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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 89)

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wonderful updateThumbs Up

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Interesting one..loved manan convo at the last...
waiting for the next..
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nandini entered the hospital and found that there was a rush in the corridors. she asked one of the ward boys for which he replied that board members are here to announce the Intern Of The Month. nandinis heart skipped hearing this. last year she had won the award but this year she took a leave for her wedding for which she thought she wont be able to receive the award. still gathering courage and taking her ayippa's name nandini entered the conference hall greeting her colleagues, seniors and board members. after a lot of drama, suspense finally the winner's name was announced and it was Dr Nandini Manik Malhotra. nandinis happiness knew no bounds. she jumped of her seat looking at everyone who were clapping for her. she shaked hands with her seniors and board members. one of the head put on the medal around her neck and gave her the award. she thanked her ayippa and wished to hug manik first after getting this news. on the other hand,
m=whats all this nonsense mr sharma?? mane apko kal hi mail kiya tha na ke sare reports and files ready rakhneko?? then what happened now?? kaha ha woh mail jo london se ane wala tha?? apko pata ha ke yeh kitna important ha ajki presentation keliye???
raj=manik.calm down beta..
m=no dad, these people are useless. ek kaam theek se nahi hota. galti meri ha mujhe khud hi karna chahiye tha naki inpe bharosa. um a fool
raj=manik..calm down son. its okay. we still have time, sharma jake abhi ke abhi phirse ..
m=no dad, jo karna ha um gonna do, ma khud phirse new documents type karunga. i dont want any more further interruption in todays meeting
nandini hurried to her cabin and saw mukti was sitting there with aliya. seeing her with the award both of them hugged her
n=tum dono yaha??
a=sorry bina batay agay...woh actually we went to shopping and were supposed to go to lunch
mu=socha tum free ho toa tumhe bhi lechale..yaha akar humhe toa kuch aur hi good news mil gaya
n=shit..you guys already know??
mu=awwee.. sorry nandini, hum jab hospital me aye toa dekha ke sare nurses aur ward boys were saying ke dr nandini phirse intern of the month and we couldnt wait but hug u
a=ha...and we know tum sabse pehle manik se yeh kehna chahti thi
nandini smiled and nodded.
mu=koi baat nahi.. abhi kehdo.
a=yes and phone speaker par rakhna, we wanna hear his happiness
nandini blushed and dialed maniks number. manik was busy typing and working in the laptop. his face showed his anger. he never wished to have any kind of disturbance during his meeting or before his meeting. but today was rare and because of his staff he was disturbed and frustrated. it was his dad who stopped him or else he would have fired mr sharma from his work. he had only half and hour to complete the rest of the works for the presentation which was ruined. he saw his phone was ringing but didnt pick it. nandini again dialed his number and this time he disconnected the line.
mu=phirse koshish karo
she again dialed his number and he disconnected the line
n=i think he is busy. last try karti hu
saying she dialed his number for the last time. this time manik couldnt help but picked her call and without listening anything
m=what is it nandini? agar main barbar apna call disconnect karraha hu toa uska yehi matlab hoga ke ma busy hu?? itnisi bat tumhe samajh nahi ati kya?? please stop calling me and let me work. bye
her eyes were filled with tears, she wanted to share her happiness with him and he without listening to her behaved rudely to her . mukti and aliya exchanged looks, they knew it was his common way whenever he was depressed with his work. mukti hugged nandini and gave her support. nandini also hugged her back and let go some of her tears . after sometime they broke the hug
a=sorry nandini, hes always like this whenever he is tensed and depressed of his work
mu=ha, and um sure kisi staff ko kamse fire kiya hoga ya phir chillaya hoga tabhi uska gussa tumpe nikala. bhai ki baat ka bura mat manna nandini.
she nodded and wiped her tears
n=tum dono lunch pe jaw, mujhe nahi jana ha. aur ha please manik se kuch mat kehna mere award ke bareme
n=please mukti. its a request.
mu=theek ha
n=main chalti hu, i have work
wiping her tears once again she went to perform her duties. mukti and aliya looked at eachother and left the hospital.

