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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Punarvivah .# 45 ... Teaser 1/2 @ page132/138 New in index (Page 73)

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hum bhi waiting... 

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Originally posted by tanu3579

hum bhi waiting... 

bas do post aur
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This banner is created by Priya...Heart Love you

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 Thanks a lot for the likes and comments.. Please keep commenting as those are my inspiration for getting new energy  to type the update.. Love you all for loving this FF..



Part 91

Days started to roll.. .In both families everything was normal.. all were busy in their routine life but two pairs of love birds never left any chance to romance .. Maan and Rahul had turned in to some romeos who were always behind their lailaas.. For Anie it was fine as they she was at home but for Geet sometimes it was so embarrassing because they were in KC.. and very often they were caught by the people.. but it was their luck that no one dared to talk a bit about them to make gossip as they both were boss of their respective offices..


One more calendar year passed and once again festival of Holi came. Priya ordered for sweets and many other thing to take to Anies Home as it was her first Holi.. so Geet and Priya were busy in packing gifts for Anie's in laws..and both finished every work a day before holi..they got quite late to sleep because of those preparations..

Morning of Holi..

Geet opened her eyes and found Maan in half lying position near her.. He was looking at her with love..

Geet with smile-Good morning Maan..

and Maan brought his hand near her face and applied little red color on her cheeks.-Happy anniversary Geet and Geet remembered that it's the same day she got married to Maan and all the flashes of last Holi became fresh in her mind.. she with a smile on her lips sat on the bed and took  little color from his hand and applied it on his cheeks-Happy anniversary to you too Maan..But Maan we got married in Simla too few months we have two dates of our anniversary..

Maan-I know..That day will always be special for both of us only as we became one that day..But for me it's my anniversary today only as I got you for myself at this day.. Mujhe mera pyaar mila tha aaj ke din so this day is very special for me.. But you don't worry we will celebrate that day too but alone.. chupke chupke.. jaise shadi ki chupke chupke...Ok?

Geet nodded..

Maan tucked Geet's trends behind her ears-Geet.. how adventurous last year was for us.. At last Holi  too much happened we did not know what was going to happen in our life.. I had lost all hopes to get you..But I think my love was true for you.. so God listened to my heart and gave you to me..I was not able to believe Geet that you were mine .. you were mine for ever and ever..I never thought to be this much lucky Geet..

Geet looked at Maan who was sounding emotional.. Geet held his face on her both palms-Maan bhool jaaiye wo sab.. I m here with you always and for ever..and n saying this she pecked on his cheek-This is a special day Maan so I don't want to remember those sad moments...

Maan removed her palm from his face and took it in his hand he pecked on the back of her hand and said-I love you Geet

Geet-I love you too..Maan caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers.. Geet closed her eyes feeling that soft touch on her face.

Maan came close to her.. very close and brushed his fingers on her lips.. Geet opened her eyes and Maan took the hold on Geet and grabbed her lips in a deep and passionate kiss.and while engrossed in Kiss Geet's eyes fell on the wall clock and she instantly pulled herself away-OMG..

Maan -K.. kya hua Geet?

Geet-Maan 8 baj gaye


Get-Have you forgotten.. Today we are going to Handa mansion.. it's Anie's first holi na.. and I will be there after two years there..It's going to be fun.. I will make Rahul a  monkey with colors..

And Maan smiled on her excitement..

Geet-Maan why are you smiling? Come on Be quick.. ready hona hai na.. and she got up from the bed.. but sat again on the bed holding her head-Aah..

Maan-Geet kya hua? Are you fine ? He held her from her shoulders.. Are you not feeling good.. should I call Dr.?

Geet -No Maan .. I m fine bas thoda sa chakkar aaya/..I think I was over exhausted yesterday.. Had to do so many preparations for Anie,, I m just feeling little tired.. will we fine in some time..

