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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 94)

Roselind Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2015 at 6:32am | IP Logged
Superbly Written...ClapClap
Love d way Manik showed his love for Nandini...SmileEmbarrassed
Keep going...SmileBig smile

ashi..motu Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2015 at 6:46am | IP Logged
First of all.. So sorry for not rplyng to ur msg..
Secondly u r an amazing writer.. I m in love with ur story n ur writing skill..
Thanks for d pm..
M new to dis forum so I dont know anything about rplung thing.. So pls bear wid dat thing..
N ya I would love to talk to u once I get to know how to rply in pm..
Off course keep updating.. Lol.. Kidding..
Take care.. N yes.. This part it was fabulous not only this one but rest of them..
Ok now I dobt know what I hv written.. I m so confused..
RomComFan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 June 2015 at 7:55am | IP Logged
lovely update... the way they are growing closer in understanding is just very sweet... lovely job.
arshuaar Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2015 at 8:34am | IP Logged
beautiful ... awesome update
Saisha_7 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 June 2015 at 8:46am | IP Logged
all i cn say is uh r amazing!! i dun hv wordz to describehw much m loving ur ff..
i read last few chapz n the way manan r getting closure is so romantic..
manik takez so much care of nandini..
nandini too nvr faulter in caring..
m loved dat scene wen nandini told manik evrythng as they promised to share avrythng..
the malhotra family r sooo good..
plz continue asap.. eagerly waiting..

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anum_6 Goldie

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Posted: 19 June 2015 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Awww too cute
Awesome update
Love it
Update soon
Thnx for pm
MaNan_KaShian IF-Dazzler

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after a hectic day full of surgeries finally nandini took a deep breath in and out feeling free. she saw the time, it was 8.30 pm. she smiled thinking that she would reach home early before her hubby does. she took her phone and checked if there were any messages and found a message of mukti
"will be staying at aliya's place, servants are on leave. enjoy some beautiful moment *wink*"--mukti
nandini smiled after reading the message. she quickly packed her bag and left for home.
manik was busy with some clients since the evening so didnt get a chance to text or call nandini. moreover his phone was switched off. once reaching home, nandini changed herself in a pink white knee lenght night sleevless night suit. as there was none in the house and it was her dates going on so she felt comfortable in it. she checked the kitchen and thought of making pasta for both of them. while she was busy making pasta her phone was in the bedroom
manik was still stuck up with the clients.the last text before starting the meeting he saw was from mukti same as she had sent to nandini. manik wanted to spend some time with nandini but he had no option. in absense of his dad manik had to manage the work properly which meant a lot to him. seeing the time the clients insisted manik to have dinner in a five star hotel. though he tried his utmost to change the plan but couldnt find a better excuse and so decided to inform nandini that he would be a bit late and wont have dinner . he also asked to have her dinner. he tried to call her number but she wasnt taking the call as her phone was in the bedroom and nandini in the kitchen. taking a deep breathe manik left a message for her and joined his clients for dinner
setting up the table for both of them and checking the preparations for the last time, nandini smiled thinking manik would love all this. she looked at the time , it was 10 pm and thought he would be back any moment. she started to walk here and there glancing at the door after each minute. feeling bored of walking here and there she sat on the living rooms couch and started to turn the pages of one of the random magazines. she didnt realize when her eyes shut down and she fell asleep.
manik opened the door of the house with his key at 11.30 pm. the first thing on which his eyes fell was the dining table set up  ..he put his coat on the chair and looked at the sweet set up his jaan had done. a lovely smile came on his lips. but at the same time he saw she hadnt had her dinner yet. a questionfull manik turned to go upstairs and that is when his eyes fell on his angel, lying down on the couch. her head resting on one of the handles and her legs strectched on the other handle. he went near her and saw her sleeping peacefully. she had no makeup in her face yet she was beautiful .. her white milky skin never failed to attract him. manik bent infront of her and bought his face close to her. her beauty was magnet for him, it never failed to make him go crazy. bringing his lips extreme close to her he pecked beside her lips. it seemed that she wanted to feel his touch. just after he pecked she smiled in her dreams. feeling his touch nandini slowly opened her eyes and smiled seeing her dream was true.
m=sorry jaan, did i wake u??
n=nahi...i was waiting for u and aakh laggayi
nandini sat properly on the couch and manik sat beside her holding her hands in his. she was rubbing her eyes and fixing her messy hair with her finger when she felt his nonstop gaze on her.
n=manik..ese kya dekhraheho?
he never failed to make her blush, even with his one or two words or with his simple touch and intense gaze. her kissed her hands and said
m=tumne dinner kyu nahi kia??
n=woh i made pasta for both of us so i was waiting for u
m=waiting?? but jaan didnt i ask u to have ur dinner??
n=kya ?? kab??
m=tumhara phone kaha ha? i called u so many times and finally when u didnt picked it i left a text on ur phone
nandini cursed herself for not checking her phone
n=sorry manik, woh i was in the kitchen and left the phone in the bedroom. solly.. but tum dinner nahi karoge?? office se karke aye ho??
m=yahi toa batana chahta tha, ke ma dinner clients ke sath hotel me karne jaraha hu and u need not wait for me
she made a cute sad face looking at the dinner table which she had set up for them. he too felt bad and guilty for ruining her arrangements
m=but never mind, i didnt have that much food ke tumhare sath pasta nahi khaa sakta
her face immediately was lighten up with a big smile. he loved to see her happy like this always. entwining their hands manik bought her to the dining table and made her sit on the chair. he sat beside her and put some pasta on her plate. on her inquiry he told he would eat from her plate and feed her himself. folding his sleeves he took a spoon full of pasta and put it in her mouth. she was eating like a baby and he was also playing with her. bringing the spoon close to her mouth and then eating it by his own, her pouts indicating that she was angry..

