a relief."

"I Know shayad meine uska dil dukha diya ho,but how should I explain him that he was not the one for me...He's not my prince in armour.

meri prince to aisa hoga jise dekh kar ek pal keliye dil tham jaye,should feel like he was the one for me."

He should accept me like the way I m and if not so I myself should feel to change for him.kya aisa bi Koi hoga.?

Don't know and why the hell am I feeling so philosophical!...

"Wow,she is such a believer in fairy tales."he said.and turned nxt page...
"Mama called me today and there she goes again about that rishtawala guy.seriously if she likes him so much why don't she get married to him."

Jalal laughed at her cute complaints .

"Who the hell is she?to involve in my personal matters and how dare to say that I was ready for the marriage thing,

Arghh... I so hate that Ruku,but can't she's my bff.Ab toh sirf kanah ki kripa hai,to escape from this marriage stuff,and don't know what will happen when I reach India?"

He turned nxt page.

"Finally I m back 2 India,really missed it for 5 long yrs.Ruku&sallu r so happy as this was there 1st time in India.Sallu was pulling my leg ,naming that Rishta wala ladka,but I suddenly I bumped in to a person,I Closed my eyes with fear of falling down,but it never happened.

slowly I opened my eyes only to b lost in those sapphire orbs,I never felt such a tingling sensation,the guy made me stand striaght and gently said"B CAREFUL"and left from there.

I was so lost and I could feel some strange magnetic force towards that guy."
Jalal smiled.He continued to read ...

"I felt like heaven when mom took me into her arms,at that moment I felt that my mum was best in the world,she was the one I have after dad's death,but inspite of being in such grave state my mum never left any stone 2 make dad's company one of the top.

Yes,she was my idol and I love her so much,that I don't want 2 leave her and go 2 some stranger ristha wala guy."

He knew how much she loved her mum.

"Again,there she goes about that rishtawala guy,I think mom never even sang a Kanaha's bhajan like the way she's chanting this rishtawala guy...what's his name ?yeah ,Jala...Jalal khan...JK something.Seriously diary,he become my prime reason for headache now a days.If by chance ,I could get this rishta wala guy address na I m surely gonna kill him."

He chuckled imagining her irritated face and continued to read,but there were some blank pages and turned to see the pages ,there his eyes fell on the lines written by her.

"Kuch toh ho raha,I'M having strange feeling's that I have never felt before,Mama was like a nightmare now a days.

she literally started 2 use her one of her powerful weapons ,her TEARS.But this she wasn't alone,she had both sallu&Ruku on her side,seriously they r my frnds for god's sake.

First I was so adamant to not do this marriage,but when mum showed me his photo, I was just like..


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    *** PART- 3 **** When mum showed me his photo,I was just like,Am I dreaming again?"He was the same guy ,who got guts to invade my dreams now adays.I just stared at his photo.I Don't know,for how long I have been staring at his pic.All I felt was that let the time stop."I came back to my senses when mum&Ruku r laughing."Ah!That was so embarassing,this guy got some charms to make me blush.Seriously did u ever dream diary,that me ,the toughnut Jodha Mehra,who never fallen for anyone charms,had fallen for him at the very first sight.Oh god!I m still blushing."Jalal smiles and turns the nxt page."Hey diary,U know Today I met my would be in laws.Being only daughter of single parent,I never really knew how a family really is.But after watching them close,I just felt to live with them.I came to know from mum,that Amir uncle and dad were bff,after dad's death ,uncle and aunty helped mum in business.I Wondered,now adays who will maintain relation with close frnds.Don't know why diary,after years I felt missing dad.Amir uncle was just like dad."Jalal thinks"Dad loves u so much Jo,more than Mirza and me."and resumes"Aunty was so sweet.and yeah I got a perfect dewar ji."This was peak diary,when mum asked me What was my desicion."I m still not sure about this alliance."But what mum said was"DON'T LOOSE HIM JO,HE'S A GEM.I CAN'T FIND SOMEONE MORE BETTER THAN JALAL FOR U".after listening to mum ,I had no complains regarding this rishta,I was cent% sure ,that mum will never b wrong and after interacting with his family.I had no option leftover,but just only to say yes."YES,this was my heart desicion. And mum says "Dil se jo bi sochta hai,woh hamesha sahi hota hai."I still can feel how both families were happy by my "YES".Jalal remebers that day,how elated his family was.He felt so proud of her.He started to some more pages."Well to tell u truth diary,this feeling things that I have never thought I could ,started.Today ,I met fiance Mr.JK."What made me more impress his simplicty.""I never thought that he will b this handsome,yeah Ruku was right,he was truly a adonis,my macho man."Well this was my first date,but it went more like a interview.And what the hell with this"MISS MEHRA",for god sake I have name Jodha.He's totally a romance breaker.Hmph..what I thought was ,wow I m going to start my court ship with him.and there he was like...Leave it.But my feelings for him grew,when he said that there is no need for changing my religion."This is so bad diary.This is bad.Plz some one tell me that this is not the 'L' word.Does he knew any magic or something...I felt so soothing&comforting when I was with him..I wish he stays with me.Don't know why I m feeling so restless,I think now it's time to meet my doc,(mom)anyways gud ng8 diary ."He remebered that day,how she made faces when he was asking her.He smiles and turns nxt pg."Hey diary,u know I m now sure.,that I liked him more than like.u know that 'L'word.He was truly a gem.I don't know the fact that ,in my absence he took care of my mum.The like was replaced by respect.After yrs,I saw mum crying.Don't know why,we both felt all alone in the world.Yeah,why not?After dad ,no one was there for us except my in laws.Mum shared her and dad's relationship,it was more or like my one.After hearing my mum , I was sure that I was falling for Jalal."Whom am I kidding!I M in love!Yess!! Im in luv with Jk"scary but true.His mouth fell open at this..."Did she wrote,that falling in love with me was scary..!"He flipped nxt pages but he found some blank pages.when finally he saw written pages."Hey diary ,u know.I M engaged.Today we went to shopping.Guess what?My macho man was there with us."Don't know why I felt not letting him go.I just can't wait jab wo humesha keliye mere hoga,"He smiled at this,her longing... Her love was clear in those words."Guess what,he knocked off my breath today...can anyone...infact how can anyone look more handsome everyday?He looked so hot in those causuals...I had a hard time trying to control myself and not stare at him all the time!"Jalal blushed reading it ,but continued and now his cheeks were hurting a little with the wide smile which refused to leave his face."Brace ur self Jo.u can do it..control...pata nahi kab tak rok paunga khud ko. Don't know why I felt like he want's to say something to me,but these langoors,didn't.anyway Abhi puri zindagi hai."He turns the nxt pages and reads"Hey diary,last day as Miss Jodha Mehra,bcz tmrw onwards I will b Mrs.khan,u know.Today, don't know why,but I felt to b with mum always,I think,from tmrw I will not b staying with her.Don't know why,I felt not to marry."But anyway mum consoled me.We spent most of the time.reviving our memories."When mum showed me my dad's album,where dad wrote sumthng,"1 PERSON'S LUV IS ENOUGH FOR BOTH".she said. how mum was against their relation,but slowly dad's luv made mum to fall in luv with him."I MISS U DAD"Bless me ,tmrw is my big day.your's angel.JO"(sorry for late update.)

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NOTE:Guys I have decided to change this ts as ss.Bahuth saare ideas araha hai,that's why.

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Very interesting 
update soon and 
thank you for the pm. 
sonali96 Goldie

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Interesting story...different nd nyc concept
Continue soon nd thnks fr the pm
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Nice update fast pm me

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