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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Punarvivah .# 45 ... Teaser 1/2 @ page132/138 New in index

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This banner is created by Priya...Heart Love you


When  son's wife died the parents thought  to remarry  their son to someone as they could not see him spending his life alone at such a young age. But when their son died why didn't they think to remarry their daughter in law ?They accepted her as her daughter but didn't try to remarry their this daughter

waiting for your comments-Rashmi

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Nice prolouge
congrats for new story

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congrats for new thread !!!

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congrates for new thread

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Congratulations for new thread.

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updating after some time
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This banner is created by Priya...Heart Love you

 OPP-(Official Picture provider)Valli30HeartHugHeart

I wanted to show someone from past but after that snowful part which everyone liked so much, could not give a sad update. So here is one more update with maaneet and  and ek chhoti si love story..I will continue with the last precap in next update.. and second fact is that I want to make century here in effort to complete 100 parts .. You may find updated little short too.. writer hone ke naate itna haq to banta hai na mera.LOL

Part 88

Maan and Geet returned from their successful trip from both angles- Official as well as personal..It was late night..priya and Ram became happy to see them back as they were finding the house empty for these days.. They went to Shimla just after the wedding of Annie..They were waiting them to come so that everyone has dinner together..All had dinner and Maan gave all the feedback to Ram related the projects.

After dinner they all spent some time.

Priya-This house was looking empty without you two.. You too left just after Anie left this house.. I really was missing all of you..

Geet became little sad-Sorry maa.. I already said that you would feel alone but you only sent me there..

Priya-Arrey nahin Geet I was just telling you.. I m happy that you too got some time away from all responsibilities..Now go to sleep.. Both of you must be feeling tired..

And after wishing them good night Maan and Geet reached to their room..

Geet taking a deep sigh-The coziest place of the world-Home Sweet Home..Hai na Maan..

Maan wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and dipped his face in open hair-Hmm .. But Now I will have to search my wife in this big house.I know she is going to lost in it...That's why I did not want to come back.At least you were with me. he cribbed and Geet giggled at his cribbing and she ruffled his hair-If any one sees you like this no one believe that you are same Maan Singh Khuran who is known for his strict attitude in business..

Maan smiled-Like Mr. Gupta.. You saw na how shocked he was seeing me like that..

Geet-Yess..Bechaare Mr. Gupta.His face was worth watching...Maan Now leave me,, Neend aa rahi hai

Maan-Nahin..and he brushed his lips on her shoulders's exposed  skin and she shuddered with his touch..

Geet knew that he was not going to leave her so she  turned in to Maan arms and faced him..he kissed on her cheeks and Geet left herself loose in his arms and put her head On his broad chest.. Both stayed in that position for few minutes and then Maan scooped her in to his arms and brought near bed.. 

Geet was still looking at her with a smile..

 Maan settled her in the bed and He too settled beside her..He covered themselves with the duet and Pulled Geet toward him..and she happily surrendered to him



Geet came in to the kitchen to help meena .. Priya too was there.Get wished her morning and Priya replied her with smile.. She noticed Geet's face glowing more than ever..she with a thoughtful eyes looked at her.. And her eyes fell on neck and she suppressed her giggle. Geet noticed that and ask- kya hua maa? Why you are laughing?

Priya -kuchh nahin... and said to Meena to take ready dishes to put on the table 

Meena left with the tray and priya adjusted her dupatta around her neck..

Geet was little confused seeing her doing that-maa is something wrong?

Priya with a smile- pati ke pyar ko chhupa ke rakhna chahiye. Logon ki nazar lag jaati hai

Geet Looked at her as she could not understand what her mil was saying..

Priya smiled again and she brought her near the hand wash area where a small mirror was placed at wall.. And she made her look at her neck and geet became shied seeing what priya was pointing at. She had a blue mark their which was telling the story of their passion of last night..she lowered her eyes and adjusted her dupatta.. She gulp hard feeling embarrassed and said-sorry maa..wo..she felt the words falling short in front of her mother in law to defend herself

Priya turned Geet towards her and said-Geet. Why to say sorry? I m not only a mother but a woman too. and you know I m the happiest person at the  moment.I was noticing you and Maan coming close to each other but i was some where having doubt about your relation as husband and wife.. I was not sure if you shared that relation or not.. I m really happy Geet that you both have accepted each other completely and have moved ahead leaving your past behind..saying this she kissed her forehead-  Now I too have  a reason to dream..I  can demand you now to make me  Grandmom.. Hai na?

