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MaNan - The Mangalore Diaries Chapter 2 (Page 2)

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Love their cutenes and reflection about eachother.. can't wait to see what happens next

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I'm extremely sorry to b MIA all this while..Posting 2 chaps of this story back to back..Hope you all will like it..drop in your precious comments...

The Mangalore Diaries Chapter 3

By the time they all reached the outskirts of Manglore it was almost sunset. They could see the sun setting behind the vast ocean...Mangalore is typical beach town in southern India nestled between the ocean at one end and the Nilgiri hills on the other..It's perfectly situated in nature's lap with greenery everywhere the eye could. Fab5 and Nandini were welcomed by the cold breeze coming from the ocean making them fresh and alive. Mukti said "Wow Nandini you grew up in a beautiful town. We miss all this in the hustle bustle and pollution of Mumbai." Nandini " Its even more beautiful I'll take you all for sight seeing soon." Cabir "Yes we love to sometimes its good to leave all that behind you and connect to yourself." Meanwhile Manik looked tensed, Nandini held his hand and said "Manik you can do it, Ams is gonna love you and I know it. Just be yourself there." Manik smiled and said "Yes I can, I will do it, make it happen". And they reached Ams home.

They couldn't believe what they were seeing. It was beautiful then a dream, tall coconut trees all around, beautiful flowers lilacs, roses and many more the smell of which filled their senses and amongst these a beautiful cottage illuminated by diyas which gave it an own old world charm. Nandini felt so good to be back home, her couldn't wait to see Ams. Suddenly a voice shouting "Nandu, Nandu" broke their trans; it was the loyal maid and the servant Lakshmi and Rama who came running to her and hugged her tightly. They were both crying and said "Aiyoo Nandu kitni patli ho gayi kuch khati nahi kya?" Nandini " Lakshmi akka relax main bilkul theek hoon, Ams kahan hai?" Lakshimi (Shouting) " Amma, Amma dekho kaun aaya hai?" Ams came running out and saw Nandini; they both ran to each other and hugged tightly.

Ams kissing Nandini's forehead "Kaise hai tu? Mujhe shanno ne Trilok kee baare mein bataya, I can't believe he can do this. He was good kid. Name and fame changed him." Nandini "Ams I am good and safe and all because of Manik, if he wouldn't have been there good knew what would happen."

Ams then looked and noticed Fab4 and Manik and asked angrily "What is he doing here? You have saved my Nandu and I am grateful for that beyond this you can leave." She started going back. Nandini "Ams Manik is a very nice guy and he is the best friend. You miss understood him. Please give him a chance to speak. Ams" Bas Nandu."  Cabir "No Ams you can't do this. I am sorry to be barging in, but I have to. This guy Manik whom you think rich, spoilt brat has the nicest of heart you will ever see. Ams We all are very less fortunate kids, we never had that  kind of love and care that you gave Nandini despite having parents, and we friends all 5 of us became a family and became those bullies as we were scared to be exploited by our family, this world. Manik, he always took the charge of protecting us, taking care of us. In him we found our every relationship that we wanted, he became our brother, friend, took care of us, worried for us like a mother, whereas he himself never got anything except a mother who used him as a blank cheque whenever she wanted." and Cabir's voice trailed off he was all teary and couldn't speak more, everyone over there.

Dhruv picked up saying "Ams you saw Manik punching me right, he was right in doing so as I crossed all my limits and insulted Nandini for no fault of hers. He punched be not beause he was angry but he was hurt. That fight was my fault, my insecurities got better off me and I hurt him. He is the bestest friend anyone can ask for and I almost threw that away, but he never gave up on me and always protected me. I misjudged that protection and care for choking. I was wrong Ams I was horribly wrong. Manik has the bust pain in his heart but he never showed, never asked; we always took him for granted. You said he is not a good friend you are wrong, he walked away from Nandini for me when he knew I liked her.

He walked away from that one girl whome he loved for his buddy who just liked her. Who can do this only world's greatest friend. I couldn't have done. Nandini, you asked me that day could I do that? No couldn't only Manik can do it. Their love is pure, the purest you will ever see Ams, please try and see it."

Alya said "Ams Manik is incomplete without us but he is equally incomplete without Nandini. don't take that love which he needs and deserves away from him."

Manik who was silent all this while, went near to Ams, held her hand and made her sit on a swing and he sat near her feet and said "Ams, I know we didn't meet the way we should have and that gave you wrong notion. But Ams Nandini is one person who saw good in me when I couldn't see it myself. She made me realize what love is, what life is; she is hope for me, hope that I am not god's least favorite child, hope that all relations in world are not give and take, hope that love makes life easy and I too can have that love. She is my start who shone for me at my darkest hour. She is the best thing I love about myself. I make mistakes a lot of mistakes as no one ever told me the difference between right and wrong. Your granddaughter is the most amazing girl I've seen and met and for some reason she choose to love me and trust me I am the luckiest guy cause she choose me. But Ams I need you too, your blessings, your love. As I am incomplete without my friends so is Nandini incomplete without you and me. I want us to complete her. Give me one chance to prove I am good enough for her plea..." And he couldn't speak more with teary eyes and choking voice.

