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MaNan New FF -Just Married UPDT (part21 pg144)) (Page 83)

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Please eee update soon can't wait any moreCry

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manan were in the car, going back to their home from the mumbai airport.both were happy after a sweet cute and memorable honeymoon.  manik's fever was also gone because of nandinis special care and medication
holding each other's hand, manik and nandini entered malhotra mansion and found maniks parents along with fab4 waiting to welcome them. they took blessings from their parents and hugged their friends. manik went upto his dad and gave him another tight hug. everyone knew why this hug was for. his dad also hugged him back tightly and patted on his back
m=um sorry dad.. i wasnt here when u needed me
raj=ek thappar marunga samjha?? ab apne dad se formal hoke bat karega?? and if u had come back then i would have been more angry. after all meri bahu ka honeymoon spoil karega tu...
everyone laughed and nandini blushed
ny=accha ab yeh sab choro... both of you go and freshen up then hum sab ek sath dinner karenge.
mukti went upto manik and whispered in his ear
mu=bhai i need to talk to u
she dragged him to her room. aliya and nandini went  upstairs. nandini changed in her regular kurta and pajamas and was gossiping with aliya, telling her about the places, showing her the shopping and getting compliments in return when manik entered the room
a=okay i should leave now
m=aliya..dont be formal
a=um not being formal... just dont wish to disturb u both
she winked at nandini and left the room closing the door behind. manik went to the mirror and started to open his watch. he was about to remove his coat when he felt nandinis hand helping him to remove the coat. he smiled at her through the mirror and she also did the same. she turned him around and began to unbutton his shirts. he holded her from waist and pulled her closer
m=kya baat ha..aj bara pyar araha ha??
n=kyu??? shadi ke bad toa yeh sab wife karti ha na??? tumne movies me nahi dekha

n=haa... par agar tumhe accha nahi lagta toa
he made his grip around her waist more tighter ,pulling her closer. she unbuttoned all the buttons and removed his shirt revealing his muscular bare body. encircling her hands around his neck, her face turned into crimson..
m=oywhoy.. agar tum esehi blush karti rahi toa kasam se hum toa mar jayenge
she started to blush more.. taking the advantage of having her so close to him he bought his face close to her and began to nuzzle around her right side shoulder dropping sweet kisses on her ear, shoulder. she tried to move but his grip around her waist was too tight.
m=you make it very much hard for me to control
he said in a sexual tone making her go weak... they broke the hug and looked at eachother with love in their eyes.before nandini could speak anything, their was a knock on the door, manik being manik still didnt let her go and asked who it was. a servant came inside . first he blushed and looked down seeing manan standing holding eachother, manik rather holding nandu and she trying to free herself
m=kya hua kaka??
servant=woh manik baba, bare sabh ne kaha ha fresh hokar apko study me aneko
m=dad se kehdijiye I'm coming

