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                                           CREDIT: ROSY

We are back with 12th edition of NL  Big smile  We are always open for views to improve, so do drop your reviews and comments.Embarrassed





[Monday, 27-April-2015]
Episode starts. Suraj-Ved getting ready. Sandhya takes their pic and thinks the CD will be good  surprise for Suraj.All came to hotel. Suraj talks to the manager. he said them to wait. Misri took  kids. Sandhya said hotel looks costly. kids loved the hotel. Misri saw someone else hall decorations. loved it. thought this hall is better than Ved's birthday hall. She checked time  difference and changed halls sign boards. Bhabho scolds Meenudi for eating for long time.  Meenui said food is like petrol for me. Bhabho asked her to think for a plan. She said it's ready. Mohit asked Emily about Anjali. She said she does not work with me now. Pari said mum does not tell me things these days. Emily said its not important for her. told her to focus on studies.  Mohit smiles. hall is ready. Sandhya asked Suraj to take kids. she will receive guests. Suraj went  to different hall. The kids enjoyed. Ved thanks Suraj. Sandhya thought Suraj done many  arrangements, it will be very expensive, I need to talk to him. Bulbul-Ankita doing arrangements  for Vansh's birthday. Meenu-Bhabho looked on. Ankita made Vansh's fav things. Bhabho recalls  bulbul's words. Ankur came to have food. Ankita told him to have salad. He got upset. Meenudi  told Bhabho to see how Ankita is not giving food to Ankur. Ankita left. Vansh-Bulbul gave food to  Ankur. Ankur ate. Bhabho smiles. said Vansh is like Kanha. Ankita came. they hide plate.  Meenakshi went inside. Bhabho blessed Vansh. Suraj sliped. His shoe was damaged. Ved gets  best Papa tattoo. Suraj gets best son tattoo. AA played hide and seek with Vansh-Bulbul. Vansh  hide himself. Bulbul sees electricity wires near Vansh and is shocked. Rahul came with his  parents and they don't like the hall, which is actually Ved's hall. Ved said Vansh is celebrating  bday with his family. Sandhya got sad and cries seeing Suraj. They get teary eyed. Rahul's dad  scolds the hotel staff and asks him to call the manager.

[Tuesday, 28-April-2015]
Episode starts. Sandhya asked why did Suraj spent so much. He says its for Ved's happiness,  he will manage by over work. He said Ved loves him a lot. He got best papa and see got best son  tattoo. guests congratulate SurYa. A guest talks Suraj about hotel. man aked about going  foreign. Suraj told him about Singapore. Man wanted discounts in his hotel for our Vivaan's  birthday next week. Sandhya thought now its her turn to play the CD and gift Suraj. Rahul's dad  scolds the manager. manager looks into issue. AA played hide and seek. Bulbul saw a wire near  Vansh and is shocked.  She shouted. ran towards him. took him and jumped away. Everyone  rushed in. Bulbul said about wire. Vansh said nothing can happen as I have my strong sister with  me. Meenu came and said she did the work, she got someone who will bring Vansh to us.  Bhabho said Vansh will come Bulbul will do this. Suraj thinks its great to have these things in  only 50K. Man and asked for discount. Suraj said its tough, as rules are strict here. man spotted  suraj damaged shoe. lady said he is pure businessman. man said see his shoes, its torn, no  one can say he is owner of such big hotel. Mohit comes to Pari. badmouth about Emily. and said  forgive me. let Emily go if she wants to marry someone else. Pari held his hand. said he is right,  mum has rights to live her life. He smiled wickedly. Suraj said a poetry on Ved. Ved said you  Papa, kissed and huged him. everyone clapped.  Bday cake came. they saw Rahul's name on it.  Ved says this is not my cake. Misri worried. she thought she changed the party hall and did not  think about the cake. manager called Suraj shameless for using someone else hall. Surya shocked. Suraj said they will talk later, don't want to spoil my son's bday. manager said its  booked for Rahul's birthday. He said he booked simple 50K hall. Suraj said they came here by  seeing directions.  Someone said does this matter when Suraj is the hotel owner. Suraj said I  am not owner. manager asked who told them. lady said our kids told us. kids said Ved to say that  its his dad's hotel.  Sandhya asked kids who told them. They said Ved. 