Ams put her hands on his head lifted his face and wiped his tears and said "ok I will give you a chance to prove yourself that you are good for my Nandu. You have to be my student for 7 days and be under my discipline if you can do that you have my blessings." Manik was ecstatic "Yes Ams I will do it and I will take your blessings." Ams "Ok then we will start tomorrow morning at 4 am, Lakshimi show them their rooms." And she left.

End of chapter 3.

Let me know your views I'll be back soon with next chapter...




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The Mangalore Diaries Chapter 4...

Ams permission to Manik was the first step in victory..They all were happy..Nandini hugged Manik tightly much to Lakshmi's horror who shouted "Aiyyo" at the top of her voice and ran to separate them "Nandu tumko kya ho gaya Rama, Rama". Looking at Manik "Isko haath mat lagana" Manik "What! Woh meri girlfriend hai" And a mini tug off war between Lakshmi and Manik started with Nandini in the middle at the end Cabir and Rama had to rescue Nandini.

They all settled in their rooms girls in Nandini's room and boys in a separate room. It was dinner time, they all gathered in a huge hall with beautiful teak wood pillars, they saw small stools and sitting mats all over. Ams came and said we have the tradition to eat on the ground I hope you all are ok. Mukti said "No problems Ams we can do this." They all settled down for supper, Manik was looking for Nandini Suddenly she walked in with a bowl full of food.. Rama and Lakshmi followed and all three of them served food. It was a simple south Indian fare nothing fancy but it was the most special meal for Fab5, a meal cooked and served with love and affection. Alya asked Nandini "Won't you join us?" Ams "We feed the guests first and them we eat." After they all had dinner Mukti walked to Ams and kissed her hands and thank you because of you I know what love looks when its served. 

As the night fell, Fab5 was on the terrace, soaking in the cool breeze. Dhruv said "We never experienced this calm in Mumbai." Cabir "True its all so quite and peaceful". Suddenly they heard collective laughter and looked down and saw Ams was messaging Nandini's hair and Lakshmi and Rama were sitting near by. They all were laughing and having a good time. At that moment they all envied Nandini. Alya said "All my life I thought designer clothes and late night parties are happiness; now i realised how shallow and incomplete we are." Mukti " You are right Alya, that girl has no fancy car, no designer clothes, she doesn't know how to party, but she knows how to live life, how to find happiness." They all went off to bed after some time.

It was 11.30 pm, everyone was fast asleep, Nandini walked onto terrace where Manik was lying, looking at stars. He called "Nandini" She asked "How do you know?" Manik " I don't need to look." Nandini "Why aren't you sleeping Manik? You have to be up at 4 am." She laid next to him covering them both with the blanket and kept her head on his chest. She said " You are nervous right?" Manik "How do you know?" Nandini "I know you by heartbeat" and raised her head slowly and planted a soft kiss on his forehead and said "We will do this together." Manik pulled her closer and kissed her forehead "Yes we will." And then they fell asleep watching the stars.

It was still dark but suddenly an alarm sound woke Manik up. It was Nandini dressed in a white salwar kameez, her duppatta was flowing in the wind and her wet hair dropped few droplets of water on Manik's face. He half opened his eyes and said "Beautiful." And suddenly felt water all around him, Nandini poured water on his face and said "Mr Malhotra stop being a romeo Ams will be waiting for you in next 15 mins and you shouldn't be late on first day itself." Manik "OMFG" Nandini "Language".

The rest of the Fab4 were still happily sleeping, all of a sudden they felt they were drowning on a pool of water. Cabir started shouting "Help help!" It was Rama and Lakshmi waking them up. Rama said everyone has to meet in courtyard in 30 mins, we all do puja together Ams has ordered. Cabir said "I so wanna kill Manik, uski love story and puja hum karein." Just then Manik entered saying "Woo hold on dude you only jumped in we all are together in this. Now go through it" Cabir "Im a fool." Mukti "Lo ise aaj pata chala".

They all came to courtyard at 4.30 am and saw a portrait of a very beautiful couple in love, adored with flowers in the middle, they all looked puzzled. Lakshmi said "Yeh Nandu ke Amma aur Appa hain. Aaj unka wedding day hai. hum har saal is sin puja karte hain." Manik looked at Nandini, she got her mom's beauty and dad's smile, she looked at Manik smiled at resumed her work. Manik realised she was sad as she was decorating her dead parent's portrait. A tear was about to fall when suddenly someone caught it, it was Manik. Manik "You know you look like your mom, she's very beautiful and you smile like your dad and both of them would be really sad to see their beautiful, brave daughter crying like this. Its the day of their love Nandini, you should celebrate it with love and smiles. Look at them they are so much love, celebrate their love. Cause your smile will make them smile, they are watching you from somewhere." Ams was standing behind them and heard all this there were tears in her eyes but she wan't sad.. test. She said "Nandu can we start the pooja?" Manik "Good morning Ams>" Ams " Good morning Manik, its the start of your test, day 1 of your challenge. As a parent I would like you to win, but you have to prove my Nandini right that you are the best for her. All the best.."