as soon as the servant left closing the door behing nandini pushed manik a bit making him giggle
n=tum na manik kya kya karte rehte ho
m=are mane kya kia ha?? aur wasebhi tum meri legally wedded wife , sabke samne sath phere lekar mane shadi ki ha toa i dont care about anyone
nandini gave him a cute angry look and went inside the washroom. manik giggled seeing her so called gussa and changed himself in three quarter track pants and a white vest. when nandini came outside she saw manik wasnt there and thought he might be in the study.
m=but dad, its a very huge project i mean one of the dream projects which u had ever wised
raj=yes aur mere sare dream ko achieve mera beta karega thats my another dream
m=yes dad i would love to...but will i be able to fulfil this one???
mu=bhai... dad jabhibi har ek project apko dete ha ap humesha yehi kehte ha
m=its cause ke ma koi bhi mauka nahi chahta ke meri wajase business me kuch garbar ho
raj=jo kabhi nahi hoga. u just make an awesome presentation like always and phir dekhna foreign delicates will have no other way rather than doing business with us. they are bound to fall by my sons charm
manik smiled seeing his fathers confidence upon him and gave him a hug
m=love u dad, thanks for trusting me
raj=love u too beta
mu=and me??? i agree main business ka part nahi hu but im a part of this hug
manik smiled and pulled her also in the hug. it was not a rare scene of the father-son-daughter duo but surely a million dollar scene to watch. outside the room nandini and nyonika were watching this and smiling. nandini got to see another side of manik, the great manik malhotra is also nervous. he always shows everyone to be strong but deep inside he is delicate and soft centered.  leaving the trio alone for sometime nandini went in the kitchen with her mother-in-law to prepare the dinner. they had a lot of chitchats. nyonika shared some of her sweet memories when she was newly married which nandini found quiet similar to her case also. then she revealed some cute stories of manik's childhood which made nandini do "Awwweee, he's so cute". the laughter, gossips happening in the kitchen made manik standing at the door of the kitchen confused thinking that whether they were mother and daughter or two best friends.
it was 10.30 pm. finishing the dinner everyone went to sleep in their respective rooms. manik was in the study completing the presentation for the next day. when it came to work he knew nothing but only his work. he had kept his personal and professional life totally seperated. his success was the result of his dedication and responsibility towards his work. nandini entered the study and saw him working on the laptop. she smiled and walked upto him. manik was so busy working didnt realize her presence. suddenly he felt two hands encircling around his neck from back. he smiled and knew who it was. keeping the file aside on the table which he was holding he put his hands over hers and asked without looking up
m=tum soyi nahi???
nandini bent down and put her face on his shoulder
n=neend nahi arahithi..socha ke tumhe thorasa disturb karlu
manik smiled and kissed on her hands
m=tum mujhe kabhi disturb nahi karti samjhi?? im always free for u jaan
n=tum itne sweet kaise ho?? ekdam candyfloss jaise
m=what??? candyfloss
n=haa... yummy cute candyfloss , humesha sweet cute loving bate ..man karta ha ke
she was about to kiss on his cheek but he also turned unknowingly his face at that time. but the first kiss luckily didnt happen in an accidental way.nandini managed to hold back when she saw his turning face to her. her eyes grew big and cheeks turned into red tomatoes. manik literally cursed himself for turning his head cause he missed her kiss on his cheeks.  he gave her a smirk which made her more blushed.
n=ab woh ma.
she stood properly to escape the shyness but manik pulled her on his lap. his one hand holding her by waist and another hand caressing her flushed cheeks.
m=mujhe nahi pata tha... ke main tumhe itna sweet lagta hu ke u feel to..
she covered his mouth with her hand , not being able to tolerate any more teases or to handle her shyness. he kissed her palm and then entwined their hands
n=manik.. come on lets go to sleep. kabse kaam karraheho
m=tum sojaw jaan, this project is very important. kal deal finalize hone wali ha and i need to prepare the best and best presentation. i need to stand up on dad's expectations
she caressed his cheeks and pecked on his forehead
n=you'll surely will. but bohot raat hogayi ha. sojaw warna you'll fall sick
m=bass thori der aur. tum jakar sojaw, kal toa tumhara bhi hospital ha. tum jaw main bass thori der me araha hu
n=theek ha
he gave her kiss on her forehead
m=goodnight jaan
after nandini left the room, manik was back to work again. even though being with nandini he didnt lost the flow of his work. he resumed his work from where he left it in a pause. around 3.30 am midnight manik shut down his laptop and stretched his hands which indicated how tired he was. he arranged all his files properly so that in the morning it doesnt seem hard for him to find them and went to his room. when he entered the room he saw nandini was sleeping but in a sitting mode. she her head was resting on the headboard of the bed, she was holding a photo album and lost in a deep sleep. slowly without making any noise he walked to her and pulled the album out of her hands. she was looking at their wedding pictures he saw. manik smiled seeing the pictures of all the wedding fuctions. the excitement, joy, glow on their faces took him back to those days which happened just a week ago. he carefully made her lie down on the bed without waking her up and planted a kiss on her forehead. she looked so angelic while sleeping he thought.he switched off the lights and lied down beside her. watching the most beautiful sight beside him he fell into sleep. 

