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Hola frnds...

wondering why we are hereDay Dreaming
Our lovely show is reaching it's 200 th episode and we are here to celebrate this awesome moment
yipeee... it's party timeParty

First of all Let's have a short review of our show till nowSmile

Jamai Raja is the story of rich and charming Siddharth Khurana who fall in love with Roshni Patel but to his luck Roshni is not someone to fall for his look or money she is different from every girl, unlike other girls who wishes for money, status and fame, she is someone who don't wish any such thing despite the fact that she is the daughter of rich mother DD patel. She wants a middle class man, who loves her immensely. She hates her mother ideologies and wishes that she change and see beyond money and deal and that is the one of reason she hate rich people as according to her they are spoilt and heartless and just know money language. Siddharth hide his real identity from Roshni and thought to tell her when Roshni and her mother will resolve their issues. Siddharth and Roshni confessed their love and planned to get married but DD didn't gave nod still Siddharth Roshni got married passing every hurdles placed by DD. DD didn't lose hope and start to trouble them so Roshni leave Siddharth but Sid took everything smilingly and even start to live in DD's house but as a servant and got lot of humilition from DD but things worsened and new challenge started with Rajveer.

Rajveer a gold-digger entered DD's life marrying Samaira, Roshni's bua daughter who is jealous of Roshni. Siddharth every attempt of impressing DD is pulled down by Rajveer smartly, he even starts to make everyone against Siddharth so he is thrown out and he get all the money of DD but then he changed his mind after meeting Kritika, Siddharth's step sister whom Simran, Siddharth's mother left due to some reasons and now bring back but known or unknown to her, Kritika has bitterness filled in herself against her own familly. 

DD started to believe Siddharth and eventually accepted him but fate has another plans...

Simran after getting her daughter Kritika started to distanced herself from her own self, she starts to hate her daughter-in-law Roshni about whom Kritika poisened her mind. The last stroke was when Rajveer was kidnapped from his marriage day with Kritka and the name was put on DD even Kritika who was pregnant before marriage had misscariage seeing her broken marriage. Simran fetched all the money of DD by decieveing and exposed their real identity and asked Roshni to choose between Siddharth and her mother while Roshni who felt betrayed by Siddharth as she thought that Sid wanted her money choosed her mother over Siddharth. During all the ruckuss, Siddharth was not present but when he came everything was ruined his happy life with Roshni was destroyed by his own mother.

Siddharth tried a lot to make Roshni understand but Roshni was broken with the fact that her mother lost every money that she got with hardhips and Sid's mother is the reason. She started to assume that Sid also wanted that like every other rich. Roshni left for Bangkok with her mother help so to leave behind every memory of Siddharth and the story took six months leap.

After leap, Siddharth is shown still finding about Roshni whereabouts as he don't know where she went. Roshni on the other hand is with living with her childhood friend Yash Mehra who unknown to her loves her and is planing to confess her.

Siddharth hardships bring fruit as Roshni called him to warned him about her NGO about which Siddharth faked to break it. Siddharth reached Bangkok and trying a lot met with Yash and both drowned in the love of Roshni drink and tell their feelings to each other without knowing that they are talking about same person. Siddharth met with Roshni, but Roshni was not ready to listen him so Siddharth owed that she will come to him now. Being mad in love, Siddharth create his own accident and is brought back in India. Roshni, who still loves Siddharth couldn't bear the news and reach the hospital and meet with Siddharth in the disguise of nurse but felt betrayed again knowing that Siddharth create his own accident. The serious of events take place where Siddharth did his best to win Roshni but in the end due to some missunderstanding create by Rajveer, who is married to Kritika, Roshni gives her nod to marry Yash but on the day of marriage Siddharth filled Roshni's maang with pichkari, eventually breaking Yash and Roshni marriage. Siddharth's attempt got successful after some days and Roshni accepted him as husband and both spent their night together happily. The next day everything is fine but when Siddharth left for his home, Kritika send a fake MMS to Roshni in which Siddharth is seen confessing that he is using Roshni and will leave her when the truth was that Kritika acting nice asked Siddharth to play with her this weird game. Seeing the MMS Roshni is broken again and went to Siddharth home where she accussed him of using her.

Tired of explaining himself every time and misunderstood without any reason, Siddharth got enraged and bring Roshni to family court where he asked for divorce while Roshni is shocked and behave childish infront of judge but the judge sense the spark and love between them and asked them to live together in a same house for 3 months.