manik enjoyed these cute roothna manana of them. he took some sauce in his finger and touched her nose. she hit him playfully on his shoulder.  she was about to wipe off the sauce he holded her back and wiped it off with his thumb bringing an angelic smile on her face.
after the dinner was over, they came to their bedroom. nandini took off his shirt and handed him his regular black vest and asked him to change. manik changed himself in the black vest and regular track pants and joined nandini in the bed. once he lied down, nandini moved towards him and put her head on his chest hugging him.manik was surprised at this but then hugged her back happily and began to caress her hair. they started to talk about how their day had been.caressing her hair and playing with the stripe of his vest they fell asleep.
nandini opened her eyes and stretched her arms. she turned to the other side to wish manik good morning but he wasnt there. she sat up on the bed and called his name thinking he might be in the washroom but she didnt find any response. then she saw the time and her eyes grew big..it was
n=9.30 !  main itni der tak soti rahi...aur manik.??? usne sure mujhe sote dekh kar uthaya nahi aur office chala gaya... shit shit shit..nandini tumhara kya hoga???
cursing herself and taking her ayippa's name , she quickly went inside the washroom to freshen up .
manik was explaining his assistants about his meetings of that day when he saw nandini calling. he smiled and asked them to leave and relaxed himself on the chair and took the call
m=morning jaan
n=manik...tumne mujhe uthaya kyu nahi?? pata ha ma kitni der tak soti rahi..god manik, tumne breakfast kiya??? nahi na?? mujhe pata tha..aur tumhari shirt?? shit manik..um sorry but tumne..
m=ek second ek second..kuch bolne do mujhe
she made a cute pout
m=first of all, tum so rahithi and i didnt wish to wake u up thats why uthaya nahi. secondly mane breakfast kiya tha umm i guess coffee and a toast. thirdly aj mane shirt nahi tshirt pehna na as i had said yesterday...and and..i love u
his last sentence made her blush like a tomato
m=i can feel ur blush through the receiver..
saying he kissed the phone which made her blush even more. manik heard noises of vehicles
m=tum bahar ho??
n=yes..tumhare office arahihu
m=really??? planning to kill me?
n=nahi...subhah nahi mil payi thi na..aur aj duty derse ha toa socha ke...
she dropped the phone suddenly, manik heard the phone being fell down, he was calling her name and saying hello hello when the last thing heard was a scream MANIKKK !!!!

sitting infront of the operation theater , his eyes were not moving from the door of the operation theater for even a second. it seemed that he had been crying like ages within this one hour, his white tshirt splashed with blood, his eyes red and swollen, hands covered with blood and shaking... craving to pull her in a bear hug, his ears desperate to hear "manik" from her. eyes being impatient to see her again.he had nothing to do except sit there and pray to her ayippa to take his life instead of hers. cabir sitting beside him and patting his back every now and then..druv was also standing beside him and consoling him by rubbing his back.
dr=buddy... shes gonna be fine dont worry
c=tu tension mat le..sab theek hojayega
mukti knew her brother. she sat infront of him and hugged him tightly but he was sitting there just to hug her. closing his eyes he let tears roll down. mukti could feel her shoulders getting wet and she knew how much painful was it for him
after one and a half hours the doctors came out. it was nandini's hospital were she was working and the doctors who had operated her were her seniors. as soon as the door opened manik jumped off his seat and rushed to the doctor
m=dr khurana... hows she?? hows nandini... theek toa ha na?
k=dont worry shes fine.
he was reliefed hearing this still he needed to see her. he was about to enter when the doctor stopped him and said he cant meet her now and needs to wait till they shift her to the cabin. moreover she was given high dose injection and so she will wake up atleast after 4-5 hours later. these 4-5 hours were surely going to be the most longest hours of manik's life.