manik opened his eyes and flipflopped on the bed stretching his hands and found that nandini wasnt beside him. he opened his eyes properly rubbing them and saw the time. it was 8 am and she was awake. he heard the door opening and saw her with two mugs of coffee. she kept them on the table and sat beside him
n=good morning
m=good morning
he said with a cute sad face.
n=kya hua?? ese sad hokar kyu kehraheho???
m=aur nahi toa kya?? mujhe laga ke aj bhi ma pehle uthunga aur phir mere pass duniya ke sabse khubsurat nazara dekhunga
she blushing understanding his meaning. manik sat properly and took her hand in his and kissed it
m=tum itni jaldi uth gayi??
n=ha woh... neend tut gayi , aur socha ke aj tumhe ma apni hath ki coffee ke sath jagaungi
manik smiled and took a sip of the coffee. nandini also took her mug and they did cheers
m=tumhe hospital nahi jana ha??
n=my shift starts from 12 am so i have time. but tum ready hojaw kyuki tumhe office jana ha
maniks head cracked that he had an presentation , he put the mug on the table and rushed in a hurry saying nandini to prepare breakfast quickly. nandini smiled seeing his condition which was like a kid who was late for school. she arranged the bed and took out his clothes. nandini took out a red shirt with black coat and a pair of dark blue jeans. she imagined him in the red shirt and herself started to blush.  thinking about him she rushed downstairs to make a quick breakfast for him.
when she came back with the breakfast along with her she saw manik standing infront of the mirror combing his hair, wearing his jeans and bare chest
n=breakfast is ready
he smiled at her through the mirror
m=main neeche anehi wala tha
n=ha but mom ne kaha ke upar leke janeko warna tum neeche jaldi jaldi me ek bite ke ilawa aur kuch nahi khane wale
manik smiled how his mom was complaining about him to his wife. manik put on his shirt and came to nandini. she gave him a question look. he gestured her with his eyes to the buttons of the shirt.  she smiled understanding his point and began to button them while he pulled her closer by her waist
m=abse ek aur duty add karlo... and that is you will do this everyday
nandini blushed and continued to button up
m=wase did i ever tell u ke tum iss pink night suit me kitni cute and angelic lagti ho
his words were current for her. her hands started to shake as she knew what he was upto. he bought his face closer to shoulder and began to kiss her bare shoulders. she clutched his shirt as she was feeling weak closing her eyes .. somehow she managed to speak
n=mmanik.. stop it. tumhe office keliye late hoaraha ha...
saying she tried to go but he pulled her back holding her shoulders and hitting his chest. he slided his hands from her shoulders to hands and entwined them. with another hand he put her hair on one side and kissed on her back, shoulders and neck. she clutched his hands tightly feeling the kisses and his love on her body
m=its 8.45 nandini , i still have time to be with you until its night again
saying he turned her around resting his forehead on hers, standing there holding eachother in their arms. his hands caressing her cheeks and holding her back while she was playing with his hair
n=um sorry manik for making u wait
m=ssshhh.. never say sorry. mane tumse kaha tha na i have no problem to wait for the day when you are happy and ready to be mine
n=um yours manik humesha but
m=ssshhh nandini, please dont be sorry. and i promise im happy to wait cause everyday , every minute every second my love is increasing for you, the emotions the feelings the craving and mujhe pata ha that same is going with you too
hearing the word love she looked at him with her blushing eyes. he kissed her forehead and again rested his on hers.
m=i love u mrs. malhotra forever
she clutched his shirt more tightly to and hid her face in his chest. he smiled feeling her blush.he broke the hug and cupped her face in his hand
m=agar esehi sharmati rahogi then mere lie thora mushkil hojayega concentrate karna ajki meeting me
she blushed and let him go. she took the coat and helped him to put it on. while manik was putting on his shoes she sat beside him and fed him breakfast. both came downstairs holding their hands. maniks dad was ready and waiting for him. hugging his mom and sis one more time and gesturing a love u to nandini manik and his dad went to office. mukti and nandini came back to their room and started to chit chat and gossip. nandini was ironing her clothes and talking to mukti.
n=mukti... tumne mujhe bataya nahi?? tumhara koi boyfriend nahi ha??
mukti started to blush and look here and there. nandini smiled as she understood her answer
n=hmm it means its a yes. kaun ha woh lucky guy???
mu=well..abtak sirf fab4 aur bhai ko pata ha. bhai ne kaha ha ke woh kuch dinome mom dad se bat karenge..hes name is abhimanyu , abhimanyu singhania
n=woh... um so happy for u. abhimanyu is he a businessman??
mu=ya.. uske dad ka hotel ka business ha jo woh handle karta ha. woh humare sath college me parta tha, was actually a friend of cabir and thats how we met.. and slowly
n=hmmm.. kafi interesting ha but seriously im happy for u and kab mila rahiho??
mu=very soon.. bhai aur tumhe sath me milaungi. but now tum ready hojaw. cause its time for ur work
n=yes, back to hospital again

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Lovely update..waiting to read more of the story..please continue soon :)
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So sweet :>
MaNan romance is damn adorable!! :')
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i just love dis slow love process its so beautiful 
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Awesome update 
Loving your story so much 
Cont soon
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Awesome yaar  so cute plzzz update fast and plzz pm me
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Super lovely
Their love is 
So pure n cute 
 Cont soon

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