End of Chapter 4

Will be back soon, lemme know your comments.

Ciao Love,


Please Drop in you pretty comments...

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Double Dhamaka ...
Plz plz update nxt part soon nd plz pm me Wink
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Beautiful updates :) !!

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The Mangalore Diaries Chapter 5...

As they all sat down for puja, Nandu started searching. Manik looked puzzled, Ams smiled and said "The one you are looking for is on his way he came home for holidays." Manik wondered "HIS! Matlab boy." Manik "Nandini whom are you looking for?" "Subbu" Lakshmi answered, "Very intelligent, cute and good boy. Nandini aur Subbu bachpan ke dost hain. Subbu school ka topper hai, aur bahut handsome bhi hai." Cabir "Hamare Manik se zyada nahi." Lakshmi "Woh tumhi dekh lena." Manik thought "Naam Subbu hai, topper hai toh pakka idiot jaisa dikhta hoga. Thick glasses, oily hair...huh no competition for me at all I'm the prince of Space.." and smiled mischievously.. Just then they saw a sports bike stop. A guy dressed in a ripped blue denim jeans, a white kurta and black aviator glares entered...He was ruggedly handsome, the moment he took off his aviators his deep blueish green eyes smiled. "Subbu" Shouted Nandini. "Subbu?" Fab5 said in unison. Mukti "I take back Cabir's words". Manik "Mukti? WT??"

Subbu came and touched Ams feet, they all smiled and Nandini hugged him and Manik got angry. They all sat and completed the puja. Manik left the place as soon as the puja got over in anger, Nandini followed him. Manik "Why were you hugging him?" Nandini "Are you jealous? Wow you are again jealous. Manik! he is my childhood friend just like you have Fab5 I have Subbu. You hug Mukti, even Alya did I ever get jealous. Cause I trust you Manik." Manik "Nandini, its not about me not trusting you but have you seen your track record every guy you are close to fall for you Dhruv, me, Pandit and now this Subbu." Nandini placing a cute peck on his cheek said "Manik you don't have to be scared no one can separate us now, nothing. We will always be together now let's go down Ams is waiting."

They both came down, Ams "Manik! A man's real character is known when he does thing he has never done. You play rock and are very good at it but how far you can go I want to see. So I will train you for 6 days from today on a classical song and 7th day you have to perform. If you can do it right you have my blessings or else I won't and I can't stop you both since you are in love but you will not have my blessings. Are you ready?" Manik "I am ready Ams. If that's how I can prove my love I will do it for Nandini." Nandini and everyone else was very happy. Ams "Lets start the training then. It is raga Dhrupad, the song is "Albela sajan aayo ji. Nandini you will sing the song along with Manik.

Lets start with the Aalap." Manik was very flat in aalap without any curves as he never even went near classical music. Ams "Manik how will you sing an entire song when you can't even take and aalap. Learn how to take the aalap then we will continue." Ams left, Manik was sad Nandini put her hands on his shoulder, Manik "Guys I want to be alone that included you too Nandini." And he left for terrace. Manik was sitting on the terrace looking at waves far off, how they touch the s**** but can't stay; he remembered Ams words and thought "Won't I be able to get a place in her heart?" Someone came and interrupted his thoughts Manik (angrily) "Nandini maine kya ??" he stopped midway, it was Subbu. Manik "Tum, listen I don't want to talk." Subbu "Manik I know you don't like me, it very natural for you to be jealous when I hugged Nandini.' Manik "So she told you?" Subbu "No she didn't say anything, I saw it in your eyes. I loved Nandini always but she never loved me; even though she didn't love me I had a hope someday she will. But I knew why she didn't love me. 

Cause she was waiting for a Manik Malhotra to fall in love. For every one she's a girl next door, but you saw the real her. A girl who wants to be loved crazily, passionately and madly so much so that she doubt her sanity over this love. She wanted a love that would consume her. You are that guy for her, the way you came here trying to win Ams no one can do; except you. No one ca lover her like you. So let her be your strenght, a power that with her around no one can defeat you not even fate. I know your love will win. Have a great life Manik." And Subbu left.

Manik looked for Nandini, she was sitting on the swing sadly. Manik went and sat with his head on her lap, "I'm scared of letting you down Nandini, I don't want to but I am." Nandini "Manik you have only made me proud, you can never let me down. You are my strength, lets go to beach and practice" Dhruv and Alya saw this. Alya "Wow everyone deserves a love like them, only a few can have. I just hope they win." Dhruv " I know I was wrong but I want it all back Alya what we had and what's there in our future. We can have a love like that. Just give it a chance." Alya "Dhruv I never walked away you let me go." And she left...

End of Chapter 5..

Be back soon..Lemme know you feedback..



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Wow its awesome ...i really loved it Tongue Smile
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Nyc update
Cont soon

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