Maan-Are you sure and geet pressed her eyes ensuring him..and went to the washroom to get ready


They came down and Ram and Priya wished them on their first .anniversary..

And Maaneet took the blessings from them.. This year they were celebrating Holi at Handamansion as it was Anie's first Holi after marriage..Khuramas reached there with gifts and sweets..and Handas welcomed them with open hearts..and everyone wished Maan and Geet on their first anniversary..Geet after meeting everyone looked at Rahul and said to him-Happy Holi Rahul.. and she moved towards him.. 
Rahul-Stay away from me...

Geet Haww- aise kyujn bol rahe ho/./ kya hua? You broke my heart Rahul..

Rahul-Nautanki ki dukaan,.. band kar isko.. aur dare if you put color on me..

Geet open her mouth widely-Rahul.. How rude you are.. arrey Holi hai.. Log to dushmano ko bhi gale lagaate hain aur tum bahan ko door rahne ko bol rahe ho..

Rahul felt bad at his words..She came near Geet and hugged her-Happy  Holi Geet..and Geet hugged him too.. but she could see colors kept just behind Rahul .. She moved her hand wile hugging Rahul and took the color in her fist.. as they separated Geet threw all the color on Rahul saying -Happy holi Bandar.. and all looked at them .

Rahul mouth was wide open he looked behind and saw the colors on the table.Get gave him a cheeky smile  and everyone was really enjoying the scene

Next scene was really hilarious.. Rahul was running after Geet and Geet was running at her full speed..they were just behaving like kids.. Gautam and Sudha were remembering their old days when their house was always  sounded musical with geet's laughter..Though Anie too was a lovely girl but she was not as naughty as Geet was..

 But something happened with Geet and she stopped suddenly she was feeling breathless... Rahul caught her -Caught you. now where you will go?.But he looked at Geet and she was breathing fast

Rahul-Kya hua Geet?

Geet took the support of the wall-Kuchh nahin.. I think now I m not used to run fast so feeling little breath less.

Rahul-Chalo yahaan se ... He brought Geet where everyone was sitting.. all looked at Rahul who was holding Geet..

Maan-what happened Rahul ?why are you holding her?

Rahul-Kuchh nahin she is tired I think

Maan -Geet baith jaao..aaj subah bhi chakkar aaya than a tumhen.. rest  karo ab..

And he made her sit near him... Geet theek ho na..he worriedly looked at her and Geet nooded .. Anie gave her water to drink

all became tensed seeing Geet like this..and Geet when noticed that said to mall-Kya hua? I m fine please maa,  mamma.. aise mat dekho aap log.. can't I be little tired? after all I m a human too..wo kal  office ke baad ghar par bhi busy ti so I think i could not get complete sleep that's all..I m just fine.. and everyone felt relax seeing her fine..

Ram asked Geet-Geet are you sure tat you are fine..

Geet-Off course papa..

All set their and Anie went to the kitchen to bring sweet and snacks for all..

Geet too went with Anie saying that she will make tea for all..

Sudha tried to stop her.Geet I think you shoul rest.. you are tired..

Geet-Come on Mamma chai hi to bannani hai..I m perfectly fine

And both girls prepared the tea and snacks.. but as Geet lifted the tray in her hand she felt again little dizzy and the tray from her hand slipped and fell on the floor she took the support of the counter but could not hold herself and fainted on the floor

Anie shouted loudly-Bhabhiii.. and everyone heard that voice of anie and they found Geet on the floor unconscious..Maan in a moment was near Geet and he took her in his lap.. Geet .. and he patted at her face to wake her up..

Rahul -Maan I think we should take her in to the room.. and Maan scooped Get in his arms.andwent towards Geet's room..Everyone followed him.. Sudha-Rahyul  go and call Smita aunty .. I think she must be at home today.. Rahul dialed smita's no ..she was their neighbor and was  a doctor.. Rahul asked her to come there as soon as possible.. He told her about Geet..

