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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Punarvivah .# 45 ... Teaser 1/2 @ page132/138 New in index (Page 87)

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ready for the update

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 Part 92




Maan was now alone in room..he sat near Geet.. He brought his hand near Geet and put it on her tummy.. may  be he wanted to feel someone there..His eyes were wet.. it was feeling  which he was not able to give name to.. 

He then came more near Geet and he kissed her forehead-and whispered- Thank U Geet.. He was still caressing her face with his soft fingers..and he heard a voice-Maan..

Maan looked at the source of the voice and his eyes widened seeing him.. He got up and came near him..He hugged him tightly.- I missed you...

It was Yash who called him.. Maan did not know if he was actually there or he was hallucinating him..But he hugged him tightly..and again said- I m missing you yash..

Yash-I m missing you too Maan..Not only you but all of you .. I m missing my family to be with them..

Maan remembered something and in an exciting voice he said-Yash.. You know.. I m I m very happy today because I m.. 

but Yash stopped him - I know Maan..and I m happy too Infact I m very thankful to you and Geet.. I was just waiting for this day.. I promised you one day that I would come back..Now I m coming back Maan..I m coming back..

Maan looked at him. Yash smiled and he brought him near Geet.. 

She was still sleeping.. Yash held Maan's hand and put it on Geet's tummy along with his hand .

.He looked at Maan and said-I m coming back Maan.. Though in some other relation but I m happy that I will be with my family again..

and Maan's eyes widened with happiness-Are you sure?

Yash-Very sure..So Are you ready to share your Geet with me? 

And maan smiled with tears-Always Yash..

and then Yash bent on Geet and kissed on her forehead-Thank U Geet.. We will meet again soon..

Tears rolled out of Maan's eyes.. He now was aware of Yash and Geet relation so could see love in Yash's action..And Geet stirred in her sleep. Yash stepped back

Maan-Kua hua Yash?

Yash- Shh...She is waking up

And Maan came near Geet.. 

she opened her eyes.. and found Maan looking at her with tearful eyes,, She got tensed seeing him like that and asked-Kya Hua Maan.. Why are you crying? What happened to me.. Is something wrong..I don't remember anything.. I was in the kitchen and tray slipped from my hands.. Kya hua hai mujhe? and I felt that some one was here.. Who was here?

maan was surprised to see that Geet too felt the presence of Yash..

Maan looked at her and said ..Geet look who is here? 

And he signaled into the direction where Yash was standing but now there was no one .. Maan looked here and there but Yash had gone..

Geet too looked in that direction but no one was there- No one is here Maan. Now tell me na..You did not reply me.what happened to me?

Maan then knew that Geet was still unaware of her condition.. Maan put his hand on her face and held her hand in other hand..He kissed the knuckles of her hand-Geet. You are right something has happened to you..

 Geet now got tensed-Maan I m scared.. please tell me .. what had happened.? Is somethong serious?.

Maan- Yes Geet very serious. he looked at Geet and Geet was looking little scared. 

He smiled to see her like that  and said -Geet. .someone is coming in our life.who will call us mom dad. Geet looked at him confused and then she absorbed the words which Maan uttered... Her mouth opened as is she was not going to believe him but then she remembered that she skipped her monthly cycle this month  and a smile mixed with a blush adored her face.. Maan kissed her seeing all blushing - Geet and thanks for making this day a special one for me..You have given me a wonderful gift today...I love you..

And in return he received a sound of throat clearing.. It was none other than Rahul who was there with Anie..Geet and Maan looked at them and then Maan helped Geet ti sit with the support of the bed post..Rahul and Anie came near them and Anie was so excited that she hugged Geet tightly-Bhabhi I m so happy.. I m going to be bua..

Rahul. - Correction Madam.. Bua nahin Maami.. you will become I m the maamu of the baby..

And he too hugged Geet - Congrats Gudiya for making me and Anie Maamu and maami..