Geet became all red hearing that from priya..she could not do anything other than hugging her to hide her blush from priya and priya caressed her back saying-God bless you geet.. I want to see both of you always happy like was a dream for us to see you and Maan settled in your life

Though Geet was shied but felt so embarrassed that she wanted to blast on Maan now for being caught like was really very awkward for her.. She faced that alone and he was no where to bear that embarrassment for his deeds.. 

Geet thought in her heart-Maan.. You are gone now.


on the Breakfast Table

Maan came and sat wishing his parents good morning. 

Priya and Ram replied him but Geet showed him her an angry face. 

Maan frowned seeing her in foul mood and thought- isse kya hua..thodi der pahle to theek thi..

All started their bf.. Geet and maan were on nearby seats

Maan could see that she was angry on something but was not able to guess so he  held her hand under the table but got a hard snap on his hand.

.and  received hard glare too.. Maan was now confused at her behavior.

 He asked Geet to paas the tumbler of juice. Geet picked that up and put with a thud infront of him..

With the loud sound of the tumbler not only Maan but Ram and Priya too looked at geet to see what happened.. 

Ram- kya hua geet..itni zor se kyun rakha tumbler..

 Geet looked at all and felt little embarrassed- S..s..sorry papa my mind was somewhere else so I put that by mistake..

Maan smirked at her as if was saying-aur dikhaao gussa

Priya was smiling as she was understanding why she was behaving like that.She could see Geet angry on Maan..may be it was because she had been caught by her and wanted to show her embarrassment in the form of anger to her husband 

Geet"s eyes met with her and she found her smling and she understood why she was smiling..her face again turned red with that meaningful gaze of Priya and being not able to bear her smile she stood saying- I m done.. And left too pick her bag from her room..

Maan called her from back-   Geet kuchh kha to lo..but she was not there to listen..

Priya-leave it Maan..wo nahin rukegi ab..

Maan- but why she is behaving like that? what happened to her?

Priya said with a smile-wo to tum Geet se hi poochhna.. I can't tell you..

Priya was totally enjoying tom and jerry's silent fight

Ram looked at priya with a question in his eyes and in reply she winked at him indicating that she would talk later..

 Maan Geet and Ram were on their way to  office.. Maan was driving and Ram was on co driver seat ..while Geet was on back seat.. Maan looked at her through rear view mirror.. Their eyes met and Maan smiled but Geet looked in to another direction narrowing her eyes at him and twisting her lips.. 

Poor Maan was not able to  understand the reason behind her behavior.. But he found something unusual in Geet.. She had wrapped her dupatta around her neck in a strange style..

Ram was with them so he could not ask her anything..they reached office..and Geet went straight to FH.. Rohit and pinki welcomed her.. She was there after many days.. First she was busy with anie's wedding then their Simla trip..

So she soon got busy in her work.. There maan too was busy but not too much as Ram was there in his absence.. 

Maan again remembered geet's behavior and he reached FH.

 Maan asked Rohit about Geet and he told that she was in the stock room.. 

Maan reached there and found Geet standing on ladder. She was checking the available stocks..

She was lost in her work.. Maan called her- Geet

And Geet who was lost in work and did not expect Maan at that time ..

  She lost her balance and ladder was of light metal so it fell but Geet safely landed in Maan's arms..

She had already closed her eyes due to fear of falling.. Finding herself safe she opened her eyes and found Maan staring at herself with a smile..


She too smiled but remembered soon that she was angry on she slipped out of his arms..

Maan- geet kya hua hai.. Why you are angry? What happened?

Geet was still standing with her arms crossed in front of her..

Maan-Yaar say something..And why you are wearing your dupatta in this weird way? he toughed her dupatta but Geet snapped his hand again..

Maan-Comeon Geet How will i know if you wont tell me,, hua kya hai

 Geet glared him with anger and unwrapped her dupatta and signaled at her neck- ye hua hai? Isko chhupaane ke liye main dupataa aisa dala hai

Maan.looked at that mark and smiled- so what? Ye to mera pyar hai sweetheart..and he kissed at that mark ...