the presentation was a success for manik. again he achieved what he wanted. they got the contract and the clients were very happy with maniks presentation. his smile was never ending. he hugged his dad and shook hands with the clients. once he was done with the conference room he rushed to his cabin and called nandini but her phone was off. he assumed that she might be busy with her work so thought of going early home and wait for her as her surprise. it was 8 pm night when manik reached home and saw nandini wasnt still back. he called at the hospital and the receptionist told that nandini was busy in a surgery. he thought of waiting her in their bedroom. he took off his coat and was about to unbutton his shirts button when he remembered about yesterdays incident and the morning incident. immediately a smile came on his face . he took a deep breath and thought he would wait for her to do what she had began ..manik saw mukti passing by there and called her. she came inside and gave him a fake smile
m=tujhe kya hua?? abhi se jhagra???
mu=nahi bhai..
m=toa?? ese chupchap kyu ha??
mu=nandini se bat hui???
m=nahi toa..mane usse call kiya tha par switched off aya tha.kuch hua ha??
mu=she called u this morning...and
m=ha usne call kiya tha..aur mane..
he remembered he had shouted at her for which now he was feeling guilty
mu=and u shouted on her..right??
m=tujhe kaise pata?
mu=main aur aliya wahi the..she wanted to talk to u and u
m=talk to me?? about what????
mu=kuch nahi..nandini ko ane do then u talk to her
mukti was about to leave manik stopped her
m=mukti..please bol na kya hua??? nandini..usse bohot bura laga?? i was stressed because of the presentation and..
mukti couldnt hold it back and so she bursted out
mu=she wont the intern of the month award today aur sabse pehle apko batana chahtit thi thats why she was calling now continuously but you...you shouted on the bhai and made her cry..it wasnt okay bhai it wasnt
mukti freed her hand from his grip and left the room leaving manik thinking what he had done?? how could he?? he should have atleast listened to her. he cursed himself for making her cry on this special ocassion. he ran his fingers through his hair and sat on the bed, thinking what to do.
nandini  finished her surgery and came to her cabin at 9.30. she checked her pager whether there were any duties or not. signing the register she sat in her car and headed towards home. her heart was still sad of what happened in the afternoon. she didnt want to talk to him right now but if he would come infront of her she would surely start to cry and she didnt want to cry infront of him. she didnt realize when her car reached the parking lot. taking a deep breathe nandini entered the house. the servant told that raj and nyonika were out and mukti was in her room. she had seen maniks car in the parking lot which meant he was already home. nandini went upstairs and opened the door of her bedroom. it was dark. she closed the door and was about to switch the lights on when someone holded her hand and stopped her. for a moment she got scared but after that realized it was manik. she could only feel him infront of her .. he took her bag and labcoat and put them aside. after that still holding her hand he bought her in the center of the room and lighted a candle. nandini saw his face looking at her with love.. she immediately forgot all her anger pain. the way he was looking at her, his eyes witness of his pure love for her.
n=manik yeh..
he put a finger on her lips and came behind her, her back hitting his chest. passing current through all her body he slided his right hand from her shoulder to hand and holded it. she turned her head a bit to look at him and found him nuzzling in her shoulder. one thing nandini was sure now that she could never be angry on him... he planted a kiss on her shoulder and whispered in her ears
m=um sorry jaan for behaving rudely with u.. um really sorry. please mujhe maaf kardo
if someone would apologize with so much of love and emotions one can never be angry on him. nandini smiled and turned around. the low light of candle was enough for them to look at eachother. she cupped his face on her hands and smiled
n=its okay manik..i know ke tumne jaan buchke mujhpe ese gussa nahi hue.. tum..
he again sshhd her bringing her face closer to him. her hands on his chest and his around her small back..the intense gaze of his on her giving goosebumps. he kissed her right cheek lovingly and whispered "i love you so much" in her ears. she smiled and hugged him in response. it was her way to say i love u back for the time being. he also hugged her tightly. her anger was gone as soon as she was in his arms. after sometime he broke the hug and made her turn around. it was then nandini realized manik had planned something in the balcony. he took her hand in his and took her in the balcony. she was stunned to see the simple arrangement placed on the floor. a sitting arrangement done by some big pillows and candles everywhere and in between the pillows a cake in which was written "congratulations " she looked at him and saw him holding his ears
m=um sorry for ruining ur happiness today.. um sorry when u wished to share ur happiness with me i wasnt with u..um sorry
she didnt let him finished and put her hand on his mouth..
n=manik... i was a bit sad and upset but not angry. i understand that you were stressed and tesned. its okay. it could have been me in ur place ...so u need not to say sorry and what ever u have done..all this is more than i could even imagine.. thank u mr malhotra for making my success so much memorable
he removed her hand and kissed her palm. he bent down and carried her in his arms and while carrying her he sat down resting on the pillows, nandini still in his arms and her hands around his neck.
making her sit between his legs he pulled the cake closer and gave her the knife. nandini cut the cake and fed him the first bite. he ate half of it and fed her the rest of it.
m=its not ur success, the day i fell in love with u, all ur success  happiness is my reward and ur sadness , tears are my pain, my failure. so never be sad or shed these tears.
her eyes were already filled with tears hearing his words. a tear escaped from her eyes and was about to fall but manik catched it on his palms. he bought it close to his face and drank her tear. nandini smiled seeing how one person can love her so much... she lifted his face by his chin and made her look into her eyes..
n=you love me so much???
he smiled and nodded.
n=im making u wait so much, tumhe bura nahi lagta??
m=sach kahu ya jhut???
n=jhut hi kehdo..
m=umm jhut bolu toa ha bohot bura lagta ha... bohot zyada
she smiled seeing his childish antics so did he
m=nahi lagta bura cause as i said, i know its gonna be beautiful . and i dont mind ur taking time.. see our relaitonship, bonding is growing stronger day by day, we are understanding eachother more and more and trust me these moments are priceless for me.
n=for me too
he pulled her in a bear hug, hiding himself in between her shoulder and hair while she was hiding her face in his chest. time stood still for manik and nandini. their words were enough for eachother to show how much both of them meant to eachother. none of them wished to break the hug and they didnt even. the whole night they slept hugging eachother under the clear sky and stars shining upon them...