manik spent those hours holding her hand and staring at her without moving for a second. the corner of her forehead was injured, some deep wounds on her hands, waist and legs. if it was possible for him to do any kind of magic he would surely do that and helped her to recover within a minute. he was waiting desperately her to open her eyes and look at him with those angelic eyes of her, call out his name and he would hear the most sweetest melody of the world. fab4 asked him to go home and take rest. even if someone would kill him he wouldnt move from beside her. rather he asked all of them to go home and come later after being freshen up.
it was 10 pm at night, when she blinked her eyes and slowly opened them. she was so weak that couldnt even blink her eyes properly. after trying a lot she opened her eyes fully and the first thing she felt her hand was holded in a tight grip and it didnt took her long to realize who was holding it. she turned her face a bit and saw him sleeping beside her sitting on the chair. his head resting on his elbow and with another hand he was holding her hand tightly. her hand reached his hair even after having so much of weakness and lightly caressed his hair
her voice was trembling yet he immediately got up after feeling that long waited touch of hers. she saw his eyes were swollen, tears running down his eyes , that tshirt was coloured with her blood and his hands trembling. anyone could feel how those hours had been for him when she was unconscious. he kissed her hand and tried to smile.

n=itna daar gaye the??
he put a finger on her lips and stopped her from talking
m=kuch mat bolo..u need rest..just dont..
she smiled seeing how he was being strict trying to hide his emotions and fear.. she gestured him through her eyes the water bottle kept on the table
m=pani??? wait
first he helped her sit on the bed putting a pillow behind her and checking again and again if she was comfortable.she assured him that she was okay then he bought water for her and made her drink. keeping the glass aside he wiped her face with a tissue.
m=main doctor ko bulake lata hu..
she stopped him from leaving and made him sit infront of her. she wanted to see him so did he. she took his hand in hers and kissed it softly.
n=sorry, for troubling you i..
he pulled her in a tight embrace. he didnt even let her hug him back and began to sob like a child.at first she smiled seeing him but then she realized what was his condition..
m=dont do this to me nandini..dont. please. tumhe koi idea nahi ha how scared i was in the last few hours, when u were unconscious, jab tum meri baat nahi sun rahithi, jab tum apni akhen nahi khol rahithi.. u have any idea what would i do if something would happen to u???
he broke the hug and cupped her face
m=and clearly sun lo abse driving ke time khabardar agar tumne phone ko touch kiya, and i myself will drive u and pick u samjhi????
she smiled and nodded like a cute obidient student. he smiled and pulled her into another hug. this time she also hugged him back
m=i love u nandini...i love u so much..
n=i love u too manik.
the room echoed her voice. he broke the hug and saw her smiling in tears. the day was a memorable one for manik .. he got his life back once again and now this one.. he cupped her face again and asked in a husky tone
n=even i was scared today manik, not cause that i was about to loose my life but because i was gonna loose u, cause if i would die
m=ssshhh..dont say that
n=please manik mujhe bolne do, himmat tut gayi toa bol nahi paungi. aj agar mujhe kuch hojata toa humesha ek burden mere andar rehta even after i died ke tumse apne pyar ka izhar nahi kiya. i know ke tum jante ho that how much i love u still i wanted to say this.. tumhare pyar, care, emotions, trust, dedication... and mostly u manik, i couldnt ask anything more .. i love u alot manik humesha
saying she cupped his face and bought closer to her lips and kissed his forehead. slowly she wiped the tears from his eyes and rested their foreheads together
n=dont ever cry again.. ur tears roll down from my eyes, when ur sad i feel the pain and the smile on ur face is my victory. for a change today manik was blushing . he kissed her eyes and hugged her again tightly
n=i love u manik
m=love u too jaan.. humesha.

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This was Heartfelt!!
Full of emotions.. Theur connection is so strong that its so hard to see them apart..
Great update!!

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