The fight and love both is seen between Siddharth and Roshni especially after the entery of Beeji infront of whom they showed themselves as loving couple and hide about their divorce but everything came infront of Beeji after Roshni win a competition and beeji throw a party in which Roshni and Yash are seen in the same bed due to falling but everyone misunderstood them. Siddharth played smartly and clear Roshni name after which Roshni realizes his importance and her love and finally decides to give a chance to their relationship. On the other hand, Samaira get kidnapped by her old boss who lust on her and wants to marry her and Rajveer is helping him for his own selfish reasons.

Samaira kidnapping starts a new angle with Siddharth helping DD and Roshni and in help they also start to develop their relationship and starts to agree with each other and trust too. Finally, Siddharth puts his efforts in saving Sam and DD thanked Siddharth for his efforts. Sid, Roshni and DD started doubting RV for this and filed a police complaint. In this time, Roshni challenged RV to prove his intensions in front of the family members and when she followed him doubtedly, she ended with being kidnapped by him. Sid and DD on searching her, landed in the fort and while saving her, DD shooted RV and police arrested her. Sid with the help of lawyers helped DD from getting punishment by court. In between this, Roshni understands Sid's love and care for his family and also realized her mistake of blaming him. Later she apologized him and confessed her love to him. But before, Sid enjoying the whole happiness,Siddharth fell under the situation of his mom's deal and promise to divorce Roshni. As his circumstance forced, heavy-heartedly he divorced Roshni leaving her shocked behind this action... Now Let's see how this romantic, pure-hearted, beautiful couple reunite againSmile

P.S:  JR review credits to Asshi...

Now let's have a short view on the characters of JR

Siddharth Khurana:

Siddharth Khurana is the heir to the one of the Biggest and most Affluent Hotel businesses in the world. He is happy-go-lucky, charmer, optimistic and a devoted lover. Inspite of being Rich, he is a down to earth person and loves his family a lot. He is fun loving and knows to enjoy the smaller joys of life. He is not only a perfect son but a perfect brother, husband and a Jamai. 

Roshni Khurana:

She is a very childish, well-educated and independent girl as well as the one and only daughter of Durga Devi Patel. Initially, she was slightly immatured in taking decisions but now she is well matured to handle every thing brilliantly in her own style. She was craving for her mom's love in the begining but now she got everything what she craved for... Her love for her hubby is totally unmeasurable and though her trust on him slightly decreased in middle but now it increased highly by days. In front of his love for her, she choose nothing in this world.

Durga Devi Patel

Durgadevi Patel has seen and suffered a lot in life and that is the reason of her sour nature. She views middle class people as lazy and opportunists. Durgadevi or DD is very ambitious, aspirational and socially riveted. She loves Roshni but somewhere along the path has lost her human connection and thus is unable to bestow unrequited love and care on her daughter the way she might desire.

P.S: char sketch credits to Skinnypal

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So many JR fans of this forum made beautiful edits on our SidNi... they make the already hot couples to hottest thro' their editsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed





Kiara D'souza


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Here comes the heartiest wishes from the die-hard fans of JRSmile


Jamai Raja, as a show has become an integral part of our life from the day it has started. Within a very short time it has captivated a majority of its audience with its beautiful concept, brilliant story, fabulous execution and extraordinary acting by the cast.Big smile 

JR stands out from every other show currently on TV and its such a pleasure to watch this show. The entire ambience and unexpected twist and unpredictability has always made JR a unique show. Above all, the way in which such a beautiful love story of SidNi has emerged from a family drama like JR is unbelievable. Smile SidNi, the heart and soul of this show would always be remembered  for their passionate and intense love storyEmbarrassed and is one of the rare couples with such strong bonding and beautiful chemistryDay Dreaming

So, on this occassion when our favourite  show is touching yet another milestone of 200 episodes, I thank the CVs, the actors, the technical team, producers and the entire team of JR for giving as such a fabulous show. They have never disappointed the audience.Smile And a special thanks to the 3 main actors of the show, Ravi, Nia and Archint whose hardwork and dedication have given life to the characters of this showHug. Let all of them get rewarded for the hardwork they all had put inBig smile

Among the pile
 of  shows coming and going every now and then, JR has so far made an impactful imprint in Hindi serial industry .  I hope and pray, JR touches many more such mile stones and we may have celebrations of 1000th,  2000th or more episodes WinkParty


While watching the first epi, I never thought I would be crazy for this show like now. I started to watch it just for my Nia doll. But now I love the entire cast of JR and without anyone, JR will not be in this position now. Specially the performance of Nia, Ravi, Achint, Sanjay and now it is Beeji are doing their fabulous job. ClapClap

The love story of Sid and Roshni initially started with a small lie. Along with Sid's lie, SidNi's love for each other also grew and after his truth revealed, their love reaches a tremendous level. They are the couples who got unique love scenes in the telewood and their performance brought a huge fan following for SidNi day to day... Proud to be a SidNianParty