Geet mocking him- Haan aapka pyar hai but aapke iss pyar ko maa ne dekh liya subah.and she was laughing... 

geet said with a pout on her face- you know how embarrassing it was for me? Saying this her cheeks turned in to the darker shade of hue..

Maan could understand what she might have felt that time and he said sorry to her

Geet put her face on her heart-Maan maa understood that we have moved on in our relation and and she stopped saying something

Maan- kya kaha maa ne?

Geet- maa was saying that she can demand us now that she wants to be grandmom..

Maan looked at her with love and said- we will fulfill that demand but not too soon..abhi to hamne nayi duniya me kadam rakha hai Geet..hai na.. let them wait for some time

 And Geet nodded..

Maan's phone vibrated.. He took his phone and looked in to the screen

It was Adi..

He took the call and said- yes adi..

Adi- sir we have a meeting in an hour .. 

Maan-ok.. And he said to Geet- Geet come and have lunch..tumne bf bhi theek se nahin kiya..and they came iut of the stock room

Adi was there to call hun but after knowing that he was in side with Geet  he thought to call him on phone instead of going in directly..

Maan and Geet came out but found a very sweet scene in front of them.. Adi and Pinki were sitting on the floor picking up some papers but their eye were on each other.. They were seemed lost in each other..And while picking up papers their hands touched and  Adi held Pinki's hand.. Pinki did not react she was lost in Adi's eyes..

Maan and Geet looked at each other and Geet giggled seeing them..

They came near them and Maan coughed little louder but both were unmoved

Maan called-Adiii... his voice was louder so both came back from  their eye locking act and  stood swiftly.

Adi stammered- Sir.. Sorrry sir.. Wo meeting thi..

Maan- this was your meeting?

Adi- yes sir.. Nnn no sir.. wo we bumped in to each other when I was calling you and paper fell down ssooo i was picking them..

Geet too Gave a glare to Pinki and she got scared and lowered her eyes..

 Geet forcefully suppressed her laughter

Both were standing with low heads as they had committed some crime

Maan looked at papers in Adi's hand- these papers are for meeting?

Adi- Yes sir

Maan- Show me and Adi handed him the papers.. He looked in to the papers..

Maan- Adi are we going to have meeting with some dress designer?

Adi- Noo sir

maan- to ye sab kya hai..and he showed the papers to him. Adi looked and found that those papers had dress designs on them..

he tought that it was his bad day today..he again said sorry to him and looked at pinki who was looking at the ground due to the fear of being caught red handed..

So he snatched the papers from her and handed his own papers to her  to get the right papers..

And he showed them to Maan..

Maan looked at Adi Poor Adi was praying in his heart to God for saving him ..His job was new and he did not want to lose this..

Maan -Hmmm Ok Adi.. Have your lunch first then we will attend the meeting..

He looked at geet and Geet said-I too need to talk Pinki.. you go I will be there soon.. and Maan nodding her head left ..

Inwardly he was smiling -Kc is tuning in to a lover points I think

Maan left followed by Adi and Geet glared at Pinki-Pinki when did this happen?

Pinki-K..k kya hua Geet?

Geet-Don't pretend that you don't know what Im asking..I can't believe You and Adi.. Oh God.. How could you think like that..

Pinki_ I m really sorry Geet.. wo main..

Geet-Kya sorry?

You hated him na so how could that hatred turn in nain mataakaa..(Eye locking) How scary his laughter is .. he is such a nerd..

Pinki-No Geet please don't say anything about him..He is very sweet.. and ..and .. I like him now..

Geet- Achchha  when I said that he was a nice guy  that time you was not agree with me..ab kya hua?

Pinki-I have realized that I was wrong and I love him now..and please don't talk lke this about him..Im really feeling bad..

Geet-Are you sure?

Pinki nodded and Geet hugged her-Wow Pinki I m so happy.. he is really a nice man,.. BTW we were out only for four days.. and you fell in love with him.. you both are too fast

Pinki-Wo I saw him how he behaved with me in Anie's wedding and I really liked his sweet nature..

Geet-Yes he is very sweet aur haan usko pakad kar rakhna ..Jaane mat dena ..

Pinki-Never Geet..Never in this life..

Geet-That's so cool pinki..and I loved that.. and he showed her thumb Up..

Then she left to join Maan and Ram for the lunch...She was really feeling good for Adi and Pinki.. A new love story had started to reach it's destination

 Precap-last one continues




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