manik opened his eyes hearing the sounds of birds chirping around and the sun rays falling on his faces. the next moment he smiled as today again he was lucky to see his jaan sleeping and that too in his arms. he glanced at his watch and saw it was only 6.30 am. he smiled as he had enough time to watch his princess sleeping. gently carrying her in his arms manik bought her to their bedroom and placed her on the bed. he thought of freshen up but she was holding his hand since last night hug and didnt have any intention to leave it... he smiled and sat beside her. nandini still in sleep moved a bit closer to him and thus lied on his lap. this was a beautiful begininng for manik.. the start of the day was a treat for him he thought. he caressed her bangs and kissed on her cheeks. it seemed to him that she was watching  a dream cause a sweet smile came on her face and he loved that.
nandini opened her eyes after watching a sweet cute dream of her and manik. she saw that she wasnt in the balcony rather in their bedroom and that too her head was not on the pillow but..she looked up and saw manik smiling at her and caressing her cheeks
n=not fair..aj phir tum jeet gaye
m=yess... i won
he bent down and kissed on her forehead as a goodmorning wish
m=morning jaan
n=morning..kab uthe tum???
m=bohot der hochuka ha
n=time kya hua ha manik???
m=its 8 am  in the morning.

she jerked up and sat on the bed leaving manik giggling
n=manik tumne mujhe uthaya kyu nahi ?? tumhe pata ha aj mujhe 10 baje se pehle report karna ha, kitne sare patients ha, agar ma late hogayi toa monitor mujhe mark karna shuru kardengi..aur phir
he covered her mouth with his hand. her eyes grew big
m=kya nandini, itni sari tension apne chotese dimag me kaise lati ho tum??
she made an expression
m=tum late nahi hogi...ma hoo na i'll drop u on time. abhi ese muu phulana band karo aur jaw jakar fresh hojaw
he left her mouth open. she stood up and gave him a cute irritating look
n=tum na...bohot bure ho
she took her towel and was about to go inside the washroom when he holded her hand and pulled her back to him
n=manik..abhi nahi ma already
m=ssshh... apne pati keliye thorasa bhi time nahi ha kya??
she smiled and nodded saying ok. he gestured towards his shirt . nandini was confused
m=mane kaha tha na, abse yeh tumhari responsibility ha..kal se ekhi shirt pehne ghum raha hu, buttons to khol do
he knew how to make her blush hard that too by these simple words. without looking in his eyes she opened the buttons quickly and ran inside the washroom so that he doesnt start his romance again
after nandini came out of the washroom taking a quick shower, it was then maniks turn to freshen up. nandini wore a blue sleevless top with black pants and a white-blue poka dot stole. she was combing her hair when manik came out of the washroom combing his hair by running his fingers through his wet hair and wearing his pants
n=manik..get ready quickly um waiting downstairs for breakfast
she was about to leave when manik came infront of her and giving her a questioning look. she saw him holding his shirt and smiled
n=manik..ur impossible
she took the shirt and helped him to put it on and then began to button it.
n=accha ek bat bataw, jab tum business keliye bahar jaoge and ma tumhe accompany nahi kar paungi, then what will u do?? har time ek hi shirt pehne rahoge???
m=umm... shirt nahi pehnunga, tshirt pehnunga
both laughed and she hitted on his chest after buttoning up the last one
n=come downstairs for breakfast im waiting