Now we are eagerly waiting for the day of SidNi patch up... But within this period of wait, it is like a magic that our show is now reached 200 episodes. Donno how this magic happenedDay Dreaming As a die hard fan of JR, I wish the show and the whole cast crew, my hearty congratulations for the 200 epi and wish they would reach 1000, 2000... epi and we should make a huge thread with even more number of fans for that daysEmbarrassedBig smileSmile


Heartiest Congratulations to The Entire Team of Jamai Raja' & its Viewers on the glorious completion of 200 Episodes & hope it achieves many such milestones in the future! Jamai Raja is amazingly awesome really a beautiful show which has become an integral part of our lives, thus making us smile smile through tears. Love the fun-filled & humorous, positive, romantic & emotional moments depicted on the show & also its emphasis on how relations & genuine feelings of trust respect understanding concern love hope are more valuable than materialistic things. It is wonderful to see how Jamai Raja' shows that materialistic things are essential for comforts in life but ultimate happiness peace & contentment are in treasuring precious relations. It is wonderful to see when positive tracks are emphasized more than negative ones! Hats off to The Entire Cast & Crew of Jamai Raja' for coming up with such a brilliant & unique concept. Thank you so much. Good luck!!


Congrats on reaching 200 episodes, from the beginning to now all episodes were awesome and I really enjoyed this journey with you guys...that's for making me laugh, angry, sad and also wanting to break my tv set...here's to another successful run and may the show continue to shine bright...


"Jamai Raja is amazing show with a unique concept. The fact that it focuses on more than one kind of bond is what makes it so special. It deserves this 200 and many more. Congratulation!!!"


Yayyy!! 200 epis of JR... many many congratulations n hope our show will soon become the no.1 ;)
Awesome team, great writers, n the best SidNi Star ... n my lovely Nia Heart , dis show is d best, beyond imagination always!! Party tym!!!!   Clap Star


I'm so happy that my favourite show, Jamai Raja, has reached the 200 milestone. It is a well deserved achievement and the credit goes to the brilliant cast, crew and writers of this wonderful and truly unique show. 

A special mention to our beloved SidNi, performed beautifully by
 the super talented Nia Sharma and Ravi Dubey. They are the life and soul of JR and I hope they continue to entertain us, make us laugh, cry and fall in love with them each and every time!

A big thank you to the entire team of Jamai Raja. May the show continue to reach new heights of success. And may it continue to rule the hearts of the audience and sincere fans like myself!

Congrats, Team JR.

Warm Wishes,

Zinnia (Bohemian)


Congratulations to the team of jamai raja on completing 200 episodes.

I would like to say thank u to the whole cast and crew on pulling off such a fab show in such a miraculous way.
I had started watching it from Sidni's engagement episode and then had watched all episodes before that on internet on the same day.
Also have watched the confession episode a 100 times which translates how much I love the show.
Keep rocking hope u convert 200 to 2000 and many more.
Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma give life to the show and make it the best among the rest.




Congratulation to the entire JR team for completing 200 epi. JR has the best and most incredible actor and actress, which is the reason we love the show. They make us laugh and cry with them with their amazing acting skills. And of course our lovely couple SidNi and their chemistry makes us insane. I thank the cvs for their unique concept and the entire team for making the show possible. Hopefully it reaches many more milestone. I love Jamai Raja and it became a part of my everyday life. Love Jamaj Raja! Tongue


When i randomly opened the first episode of Jamai Raja in YT ( out of boredomLOL ) I had no clue that I would get so addicted to it. To be honest I mostly watch shows online which are already off air but this just became an integral part of my life.Smile  I can't even count how many times i have seen each and every episode. It is a very well-scripted show, and i really thank the writers for giving us such a unique show with a new concept. Thumbs Up The one liners in this show are just a cherry on the cake and can crack up a person even in a serious scene. LOL Along with the writers, i cannot even give enough credit to the actors who portray the characters - Achint, Nia, Ravi and the others. The casting is top notch. Clap I thank Akshay Sir and Ashwini Ma'am for giving us a show like JR. Big smile The main USP of the show our beloved SidNi was just a surprise for me. Never did i expect that their onscreen chemistry would be so sizzling and mushy at the same time. Embarrassed  All the scenes that this couple have been shown in are unique just like the show. CVs are doing a fantastic job giving us unpredictable twists every time. Star I hope they continue with their awesome work and may we reach the 1000 milestone too!! A big thank you to the entire JR team and All the Best for the future Big smile


Congratulation to the whole cast of Jamai Raja especially NiVi and Achint Mam. Thank you for doing such a great job and thanks to whole team. I just love Jamai Raja and Sidni.