[Wednesday, 29-April-2015]
Episode starts. Sandhya scold Ved for lying.  Suraj said my shop is famous in Hanuman Gali  asks kids if they mistaken. kids said he told that Suraj hotel belongs to his dad. Suraj apologized  to everyone. Ved's essay CD played. SurYa shocked. kids asked Ved why did he lied to them. Ved  cried. Rahul's dad claped. kids called Ved a liar. Misri shouted stop it. Rahul's dad said Suraj  should hv been an actor. Sandhya said its staff's mistake.  manager said at least Suraj could  have understood that this arrangement is not worth 50K. Rahul's dad said its wrong upbringing  for Ved, he taught this to his son and laughed. Sandhya said they will pay the amount. party  ended. Sandhya asked Misri to take Ved & Golu.  SurYa cried. come out of the hall. She paid  the bill. Suraj left. Sandhya recalled Suraj's words and thought he got shattered today because of  Ved.  She didn't find suraj, asked where did Suraj. Misri said he went outside. Sandhya ran  outside.  Golu said I m afraid that Suraj will leave house like Mohit. Ved said no and ran outside. Sandhya looked for Suraj. She cried. said why Ved lied. Ved came running. asked about Suraj.  Suraj brought taxi. asked them to come and behaves normal, like nothing happened.  Sandhya  saw Suraj upset. They came home and tell everything. Babasa said how can they do this. Vikram  said I will not leave them.  Mohit said how can Ved lied. Misri said its my mistake. I have changed  nameplate. coz of Ved. Emily asked her to take Ved and Golu. Bhabho said Suraj is very  hurt.Babasa said we should go and talk to him. Suraj came there and said he is fine. He said he  didn't feel bad. Ved sat under bed. said sorry Papa and Suraj huged him. and said he did not feel  bad. Sandhya looked at them. Suraj giving bath to Ved. asked does he feel he is best dad. Ved  said yes. Suraj asked why did he lie in class.  Ved said he did not like when everyone make fun of  my dad. Suraj asked so you lied that they don't laugh on me.  Ved said don't feel bad, I will say  truth, why don't you dream to be big man, why can't he become a big man. 

[Thursday, 30-April-2015]
Episode starts. Bhabho regretting that she did not make Suraj study, he was helpless and  became a halwai just to support the house, he was so intelligent that he could have become  doctor or engineer, she made him halwai and he did not say anything. I did not think of his life  and dreams, this is my biggest mistake. She cries and shares her pain with Meenakshi. Emily  pacified Sandhya and said Suraj is fine now, its not her mistake, everyone dream big and  everyone don't run after it,  Suraj gave importance to his family, not his dreams.  Meenakshi said  Suraj is strong, he made everyone smile, everyone respects him, don't think much, Suraj did not   feel bad.  Sandhya told Emily that she has seen Suraj working for her dream, why did he not think  to do anything for himself. She said he could dream and fulfill it. Emily says he has won  world's top cook trophy in Singapore, is this anything less.  Sandhya said yes, he has talent, he is  hardworking and want a right direction, I m his wife and did not do anything to guide him and  push him to success.  Babasa told Mohit that he did not do anything for Suraj, by putting  responsibilities on me, I did not do father's duty.  Mohit asked him not to worry. He came to Pari.  again badmouth. Suraj talked to Ved and asked him to call everyone for dinner, he will get  icecream. Ved called. Emily asked Sandhya to smile as Suraj is fine now. Meenakshi asked kids  to sleep. Golu asked her to tell a story.  Meenakshi started. She herself felt sleepy and praised  herself. She asked them to sleep and left.  Sandhya asked Suraj to rest. He lied beside Ved and  looked at him. Sandhya thought Suraj's smile is hiding his heart pain. Suraj woke up after some  time. He recalled Ved's words & humiliation and cried. went out. Suraj opened his shop. He  recalled his achievenmts and cried. Sandhya woke up and looked for him. Bhabho came and  saw him crying. Sandhya and Bhabho look on and cried, seeing Suraj shattered.  Bhabho  stopped Sandhya from going to him. She says let him get his pain out.  Sandhya said I can't see  him like this,  the one who supports the family, how can he break like this. Bhabho said he has to  become strong himself. Sandhya hugged Bhabho and both cried. 

[Friday, 01-May-2015]
Episode starts. Ved saying Sandhya that he will go to old school now. Sandhya made him  understand that he has to face problems strongly. Meenudi told Bhabho that Bulbul loves Vansh a  lot, why will she leave him here. Meenakshi told her idea to Bhabho. Bhabho scolds her for  plan. Meenakshi said nothing will happen. Bhabho said fine, do this if you want, I just want my  Vansh. Sandhya at Ved school. Ved said he will face his fear with strength.  kids made fun of him  houted liar liar. Ved told them about his dad. same kind of speech. this time he proudly said his  dad is halwai. Sandhya recorded it. Suraj staring at Suraj Hotel. manager asked why is he here,  madam cleared all the bills. Suraj said he left something came to take it. Looked at hotel  confidently. Meena, hiding her face, talking bulbul to hire her.  Bulbul says she can't keep any  stranger like this. Meenakshi requested her for the job as she needs it badly. She says she has a  small baby and wants money, and asks her to have pity. She cleverly agreed her. Meenakshi paid 2K to old maid. Sandhya came home said she got Ved's speech video today, the difference  is he said truth today. He said he does not need it now. Vikram came and asked him why did he  go to Suraj Hotel. Suraj said I had some imp work.  Sandhya asked what. Suraj showed the Ved's  first speech DVD.   Sandhya said but he lied in it. Suraj said it has Ved's first lie, he lied at  the end, and all his words are valuable and true.  He said if I make his lie true then... All are  shocked. added he has seen a dream that he will open a hotel, by which Ved can proudly say my  dad is the owner of this hotel.  Babasa said its impossible for us. Mohit said all kids are spoiled  because of him, he should punish Ved and make him realize his mistake. Suraj said this is my  dream. Mohit asked about his age. Meenakshi said yes, its good to dream but his age is gone.  Vikram said it needs lots of money, where will you get money, why is he saying Ved's words on  his heart, Ved will forget in few days.  Suraj asked how can I forget that Ved has lied to everyone  and about money, I will face the problems, I m ready. Sandhya cried. 