And Geet nodded with a smile

Anie-nahin.. I will be his bua..



Maan who was sitting beside Geet rolled his eyes and Geet busted in to a laughter seeing them fighting..she put her head on Maan's soulders to watch rahul and Anie's fight..

And then elders entered the room.. Sudha was having sweets in her hands.. Priya Ram and gautam were with her.. They heard the argument between Rahul and Anie and they all smiled hearing that..

Sudha- stop fighting .. first everyone have some sweets.. we have got such an awesome news..and she forward sweets towards Priya-Priya ji this is your right to feed them.. After all you are going to be dadi..

Priya took the sweets from her hand and she fed a little part of sweet to Geet- Geet ,.. God bless you.. You have made this day very special to us.. we all are so happy..It's the day when we should give the gifts to you but you gave us the best gift to us on this day..Thank u so much.. and then she fed maan too and pecked both of them.. God bless both of you..and then she put some kajal behind Geet's ear- May God keeps all evil eyes away from you..

And after that everyone shared the sweets and wished Maan and Geet for giving that news to them.

Rahul as always in his teasing mode fed Anie  with sweets.Congrats would be Maami..

Anie-NO I m bua..

Rahul-No... Maami

And sudha stopped their fighting-Rahul Anie,, Stop all this.. You both decide what you want the baby to call you because when you have baby Maan and geet will have the same relation with that baby..

and Rahul and Anie's mouths were zipped.and Anie;s face turned redder hearing what sudha said about their baby...

And they both looked at each other. Rahul too thought for some time. And then he declared - Okkk.. Anie will be bua and I will be Maamu..It that ok with you Anie?

And Anie while feeling shy nodded in Yes..and everyone looked at them with teasing smile..and Anie thought to run from there - I m going to bring tea for all .. and she ran and rahul scratched his head to avoid everyone's teasing look..

sudha too kissed Geet and Ram and Gautam blessed her.. Today was the day which had turned in to a celebrations for many reasons...

Maan looked at Geet with a smile and Geet too looked at him..

Maan was feeling mixture of many emotions in his heart..

It was the day when he got his love for him a year back.. than he got the news of him being a father.. He knew today that his Yash was coming back to them.. In his heart he was somehow now confident that they were going to have a baby boy ..

After spending the day at Handa mansion they returned to their home..They had have their dinner at handa mansion so Maan took Geet straight to their room..

He asked Geet to take rest but Geet came near him and hugged him..

Maan held her and asked with concern-Kya hua Geet..

Geet-Maan I want to say something to you

Maan- Haan to bolo na..

Geet-Maan... The day I took sameer (Suresh's son) in my hand for the first time. That day I thought that it would never happen in my life that someone calls me mom.. But see it's going to happen Maan..We are going to get our own baby who will call us mom and Dad. Thank U Maan..Thank U for loving me..Thank u for bringing this day in my life..

Maan looked at Geet .. She was looking emotional

Maan adjusted her locks behind her ear and said-Geet actually I too wanted to thank u to give this pleasure of being father.. I missed this feeling completely when... he stopped and after a pause he again said-When Arpita  carried my baby.. I did not know it when she was alive.. and when I knew all had finished.. and I did not even feel anything that time because  I knew about that baby after it left but today I remembered Arpita and baby when I touched you to feel our baby and I knew today that what I missed that time. Thanks Geet for making me to experience the feeling of being a father.I love you

Geet-I love you too...

Maan again took her in to his arms and they stood fpor few moments like that and then he said to  geet-Geet now you take rest..and tomorrow we are going to visit Smita aunty at her clinic..You need a proper checkup..

Geet nodded at this and she took her night dress and changed in to it and she laid on the bed.. She was still feeling tired.. Maan too went to change and when he returned he found her sleeping..