How and why i got soon addicted to JR?Silly

Here is the reason, 

Small flashback (wait wait don't go anywhereWink)
      Since i got free from my exams, i thought to watch something different and useful show... When i randomly changing the channels while my eyes were stuck at a point where i saw a cute boy and his cuteness Smile( i thk it was one of the Jr promo,jogging scene) actually that time i thought it was an ad then once again i saw the same guy with 2 ladiesWink then my realization i cme to knw it is a new show called "JAMAI RAJA"...Embarrassed
      Aft that i start to search abt the show and the cast, then i got to knw one thing,
we have been constantly brainwashed into looking at the lady of the house as the soothing salve meant to heal wounds and bind people together...Zee TV's new show 'Jamai Raja' breaks the convention and asks - If women have done it all along, why can't the men? - and this was my only reason i started to watch the show and addicted at the same time...Dancing
Why do i love SidNi?Heart
      Everyone knw the ans very well, they are so cute & lovely couple, they made for each other, they have amazing chemistry b/w them,etc...Day Dreaming I love sidni sooo much and to some extent even i felt why can't they make a pair in real life too?Embarrassed Aft passing a few days, i got a shock of my life ie. Ravi is already married to sargunBroken Heart (b4 this show i donno anything abt NiVi)...

Coming to the show, JR is the great show with awesome leads and i appreciate the entire team of Jr especially the trio Nia, Ravi and Achint mam...ClapThey are heart of the show and gave life to their characters...The beautiful show has become an integral part of our life and i feel like i don't wanna miss the show the actual time of airing, even I'm in any kind of situations...LOL And i even didn't tuk a break from 30mins of the show but since the 6month leap happnd i continuously taking a break whenever i see simran in the screen...Angry I wanna like pls someone snd her away from our sidni...Big smile

Wow its an unbelievable oneShocked I feel like yesterday only i start to watch Jr but soon our show gonna reach the 200th epi, its a miracle but anyway I'm happie abt it...PartyAnd my heartiest wishes to the show may reach the 1000 milestone and many more...EmbarrassedClap LOVE U SIDNI & LOVE U JAMAI RAJA...EmbarrassedHeart Keep rocking...


its a big milestone for Jamai Raja congrats to the entire cast and crew for completing 200 episodes JR rocks and also to all Jrians Party it has become a part of our life where we feel the emotions and connect to each and every character be it sidni romance, saas jamai nok jhok, sid and nani ma partnership just love them all Thanks to all who contributed to this amazing journey and thank you CVs for giving us such amazing concept many more milestones to come all the best Big smile

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Now it is the most proudest place to announce the winners and runners of "OS CONTEST" and the most favourite FF/SS/TS/OS of our forum. But before doing that, there is another important work to convey our heartiest thanks to all the participants(BelleAme, anuv123sakshibshah-stubborn-skinnypal,  Asshi...Starsfireflies,  StarsfirefliesasyaarshiloverAsshi...) and writers of JR forum. Everyone did their best and all r the best writers. So, huge applause to all the writers here.


Now the winner and runner of "OS CONTEST"

The winner of OS contest goes to  BelleAme for "Embracing my beautiful future"

The runner of contest is shared by 2 writers who gained equal number of votes, anuv123 and sakshibshah for "Festival of lights and love" and "Color of Love"

Winner & runners can use their siggiesSmile

Now it's time to announce the most fav FF/SS/TS/OS of our lovely forumSmile

Favourite FF of JAMAI RAJA forum goes to"Tu mera humdard" by Skinnypal

Favourite SS of JAMAI RAJA forum goes to"But my love is true" by madhuharini

Favourite TS of JAMAI RAJA forum goes to"Khamoshiyan" by Asyaarshilover

Favourite OS of JAMAI RAJA forum goes to"One last chance" by Asyaarshilover

P.S: thank u so much Laugh.Out.Loud for making this lovely siggies for our winners in ur hectic scheduleSmileHug

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Wow. Clap
AWESOME work Abirami !! 
And Congratulations to all the winners! Party
And the siggies are mind blowing!! Day Dreaming
The creative art are too good..!! Dancing
Keep up the good work JRians... Thumbs Up

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awesome blossom thread abi Clap
wonderful...finally the past kri-rv-sam track is clear to me now...EmbarrassedLOL
and congratulations to all amazing winners...
siggies are beautiful and everything about this celebration is perfect Thumbs Up
Love JRTongueEmbarrassedHeart

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Wow abi baby u did a fabulous job wonderful thread
Nd congo to al d winners Clap

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Wow AWESOME thread and AMAZING work abi...ClapEmbarrassed
Congratzzz to all the winners and runners...ClapParty
the siggies are so beautiful...Day Dreaming
And Congo to all the participants...Dancing

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