And few minutes later Smita was at their house with her checkup kit.. She asked everyone to go out of the room..She examined Geet and after few minutes she asked everyone to come in.. everyone looked at Smita's face.. she was looking serious..

Sudha-Smita kya hua hai? Itni serious kyun ho Geet theek to hai na..

Smita-No sudha She is not fine..

Maan-Aunty please boliye na kya hua hai Geet ko/ Today she was feeling like this since morning .. I asked her to call dr. but she refused saying that she was fine.. Please aunty boliye na .. Kya hua hai Geet ko..

Smita put her hand on Maan's shoulder and said in a very serious tone-Maan wo kya hai na.. Geet ..

And everyone was feeling their blood pressure rising..Priya-Smita ji please kuchh boliye na..

Smita-Priya ji.. You have to take a very good care of Geet.. and she looked at Geet -because Because..

Sudha-Smita say it clear ..meri beti theek hai na.

Smita-I was saying this because Geet is going to be mom..

Everyone gasped with surprise in fact pleasing surprise... but Maan could not get those words as he was too much worried for Geet

Maan-What.. How is it possible?..aisa nahin ho sakta.. Nahin aunty Geet ko kuchh anhin ho sakta every one looked at him with wide eyes,,and Maan's eyes fell on them..and trhen she recalled what Smita said...and he stopped at once-What did you say? Come again.. You mean main ..main .I mean...

And everyone laughed at maan's confused state.. he was not able to express his feelings,, Priya came near Maan and hugged him-Maan I m so happy.. you are going to be father Maan.. Then she went near Geet who was still sleeping.. She kissed in her forehead.. and caressed her face..

Sudha too cane near geet and kissed her

Sudha-congratd would be dadi

Priya congrats to you too would be nani. and every one seemed too happy Rama nd Gautam hugged each other and congratulated each other

Anie and Rahul were too happy that they hugged Maan tightly out of joy..

Sudha -But Smita.. why she is still not's long time she feinted..

Smita because she is little week and tired.. so sleeping peace fully.

. Let her sleep for some time.. she will feel fresh when gets up. She touched her face and left to go.. but sudha stopped her -arrey aise kaise.. You gave us good news.. muh to meetha kiye bina nahin jaane denge..

Smita-It's ok Sudha ..and yes don't gather here let her sleep.. every one looked at Geet se was sleeping comfortably. And then their eyes fell on Maan. They found him lost.. He did not say a word since smita cracked the news. He was constantly staring at Geet..All could understand his condition.

.Priya-Maan let's go she is sleeping now

Maan-Nahin maa I will stay with her.. what if she awakes.. I will be with her..

Priya nodded -Ok Maan.. we all are outside call us when se awakes..and Maan just nodded  without saying a word.. all left and Maan was now alone in room..he sat near Geet.. He brought his hand near Geet and put it on her tummy.. may  be he wanted to feel someone there..His eyes were wet.. it was feeling  which he was not able to give name to.. He then came more near Geet and he kissed her forehead-and whispered- Thank U Geet.. He was still carrassing her face with his soft fingers..and he heard a voice-Maan..

Maan looked at the source of the voice and his eyes widened seeing him.. He got up and came near him..He hugged him tightly.- I missed you...


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Oohh Yash kept his promise and he is coming back to his family.Big smile

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Ohh ..
So Geet is Pregnant and... Dr .informed them in serious tone and..
Maan didn't hear that... but worries for Geet ...hehe...
Everything is Okey and whole family happy with this news ...
Whom Maan see in last line... is that Yash ???

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awesome update
one year passed happily for maaneet
maaneet along with ram and priya went to handa mansion to celebrate holi
there geet got fainted , doctor checked her up and gave good news of her being pregnant
all are happy to hear this news!!!!!
now who came to maan now????
update next part soon!!

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Big smile

Edited by fariya20 - 15 June 2015 at 12:37am

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grt masti wala ud
and after thori masti 
good news all was happy 
and loved maan confused 

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