He covered her with the duwet and sat near her for some time..One more time he caressed her tummy to feel their baby,,His eyes became wet for a moment as he felt little guilty for not feeling anything for that baby who could not open his eyes  to see the world.But next moment he felt satisfied that he was going to get back Yash in form of their baby.That moment he decided that he would name their baby as Yash only.. He then laid beside Geet having her in his arms and Geet like always snuggled in to him and settled herself along with his body to get a peaceful sleep..

...Next day Maan took her to Smita's clinic..She examined Geet and prescribed her some medicine which are required at the start of pregnancy.. She asked about the date of her last monthly cycle and gave an expected date of delivery.. Geet heard the date and became little sad..She wished if it was some day earlier but she could not help in it..

Maan while returning found Geet little sad and upset..

He asked-Geet.. you are looking upset.. What happened? Are you not feeling good..

Geet-Nothing is like that Maan..I m fine..

Maan-achchha ..then why your face is showing that there is something which is disturbing you?

Geet Put her head on his shoulder-Maan I did not like the date which aunty declared for my delivery.. and she pouted

Maan was socked hearing that-What? Are you ok? Geet it's not in our hands..

Geet0I know that's why I m sad.. If it was in our hand than I would have certainly changed the date..

And Maan laughed hearing that-OMG Geet I think your mood swings have started..But Don't you think that it s too early? I mean just yesterday we knew about our baby and today you started to behave strange..

And Geet snapped maan's shoulder lightly-Maan don't make a fun of me..

And Maan kissed on her hair-okk but don't make this saddy face.. you don't look good..and Geet hummed at that but she really wished if she could change the date of her delivery..

After resting for a day Geet joined the office.. priya gave her a nice lecture to take care of herself.. and she also instructed to Ram and Maan to take her proper care at office,... She also instructed them to have their lunch at time and she specially ordered Maan to check her at times to make sure that she is fine..

And Maan reacted at this-Time has changed na papa.. it was a day when maa used to instruct Geet to take care of us,, and Today she is asking us to take care of her,... Geet you are gone now.. you showed too much dadagiri on us that time,... Now it's our turn. Gin gin ke badla lena hai..Hai na papa and Ram winked at him-Right Maan.. we will take all the revenges..

And Geet in an angry mood looked at him and than at Priya as if she was complaining to her about father son..

Priya looked at her and scolded both of them-Dare to tease her any more.. If she complains about you at the evening I m here to take your class .. So take care of her witl love..samjhe tum log..

And Geet became happy hearing his MIL ..She hugged her-Maa you are the best..

And Ram and Maan shook their heads at both ladies and  after that trio left for the office..

Soon in the office this news broke down and everyone was happy hearing that.. everyone was wishing them good luck..and Ram too did not let them feel outsiders.. he distributed sweets among them to share that news.. and In FH too everyone congratulated Geet .Pinki and Rohit were the two people who were showing their happiness splitting out.. They were genuinely happy for Maan and Geet..

Precap-old one continues (Another good news) But Maan gets lost in thoughts..


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Amazing update
What's other good news???

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Awesome update...Maan is having mixed feelings that he really understood of being the father which he missed when arpitha being pregnant and he lost both of them... again he happy that yash is coming back to family as his son... hez really happy for becoming father which he dint dreamt in his life ... loved his love and concern towards geet... geet also overwhelmed after knowing that shes becoming mother which she had no hope when her life was shattered and shes very thankful to maan for this day... loved annie and rahuls bickering about the relationship with baby ...

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I knew it yash hi hoga vha... maaneet moments r awsum. .. I think date usi din ki h jiss din yash n arpita ki death hui thi. . awsum update

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Amazing.maan and yash's conversation was very emotional . when yash kissed geet, maan could feel the love of yash for geet. Maan decided to keep their baby's name only yash. Whole family is rejoicing the beautyful moment. Why geet was upset regarding date. Waiting for next dear

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nice updateClap...
yash coming backSmile
thinking what would be the other good news????Question
and what is with the delivery date????????Question

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beautiful update
happiness is flowing in handa n khurana family

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