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geet ke mood swing and poor maan ...
egarely waiting 

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awsm teaser
pregnancy hormones changing geet ..n lets see how maan fulfilling her wish Wink
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Updating today

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This banner is created by Priya...Heart Love you

 OPP-(Official Picture provider)Valli30HeartHugHeart

Thanks a lot for the likes and lovely comments.. They are very precious for me as they are the source of inspirations for me..

So Keep commenting here ,,,, I really enjoy reading them..



 Part 93


Once again time started to pass smoothly for Maan, Geet and for both the families.. Geet was under the vigilance of Maan at office and in his absence it was Ram who was there for Geet.. 

Some time she used to get irritate at that extra care..But who was going to listen to her..

Such one day.. Ram was not feeling well . He was on leave so there was only Maan and Geet for lunch..

Geet came to his cabin for lunch but was surprised to see the glass of milk

Maan looked at her and said-Geet have that milk..

Geet -What? Milk and this time?..No way Maan ..mujhe bhookh lagi hai and I will have lunch only..

Maan-No first milk and after some time you will have lunch.. we have ample time to finish our lunch..You skipped your milk in BF so you will have to drink it..

Geet looked at him with pleading eyes but Maan gave her a stern look-Don't even think.. 

and after one moment he smirked-Sweet heart drink this milk,, I don't want my son to look week aur black due to your negligence..

Geet-Son?  How do you know that it will be a baby boy?

Maan looked at her and said-I m 100% sure that we are going to get a son..

Geet-it can be a daughter too..

Maan-No Geet I m saying that iwse are going to have a sun for sure..and I m not wrong.. you will know it soon

 Geet looked at him seriously-Don't you like girls like other fathers who want only son not a daughter.. Maan you can't think like that..

Maan-how can you think like this about me?.. But my heart says that it's a boy  and he became little serious 

Geet noticed that and asked-Maan you look little serious. Is some thing is there which you want to share with me?

Maan took a deep breath and said- There is something Geet which I want to tell you..actually I don't know If it's truth or my imagination.. I saw Yash on the day when we got the news of our baby.. he was saying that he was coming back to us..Even you too felt something that time in your sleep..Do you remember you asked me someone being there.. that means you too felt his presence. II don't know if we both felt him or not... but that day somehow I felt some thing which was telling that we are going to get bach him again..and...and..He stopped looking at Geet..

Geet was looking at him silently.. She did not say a word as she too felt that Yash was there on his death anniversary asking her to free him from her memories.. so she did not make any fun of Maan.

Geet-Why did you stop Maan.. Just say what you want to

Maan-Geet I want to name our son Yash..If you are comfortable with it.. I mean.. It's just my wish,.,.if you don't like I will not say it again.. and Maan found her finger on his lips.

Maan looked at her.. Geet could see a tear in his eyes.She first was surprise to hear what Maan said but she knew this too that how much Maan and Yash were connected to each other..

.She smiled and said-Maan..Why will I not be comfortable?.. Yash was once the part of not only your life but of my life too and I respect him a lot for whatever he did for me.. he is  not a sad part of my past..he has an image of  some angel in my life,,he sacrificed his desires for me.It was he supported me and make a way for me. I will be more happy if I can do something for him..If you want to name our baby as Yash I will be more happy.. This way I will be able to repay his depth on me..and most important thing is that this baby is not only mine it's your's too so you have every right on him like I have..

And getting geet's permission Maan felt some pressure released from his heart.. he was little worried about Geet if she would accept it or not.. but she like always accepted what he wanted.. he came near her and hugged her being emotional-You are so sweet geet.. You always accept what I say..

Geet put her hand on his back and caressed it-Now you only call me sweetheart so I have to prove that you are not wrong in calling me that..Maan parted her little away from him and looked at her. He found a naughty shine in her eyes.. and Maan forgot that he was emotional few moment ago..He kissed her lightly feeling good at heart..

Geet-Maan Can I have my lunch now..I m really hungry..

And Maan remembered that he had to convinced her to drink milk..He picked up the glass of milk and forwarded it towards Geet..

And Geet was lijke-Maan please na.. I promise I will drink the milk in the morning daily,.but not now..I promise pakka wala and dhe held her throat as she was swearing to have milk..

and Maan shook his head but thought not to pressurize her for the milk.. he opened the lunch box and opened the lunch box but seeing the food Geet was like -Oh No..

Maan while serving food for Geet looked at her and found her little uneasy-what happened Geet?

Geet-I don't want to eat this..

Maan-But Geet this is your fav..maa now days cooks what you like

Geet-It was my fav. Not now..Mujhe kuchh aur khana hai..

Maan was now confused -what happened to her? She is not ready to eat her fav. Food..but asked her-then tell me what you want to eat..

Geet with little hegitation-Maan I want to eat raw mangoes.


And Maan was hell shocked to hear that-What? Come again geet.. what do you want to eat?

Geet with little pout-RAW mangoes.. I like that a lot..

Maan-From when you like that? Never asked for that earlier..

Geet-That I don't know but mujhe wahi khana hai if you want me to eat this food then I will have it only with raw mangoes..

Maan was now totally confused at her behavior..geet was sitting with a sad face..Seeing no other option he dialed priya's no. and told her the situation..

Priya laughed -Maan..It happens in pregnancy.. taste buds get changed daily..

Maan-But maa Raw Mangoes.?. from where I will get them..I m in office.. not in any market or in any super store..