nandini went downstairs and saw her loving family already waiting for them .. she greeted them goodmorning and sat down but waited for manik. after few minutes manik also joined them. nandini was eating as if she would miss her school bus and seeing which manik and others were smiling
raj=nandini..beta dheerese khaw koi jaldi nahi ha
n=no dad, um already late
raj=yes ofcourse, ab humari beti intern of the month jo ban gayi ha..so hospital me toa sab par raj karegi na
n=dad..apko kaise
ny=bhai tumne nahi bataya par humhe pata laggaya
n=nahi mom, i wanted to surprise u all, and socha tha ke sweets lekar aungi...
mu=nandini not a big deal..woh dekho
she pointed towards a big flower bouque kept on the table and said it was sent from the board of members just a few minutes ago.
mu=yes isise mom dad ko pata chala
raj=a very congratulations beta.. and keep it up
n=thanks dad
raj=wase aj ma kuch kaam se out of town jaraha hu, tumhari mom bhi sath me jarahiha so jab hum wapas ayenge we'll have a party, kyu manik???
m=yes dad
raj=chale office??
m=dad ap chalo, ma nandini ko drop karke ajaunga
raj=theek ha
finishing their breakfast quickly manik and nandini headed for nandinis hospital. on the way nandini had started to get pages though they were just the reminder which she had set for herself. manik was smirking and smiling seeing her being restless and calling her ayippa not to let them fall in any kind of traffic jam. they reached the hospital on time. nandini was about to get down when manik stopped her
n=manik kya karraheho??
m=sahi toa karraha hu..tumhe time se hospital poucha diya..toa uska reward???
n=kaisa reward???
he forwaded his cheek to her , she smiled cutely but instead of giving a kiss lightly slapped him and ran out of the car. before coming out she said
n=wait till night...
manik smiled and touched his cheek
m=looks like will have to wait till night.

the job of a intern wasnt easy enough. and after becoming an intern of the month for twice nandini had gain a very good position as well as created a responsible image under the seniors eyes which she didnt want to loose. same as manik, when it came to her profession nandini was a different person. her work was her another life apart from manik and she worked with devotion. each and every person of the hospital were fond of her. the children admitted in the hospital had made a record of not having medicine except from nandini's hand. sometimes she made the work of the nurses quiet challenging as each and every patient sooner or later became dependent on her. this was dr nandini malhotra.
manik was going through some files. as his dad was out of town his work had increased . he had to handle his work as well as his dad's part also. suddenly his phone beeped . maniks serious working look turned into a cute blushing one when he saw the name flashing who had sent the message; "Jaan" he opened the message in a relax way
" i know you are too busy in your work, but mr malhotra take a break and have your lunch. its 2.30 already. today i couldnt make lunch for you but from tomorrow pakka, now  Go !!  " -- Jaan
manik smiled after seeing the text. she knew him so well. he hadnt even bothered about the time but right now after seeing the text he couldnt help but have lunch. closing the files and keeping them aside manik went to the cafe to have lunch.

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nandu is so cute...
nice update...
continue soon...
Mawara_Ejaz IF-Dazzler

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it's a cute lovey dovey update :)
thnx for the pm :)
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aww dats so sweet dis slow process of knwing each oder making dere relationship strong is written by u so beautifully .. great job 
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every time i read ur story 
m just smiling through out 
its just so simple 
yet so pure n 
i just loved it 
cont soon 
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Outstanding superb marvellous update

He needs to control his anger as he dint realise he hurted her but she felt bad and wanted to cry out loud and make him understand what he did but she soon forget all as he with all his love ask for forgiveness

Continue soon and thanks for pm

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