[Saturday, 02-May-2015]
Episode starts. Suraj explaining Vikram and everyone that he has to take risk to learn something  new.  Bhabho supported Suraj and said all that she has belongs to him, and asked him to take  Lord's name and start his dream fulfilling. She added Suraj made everyone's dream true. said  he has always helped everyone, not give advises like them.  She then reminded how he helped  everyone. Mohit/Chavi Study, Vikram/Emily shop. Made Sandhya IPS. She gave all the ornaments  to Suraj. Suraj didn't take it. said he will manage. He said this dream is mine, will give it my  thinking and open the hotel myself.  Sandhya said she is proud of him, and his hotel will open  soon. Ved made a drawing. He gave Suraj a surprise. he showed his drawing. SurYa are stunned  seeing Suraj Hotel, his dad's hotel. Suraj laughed. Ved says you saw a dream to open  hotel, I have drawn and filled colors. Suraj said he liked it a lot. Bhabho-Babasa talking. He said  he fears that he can lose. She said let him try, if he succeeds, its good, else he can come back to  his sweet shop. Suraj looked at them.  Mohit told Pari that its 26th today and shows the bridal  dress and mangalsutra, saying Emily is marrying today. Emily on phone said she will reach on  time, its special day for me. She told Pari that to take care and not be in books, have food. She  left. Mohit asked Pari to stop her. Pari goes. Mohit was happy. Pari stopped Emily and said she  can't go like this. Emily asked why. Pari hugged her and asks her to take care. Emily left. Mohit is  shocked. asked Pari what did she do, why didn't she scold her she is liar. Pari said don't dare to  tell anything against her Mom, you thought you will make me against her, our relation is very  strong. I am not fool I understand everything, she loves her mum a lot and hates him. Suraj  practiced for interview with Sandhya. Sandhya asked give a reason why the bank give him loan.  He said he has his dream and trust, he feels its important that he has trust in himself.  She said  we trust your dream and are ready to invest in this, congrats. added he is confident, and  compliments him.  A man came and said a client is angry, as sweets got bad by heat, come fast  and talk to him. 

Precap: few men removing board of RMB. Ved tried to stop him.


sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person - Gerard Way

when suraj was completely shattered and couldnt find the path to travel  , the road was dark , there comes his baati to support him , to motivate him and guide him as the brightness from the baati to the diya itself with the oil of love and support






The discussion thread of the week was Sys Buddy's thread "Suraj's tears took my heart away :'((("


It was a nice EAT by Sys and contained pleasant comments.



                                                             6th Place                                                             


undoubtedly thursday episode; bb sharing her guilty feeling to meena, bbsa to mohit and sandy to emily, it was so nice to see them taking the blame on themselves, while the listeners pacified them,  suraj cyring his heart out and bhasan feeling his pain was so natural. special mention: anas was superb Clap

THANKS to all the contributors Big smile Clap

P.S. : this song by sandy to suraj
(emotional scenes)

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Wow !  congratulations to the DABH Weekely Edition  # 12 .  Thala very nicely and cleanly done and perfect.  Thanks to all the contributors  Thala, SYS, Zona, Sonali and Tan.  ClapAnd Thanks  for appreciating  my siggies Embarrassed

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nice thread thala. congrats for the sameWink. Sorry I am unable to contribute this week as I had not watched even a single episode this week. Cry

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v nice thread di... superb work...
thnx all contributors JO,subha .sys,rosy.TV.sonali and rama di...

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Congo on another edition everyone! Smile
Good job all the contributors! Star

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Nice thread Thala Thumbs Up
Great contributions everyone Clap  Lovely work by you guys Star

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Congratulations on edition 12 !!!! Smile
Good job by all the contributors! Star
and wow thala ..mind blowing thread StarStar

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Congratulations DABHily on yet another NL Clap
Thanks to all the contributors!! 

Loved all the edits to the core Smile

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