Priya giggled hearing her son's cribbing- Maan It's not easy to become a dad.. not only geet but you too are going to face so many problems in this period.. Now ask someone to bring raw mangoes.. otherwise she is not going to have her food,... and it's your responsibility to look after her.. This is only beginning.. Get ready face even more and she put the phone.. Ram was hearing Priya he asked-What happened priya?

Priya smiling-Nothing.. Geet's taste buds are changing and she is asking for Raw mangoes for lunch and Maan is in trouble now.. 

and Ram too laughed hearing his wife..He could imagine Maan handling Geet as he himself was at the same place many years ago..

In office..

Maan thought for sometime.. and called Adi..

Adi was there in few moments and was shocked to know what Maan asked him to bring-S.ssir I m sorry to say that this is not the season of raw mangoes.. Mango tree are just filled with the flowers of mango..and it will take another one month for mangoes to grow..

Maan-What? And he looked at Geet..

she was still sitting in front of the food.. which was cold now..And he said-No way Adi.. I have to find..

He asked Geet to come with him and she followed him.. Maan took her to some renowned Hotel and ordered to bring the raw mango..

Waiter looked at him and Maan askedhim-What happened,,Don't you have raw mango? Which kind of hotel you run where you can't serve what customer need..

And waiter politely said-It's not like that sir..we have raw mangoes in our hotel as we import them..but I want to know if you want to place your order only for mangoes or something else too..

Geet happily said-No not only mangoes but we would like to have pizza with lot of cheese and some pasta too.. But first bring the mango please.. I m dying to eat them.. Maan was looking at Geet with wide eyes.. She wanted to have Pizza and Pasta..for which she never asked earlier.. She always was fond of eating street food.. like golgappe and chat..This was really something very different of her.. may be his mother was right it was the pregnancy which was changing her..

He signaled the waiter to bring what she wanted and  he left to bring the order.. Geet was eagerly waiting for the mangoes ..she was little impatience .. soon she saw the waiter with the mangoes.. her face lit with the bright shine.. as he put the plate of mango on the table.. 

she started to eat as if she was eating some thing very delicious 

and Maan was making faces seeing her eating like crazy as he was feeling that sour taste of that mango in his mouth.. He gulped his saliva and Geet forwarded one piece of mango towards him 

but he with a sweet smile took that in his hand and out it in to her mouth only-You have it Geet.. I feel if I m eating this..and Get happily eat that Maan thanked his stars that he was saved from eating that sour mango..

But he was also happy and satisfied that he could fulfill her that little wish to eat mangoes..Geet while eating mangoes was making faces too as it was very sour in test

and a satisfactory smile came on Maan's face seeing her enjoying her desired dish

Pizza and pasta were served but Geet denied and on asking about Maan for not having that she said that she only wanted to have mangoes and she was full now..she ordered pasta and Pizza for him..and Maan was just impressed that she did not forget to order for him even if she was dying to have raw mangoes

Maan insisted her to eat little more  as she needed some thing else too and on insisting by him had a little piece of pizza..Maan fifnished his lunch and both were back to the office.. Geet was looking very happy.. She thanked Maan for fulfilling her wish... She knew that mangoes were hardly available at ths time of season but he still made that possible..

And In the evening Maan narrated all to his parents and Ram and Priya were just amazed to see Maan behaving so cool as he did not have such patience earlier but They always noticed that maan was very different in his behavior when it was related to Geet..


Two more moths passed..Geet was going to complete three months of pregnancy

Everything was fine but one thing did not change with Maan and that was the dream which   was still haunting him.. he not very frequently but seldom watched  that dream and like always he used to wake up calling Geet's name full in sweat..

And tonight was the same..He was wathing that dream and he woke up shouting Geet's name.. Geet too woke up hearing his voice.. She became worried-Maan kya hua.. You again watched that dream.. But why now..

Maan -Don't know Geet what's happening with me.. Why I m still watching that dream.. now we both are together and heve moved in our life..We have decided to name our baby as Yash, still it's haunting me.. I m not able to understand..

Geet-Maan I think it's some psychological effect.. somewhere in your absent mindedness you think about that accident so you are again and again watching that dream..I think it will stop to haunt you slowly..Now you sleep.. and like always she made him sleep again by caressing his forehead and he slept soon..Geet too settled again and slept beside him..

Next day they were going to visit the Dr. again she had completed three months and now the baby's growth was going to be checked through Ultrasonography


Sorry for not including the precap it will continue in next update..and don't worry I will not make you bore with that pregnancy term for long.. I will move forward with little leaps..Only few scene of pregnancy to show How Geet makes Maan's life rocking with her mood we miss this in the serial..

And this dream has some signification with their life don't think that I m trying to drag it..

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            For pm add me at -    pmatrash


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hi rashmi 
mast update ..geet making maan fulfilling all her wishes ..raw mangoes bhi aa gaye ..
maan is getting too patient ..
waise which dream he is having again ..that yash one or some another ..
if its yash one wht he is calling geet's name ...
thank u for update 
waiting for next 

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awsm updt...poor maan has to bear Geets mood swings...he fulfilled Geets wish by arranging raw mangoes...she orderd prizza and pasta fr maan how caring...maan again and agin getting that dream...smthing is ggna happen...updt soon...

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 Finally maan told geet that he saw yash who told him that he will be back n this time as maneet's son. At first geet was shocked but after that believed on him as she also felt the same on yash's death anniversary. Omg geet's pregnancy craving started. She wanted to have raw mangoes and maan full fill her wish inspire of not having the season of mango. This dream again haunting maan. Is there something more which is hidden. Waiting for next dear

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